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Thoughts on the New Twitch Format?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, May 5, 2017.


Thoughts on the New Twitch Format?

  1. Prefer 1 hour (with gameplay)

  2. Prefer 1/2 hour (without gameplay)

  3. I want pizza

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  1. No option for 1 hour of gameplay in complete silence?
  2. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    One thing sticks out in my mind as a certainty, and that is that you need to stop answering questions that are repeated week after week. All of the legitimate new questions are being bogged down by the recycled ones. I want new information to chew on.

    These dev streams should be a positive event for the community, where you douse the mountains of salt with some much needed liquid hope, not a slog through the same inane bullshit that gets repeated over and over and over.
  3. Make it 1 hour or until you are done with all forum questions. People will be fine without the achievment ;)
  4. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Cheers guys! Thanks for the feedback

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