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Thoughts on the New Twitch Format?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, May 5, 2017.


Thoughts on the New Twitch Format?

  1. Prefer 1 hour (with gameplay)

  2. Prefer 1/2 hour (without gameplay)

  3. I want pizza

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  1. Chuffy Chuffster Deacon

    I was happy a lot of questions were answered this week. A set time of 30 minutes seems arbitrary if you have a lot of stuff to answer and have update info to reveal/explain. Please run the show long if necessary rather than skipping questions.

    No interest in seeing the game being played. I felt this never resulted in much useful information for the time investment, but I ended up having to sit through it just in case I missed something. And anyway all of you are far more entertaining when you're talking than when you are playing the game.

    Lastly a definitive FAQ so that for Terminator/Mandiblaster type questions the questioner can be directed to a forum post, rather than hearing the same explanation every other week. That should allow breathing room for new answers and info.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but the weekly twitch stream was nice for pre-alpha and alpha as it gave us something to look forward to when we didn't have the game to play, or had an early unfinished version of it. Now with the game in our hands it stands to reason that unless there is some imminent and literally game changing news to share with community (that at least has a sure thing date attached to it ((please))) there isn't much reason to watch the twitch! I feel that if you made the twitches something special that makes the players feel like they are receiving privileged information and are in "the know" it would provide a morale boost and something to look forward to, far more so then yet another hour or half hour long twitch stream which you guys seem to feel are now compulsory just because you have always done it and yields few positive returns for players OR you guys. My feeling is that despite your dedication to the task, the community reacts negatively to these streams largely because there is a sense of stagnation and worry about content because we have come to associate the streams with updates, and so with that logic streams without updates means things are not going well for the game.

    I would humbly suggest that if you want to do game play AND continue to keep the community interested, just feature weekly dev versus player game nights or something on the forums! That way we still know you guys are engaged with us and we can actually interact with you guys too, which is a plus. Maybe you could just do a seperate half hour twitch stream of game night and do giveaways then?

    Also in regards to the Feature request section of the zendesk that Nathan initially made a HUGE deal about, could you at some point include how player requests are progressing? Are there any that are actively being worked on? Right now it's just a giant seldom talked about but often referenced wish list dumping ground that gets an officious "planned" or "not planned" rubber stamp...
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  3. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    I prefer the new format, but i wish it was an hour long Q&A instead of just half an hour. I think there are more than enough questions to go through to fill that time.

    And i prefer you not to play the game, because quite frankly, i always found it annoying. I watched the livestreams to get updates on what is going on with the game, and then i had to watch 1/2 to 2/3 of the team be sidetracked playing a game, not answering questions. It was super awkward and served absolutely no purpose to watch you play the game.

    I get that it was done to be "closer" to the community, i suppose, or to show that you guys actually play the game and thus know how frustrating it can be, but if i come to hear production updates and have my questions answered, then i want you guys to actually focus on that, and not be sidetracked.

    As for the "killed a Dev" thing.. why not make it a special event? Once or twice a year, you make it a special event, have the entire team in the game (not just 2-3 people), and give special prices. Maybe make it an easter event. Instead of hunting eggs, we hunt devs. Or something like that.

    Or for the one year anniversary of its full release...

    Anyway.. i want the Q&A section to be a Q&A section and not pulling teeth, because the people with the answers are busy doing something else.

    And this game also needs a hard FAQ thread, in which you officially answer all the always reoccurring questions like Terminators, Mandibles, and all that, if you plan on sticking with just 30 minutes for this.
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  4. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I think a gameplay show every now and then on the UAT would be cool. Maybe the last stream of every month? Either that or themed warpartys, like all khorne berserkers or stormboyz or something...
  5. Brother Auxilio Vallaeus Renners Well-Known Member


    Gameplay during the streams was cool for when players had no access to the game, it was nice to see the game before we had our hands on it.

    Now, everyone can play it. So seeing gameplay seems redundant, the time for display is over and the age of updates and information is here to stay.

    That is unless you have new models/cosmetics/units to show off in which case some gameplay of the new content is fine, obviously!
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  6. Batpimp Batpimp Moderator

    no gameplay.. all Q&A
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  7. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    I like the new format better aswell, but i would suggest to tune down on the jokes and sidetracking. You can only hear so many times about glitter grenades and pineapple pizza before it turns from funny to overused, annoying and silly. Some people are no native speakers and sometimes have a hard time grasping nathans sarcasm or lighthearted answers.

    More structure to the Q&A would also be nice. I know you are dependant on the question submitted but i.e. the 10th stream in a row when mandiblasters are requested could be covered with "we answered that already" or not even mentioning it at all. The same applies to the depth of the answers, I really enjoy when noah goes all technical on stuff but if it prolongs the QA and it is not worth it missing out on valid questions on page 5 over it. A short - not planned - technical issues - not possible in our infrastructure or too time consuming would be completely sufficient.

    Something I am personally missing is an exiting vision (without a timeframe) for the game. I dont mean that as a roadmap but I would love to hear how noah wants to develop the game now that he is on the helm. How his personal ideas - not that they must be realized - are. Afterall you are not supposed to be simple "reply robots" but it would be interesting what each of you wishes in the game or is excited about down the road. Especially if you could add something about your personal favourite faction.
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  8. Ilseum Ilseum Ordinate

    1/2 hour is fine. Maybe from time to time one of you guys plays afterwards with a streamer, like nathan did with djpenguin at one point. That was quite interesting, as long as it isnt to often.

    And a studio tour would where we see the people working on EC would be nice too.
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  9. How about seeing as we have lots of new players since f2p you do a new meet the team? Next few twitches have 15 minutes with one of the team members we don't see reguarly. Give us a heads up on the Wednesday before of who it is and what their speciality is so that proper questions can be asked?

    Also you could have gameplay being broadcast behind you using the spectator camera to showcase some decent guild vs guild going on whilst discussing the game. No sound required and not really a distraction to the presenters.
  10. Unahim Unahim Curator

    Been saying that manual shoulder swap is a necessity since well before beta, always get waved off with "too much extra camerawork/new animations" stuff.
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