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Thoughts on hawks and movement?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Phyrak, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    Considering what @Mysthawk said, the freedom of movement sided with the lore of hawks flying - a free form flight is what feels right

    Eldar are paper thin armour wise and can only put up a fight if buffs and team play are the order of the day - if neither are working well, then a death is inevitable

    Bolters do seem to cause us considerable harm due to the raw damage inflicted on hit rather than the dps

    Someone good with a stalker bolter can easily clip the wings of a hawk due to lose of armour equating lose of flight

    Hawks need their freedom
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  2. Vampatori Vampatori New Member

    Swooping Hawks are still just jump infantry though in 40K. I think free flight is only suited to jetpack infantry like Corsairs and Shadow Spectres (which will no-doubt move more slowly).
  3. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    Lore wise they fly much like cosairs and spectres

    At least with the fluff reading I've found they do

    They may be considered as jump troops for the factor of TT unit ruling but lore wise they most certainly fly
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  4. 3dbocatt 3dferocity Active Member

    Okay so I thought I had seen this ability used by Swooping Hawks in videos and by other players in matches and now I can't seem to find evidence and I'm not entirely convinced I didn't just hallucinate all of it.

    Can Swooping Hawks hover without aiming down sights, to accurately drop a whole pack of grenades on one area? I thought I saw this happening a lot and now as soon as I look for a damned link I can't find ANYTHING.

    I've also tried looking for any kind of control scheme that allows for this. No I don't mean ADS hover, as it prevents you from dropping grenades, and I don't mean the slow down (and miss your target) with just holding the S key. I mean like a full stop hover, where the weapon is still held at rest, not aimed, and grenades can be thrown.

  5. Yes, you can do that (back hovering while throw granades) but not realy worth it.
    Been an easy target while hovering, low hp/armour value, one hit on you and grounded, and every enemy in the "We are hate the Swooping Hawks" club.
  6. Salvohhh!! Solei Drill Abbott

    Stumbled onto this quite by accident after being confronted by the same frustration in trying to figure out how to accurately target salvos of nades.

    Tap your ADS button and hold S. You won't go into ADS mode, but tapping the button will kill your forward momentum, allowing you to nearly instantly go from full speed ahead, to hover and slowly backup.

    There are definitely times I've gotten a ton of use out of it. If you're high enough and haven't been spotted yet, using it to triple-tap a nest of gunners braced on a high balcony is a fantastic way to break them up and get some kills. If I immediately zip off and don't linger, more often than not I get away with it.
  7. Brosephelon Recruit

    Yeah once I got the hang of it, its actually amazing. My only remaining issue is sometimes going "too high" inside/near doors/windows etc.
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  8. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Am I the only one that hates that you can't fly in through the windows?
    Or, well, you sometimes can, but it is silly hard to do ^^
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  9. Brosephelon Recruit

    Get in the air, go into an aim hover to line it up, drop your aim hover and go through the window. Its about a million times superior to anything a standard JPA can do on the matter often having to burn 2 fuel + line up from the ground while the hawk can just pause for a second, line it up, and away you go.

    That said some windows can be a bitch particularly the ones that arn't very tall seem nearly impossible to fly through though I think they literally are impossible to fly through for everyone as a design decision making them "vault or nothing" kinda windows.
  10. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    That's what separates the Exarchs from us Plain Janes, I guess. I can usually manage enormous Fortress doorways without crashing. :p

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