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Thoughts on hawks and movement?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Phyrak, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Yvelfir Yvelfir Arkhona Vanguard

    This. I want to be full tilt flying towards the ground like a hawk diving for its prey when I speed up my descent towards an unknowing target.
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  2. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    I thoroughly agree with the factor of wires

    Lore wise, they seem to be able to more or less fly rather than glide let alone jump like other factions

    Binding hover to ADS is strange as it should relate to a lack of movement rather than zooming in to find a target

    Also, the factor of a and d to turn rather than mouse like how other jump troops do so is rather odd and very restrictive imo

    They're suppose to be the most free movement wise, yet they feel the most clunky in flight of all the jump troops...
  3. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    That would be amazing

    Give me a power weapon and let me at 'em
  4. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    I want 2 animation revamps:

    - Hawk flight: be more graceful.
    - Banshee dodges: be at LEAST acrobatic rather than "I hold my arms close to my torso, and HOP, frontflip".
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  5. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    It would be a nice touch if the recovery time from landing was directly related to how smoothly you land. If you drop out of the sky from 10 metres above the ground, you should take a long time to recover. If you glide right down and gently touch the ground, you should be able to start moving immediately.
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  6. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    Good changes here
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  7. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    I would love to see that. I actually wonder if I haven't been able to pull off something a bit identical a few times.
    I believe that if you land "gently" on (or gliding into) an ascending ramp, you can keep running without being stopped. I couldn't quite understand how it work tho.
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  8. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    All the graceful animations
  9. Mysthawk Subordinate


    After reading through all the posts here, I can probably agree with the majority of the ones that want a slight change to the control scheme in regards to how ADS controls movement. It feels clunky to turn to shoot at someone who is running when you have to press A and D to rotate. It also turns you so slowly that by the time you try to track them, if they change direction (as people do, duh) you have to re-position where you're gliding. Also, because you are actually still gliding, albeit slowly, it really ****s on your ability to gauge that properly.

    I can also agree with the argument that it's almost impossible to utilise the hover mode to kill anyone properly, because you get hit twice and then proceed to break your knees. I find myself, like many others, just flying to a high vantage point and sniping/blinding the enemy. Which is irritating because most of the time I'm not the one getting the kill. It'd be nice to be able to dive down like the hawk in the picture, or even circle enemies from above and rain death, but with such low damage and high blind, you're really just flicking a torch on and off in the face of the enemy as an aerial support; or as someone else on here put it, you poop grenades on people and then fly away.

    An animation change would be nice, I agree, because the dangling legs reminds me of when you pick up a ragdoll in Garry's Mod and the limbs flop around (don't ask me why that's my first example). And the landing, oh the landing. There are way too many times where I've tried to land, and died standing up off the ground even though I only jet-packed off a slight ledge because some idiot could just shoot me. If we had the ability to do a roll as we touch down or something that'd be nice. I don't even understand why we can't just keep moving as we land anyway; we have freaking boosters on our backs! You can't tell me that it's impossible to just use a little thrust fro the engine to avoid a hard landing to the point where we can run immediately.

    - The ADS hover is weird and clunky, even though you can adjust
    - Animations for landing are clunky, even though you can adjust (most of the time)
    - Hover mode AND glide mode with no ability to dodge bullets by strafing left and right rapidly with A and D pretty much screws you.

    PS: There is a small tool tip on the loading screen that mentions that weapons with the Flakk tag hit airborne targets easier. I was laughing so hard at that, because when I track my deaths, it's almost been entirely just standard bolters.
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  10. Vampatori Vampatori New Member

    To me the hover "clunkiness" seems fair.. a trade-off for being able to get into great positions, and it fits with the flight model. I think if it was completely free look while hovering, and/or the hovering was stationary, it would be too powerful.

    You wouldn't need to think about your positioning as much, giving you a lot more "opportunity kill" potential than you have now - if someone runs under you at the moment, you can't just effortlessly track them and kill them.

    You then also have the problem of what happens when you continue to swoop upon release ADS? Which direction do you go? If you use your new facing, that can be exploited to massively increase agility/control.. you could effectively dodge around in the air which doesn't seem fair/appropriate. If you go back to your original facing, that's going to be a confusing 'snap' of your view.

    Some tips - though I am a new player so take these with the requisite amount of salt:
    • Position yourself such that if they roll, and they will roll, they don't leave your "aim cone" (try and predict which way they'll roll - usually into cover from their current target). That all means being a bit further away, which is why accuracy is so important for your weapon.
    • Heavy weapon teams providing support attacking an objective can be taken out with relative ease - one on their own you'll almost always get unless they're geared-up, two can be done but is more tricky. I've done three a couple of times, but I suspect they were new. Remember though, you can always come back and finish the job on a second run.
    • Support your units caught in melee.. you can get a really nice angle that mitigates much of the risk of friendly fire.
    • Shield-wielding assaults are easy prey.. they can't hurt you, but you can murder them easily as you get an angle above their shield.
    • Windows above the ground floor that don't have any kind of balcony/walkway are great because most people inside assume their back is safe. You might have to drop in to finish them if they roll, so make sure you know your way out (not the way you came in, usually!)
    • Picking-off enemies disembarking from transports works well.. they're disorientated a little from their change in viewing location/angle so you tend to get a little additional time before they realise what's going on.
    • If it's not going your way, get out of there.. the more I play the more I'm starting to leap away as soon as I receive any damage at all. That's kind of cool in some ways as that makes me feel like I'm a harassing unit (which I am). Know your escape route/location though!
    • Always make sure you have the fuel to escape. I like the Wings of Brilliance even though they're ridiculously expensive as it means that I never really have to worry about fuel.. I can always get away / pick another target.
    • Stick with other Hawks if you can, you're much greater than the sum of your parts. Chat with them, otherwise it can be difficult due to the high speeds you can move around.
    • Spot everything.. I get a huge chunk of my points from spotting targets before they die.. combine that with an assist and it's decent XP.
    • Try to avoid going inside a building unless you know it really well.. as soon as you can't leap well away from enemy attention, you're going to be getting in trouble.
    All that said, they're situational.. they're good on attack and defence in the fortress map. They're good on the linear outdoor/ruins map, especially in defence. They're good for helping take those high objectives with limited access. I don't like them on the maps like the ABC map in the desert where each objective is inside a building, and would only use them to get across the map quickly if there was no other option.

    They can be good on ticket maps - as offence when an objective has run out of tickets you can pick-off people foot-slogging it to support. As defense you can spawn at the back and still get into the action as quick as other players. prolonging your front-line spawns a little (and I find getting an invaluable look at the battlefield).

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