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Thoughts On Devastators Being The "support Class" That Will Repair Vehicles

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 1, 2014.


How would you like to see "in field" vehicle repairs implemented?

  1. By the vehicle crew

  2. By Devastators

  3. By Techmarines and their mirror classes for each Faction(stretch goal for pre launch)

  4. By a designated repair and recovery vehicle. Also acts as a mobile resupply vehicle for all units

  1. Not sure how I feel on this. Just wondering what everyone else is thinking. It already seems Devastators are anti infantry and anti armor, now they're being designated to play Techmarine's role or the role of Adeptus Mechanicus.

    I'm imagining swarms of players playing as Devastators trailing behind vehicles spamming repairs.

    Personally, I'd rather see the vehicles repairs be tied to each individual vehicle and its crew.

    -Each vehicle has a finite number of vehicle repair kits on board.
    -Players must receive permission from the vehicle owner in order to join the crew. Whoever requisitioned the vehicle(owner) can kick crew members at any time.
    -Only players that are manning the vehicle can utilize these repair kits.
    -Players must exit the vehicle in order to carry out repairs. If a crew member(non owner) leaves the vehicle with a repair kit in hand, then disconnects, is kicked from the crew by the owner, or cancels his crewman status, the repair kit is automatically returned to the vehicle. If the crewman is in a downed state, the repair kit cannot be returned via the methods I just listed, in order to prevent exploiting the repair mechanic. If you die outside the vehicle with repair kit on your body, it must be recovered by another crew member off your body.
    -Once the vehicle has exhausted its repair kits, the vehicle can only be repaired by moving to one of the repair pads/areas the Developers have been discussing.
    -If the vehicle resupplies/repairs at a base, their ammo and repair kits can be restocked.

    Making a direct link between the vehicle crew and repairs to their vehicle makes much more sense, and fits in more with the lore than designating Devastators as Techmarines.
  2. Rexipher Rexipher First Blood!

    I would like to see Techmarines and its mirror classes to be the ones doing the repeairs. But if I remember I read that for now there will probably be Repair kits that everyone can use. But I cant be wrong as I can't remember where I read it so dont take my word for it.
  3. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Personally, I'd like to have a another class as a repairer because Devastator filling three roles is way too much. Your example with these repair kits are quite good I guess. Max kits should be two and third as a ´´bonus´´ you buy into your tank with Requisition points. Then Devastatorts/Techmarines will have more work to do and fill a greater role in the battlefield.
  4. Frank FrankM Curator

    steven said that while currently devastators have the repair kit, it is subject to change during testing. so this is a non-issue

  5. Not that I don't respect your opinion, and I do realize anything and everything is subject to change once Beta starts... I wouldn't say it's a "non issue". They've made it quite clear they want to hear out thoughts on game development.

    Since they've said they're moving away from the "shield" mechanic for Power Armor, and armor in general for all the races(armor that you wear on your body), and more towards a mechanic where your armor works like Power Armor works in the Lore, perhaps they could tie in Power Armor repairs or whatever mechanic they decide upon into vehicle repairs? Wouldn't fit if they go with the crew like I suggested above, just tossing it out as food for thought.
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  6. Frank FrankM Curator

    i'm not saying opinions are unimportant, i just mean that this is not set in stone. sorry for the confusion. as for the topic question, i think i'm happy devs have the repair kit, until techs are put into the game
  7. They arnt going to repair vehicles, they just have it in the preAlpha so that they can repair the vehicles they shoot in tests.
    Tech units will do that.
  8. A combination of techmarines and in vehicle repair kits i.e. repair kits only repair 25% of max health and have a cooldown of 30 seconds and a limit of 2 but upgradeable to 3, or you could get a tech marine to repair it to max health but the vehicle stays stationary for the duration of the repair.
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  9. Where did they say that about the shieldmechanic?could you provide a link pls?^^ and how does powerarmor work in the lore? like normal armor?

    Oh, and for the Poll: none of that options.
  10. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Devastators as temporary fix it up class? ok, but down the line i want techmarines to do this work, be it through an unlock of an skill tree towards the class or adding it later on, it got to be techmarine.

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