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Thoughts on Current State of The Game?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by acepost, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    I'm pretty competitive myself..I like my team to win with Superior teamwork/tactics and on occasion I might be selfish and go for kills.The dancing bullshit looks stupid and irritates me for some reason.

    I rather a more realistic shooter..Like stopping,crouching and aiming down sights giving you an advantage,Not dancing and hip firing like an idiot.
    With the discovery of adad and rollex giving huge advantages (I know its not new but for this game it is) The game changed to a totally arcade shooter like Quake which is totally different from the game I enjoyed when started playing EC.
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  2. Kjall Kjall Member

    "Tactical" while you got melee classes running around like headless chickens and flying around slashing all they see? you can't be serious.
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  3. Stopping, crouching and aiming down sights is for imperial guard scrubs. Power armour ain't a joke.
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  4. Kjall Kjall Member

    The only way for this to actually work was to significantly increase the amount of recoil in general and make spread ridiculous while moving, as well as shorten the ttk across the board for everything just as to not make this game into a shitty point and click adventure rather than a shooter, but then melee classes will suffer a lot because THEY'RE NOT FUCKING MEANT FOR "TACTICAL" GAMEPLAY.

    "Tactical" gameplay makes no sense in this game, it's 40k, there is nothing tactical about the universe or how the space marines seem to manage themselves in combat, one of the most effective chapters is the one that furiously charges the frontlines with melee, does that seem logical or tactical to you? does that resemble any kind of "stop moving to shoot"? because for me it really bloody doesn't.

    We're talking here about space marines, who can run up to 60 km/h in their power armor and pry open tanks with their hands, as well as 2 alien races: one are absolute tanks and made specifically for war and the other have so much training and skill that despite their size can match up to a space marine purely thanks to their skills, do you really think these characters are unable to fire while on the move?
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  5. You wrote "Paper-Armor" wrong buddy
  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Tactics don't belong in the 40k universe? what the actual fuck on a stick? its a tactical board game first and foremost and even in lore Space marines can be very tactical depending on chapter and book of course.
  7. Kjall Kjall Member

    Nothing screams tactics like charging the frontlines with swords.
    Not guns, swords. The fact that in that universe a melee weapon is just as favorable as a gun if not more already throws any potential tactical gameplay of it in a shooter straight out of the window.

    Please elaborate then how would you make EC a slow paced game without making it a steaming pile of shit?
  8. Yet they don't call it Warshooter 40k, it's called WarHAMMER 40k for a reason.

    Want to take the Hammer out of 40k ? sure, it'd be like taking both the Grim, and the Dark out and just leaving Vanilla.

    Then before you know it all your left with this;

    And you don't want to be left with that^
  9. acepost acepost Active Member

    Its WH40k alright, but no thunder hammers :p
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I mean...EC is not a military simulation. That doesn't mean that there's no tactical gameplay. Small-unit-tactics an be very efficient and a lot of fun to execute, even tho the high TTK and stacking on points often botches it.
    It's more that the fraction of players who can pull that off doesn't actually have to because they can just slaughter their way through most enemies by brute force.

    Just gonna point this out: You want more tactical gameplay but, at the same time, getting two Lascannons to fire at the same Serpent is 'asked too much' in terms of teamplay for 90% of our population.

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