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This game is dying and I don't want it to

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ream, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Gaming isnt dead, Game development just took a wrong turn .... they all jumped on a "milk the consumer" and "Paint by numbers" approach to creating games, When outside the box amazing games have already changed the face of gaming.

    Games like
    Mass effect(the first one)
    TF2 / Overwatch
    League of Legends // Dota
    Dark souls

    Have fundamentally raised the bar for making a successful game in their genres.
    Game developers have not adapted to the fact that game players are becoming more savvy to what makes a good game and wont just buy the next vomit that rolls off the presses. They tried to cater to casual gamers, and ANYONE on this forum is likely not what the actual definition of casual gamer is we are talking about people that play candy crush, and words with friends for their primary gaming time.
    and in the process of trying to charm those ADD // ADHD short attention span fans they removed all the depth from their games and all the replay ability, and basically everything that makes a game fun for an actual gamer .... they cared too much to tap a new untapped market and they lost their core market along the way.

    they also found out the hard way that fickle fans are not a demographic you want to target with your games because they will peace out at the drop of a hat.

    Look at the difference in just the elder scrolls franchise .... compare morrowind to skyrim .... they removed piles and piles of crunchy and complexity .... look at Mass effect a good part of why mass effect is dead ans sputtered before its death is the increasing intent to "normalize" the game for people who wouldn't even be its target audience. it trended form a system with loot drops that had different and varying stats to a system that you just buy blanket "all better" upgrades to everything on your weapon/armor ....

    Recent game development has completely lost sight of meaningful choices, and depth of gameplay. The only successful titles left are the ones that didn't get lost along the way entirely or haven't completely devolved into vomit throwing zombies. Or industry giants that can at least temporarily bludgeon thier problems with wads of cash that blot out the sun (but even they are dying to 1000 pinprick wounds) as they flail to try and figure out where they went wrong(EA would be the poster child for this).

    As en example of the opposite look at games like Tyranny, or Pillars of eternity, or Divnity original sin 1+2. That is an OLD gaming formula .... but it has meaningful choices, it has impact, and replayability ..... break out successes for their development sizes and genres.

    I wish with all my heart i could get the dev staff and some of the core important players on this forum to listen to me the game is still entirely save able with a different stress on meaningful choices, and better developed TPS metagame that keeps the players engaged and constantly having to learn/relearn.

    League of legends isnt a success because MOBA's are so much cooler than every other game type, League is a success because they have the right amount of approach ability but also a very high amount of game depth, sure DOTA is more deep but is that depth approachable for a new player ? NO, thats why league is the bigger success .... because it didnt lose sight of meaninful choices in its development cycle, but it still made its game "Approachable" without being "Simple".

    in our Genre we share a lot of common concepts with MOBA's we should seek to emulate that balance. Sure what you have to do in a TPS is drastically different, but the idea that different members of the team have different specializations and excel at different things is quite similar. we have some game mechanics like that at a fundamental and rudimentary level ... but not enough to amp up that replay ability. Sure you need a tac class to cap, and you need a support to heal but take them outside thier most singular role .... how do they perform elsewise ? that apoth is basically a tac with healing that cant cap ... he isnt fundamentally different in playstyle ... he basically plays exactly like a tac unless someone needs healing or you have killed everyone and someone needs to cap ....
    look at GA classes without shields and JPA ....they play identical but one of them CAN FLY !!! and "some" of the other can cap ..... outside that they arent very strongly differentiated .... there arent a lot of game mechanics based around or special to those classes outside that .... both classes have to effectively flank or get deleted almost instantly ....the GA doesnt really feel like a GA at all unless he uses a shield ... at which point does he really have an offhand choice if thats the case ? i would argue to say no he really doesn't and as such that choice is no longer meaningful.

    Compare our game conceptually to league of legends for a second ....
    take a look at Sona she is a support that heals.
    her gameplay is sort of centered around a small aoe circle around her which is sort of her "Sphere of influence" if you approach too close to sona as an enemy she will hit you with undodgable attacks that spawn from her heal circle ....and if she hits enough of these she gets a powerful regular attack that does bonus damage.
    Compare her to Soraka who is also a healer support.
    Soraka has a long range artillery harrass that if it lands she heals herself and has less delay the closer to her you are and a zone that locks out your spellcasts and if you stay in it too long snares you in place ....

    In Sona's case she can be ranged, and harrassed from afar.
    Soraka cannot really effectively be harrased from afar unless you are dodging her artillery fire.
    Both of them are healers so they affect your ability to harass thier lane partner out of the lane.

    Just these two characters when placed together in a puzzle in bottom lane completely change the way all 4 players will play.

    the player on sorakas team knows they can poke safely from afar, the players on sonas team know if they can leverage getting up close they have the advantage. if you take either of them and put them against someone different it could COMPLETELY change the strategies necessary to win the lane.
    for instance soraka vs Xerath or Vel Koz .... suddenly sorakas strong suit is not so safe and not so advantageous but she does have the sustain and the short range silence to leverage so suddenly that "long range" artillery champion is outside their comfort zone and has to adapt to their situation.

    This is the part we lack ... any meta choice we make in this game tends to not be impacted by anyone else meta choices. or very minimal at best.
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  2. Warboss Sickytoof Karond Steam Early Access

    The game is good. I don't know what the above poster and some others are writing about. Whatever promises were not lived up on, or whatever comparison people do to other games, it still has a value on its own and personally, for my playing experience, that's not the main detractor of this game. Neither are the balance choices, bugs or even game design.

    Some might say that we as individual posters don't have an impact, but we do I think. The toxicity of this community, on these forums from many posters, as well as what casual gamers can find in-game, surely has an impact. It might be difficult to measure, but again, from my own experience, that's the main detractor. There are lots of communities out there that are far more civil, and no doubt players in unknown numbers gravitate to such games after trying this one out.
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  3. We love you, too, Deathwish...
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    We are living in a capitalistic society. Success isnt defined by what you like or what is qualitatively good, but by what makes lots of money. They probably have dozens of people whose job it is to find the most profitable way to sell a product and if what the gaming industry does right now wasnt working, they wouldnt do it.
    In other words: EA and others will keep doing precisely what they have been doing because they still make more money than with an alternative approach. Games like DOS or Warframe found their niche and are doing well in it or they may have developers that care but, in general, the big, evil companies arent doing anything wrong, everything works for them just as intended. And it doesnt matter if some people arent happy with it or if the content doesnt satisfy you. As long as doing it this way will earn them more money, they will keep doing it.

    Making a 'great game' isnt easy. More importantly: it isnt reliable. You can have your dev-team sit down and give them all the money and time in the world, and they may still come up with a piece of shit or something that is objectively good but never becomes a success regardless.
    On the other hand making them sit down and use statistics to make something that people are proven to buy, works out.
    The thing is: You cant force true inspiration. But you can replace it.
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  5. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    This is spot on. The gaming industry in it's current state does not lack talent or ideas but it lacks the will to take risks. An improved FIFA 2018, Battlefield 25 or something along those lines are a save bet compared to going out of your way and coming up with something totally new not salvaging anything you have available. The risk of a complete loss is hard to sell to shareholders who exspect annual dividents. If you sell just what you always sell +2% it's the best possible outcome for them and they are parking and pumping money into the industry. Doing something outside of the box and taking a huge risk does not work well with this funding method.
  6. sigil sigil666 First Blood!

    Just because old days forum role-playing memories sweetness (orks weeks was nice spark) till the locked exterminatus thread, after only desert....Here we are present to funeral ta-da-am, if we are not miss informed.

    The gaming industry atm have problem with time( : )- , new technology impact is not released yet for changing the structure of society. Dear company's you cant calibrate 100% of population brain reward system to k/d,score table,loot box even you dumb down the fps genre sacrificing the game for money. Yes the actual gaming system promote plenty of player but only few gamers. So nice horror fairy tail can be if the yo-6.year old meat enter in gaming world and after in process he/she is killing the inner child or whatever have the normal people and grow up and go to grow up man world and never come back so the few who choose to stay can enjoy without toxicity the pure game flow and love truly the game, but sad the reality is not this.
    -well we hope the blabla was coherent for last funeral assist, if we are not miss informed :eek: )
    fool_s_move___digital_by_borda-d3a7azs.jpg 3181dfbdd4841194932253912f78bfc7.jpg
  7. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    so tell the dev to fix their game

    then i stop using smart bolter with CSM and LSM

    when i play eldar and ork game is freaking stable but when i play LSM and CSM u get a cluster fuck lag, freeze and latency crap

    fix the shit like when i was free player

    free player ( killed 34 - 61)

    now EU server 9- 18
    US server 21 - 41

    the delay in effect is very bad so i use smart bolter (pls remember not all players are from the US or EU territory)
  8. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    Survival of the fittest ...
  9. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Wrong and Wrong.

    Only for you are they lies because youmake yourself believe the shortcomings were intentional and that the lies existed to justify your arguments and make yourself feel important. Saying you care about the game and want it to suceed after lying about it and trashing it everywhere you can is hypocritical as hell. Pointing out flaws is always good but when done constructively, which is rare from people like you.

    "Your game is shit lol fuck you fucking stupid developers you suck lol" is not constructive (And that's mostly what I saw from Nimrock, Bladerunner and Korel for example which all said they "cared" about the game). It is also wrong that anyone is expecting a miracle or being hopeful, all I'm trying to do is to be realistic and stay calm in the situation, aswell as provide constructive feedback and not rage like an inbred child like some people do.

    The worst is that you're implying anything you or anyone i've mentioned has said something constructive and wants the game to suceed. All you do on the forums is complain, all you do is say its shit and say nothing constructive or how to fix it. That's not someone who cares about the game.

    You also seem to LOVE to think all I say is invalid becuase you think i'm full of hope and rainbows and it's all beautful. That's wrong, I just don't feel as entitled and attention-seeking as you to express my opinions about the game every 2 seconds on every forum post. I do have negative opinions about it and I do think it's failing very hard, just because i'm defending very specific parts of it like the fact they never lied and the game isn't all that bad doesn't mean i say the game is perfect so stop. putting. words. in. my. mouth. I have as little hope for this game as the next person but at least i have enough maturity to keep it civil and not rage about the shortcomings of it
  10. This game sadly does need to be finally bured with all the memes in the game currently. I am not going to reward a company with my money for failing at providing a decent product. In the free market, let this game die and another company will eventually provide a better product. All they are doing from a business stand point is milking the blind goats (Space Marine W40k fans). Let the game die or either they provide some major content in the next patch. This game is going to eventually die without content. Doesn't matter how many veteran players are playing the game, if there is nothing to sustain the game money wise then it is a loss.

    They misused the playerbase trust, misused opportunities. Warframe started out with a budget pool much less than this and no support from outside companies. This is just laziness on the Devs parts, and I can still remember a post talking about one of the Devs vacation or something like that. Never see that crap on Warframe or other games.

    The free market will sort it out another company will do better. I loved Space Marine 40k, and there are still players there remarkably. This game is a shell of a lie and promise made to the player base. May the inquisition hold the scrolls of this terrible act against the community and 40k world to be spoken of in nothing but silence.

    Protecting a defective product is counter productive, and will not give better results but the same product. It needs to go. I am ready for this game to go. So, that a new light can be shed on a better game that embodies the Space Marine 40k experience.

    IE airburst nades weaving between shots like a crazed madman, hit registration is glorious, unbalanced faction specific weapons (choas has the worst faction specific weapons), weapon options (Orks have the best weaponry Ace Dakka) suppression weapons on shootas. LSM missing DOT weapons except on space wolves which is a joke. No terminators, Veteran lives not fixed and only spawn once is BS.

    Yes we could go on about the open world not being available and whatnot, and the other empty promises. This game needs to finally rest.
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