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Things You Do Not Like About Warhammer 40000

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by acepost, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Pardon me, but we are talking about a setting which still has Draigod walking about the Warp, Calgar bench pressing Necron pylons, and Sicarius killing C'Tan in single combat. Not to mention M'Kar, a character who by this point must be the Alan Smithee of daemons given he exists only to suffer through humiliating defeats and buff up other characters. At least there's a sense that the writers are having fun while writing the Dark Eldar and putting some effort into their antics, like the "cultural exchange" they made with the Tau Empire.
  2. I'm referring to that won arena match involving that One space marine captain that won the feast of blades, that was just bs. In the basic lore one space marine can wipe the floor with countless orks, eldar and tau. And you expect me to believe that this one dark eldar can slay a space marine captain in single combat? He was not just any jack off space marine captain but one that also won the feast of blades. Sorry man just no excuse there.
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  3. Space Marines are stronger, Eldar are quicker and more agile, it's perfectly reasonable for an Eldar to beat an Astartes in single combat if the Eldar is skilled.

    I think you're too versed in Wardian Principles.
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  4. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    Have you read some of this Dark Eldars strikes? It's literally BS.

    After reading it, I could only think "How come Dark Eldar haven't conquered the Galaxy yet?"
    When they time upon time, upon time teleport to the Leader of the advesary and simply cut them down and then dissappear, it's just BS.

    And I think you're forgetting the Space Marine we're talking about.
    He won Feast of Blades, Twice. Twice and he was a Space Marine Captain.
    I just gets dumb when this Dark Eldar Mistress starts taking on several Tyranid Hive Tyrants, Ork Warboss after Ork Warboss and Space Marine heroes like if it was nothing. Then a Two times Champion from the Feast of Blades, a Captain Space Marine gets teared a new one by a Mistress with literally no armor.

    No way "quicker and more agile" would count. A Space Marine isn't exactly slow, they're "agile" too.

    It gets Mary Sue'ish when you see every one of their engagements is either
    1. They teleport to the leader and kill him, then fade away. End of story.
    2. Some Miracle happens and Dark Eldar explodes the planet and drinks their tears.
    3. Dark Eldar captures an entire population. When the rescue squad arrives A) They get molested and captured aswell. B) They're too late and the Dark Eldar fade away again.

    This is why I don't like Dark Eldar. The only Dark Eldar that ever die is unknown characters that were just created briefly to be killed.
    Commorragh sounds pretty sick and the athmosphere is really well setup. That's about the only thing I like.

    I know there's tons of Mary Sue's, but no doubt they field alot of them.
  5. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    Dark eldar are a very strong faction that has access to some of the most advanced technology in general (even more advanced that the one used by the craftworlds, as they are the true inheritors of the fallen eldar empire). So why haven't they begin the reconquest of the galaxy yet? Simply because they don't want to. Like Chaos they need their own pantry, which in their case are basically slaves and the pain that can be inflicted to them.

    Beside that, being so powerful is quite useless when you have such a vicious and twisted enemy to fight against, and I am not speaking of She Who Thirsts, no, no... The dark eldar will probably never go into a crusade to conquer the lesser races, or just purge them - that't what the others do -, because they are in fact too busy to slash each other's throats; backstabbing their kinsmen not because it's convenient, but because it's fun. They have no real cohesion as a faction, for their troops are not better than mercenaries: they are worse than that.

    So to me it's fair enough that they are given so much practical power, because they not even on the winners' side all things considered. After all, what every single one of them is experimenting throughout their life is a long and painful death at the hand of the Dark Prince.

    Back to the topic:
    - Prices.
    - Not enough information/illustration about non-war related things (like civil life and the contrast between the lowest and the highest social classes, exotic fauna and flora on different planetes, etc.). I actually really enjoyed the Ciaphas Cain series, not only because its funny (although redundant, sometimes); but also because, and at the exception of Cain's incredible ability to survive, the universe described by the author felt much more authentic than in most BL I read so far. Why? Because the books indeed feature a lot of details and side notes about the citizen of the Imperium and their everyday life, about the civil installations of the Mechanicum, about the local fauna, and so on.
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  6. I'm not denying Suedom taking place in the story, I haven't read it, but this actually draws to light something else that I don't particularly like about 40k, the unending train of Suedom. Space Marines are the worst with plot armor and just always overcoming "impossible" odds, yet again :eek:

    Not every Space Marine is a special snowflake, I actually find it amusing that the line for being a Mary Sue for a Dark Eldar is beating a Space Marine Captain, and yet we have lore like "Helbrecht once defeated a DAEMON PRINCE witb nothing but a combat knife"(despite the fact that should be impossible) and nobody bats an eye.

    Actually, it's probably because of nonsense like that. Don't believe the propaganda.
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  7. I cry every time
  8. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    The things with Helbrecht and such doesn't even need to be mentioned. We all know it and it can't be taken as serious. But this thing, with the Dark Eldar is like "What?" It's not drawing a line there, it's just a transition from the place where you think "Oh, this makes sence." to "This can't be serious?"
    I mean come on, "Lilith gets to work" and mops the floor with him.

    I don't really think it's justifiable that Dark Eldar has this much power, because it just gives all their engagements a Sue'ish feel. An Archon gets beaten back, but a perfect tiny squad of Voidbombers fly trough the narrow passageways in underground mining tunnels and blow up the planet, killing everyone. Orks nearly overrun Iyanden, but Just in time, literally in the last second, the Dark Eldar appear and shatter the Orks. The Dark Eldar begins picking on a Recruiting world for some Sons of Sanguinis and once the Space Marines arrive, the Dark Eldar deploys some infection or plague that makes the Space Marines fall to the blood lust instantly and butcher the planet.
    That's just the ones I can remember out of my mind. That's definantly another thing I don't like about 40K in general.

    To top it all, read her wargear.
    Sharpened Finger Talons - Lelith's skill is so high that she needs no other weapon than the short edge of her sharpened nails to dispatch even the most formidably armored opponents, striking lightning-fast at vulnerable points with the tip of her fingers.
    Barbed Hair - Lelith posesses a spectacular mane of hair, as long as she is tall. Woven into her hair are numerous small blades and hooks, and her athletic control of her own body is so total that the silken caress of her seemingly free-flowing mane can incapacitate an opponent in the same way a net used by a lesser Wych would.

    On another topic though, I agree with Anvael. Exploring the world outside of a universe there is only war, it could be pretty nice to see some more to the gritty and different world there is, outside of big bad Xenos and the mighty, Heroes of the Imperium, Angels of Death, Astartes.. It gets tiring.

    Imagine the Rogue Traders and the different experiences a traveller could experience in a galaxy like that. The xenos he'd meet and such. It would make for a great novel, imo.
    Delving more into things like the incredibly harsh life of Imperial Worlds and such.
    In a world where it focuses alot on the Big battles, but take that out of perspective for a moment. Those battles are often legendary and don't exactly happen everyday. Sure, there's wars constantly, but there's alot of other things going on aswell.
  9. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    Depends on the experience level of each involved. It is reasonable but the advantage goes to the Astartes, I think..
  10. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    More stuff about the rogue traders would be cool for sure.

    Btw. I actually would like to add to my list:

    - More non-violent interaction between different races. Please don't read interracial, that would suck imo; what I really mean here is cooperation and even some form of friendship. Of course I am not expecting that from the Imperium, although I would like to see humans involved as well, which brings me to my second point.

    - More lore on the Gue'vesa (i. e. "human helpers" in Tau). Perhaps also some information on possible distant human colonies being no longer ruled by the Imperium (because of warpstorms and/or rebellion against the local imperial authorities). I can imagine from here a confederation of worlds, ruled by former rogue traders/rogue imperial planetary governors, taking shape (because they are not the Imperium doesn't mean that they can't be as*hole though).
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