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They Cometh From Iron

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Seth fell to one knee as the wound gaped from his chest, whatever...was that Sokar used to summon the bony limb made a mess of his internal organs. He was starting to falter and Seth knew that if this fight keeps on going the way it was going, he would be dead in next couple of minutes, so he might as well go out blazing.

    "I will pull you out like a poison is pulled out of a wound. You will not succeed in your plans fallen one, you will burn alongside the rest of your cursed kin. Think on that as you hear the howl of my axe as it feasts upon your diseased flesh!"

    More gurgling (and spitting blood) than actually shouting, Seth swung his weapon in a series of crushing overhead strikes that had zero finesse in them, only simple and brute strength. He went all in now; either he breaks Sokar or Sokar breaks him. There was no alternative.


    OOC all 5 attacks with Excoriator axe against Sokar. Let the best Chaplain win!
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    Imperator Vult
    Sokar gurgled back at Seth as Chaplain surged toward Dark Apostle. Excoriator fell through extended bone digit and hacked it in twain, Word Bearer's attached hand recoiling. Once more both power weapons and their owners matched strength with Sokar seeking to smash the weapon to pieces at last. With a waver of aim Iron Warrior plunged his axe down, driving into Sokar's helmet once again. Both hands and full weight laid into the effort, loyal son's blood burning and face flush with rage. More pungent fluids poured out of cloven helmet, soon the traitor's own plasma joined it, a swirling mixture of bodily fluids clouding up any spectator's few of the event.

    Reinforced cage of Seth's war plate rattled violently, a ceramite encased fist pounding against his stomach and threatening to shatter power armor with force far removed from that of a regular Astartes. One of the traitor's eyes bulged against wounded helmet, a single black orb of a man possessed. Sokar should of been dead, but faith and darker things kept him alive. Chaplain would recoil from a second blow to his stomach, the readings in his helmet presenting a grim outlook for armor integrity if he could not end this here and now. Arm swept back like a farmer preparing a harvesting sickle and Seth lent faith and fury to another swing.

    Sokar's fingers sunk into damaged gut, displacing fragmented armor and clawing at black carapace. With a sudden lurch the assault relented, head spilling from shoulders and floating from the sundered bowl of attached helm. Both pieces drifted off and outwards, body remaining in place like a waving strand of kelp thanks to its mag-boots. Vacuumed out visceral organs and surrounding gore began to murk the area up further. Backing away the Chaplain was left staring at the slain Word Bearer for a moment, head tumbling about as if it were a piece of bread being pecked at by minnows. Light of distant stars nearest to severed cranium seemed to wink out, as if the darkness itself had gained sentience and hunger.


    Heavy Cavalry
    Standing sturdier than the rest Herchel took it upon himself to lay down the law. Throwing his not unimpressive weight into it the Terminator laid down a swing of his power fist that connected directly with his mirror's helmet. Such a blow would have obliterated a lesser opponent, but this one was an Iron Warrior encased in some of the finest armor available to the Emperor's legions. Left knee sagged down and traitor drew his arm back for a return swing, but Herchel had his number. Veteran of Eighth Company and living brick of Seventh Squad struck again, knuckles sparking as they punched in helmet's brow piece. Traitor collapsed on his side this time, unable to raise any sort of gun and with fist pinned to the floor the Iron Warrior caved, another blow from Herchel painting the inside of armor's half dome with skull fragments and brain matter. Volkite gun rose next.

    "Calistor don't you dare yield to them." Maugan put a shoulder up against his protector's back, simultaneously looking to support and cower in the shadows. Voice spilled through the gaps in his MK III helmet, wrenching foreign words from his mouth in a dark tongue that felt alien, if not downright disgusting, on his own. It was too late: twin beams of raging heat speared the Terminator once more, Melta and Volkite creating an inferno of punishment. Maugan cried out and fell away, armor damaged and flesh blistering from the intense heat billowing around the ruined body of Calistor. Planting a hand on the floor the former lord of the Apothecarion propped himself up and struggled into a run. Another lance of bright red cut a harsh line right above Maugan's head, but he kept running, escaping before Herchel could strike or Marcus could reload.

    "Alright pal, you're on your own now. It's time to lay down and die!" Trevun took a step back and leveled auto-cannon up faster than ever before. Heavy weapon's bayonet made a terrible screech as it was wrenched up against the Cataphracti pattern armor, blade snapping in two half way up. It was nothing compared to the gruesome sight of point blank auto-cannon fire; traitor drunkenly swaying back and forth like a boxer being put to flight in the ring. Jobe clapped a hand over Trevun's own, bringing a halt to what was swiftly becoming overkill.

    "Easy. Much as we want them dead we still do need salvageable armor." Apothecary got the ever eager Terminator to relent, Trevun bobbing his helmet in a nod. Right around then a dozen more marines piled into the Apothecarion entrance. They looked caught off guard by the lack of Maugan and the fact that there were still branded standing, especially that a pair of them were in bloody tactical dreadnought armor. Seven of them raised bolters and plasma guns, ready to open fire, while the other five prepared to book it out of there. Lead traitor made it seven paces out the door before a massive fist scooped him up and slung him into another fleeing Iron Warrior. Brumdar came crashing around the corner in a vengeful wash of violence. Things ended even quicker than they had started. By the time a Land Speeder toting more of Squad Akar arrived, there was little to be done.

    "Good to see you boys all intact." Akar hopped down from the speeder's side. Donald and Dyzek quickly joined him, Vilhelm entering the room just a few paces behind Brumdar's thuggish shadow. Dreadnought stopped to take stock of everything, trying to take a knee and failing at it. Instead his fingers closed on a dead traitor and hoisted them up to helmet's visor.

    "Sorry we were late, Captain Arkon required aid defending the comms hub in Sector F-Six. Seems like more of Eighth Company turned than this little reunion would leave one to believe." Carolus brought the speeder into a slow side ways hover, sliding about the meeting at a comparatively glacial pace to the nightmarish speeds he had been taking the ship's passage ways with.

    "It was good timing on Har's part that saved things really. Sergeant Groder and his men were bringing up a Land Raider stolen from the on-board garage when your friend came stomping up and tore the back out, and then the pilot and cargo." Akar crossed his arms as he spoke. "Looks like it is our turn to make good with a relief effort though, Seventh Squad rally up. The Captain requested we make for the bridge and relieve the siege on Odiaus' position while the rest of our company heads down to the engine block to deal with further traitor assets. Marcus. Carolus here has volunteered to fly ahead of us and make sure our advance is clear."

    "I will go too." Akar merely nodded at the entombed former Captain, no point in denying his presence and the counter-attack could certainly use the muscle.

    "Lets get a quick check-up done and then we will advance. Marcus, do what you can for my shoulder if you would. Might of lost my cool for a moment and nearly lost an arm. Might of." Sergeant looked over what was available of Seventh and inwardly sighed with relief seeing that almost everyone was here and loyal.

    "Has anyone seen or heard from Seth?"

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    Wounded, broken but unbowed, Seth watched the bloated mass that was Sokar spilling away like a wound in the void. He stumbled backward, his wounds now mounting up and preventing him from taking another proper swing, his rage all but spent at this point. Pulling out his bolt pistol, Seth sent couple of rounds into the headless body of the Dark Apostle, just wanting to make sure that if he somehow comes back to life (at the moment and after seeing what he saw, Seth was somehow sure that getting resurrected was a possibility he couldn't ignore), Sokar had a hard time repairing all the damage done to his form.

    Once that was done, Seth would slowly move away from the duel and try to find a maintenance hatch or similar point of entry, so he could get back into the ship's interior once again. When he reaches it, he would try to find a dark corner to give his body a bit time to heal on its own, before thinking what to do next. He was in too bad of a condition to try and reach the Bridge now, or any other place to be frank, since he didn't fancy his chances against any number of traitors now.

    Instead, at this point not really caring about someone tampering into the vox, Seth would open a link towards Marcus (@Vlayden ), trusting that his level-headed squad mate saw through the lies of the traitors and remained loyal - and alive as well. "Marcus, you grumpy son of a bitch, I hope you're still alive and sane because if not, I'm gonna kill you myself...I need help, the Word Bearer Sokar wasn't too happy about me denying his attempts at converting me against the Emperor, so he left me with some'll have lots of work to do, provided I don't bleed to death..."
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    The fight was over before it had the chance to start, but at least everyone was still alive, Land Speeder bringing three more marines from Seventh Squad in an operational condition. The only one who wasn't here was Seth, and it seemed like nobody knew where he was:
    "No idea about Seth - I was in the Forge when this all started and only made it here less than a minute before you. Anyone knows where he was heading before the fighting started?"
    In any case, if Seth was still alive he would contact them sooner or later. For now they had to assault the bridge and get control of it as fast as possible. While the ship was full of sounds of distant fighting, some of the explosions were signs of space battle, and it was hard to tell who was fighting who and how long their ship will remain operational.
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    As Marcus saw a mighty fist come down to crush one of the Traitors, it didn't take too long for him to lower his Combi-melta and give off a "hmmm" of fascination - a small moment of disappointment was felt as he saw how the Terminator armour was badly damaged, though a bit of faith in his techmarine companions kept it from rising anymore.
    All the same, he'd move over towards the door and poked his head out, looking towards the Dreadnoughts - even if he did not have his face shown, Brumdar could still tell he was smiling.
    "Come to join us I see, friend?" He called up at him in that typical, content tone.

    Turning back to Akar however, he shook his head and glanced back in. "Narthecium's busted - thank the Cataphractii here for that." He said. "Jobe however, should be able to tend to the injuries once he's finished with Herstius."

    "You? Kill Me?" He said in mock anger as he heard Seth speak up through the Vox now, incredulously. "I just had to deal with that cur Maugan -and thus far it seems the rest of the Squadron is still together. And if you bleed to death I will be genuinely surprised that your Larraman cells gave up from the lunacy that is your combat style. Get to the Apothecarium if you can - I have no damned idea where you are or how to get to you in the first place, and even if I wanted to carve my way there I only have so many melta canisters."
    All the same, he turned back to the insides of the Apothecarium and went searching his Niece, Alexandra - while his priorities may be his squad, there wasn't any way he'd go letting his Kin go being left behind. Of course, he did go glancing to Dritus' corpse to see if his Narthecium was in working and usable order.

    "How's Herstius?" He asked Jobe, glancing over at them whilst tending to Alexandra's arm.

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    "Try to mock me again Apothecary and I will cut out your insolent tongue," Seth growled back, his voice low and threatening, sounding way too hostile than the last time Marcus heard him, most likely due to the entire situation everyone was in. "Traitors run amok the ship and when I come over to the Apothecarion and see that you have betrayed the light of the Emperor, I will kill you and whoever else is there on your side. I just told you this because I wouldn't want you to be surprised when I arrive."

    Chaplain was inside the ship now, after entering it through a giant hole created earlier by a lance blast, he reached the closed off deck and from there, he made his way towards Marcus and the Medbay, even though the Apothecary didn't say on who's side he was on, Seth hoped that his brother remained loyal because he did mention that the Squad was there and if it turns out everyone sided with the traitors, Seth didn't really think he could take them all on. In any case, he'll cross that bridge when he reaches it.

    Dozen minutes later he finally arrived at his destination, seeing familiar people inside made him grin beneath his mask. His brothers on the other hand would see Seth in his newly painted black armor with a distinctive helmet on his head, upper top made to resemble a skull while the lower grille was made to look like a bottom part of the Iron Warriors Legion symbol. He was quite wounded, couple of huge holes gaping from his chest and spitting blood, multiple wounds could be seen on his arms and the rest of his torso while his Excoriator axe threw sparks around. Seth just came from some kind of a tough fight no doubt but despite the injuries, he managed to straighten himself up (probably due to sheer stubbornness) as he stood at the Medbay's doors, his axe activated at his side.

    "Greetings brothers, I've seen you have been busy," he gestured at the dead terminators laying around, "Tell me...who do you call your master now? Where do your allegiances lie?" he asked them openly and brandished his axe, not wanting to beat around the bush and get this over with quickly.

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    "...You look like shit." Was the very blunt response. "And I call no one master - I simply fight for the Imperium. Now if you threaten me again like that, I'll simply not bother dealing with your injuries in the future and let others do that for you." Marcus said nonchalantly, turning his attention back to his Niece and Herstius.
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    Herchel had removed his helmet after the battle and was glad to see the signs of reinforcements but of more of his brothers from the seventh.

    "Got any spare narthicanums in the medbay?" Herchel asked looking to Marcus as he heard Seth over the Vox link. @Vlayden

    As Herchel saw Seth walk in a part of his gut turned as he did not see any hazard stripes on his helmet and saw his armor had changed color to only black. Herchel wondered for a moment if he was loyal, "Currently we fight with those who have been betrayed by Perturabo, those who bare the mark and brand on there helmets and on there head," Herchel said pointing to the brand on his head then showing his helmet, "Perturabro has decided to purge those he view as to humanitarian or likely even loyal to the imperium and emporer, Currently the only one I call master at the moment is the imperium and the ruler of it the emporer. Though I wonder after this betrayal by our primarach if we will even be allowed to return within there fold." Herchel said a part of sadness in his tone at the last part of it.

    "But now I have a question for you, Whats with your armor and your helmet? I have not ever seen type of colors on armor of those, or a helmet like that before." Herchel said noticing Seths armor.
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    Vilhelm was happy to see Seth still alive, albeit seriously wounded. Then again, knowing Seth "seriously wounded" was his normal state in most battles. What was puzzling was his change of appearance - last time Techmarine saw Seth, he was still wearing his normal Astartes helmet, tagged by yellow paint to denote him being an untrustworthy marine. Now, however, he had a brand-new skull-shaped helmet that probably meant that he was a full Chaplain, and for whatever reason the new helmet wasn't branded in any way.
    "You should probably do something about this new helmet of yours. Seems like in this day and age, whether you're loyalist or a traitor is determined only by how your helmet looks. What happened to you, anyway? If you are now a full Chaplain, does it mean that your mentor is still loyal?"
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    "I shall threaten everyone who is suspected to be a traitor to the Emperor before proven otherwise," Seth replied and turned his skull visage towards Herchel and Vilhelm, "I am brother Seth no longer. I am Chaplain Seth now, the spirit of vengeance hunting those who have betrayed the Legion and the Emperor's teachings. I am the guardian of our traditions, the fist of iron bringing final death to the traitors and heretics alike. My helmet shall remain pristine like my soul, for those who are against us need to look upon it and know that the symbol of the Iron Warriors is still carried by those loyal to the true creed."

    "I come with grave tidings. All of us have been betrayed, even more than you suspect. Istvaan V will be the place where the masks will fall and those loyal caught in the inferno of hatred shall be sacrificed in the name of the dark masters. Alongside Perturabo and what Iron Warriors who remained under his control, Lorgar, Alpharius and Curze have also sided with Horus and the rest of the traitors. I know this for my mentor Sokar told me of it. He tried to sway me on their side as well but I have refused, the injures you see have been given to me by that Dark Apostle. I have fought him in the cold void outside the ship and emerged triumphant despite the lies he has spilled and the dark gifts he had been bestowed."

    "There are fouler things moving in the shadows, I fear we shall meet them sooner than you think. Also, Sergeant Diodotus has sided with the traitors as well, his men following him into the betrayal. We have much to do before the day is over, it is our duty to cleanse this ship and kill everyone opposing us. There shall be no clemency for the wrong, no mercy for the wicked, no pardon for the traitors, only swift and terrible doom and sweet caress of the oblivion."

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