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They Cometh From Iron

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    Dyzek would watch in awe at the swirling form of the squat came at him, defying his previous thoughts on their limits of speed. He'd react, kicking away from his foe to avoid the deadly swing of the powered mauls in the air, yet, despite this, he'd feel the crashing impact of both striking at him. The first of these blows he'd absorb with his pauldron, which would shatter into a multitude of pieces, their shards bursting out through the air. The second, he'd manage to improvise a parry with the head of his chain glaive, which after already suffering damage earlier, would break, it's motor running silent, it's teeth slowing to a halt for the final time. Landing a few feet from the incoming assault of Magrundi and his Crash Braid Style, the Iron Warrior would cast away his broken weapon, clenching both fists, before speaking out, his tone booming over the din of battle.

    "Know fear Magrundi, for while you have ended the life of my weapon, you have forced me to respond with my own style. Cross fists with me now, and let us see who's spirit is greater!"

    With that, the swirling heads of the abhuman's weaponry would come rushing forward to meet the Iron Warrior. Yet, in an instant, Dyzek would kick up from the ground, taking into the air with a roar of his jump pack, taking into the air once more, now above the incoming attacks of his foe. Spreading his arms out wide, Dyzek would allow the momentum to carry him upwards, tilting back, to flip through the air, until he'd be facing down upon the spinning Squat. As he did so, an audible sound of the man taking in a breath, and focusing his mind would be emitted as a growl from his helm's vox. As the engines of his jump pack fell silent, and gravity reasserted itself over him, Dyzek would begin to drop down rapidly atop his horizontally spinning foe, bypassing the defense of the flailing mauls, and attacking him from above. His voice would be heard, as he closed the distance, a war cry containing all the concentration and heart he'd put into this attack.

    "Winged Husaria Style: Windstorm of Soaring Strikes!"

    As he descended upon Magrundi from high, Dyzek's hands would move forth, like the talons of a raptor, in a rapid series of cuts and jabs against his enemy. His fingers would hammer against the armoured form of the squat, each successive blow accented with the continued cry of the Iron Warrior, his entirety of being concentrated on this battle.​
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    Breakin' The Law, Breakin' The Law
    A pipe changed from shades of cold iron to burning orange and several bolts sprang free from their holdings; pinging harmlessly off Herchel as he barreled into close combat with Murphy. Herchel's own significantly deadlier bolts spat out by his pistol had a similiar effect on the Squat enforcer. Rounds smacked into mechanical limb, or spanked off the axe head. Murphy's visor lit up and Iron Warrior felt both hearts skip a beat as he ducked, vision briefly consumed by the flash of another energy blast manifesting from the construct/cyborg's face. Lenses adjusted for the difference and Herchel came into arms reach of his stout foe.

    Wrist swiveled about and Murphy took a straight chop at the legionnaire. Herchel backed away and Murphy stepped forward, wrist flipping so he could chop right back to position A. Hand gripping the Grav-pistol withdrew towards Murphy's belt, Eviscerator teeth caught on the barrel and sunk right through with the voraciousness of a Miral Landshark. Rotating teeth wrenched damaged handgun from RoboSquat's grip and sent it skidding off into a shadowed corner of the room. Freed up digits clenched tightly and a set of shock pads on the knuckles punched into Herchel delivering a mighty jolt of electricity to both him and his armor.

    Odiaus emerged from beneath a section of cabling and moved up with his combi-bolter. Twin barrels lit up and mass reactive rounds to the back caused the enforcer of Khaz Yurgrund to stiffen and stagger forward while Herchel was still reeling from electric shock.

    "Legionnaire Herchel, we need to escape quickly! The smelter is going to blow any second now." Odiaus stowed away his bolter and went for a power spear and storm shield combo. Latter strongly resembled the large round shields of Olympias Hoplites, the face emblazoned with the iron helmeted skull of the legion. Warsmith began to circle around, making for the nearest exit. Herchel received another punch and the compounding jolts briefly left him stunned on the floor. Murphy began to approach Odiaus who just as quickly moved up to support his battle brother. Squat lurched forward and power axe pressed itself through storm shield, both fields dueling against one another in a light show akin to the roaring energies of a plasma generator.

    Herchel would come back to his senses in time to witness this. Orange-brown lighting of the industrial area briefly banished by the white light before storm shield shorted out and Murphy ripped his axe back and began pummeling the Warsmith. Mechandrites unfurled from Odiaus' back and snapped at the Squat whom simply tore them away like meddlesome serpents. Open palm smashed the marine down and held chest in place while power axe was angled for a decapitating blow...

    Fists of Fury
    "Impossible! Ye can't- ye WON'T stop me!" Magrundi grit his teeth against the barrage of blows. Dyzek's fists struck twice, thrice, and a dozen times. Halted in the midst of his cyclone the Squat would ride out the storm, even as helm cracked and an eye began to swell; for soon braids would come around on their own momentum. Both coils of hair began to loop around Dyzek's lower half at slanted angles. Forming stout arms into a defiant X before himself, Magrundi cast both limbs out to knock away Dyzek's next blows. Assault marine was ripped from his feet before he could reassert control over his cast away arms.

    Thrusting head aside and throwing all bodily weight back and to the left Magrundi hauled the ensnared marine from the floor. Powerful jerks of both arms dislodged his braids from their coiled positions about the accursed invader. Heaving them upwards like a caravan master's reins both power maul begin a rapid descent for prone body.

    Around them the fight picks up exactly where it left off. The crew rise from cover and begin firing upon the Iron Warriors forced to retreat from Magrundi's cyclone. The corridor behind them filled up with reinforcements, a pair of Hearthguard marching through with their master crafted kit drawn and loaded for war.

    Seth crashed into the Hearthguard with all the force of his own grenade. Mangled face appearing in the vision of the Squat warriors mere moments after the smoke cleared from a barrage of krak grenades. A living wall of blades collided against them, mere moments behind Seth himself; the tidal lord of this bloody tsunami.

    "Away with ye interloper! Drake slayers belong in the tales O old, dead as the beast they hunted!" A power fist reared back before soaring forward. Seth ripped himself away from the Hearthguard lest the attempted uppercut end him then and there. Excoriator axe swept around and bit into the underside of exposed arm, whining as its teeth wrestled against the mighty Exo-Armor. A tri-barreled shotgun was jammed up against Seth's cranium and warrior lurched upward on an instinct, clipping the gun with a pauldron and re-directing the ensuing blast across his scalp and into the ceiling.

    A Luna Wolf pounced onto the Hearthguard's back and took his chainsword down against the priceless gold rendition of the pilot's face, attempting to crack the shell open. Lacking the range of motion to effectively strike the bothersome marine Squat rammed himself into a wall, knocking the warrior off and dumping him at the abhuman's feet. A heavy boot crashed down and snapped a leg, howling warrior was silenced by a single pull of the shotgun's trigger.

    Further ahead blood sizzled and hissed as las-guns and flame weapons were turned upon the warriors clamoring around the Hearthguard to engage the supporting guardians and panicked crew beyond. While the most savage of the Wolves and Warriors sunk their claws into the elite heavy infantry, the rest would settle for the scraps that were destined to be ripped apart and hacked down by the crazed lot Seth had rounded up. A disemboweled Squat flew through the air and skidded past Seth's feet as he moved in to clash with the Hearthguard once more.
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    The savagery of melee combat, fueled by the rage of his fellow berzerkers, Seth was pushed to greater levels of violence. Like always when the blood rage was upon him, he'd lost track of those around him, the only focus was his own fighting, his own little battleground where each enemy was considered as a singular specimen, ready to be put to the sword (or axe in this case).

    Swinging his Excoriator axe downward, Seth slammed it into Hearthguard's foot, ripping the metal and bone in two pieces and ruining Squat's balance as he swayed on his feet, another blast from the tri-barreled shotgun flying past him and into a Luna Wolf to his side who despite the injury just kept on going, the madness driving him forward. Of course, Seth was unaware of these things as he brought his weapon back, the ugly sharp edge that formed the second part of the axe found its way into Hearthguard's head, more precisely it went below his chin straight into his mouth. Horrible wound Seth only made worse as he yanked it back and torn the Squat's face asunder, separating it in two pieces (OOC a la Blade 2 vampires style).

    Hearthguard fell down on his knees, gurgling something and making a desperate attempt to hit Seth with a swing of his own power fist, only for it the be pushed aside as the Iron Warrior brought his axe high in the air with both hands and drove it downwards like an executioner of old, vertically cutting the Squat in two perfect parts.

    There was no time to admire the kill as Seth simply kicked the remains of the fallen foe aside and stormed through the gap, straight into Squats carrying firearms. Multiple bolts found purchase in his body, blasting apart muscle and turning armor into scrap but there was no stopping the angry train as it crashed into unlucky defenders, their guns unable to giant axe's blows, each one cutting few of them apart and breaking up any resemblance of formation. With their death the attackers gained the upper hand and the battle devolved into a massacre, couple of legionnaires ganging up on few Hearthguard remaining each, cutting the heavily armored guardians into tiny pieces of meat.

    Seth of course, just kept on pushing until he found himself standing straight in front of the actual engine. A giant compartment holding machinery unknown to the berzerker, the mechanical mumbo jumbo something Vilhelm was in charge of and which never really interested Seth, not even in the slightest. However there was some primal feeling of strength that Seth could register, coming from a central engine system that resembled a beating black heart. It was as if he could smell the power coming from it, similar to what a predator might feel when he's about to cause a killing blow and feast upon his prey.

    Not thinking too much, he swung his axe at it and it slammed against the casing multiple times, ruining the metal and creating a small chunk inside the heart from which black blood (or more likely just normal oil, however it looked as blood to Seth) began dipping. Never a man of complex solutions, Seth figured out that the best way to make sure the "heart was dead" was to do it with his own hands. Therefore, holding axe with one hand he threw a punch with the other which ripped into the mechanical construct. Sadly, it would turn out that the black blood was heated up couple of hundred degrees and Seth could say goodbye to his hand, but even as the power gauntlet melted all around his muscles and bone he kept smashing around, destroying the construct from the inside and bringing the entire engine - and most likely the entire Mechanical Dragon - to a halt...
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    Herchel got to his feet quick as he could somewhat dazed from the blows he saw what he needed to the squat looming dangerously over the Warmsith with his power axe for a killing blow no less, "No you don't you augmented mutant scum!" Herchel roared as he began barreling forward with his pauldron first tackling at the squat earming a blow from the power axe that cut deep within his right arm, his hand on his bolt pistol he quickly raised it to the squats chest and with his left he grabbed his entrenching tool and stabbed at the neck joint of the Cyber squat Murphy and shot the squat over and over until the squat got in his final blow at Herchels chest cutting deep with his power axe but stopping movement after a bolt shell and entrenchment tool did there damage finally killing the squat after finally breaking down.

    Puting he foot on the squat he stepped back tearing the power axe out of his chest and taking his tool and putting it to his belt besides his bolt pistol, Grabbing the broken webber up from Murphy as a souvenir and locking it to his armor, Herchel then went over to the Warmsith to help him up and to get moving. "Squad Akar was last behind me down a shaft If we get moving now we may be able to link up with them and get out of hear before this place blows." Herchel said helping the warsmith up and readied himself to take the lead and get the warsmith out of there."
  5. @DeranVendar

    Watching the incoming fall of the twin power mauls, Dyzek would take in a breath of air, crossing his arms across his chest. Kicking with his foot, the marine would spin to the side, narrowly avoiding the impact from the crashing weapons, his remaining pauldon broken into a multitude of shards from a glancing blow. Rolling onto his stomach, the marine would place both palms upon the floor, as with a grunt and burst of strength, he'd push himself up from where he lay, getting into a crouched position. Yet, he was not finished, as he'd now have a chance to exploit of his foe.

    The strength behind Magrundi's style was momentum and force, yet, as with all flails, once an impact was had, there would be a moment of pause. Without movement, the twin mace heads would be rendered harmless, until the Squat took the time to swing them back into action once more. Against a mortal man, this would prove to be quite an intimidating force to face, yet, for the Astartes, there would be one clear window to strike back at a foe unhindered. The superior speed and agility of the Space Marines lending him the advantage, Dyzek would lunge forth with bot hands, palms open, to grasp at the foe's weaponry. Clutching the hair chains of the abhuman in both hands, Dyzek would stand, giving a mighty haul as he'd draw up to his full height. Taking a step back, with a heave of his massive muscles, the Iron Warrior would pull the Squat from the ground where he stood. The densely packed foe would be heavy, yet not beyond the strength of the Legion, and as the battle raged out around them, Dyzek would continue to spin and spin, gathering speed and momentum.

    Within a few seconds, The Iron Warrior moved as a steel blur, the swirling form of the Squat circling around him like a chained living ballistic missile. Clenching his teeth, Dyzek would halt his spinning, firmly planting a foot upon the metal floor, as with a draw of strength, he'd haul out the weight of his enemy, letting him loose from his grip. Launched, the Squat would be sent flying through the air, the speed and velocity behind him sending him careening through the crew's chamber, before crashing into a now broken work station, shattered beneath the impact of the Squat's landing.​
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    "A fine kill Herchel, you've my thanks." Odiaus twitched bodily as he stood up, left leg almost instantly giving out. "We need to leave, now." Torn mechandrites sparked weakly, stubby remainders attempting to enact commands that were now impossible to follow. Murphy's head quivered in place for a moment, ultimately erupting from the shoulders in a spray of sparks and backfiring electronics. The burning light of the smelter and the shadowed forms of Herchel and Odiaus limping out of the area were reflected on his visor. Ten paces out the door and everything erupted into flame.

    Five stories up from the ground a cloud of flame billowed out from within the building that Odiaus had unintentionally teleported in. Floor beneath went next, then the one above, followed by dozens of pipes that ruptured and spewed jets of fire in all directions. Cargo elevator's platform, having been just a few seconds from docking, rattled loose; dumping Rhino and Iron Warrior cargo all the way back to square one. Destroyed pipes threw Squat and marine alike out into the forge district.

    World blurred past Herchel, legionnaire caught up in an unwanted flight with a first class view of the ground rapidly approaching his face. The main avenue through the Squat industrial sector cracked under the impacts of both Odiaus and Herchel. Debris crashed down around them, burning chunks of steel rolling across the street and sections of piping tumbling through like spilled logs. Inferno roared up above, momentarily deafening the sounds of a war that was still very much taking place less than a street away in every direction.

    Odiaus propped himself up with his spear, shield used to brace himself as he took shelter near a collapse steel beam. Herchel had found his footing at this stage and moved to join his commander when a whole foot of sharpened metal punched through his side, embedding the tip an inch or so into his left lung. A second and third followed, each one stuck through Odiaus' ruined storm shield. Across the street a handful of Squat construction militia had taken up positions and were using pressurized rifles to fire rail spikes at them. From an alleyway directly behind them even more of the locals showed up with buzzsaws, heavy spanners, and las-torches. Shouting could be heard from a neighboring rooftop as well, a firebomb cresting the edge and tumbling down into the space between the cornered legionnaires and the riflesquats.

    Dragon Slayer
    Grenades bounced off of railings and support struts. Thrown just so by the warriors of the Fourth and Sixteenth legions so that they would arc off and into those organs of Drakon Ningrundi beyond arms reach. Other bodies crowded in around Seth, hands twisted into claws as they tore into the engine alongside him like predators set loose in a slaughterhouse. Their flesh burned with his, limbs emerging blackened by both oil and scorched ceramite. As the remaining explosives went off the aircraft lurched, a modulated scream mingling with screeching of buckling metal. Flame fanned out across a pool of spilled oil in the hold, setting several marines alight. They charged from the room, discharging their weapons and swinging at every Squat they saw. Behind them were the others, they had gutted the beasts but plenty of parasites still lived on within; and they would need purged.

    "Hunters, the enemy tries to escape! Their craft crashes yet they must still have some means to abandon the ship! Let us find them, and drag them screaming down with this accursed machine!" A Luna Wolf swished his chainsword through a series of cables, electrical current already having died from the previous destruction. An Iron Warrior answered by discharging a plasma pistol into an engineer trying to sneak out of the room, melting the Squat's legs before slayer closed in and slammed a chainaxe down into the abhuman's chest.

    "We should escape while we can! Tear open this things hide and fly down to the ground, we can run down the survivors wherever they might land!" Another Luna Wolf stepped forward, a det charge caught in fidgeting fingers. In any other scenario, among any other group, might of lead to an actual discussion of practicals. Here, among a horde of soldiers gathered specifically for their bravery and savagery, it looked like both parties were willing to fight about what to do even as the dragon ship sailed toward a crash landing. While the two warriors closed with one another, several faces looked to Seth for guidance.

    Magrundi reached out with both hands and grabbed the most distant set of braid handles he had and prepared for the toss. Locking eyes with Dyzek a tingling sensation from a mutual begrudging respect gripped both warriors. Legionnaire released and power braids were thrown down into the floor. Anchoring Magrundi down in mid-flight the momentum was robbed from the toss and Squat merely left a shallow imprint of his back and helmet in a cogitator panel. One of the crew moved to help him up, babbling something in squattish while emergency chimes and crimson lights robbed the room of any previous atmosphere.

    Drakon Ningrundi twisted in mid-air, angling itself just below ninety degrees and angling for a high speed crash with the very edges of the Iron Warriors' siege op. Magrundi tipped his head up and spoke sideways towards his kin, eyes never leaving his opponent. At once the crew began to evacuate, squeezing around the warring Hearthguard and Astartes. Magrundi shook off his gauntlets and threw them down. Through a long viewing screen behind the Squat, Dyzek could see they were angled toward the ground.

    "Ye sorry lot might of slain me dragon, but ye won't be taking me down so easy! Come on space marine!" A glove sailed through the air and right past the assault marine. Several panels burst spraying shards of glass and sparks all over the crew pit. Magrundi's helmet flew next, bouncing off a chair and spinning off into the distance. With a growl Squat threw one braid down and used it to vault into the air, spinning other overhead before casting it down straight at Dyzek.

    Skirting around the blow the Iron Warrior watched as a sheet of flooring crumpled up like paper around the point of impact. Fire erupted from beneath and two other tiles flipped away and crashed against the room's side walls. Magrundi landed and skidded past Dyzek's previous location. Jaws parted for a furious bellow, arms flexing and armor plates loosened by the fury of Husaria Style strikes falling away. Tattered shirt tore until it was little more than a scrap of fabric clinging to Magrundi like a vest. Shortening his grip up on his facial hair, Squat kept his hands within the stinging reach of the power fields on his mauls. Breaking left then strafing in on the right the Sky Captain began to rapidly circle Dyzek while throwing out his braids, one after the other. Each toss was lobbed straight at the marine, soon as either braid achieved its maximum reach Magrundi ripped it right back only to hurl the cord right back in a moment later.

    "South Hold Vengeance Barrage: Bugman's Hundred Tankards!"

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    As Seth removed his hand from the heart, the oil hardened around his limb, giving it a proper ugly look although keeping some of the motor functions. Pain of the burns was a good one, it helped him focus on ripping more of the machine apart up until that moment when Drakon Ningrundi swung in the air and all of them charged out of the room, guns blazing and slaughtering few workers that remained nearby.

    Hearing the discussion Seth turned his attention towards the Luna Wolves, growling as he turned off and on the engine of his weapon. He couldn't remember where he picked these warriors up nor who exactly were they, but in the end that didn't matter much.

    "We shall do both," he spat, seeing that several faces looked to him for guidance. "Chase down the Squat survivors to their escape pods and then after slaughtering them there, use their own means to escape this gutted beast. Or," he pointed at the Luna Wolf holding the detonator, "Just make an exit for ourselves with that."

    "No point in arguing, you are wasting our time with it when there are Squats to be killed. If you allow them to flee the edge of my axe, then I shall have to find another source of blood from which to feed it. Doesn't matter from who the blood flows, only that it does," Seth grunted, looking menacingly at the two warriors arguing, bringing his axe up and preparing it in such a way it was quite obvious he would lash out at them and kill them both if they continued doing what they did, which is keeping him away from doing a bit more slaughter. Of course, slaying a brother from the Legions was an anathema, however Seth was running out of patience and he had a bad temper when that happened.

    OOC not sure what you had in mind with this part so I'll just include a small part in case everything goes without a fight. Ofc if fight occurs, then we're fighting!

    Once that was settled, he would lead the rest of the warriors towards Squat hangars or whatever place which looked like that, where he would proceed into killing the rest of the mutants and once enough of them were dead, then they would make a hole and escape the dragon.
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    Herchel moved debris as he could from around Odiaus until he heard more squats coming raising his volkite and his bolt pistol he found the he and his commander were surrounded from all sides even from the above, Taking note of all he equipment he have including grenades he knew he had to defend the Warsmith until they could get moving or until marines arrived giving a ping out on the vox net to other Iron warrior squads on his squads and other squad channels.

    Herchel hefted his weapons his eyes scanning on where he could do the most damage or area denial to slow the squat advance Looking to his grenades he made a plan using his volkite he would have to light up the alley way and set some squats aflame then attempt with what time throw a grenade at the millitia then attempt to take out remaining squats with his bolt pistol, even for a space marine would be a challenge moving that fast, Moving in a defense stance in front of his commander he did know one thing he would either die or succeed at protecting the war smith, his hand squeezing on the volkite he let out a burst of ray towards the alley squats.
  9. @DeranVendar

    Dyzek would feel the shift in inertia, the grip of gravity enforcing it's will once more upon the hellish abomination they rode within, and his heart would soar. Beneath his helm, the man would feel a smile forming upon his visage, a small snarling chuckle being heard from his vox. It would seem that his brother had successfully accomplished his mission, and now, all that was left would be to finish this Lord of Dragons. Making no movement to pursue the fleeing engineers, the Iron Warrior would, on the contrary, open a vox channel to the Iron Warriors around him.

    "Pull back, the ship is going down, and it would be wise if we did not end with it."

    He'd keep his tone firm, and his word ironclad, harboring no protest should it be voiced. Should any of those who remained with him question the wisdom of leaving him with the Squats, Dyzek would make it clear that he knew his foe wouldn't turn treacherous in these final moments. There was a small understanding between the two, Dyzek and Magrundi, and neither would cheapen this battle by calling in the unfair support of their brothers. Once that was dealt with, Dyzek would return his focus to the abhuman before him, the terrible rush of force, and the blaring alarms from the falling beast seemingly not bothering the man at all. He'd listen to the words of his foe, watching him prepare for the last bout of their engagement, flexing his fingers, and shifting his shoulders as he did

    "Come then, let me feel the crash of your blows one final time. For when this, the legacy of your Khaz buries itself in the earth below, it shall be your final resting place."

    He saw the incoming attack by the Squat, and would react appropriately, shifting his weight, moving upon his feet, doing all he could to dodge the crashing assault of the mauls. He'd feel glancing impacts, twin mauls narrowly avoided, to crash against the ceremite of his upper arms, shattering the metal, sending a throbbing ache through the man. As the Squat increased his speed, his ferocity, frustration, and inability to give in powering his dense musculature, Dyzek would finally look to counter, as he saw a rushing mass of weaponry closing in to crash against his skull. Raising his right hand, fingers clenched into a fist, he'd slam the back of his gauntlet against the side of the heavy metal, feeling the burst of it's power field against him. Pain erupted from his fist, yet, the maul's head was redirected, flailing out of synchronization for a moment that the Iron Warrior would utilize fully.

    A burst of his jump pack would send him rocketing out towards the left, the opening in the disturbed rhythm of the squat's assault. Landing upon his left foot, Dyzek would flex his arms, casting off the ruined remains of his ceremite plating that had taken heavy damage, it's shards falling to the ground, revealing the flesh of his biceps that lay beneath. His gauntlet, similarly wrecked, would be cast aside, to free his hand to the air around him, sore, and possibly fractured in several places, yet still operational. Taking a finger, he'd point towards Magrundi, who already seemed to be looking to reposition himself, and resume his attack, the thoughts of the crashing ship around him almost entirely forgotten. Above the alarms and the groaning of metals and machinery, Dyzek's voice would be heard, addressing Magrundi formally, for the final time.

    "You've fought well Squat, truly, a testament to the strength of your people. If only circumstances had been on better terms, perhaps you and I could have lived and served together, for the betterment of Mankind, yet, it seems it was not to be. On this day, we part forever, and though our time together has been short, know that I will never forget it, in the long years and battles to come.

    Know that you and your ferocious South Hold Crash Braid Style, shall always live on within my soul."

    Finished with his tribute towards his fellow warrior, Dyzek would let loose a pent up breath, focusing the rhythm of his breathing, honing his body towards one final task. Bringing up his arms to his side, he'd place a leg forward, leaning forth, as his hands weaved through the air before him, the Iron Warrior running through a series of stances rapidly, with the practiced hand of one who had truly come to understand them. As his body stilled for a moment that would seemingly last a lifetime, he'd be as still as a statue, head bent forward, both arms crossed before his chest, fingers straight, as if in repose. In a chamber filled with the cacophony of a soon to be destroyed titan of the heavens, there would exist a silence between the two beings who would see their battle finished once and for all.

    His jump pack would engage, boosting him forward, through the air, his crossed arms raising up before his helmed face. As he closed the distance between himself and the Squat, one jet of his pack would burn brighter, stronger, as his body began to twist and spin in it's propulsion. Within an instant, the Iron Warrior's mass would be oncoming like a living, drilling missile, a booming war cry roaring out from his helm's vox unit.

    "Winged Husaria Style: Goshawk Whirlwind Execution"

    As he's rapidly come onwards towards the abhuman before him, he'd tense up his for the final strike, knowing that if this failed, the Squat would have him at his mercy. Thus, when the time came, Dyzek would lash out with both clenched hands, upon the now unarmored form of his enemy, his rapidly spinning form locking eyes once more as he'd offer his goodbye.

    "Farewell, Magrundi"
  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Farewells While Falling Down
    Forty seconds from touching down the slaughter aboard Drakon Ningrundi was short lived. Seth and his horde cornered the surviving crew in rooms full of savior pods. Many of the Squats, nearby and able to start strapping in before the invaders arrival, would eject before casing could be broken or ripped apart. Through the vacant exit holes several of the marines would dive through in pursuit, chasing the hapless Squats down in mid-air. Many more were destined for a bloody end as surviving crew and guardsmen came running, seeking escape and finding a wall of blades and mad men awaiting them. Trans-human warriors fell upon them without mercy and the halls would run red with blood.

    An explosion speared out from the hull following the demolition charge's detonation. The surviving Astartes piled out of it like bees from a disturbed hive, jetting out across the battlefield below to hunt down any more survivors. Seth, not one to abandon his brother, had left the area long ago and started ploughing a trench through the steady trickle of crewmen that had been too slow to escape and now drew whatever weapons might aid in the end. There was nowhere near enough time to reach the head. Not a lick of it stopped the Iron Warrior in his search.

    Legionnaires fled the room at Dyzek's command. A single wounded Hearthguard set off in pursuit without even bothering to check on Magrundi. Sky Captain and eldest son of Warlord Hilsdagur growls out his last.

    "Yer kind don't deserve the boons O me people. Ye've made one helluva mistake comin' here. Only good thing ye done, is offer me a good death."
    Dyzek dashed through a lane outlined by extended braids. Magrundi took a step back, trying to reel in a weapon for another blow. Not even his ancestors could bless the Sky Captain the sort of agility he would need to prevent the inevitable. Crossed fists scissored inward, bare knuckles landing against the ears and crushing them straight through the skull. Head vanished between Dyzek's hands, gore fountain forming through the gap between fists. The charge's impact did the rest. Magrundi's headless body sailed past empty throne and flattened up against the windshield.
    Alone, Dyzek finds the Squat's helmet clinking up against his boot and lodging there. He mindless picks up a trophy and piece of inspiration, gaze fixed forward. Veins form in the windshield, layers of glass giving away while everything beyond it is just a smear of whites and browns. Rushing forward the lone assault marine throws himself through, jump pack fueled flight finishing what Magrundi's impact started. Drakon Ningrundi crashed down, a final cry of breaking metal and secondary explosions emanating from the wreck. Dyzek tumbles, plucked from flight by a shock wave. Seth finds his brother unconscious, upside down in a trench. Beneath a fleet of shadows born from aerial reinforcements, the man uses his mangled hands to begin dragging Dyzek off for aid. Completely ignoring a shard of dragon's scale the length of an arm and lodged through his upper chest.

    Flesh greyed into ash as a Squat screamed fire. A direct shot from Herchel's volkite rendered lead warrior into a burning roadblock, vomiting up burning organic matter on his fellows before combusting completely. One avenue temporarily clogged up, Herchel moved to scatter the riflemen nearby with a grenade. Militiamen turned away in all directions and ran, frag dropping into their cover and slaying several outright. Squattish shouting reached a peak as the rooftop occupants set up a heavy bolter over the side. Fist sized bolts chewing up the street around Herchel whom stumbled back into the debris bunker he had made for Odiaus.

    Warsmith raised his combi-bolter to suppress the large weapon and its team. Further shots struck his shield, bolts clipping the rim as more guns were trained in on them from another building nearby. Herchel saw the alley way Squats back on track and closing in, Volkite gun slew another in the open ground. Bolt pistol picked off several more that charged around their erupting kinsman. Another rail spike sped through the air and drove itself deep into a piece of rockrete. Attempting to train ray gun on one group, and pistol on another lead to a barrage of shots that at least slowed the enemy advance and kept heads down. Herchel's head swiveled around and was greeted by a wall of dust. Riflesquat building had completely vanished. A Vindicator bulldozed through the remains, several Rhinos piling out alongside it. Squad Akar moving in on foot in defensive circle about Marcus. Seventh Squad formed up and became a much sturdier bunker for the pair, most of the Iron Warriors rolling right past them to continue with mission objectives in the sector now that the Warsmith was secure. Much grumbling abound from those who had their sights set on being Odiaus' saviors.

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