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They Cometh From Iron

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    Nathiel's glowing face plate stared back at Diokletious for a single precious second, moment seeming to stretch time itself, as if Exemplar were holding it back as he had the enemy blade master. At last even his super human will gave out and as the ember glow of his armor faded to cold coal he topple back and drug down the traitor's corpse with his own, heat warped banner pole snapping against Saramanth's ruined earth. How appropriate it was that whomever conducted the musical backdrop to the slaughter of inter-legion combat changed tune from something mindless and crazed to dramatic bombast, drums striking like thunder from the heavens where the combined psychic might of Fulgrim and his cabal of sorcerers wrestled against the Conclave of Guilliman's sons. A wretched cry and the wet tearing of warm flesh draws the wounded Chapter Master's eyes to the left. Axtor stood with the last of the blessed impaled upon both claws, warrior's cries rising higher the further his feet came from the blood slicked ground. Body enveloped in the bliss of agony the traitor would not even fight back, enraptured by the overwhelming sensation that was death. Knight of Dawn thrust both claws down and threw the corpse aside, body twisting towards his lord and charge before body even settled, and well before the twitching stopped.

    Whatever sense of theatrics might have been entertained for the clash were suddenly swept away as the parted sea of Slaaneshi soldiers came rushing back in. Only Axtor and Diokletious stood to meet them, claws snapping with erratic flare ups of their power fields and seared blood hissing. Bolts flew from all directions, The Torch Bearers laying down fire support for their commander, marines formerly falling back suddenly digging their heels into open ground or throwing themselves back into trenches previously lacking in control. Their hearts stirred at the sight of so many dead, some wavered at the sight of the chapter's founding fathers laid low, others beat with a cold fury learned and never forgotten in the old days of the Great Crusade; others throbbed with a fiery fury.

    "And we stood there on the walls, a sea of heresy given hearts and voices washing towards us. We saw fiends molded by the minds of men in the Old Night, men we once called brothers clad in profane tokens and bloody trophies. And we stood in the shadows of gods wrought in steel and demi-gods shaped by our own Emperor. Before us were the very best of the worst that a galaxy aflame could have possibly thrown at us, and by the grace of the Emperor and strength of man did we hold!" Neither of the veterans needed look to see who was coming; for if Nathiel was ever the golden light of their chapter, then Epimonos had taken it upon himself to be the infernal heat that radiated from it. Soul Smith descended upon them, a squad from both Third and Fourth Companies riding hot on his heels. Hellscream, bespoke battle axe of the first Soul Smith Seth, smote several daemons from the skies before the Chaplain landed. Where even Maximillian's vanguard units could not hope to launch an effective flight, Epimonos and Hellscream carved a path, smoking limbs raining down like a black omen of his arrival. As the Soul Smith and accompanying assault squads make landing between the traitors and Dawnbringers' trenches, Axtor looks to Diokletious.

    "Fall back my lord, seek tending for your wounds. Apothecary Herstius comes, and I will not abandon this position until the Exemplar's geneseed is recovered." The Exemplar's, of course, what could be done for the other Knights of Dawn? In the heat of so many duels the IIIrd had lost themselves to debauchery, self-control less than an afterthought as they mutilated and defiled the slain. Suits of armor and progenoids damaged beyond repair were perfect hallmarks of the bitter confrontation Diokletious had lead them into.

    "The Angel himself looked upon us, noble Sanguinius may his name forever be championed by mankind as he championed our cause, he asked if we would be his brothers that day; every man and women on Terra responded as one, a resounding affirmative that shook those sacred soils and struck like a lightning bolt into the core of our foe! If they did not have the mettle to face us then, there at the pinnacle of Horus' heresy, how can they stop us now? Whether you or the man who once carried your genes fought upon those walls, through gilded halls, and before the Eternity Gate itself, know that the we have prevailed before, and it is our duty to do so again and again until even the stars themselves go cold!" Whatever oratory skill Epimonos lacked he made up for in martial skill. Hellscream's head whirled, casting rags of flame across several opponents before a series of heavy slashes tore a daemonette and a pair of legionnaires in twain.

    Fire erupted from the Austere Prefectis, the Neverborn bound to Fellblade's hide lending their own boundless taste for anguish to her power. A Dawnbringers' siege tank, Bastard of Terra, vanished upon impact; accelerator cannons having shattered siege shield and punched through forward armor and into ammo stacks. Heavy shells detonated and ruptured the gored Vindicator. Upturned ground exploded, possessed rounds gouging wounds in the trenches as the predators escorting the super heavy loosed another volley upon Gario's men. Devastators answered back with missile launchers, las-cannons pinned in place and unable to fire thanks to their charge up time and the multitude of sponson weapons trained on their location. Krak missiles did little to the mutant vehicles, crews and bound spirits laughing maliciously at the attempts. They stopped when two Predators vanished, only sign of them ever existing to begin with being a line of molten craters strewn with melted plating and the air smeared with the passing of released daemons into the Warp.

    Gladius Ad Solis tore across the Imperial lines. Her engines were overcharged and guns ranged short as her temper. Sicarius Omega bounced over several rows of razorwire staked earthworks before Omega Plasma Array reached maximum range on the armored spearhead. Gario's company was being pounded hard and the pilots could ill afford to wait and let them take another barrage. Guns fired and two of the seven tanks spread around the enemy Fellblade vanished. Immediately the Prefectis turned all weapons to repel the upstarts Gladius, much to the Emperor's Childrens' surprise the nimbler vehicle came to a halt. Of course whatever confusion this lead to became amusement and then firing orders. Cue more befuddlement when the quad-lascannons mounted on the tainted tank's flanks accomplish jack squat, energies repelled by the combined field of no less than ten storm shields locked together before the Dawnbringers' own bespoke gift from their adoptive father. Gladius Ad Solis fires once more, Hoplikon guardians holding firm as plasma shots strong enough to slag battle tanks streams mere feet over their heads.

    "Bastion of Dawn has deployed, Captain Maximillian. The enemy shall perish, and we shall persevere. Sergeant Ormedius out." First Captain can take it at face value, perhaps they were a biased party, but Kerberos Company considered their Hoplikon the better of even the Knights of Dawn, though few would voice it in front of the mas anything other than jest, and none had put the idea to serious trial; not yet anyways. Thoughts for another time though! The enemy struck their lines and soon more of Kerberos had fallen: Sternguard accompanying the Brother-Herald were caught between the Fiend and accompanying Hunters while trying to clear the skies. They fought from a pile of decaying Harpies and other winged monstrosities, specialized ammunition making short work of even Warp strengthened hides. Wild Hunt closed in and squad broke in two, five men to fight for the skies, five to fend off the charioteers and Seekers. Ozymandias took it upon himself to deliver a purging upon the two headed Fiend.

    Sonic weapon distorted the air between warring parties, metal head cage vibrating until it exploded and sunk oblong shards of metal and broken spars into the daemon. Muffled shrieks and echoing laughter answered, and its advance continued. The same darkness that had struck Squad Enzio began bleeding into Ozzy's eyes, Brother-Herald closed them and beat his enemy to the punch, he didn't need to see to shred. A Sternguard died somewhere to his right, first of the Seeker's arriving and running him through with a lance coated with her steed's venomous slobber. Fingers glide down the length of guitar's strings and another blast of power strikes the Depraved and Deprived, whatever binds the daemon's skin to its faces sloughs off revealing bloody meat underneath: a literal face melter. Still it comes, and still more of his support squad die; a head rolls from a toppling leg-less body, blood dripping from a charioteer's elongated scimitar and wheels' scythe attachments.

    Kraken bolts perforate the offender, a drop of vengeance in a sea of injustice against both the Emperor and natural order of the universe. Ozymandias's fingers begin to smoke, friction of ceramite on the impossibly tough strings Vilhelm had hand crafted for the weapon. Casing itself vibrates as a shock wave of un-paralleled power builds. He looses it like a crossbow bolt, a compact surge of trembling power that strikes the towering abomination and unsettles already tested bonds, shaving off skin, muscle, and snapping off bone. Front half of the daemon ceases to be, back half stamps at the ground, legs propelling stringy pieces of offal lined with splintered bone a few meters further before they're left weakly digging shallow ruts in Saramanth's surface. Eyes open and the Brother-Herald shakes his smoking hand, re-positioning smoking gauntlet so that he might brandish the guitar's bladed edges like a battle axe proper.

    Tides of War: Dawnbringers (82) VS. The Scions of Slaanesh (Infinite) – Emperor's Children Minor Advantage
    Action Layout: Dawnbringers – 2 of Max’s choosing / Scions – 4 Attacks
    Command Options: (2 picks)
    + Deploy Super Heavy – Maximillian may order the Gladius ad Solis (Sicarian Omega) to engage a specific target in the enemy line in an attempt to remove an enemy event. While deployed the Gladius ad Solis does not provide any other beneficial effects. 5 turn CD. 5/5 Unavailable
    +Deploy Sternguard Veterans – Sternguard teams may be deployed in an attempt to remove an enemy event or create a random friendly event. 2 uses total.
    + Deploy Vanguard Veterans – Vanguard squads may be deployed to grant an extra attack action or counter certain enemy events. 1 use total.
    +Deploy Hoplikons - Hoplikons use their storm shields to grant a bonus Tides of War defense roll, and one more minor buff/event based on what unit they are assigned to guard. 1 use.
    + Deploy Auxillia – Maximillian may order several units of allied PDF forwards to reduce enemy actions by 1 on the following turn. Chances are the men will die horribly though and certain allies may look unkindly on careless expenditure of mortals. 2 turn CD.
    +Personal Touch - Maximillian descends into the fray granting the Dawnbringers an extra Tides of War action.
    +Whirlwind Barrage - Maximillian calls in fire support from Forge Master Vilhelm's modified Whirlwinds. Forces the enemy to re-roll all successful attacks next turn. 3 turn CD.
    +Deploy Marcus - Deploying Marcus will make him an event that boosts friendly morale and can be used to attack other events. As an event Marcus is at risk of being damaged and crippled, if he is put out of commission he will cause morale to take a huge hit.
    +Deploy Soul Smith Epimonos - Maximillian may call upon the Soul Smith's talents and deploy him with the same effects as a Vanguard Veteran Squad along with the additional benefits of taking over the Dawnbringers Tides of War actions and turning them into 4 attacks for the turn. 1 use.

    (F) - The Guardians - The counter-ritual has been established and four guardians have emerged to prevent Fulgrim from terra-forming Saramanth further. So long as the conclave is not disrupted they will continue to hold back, and attempt to undo Fulgrim's efforts. If disrupted the counter-ritual will need to be reinforced and during this time the pulses will reign unopposed.
    (F) - Brother-Herald Ozymandias – Kerberos Company’s Brother-Herald stands at the forefront of the fight against the enemy, fighting their warped tunes and smiting heretics with the power of glorious Imperial Rock. Prevents the Tides of War from dropping more than one stage a turn. Presence: Strong
    (F) – The Undying First - Free re-roll of the first failed Tides of War Defense roll each turn.
    (E) – Patriarch of the Emperor’s Children – Even sealed away in his lofty palace, Fulgrim emboldens his sons to fight with unfaltering skill and devotion. Imperial Advantage may not go higher than Minor, and will automatically be pushed back to Neutral if the advantage lasts for more than one turn.
    (E) - The Wild Hunt - Elite Seekers of Slaanesh that are on the hunt for enemy champions and commanders. They will focus solely on countering Friendly events. Presence: Medium
    (E) - Line Breakers - A unit of Warp Tainted Predators and a Fellblade are rolling up on the front lines applying heavy pressure on the Dawnbringers. This event will reduce the likelihood of friendly events forming and attempt to remove other events. Presence: Medium
    (E) Dark Skies - Winged daemonettes and worse things swarm the skies, harrying assault troopers and skimmers alike. Vanguard Veterans may not be deployed while this event is active. Presence: Weak
    (E) The Banner Lost - Nathiel's death causes a permanent reduction of 1 action to the Loyalist Tides of War.
    (F) Bastion of Dawn - The Hoplikons and Gladius Ad Solis form a nigh-impenetrable bastion of storm shields, heavy armor, and massive guns. For the next three turns an attack roll will be made against event targets within their area of operation. Presence: Strong
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    Maximilian Grinned as he heard Eptimonos fly in to help reiforce the front along with hear Ormedius men deply with the Gladius with the bastion of dawn, The grin was taken away as the report of Nathiel's death come in. The report of another brother that had survied so long called Max to ball his fist and want to get out some rage. Hearing of the Stern guard squad almost breaking at Ozzy's side and Ozzy taking out the beast that scattered Squad Encio, Maxmillian knew he needed to begin mopping up more of the threats that were raining down at them.

    Looking at the armor situation Max knew to trust in his brothers hoplkion's knowing they would do damned well to help take out that armored fist, Hesitant for a moment the thought of deploying Marcus especially with with the Fell blade still active Maximilian mind came up with a new plan in mind for continuing this coutner attack in mind, He would have to deal to first clear the skies, and eliminate both the hunters down there running a muck in there lines and in the sky.

    Grabbing his Volkite he hefted it up. Both Herchel and Max on his soldier smiled it was time to get in the frey personally and help change the tides of war in the dawn bringers favor. "Knights of dawn brothers were gonna have to take to the field to help our brothers out more personally, Were gonna take a more Drastic action in helping clear up the enemy thats harrying us." Maximillian said to the knights of down that body guarded him.

    Max, knew it was going to be dangerous and if he died on the field things could fall apart. though he needed to be down there personally to help out his brothers and keep the emperors children from pushing any further into there lines.

    Opening his Vox up to one of the stern guard squads currently on the ground Max called up Squad Valrak, "Squad Valrak, Got a order for you I am going to need to you to do some skeet shooting so to say, We need the air cleared of the winged demon's that are harrinying our skies I want you to get get our skies clear so our vanguard can get from relative safely get from position to position.

    Deciding to go to the seen of the last report of the seekers Max's hammer lit up as he thumbed the activation rune His vox already switching to the next Stern guard "Squad Iron fist your going to likely be ruffing it with me were going hunting for for those seekers within our lines that have distrupting us." Maximillian said hoping that this change in action would help them gain a better footing to help hold in the battle to come.

    OOC Tides of war actions, Attack, attack, defend
    Personal touch Maximilian his Guard and a squad Iron fist are going to hunt down some seekers.
    Deploy stern guard squad Valrak to clear the darkened skies
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    "Correction received and acknowledged, Captain," replies Kourosh to Akar, "This one lacks such weaponry, but will adapt and improvise to best of ability."

    Further conversation is curtailed as Sergeant Kenemon comes under attack, and then the battlefield is swept by the spectral cavalry of the Archenemy. Sprinting, ducking, and rolling to evade the questing lances and trampling hooves of soulfire, Kourosh scrambles from the cover of one orchestral section to another. His mind works furiously as he thinks on how to apply Captain Akar's vague and obvious advice. As he sees the Cacophonist intent on scorching Sergeant Kenemon into ashen oblivion, an idea occurs to him.

    Taking a second to steady his breathing and rehearse his attack in his mind, he then unclips a Krak grenade from his harness and flings it at the Cacophonist's centre-mass. In the same breath, he levels his bolter and fires off a four-round burst down the path of the grenade's flight. In the best-case scenario, both the grenade and the rounds will hit square. The next-best case would be the rounds causing a detonation of the grenade right in front of the Cacophonist. The third-best would involve the Cacophonist evading or deflecting the grenade somehow, which would leave him too busy to deal with the rounds. Either way, it should help distract him from Kenemon long enough to have some kind of effect.

    [OOC: 2 x Standard attacks - Grenade throw (Krak) @ Cacophonist, Bolter Burst @ Cacophonist.]
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  4. End

    A rictus grin leered up from the ground, where the corpse of the traitor that had nearly taken his life lay. Diokletious glared down, his gleaming metal mask showing little in emotion, before turning it's blue gaze down to the corpse of The Exemplar. Anger beat in his twin hearts, cursing himself for a fool, unable to save himself, and thus demanding the sacrifice of a warrior without peer in their chapter. Lightning claws still sizzling with the blood of the dead, the marine would shake his head, trying to clear his thoughts, before whispering down to Nathiel.

    "I'm sorry brother. I will see to it your death was not in vain."

    Pain screamed across his throat, the burning scars from another time growing in intensity, as if in applause of Exemplar's death, as the chapter master turned his gaze towards the last surviving Knight of Dawn. Looking into a familiar face, he'd give a nod towards his ward, wishing to protest, that he himself could see the geneseed of these heroes salvaged himself. Yet, he still felt the pain in his being, the weakness of his legs, his flesh rebelling against him, and knew that in a fight, he'd be a liability, not an asset. Not since his battle at the beginning of The Great Heresy, had Diokletious felt so wounded, so broken, and thus, without another word, he'd kick off from the ground, the last reserves of his jump pack fuel propelling him back towards friendly lines.

    You failed....

    His head ached, pulsating with it's own agony, as he came crashing down to the earth below, now pulling back from the front lines. His vision blurred, warrior trying to shake away the effects, wondering just how injured he'd been in the fight. The cuts and lacerations upon his body made themselves more then known, seemingly unable to clot and heal as so many others would have already. How much blood had he lost, how long had it been since the last battle he'd fought, he did not know for sure, and this troubled him. Had he been poisoned, were the concotions of a damned legion now working their effects upon his body....

    Get back to our lines, swiftly.

    He thought to himself, the miasma of his thought like a slurred bog, making coherent thinking a struggle. Taking shaking steps forward, he'd slowly move along, waving away any of his brothers moving up looking to aid him. He sought clarity, he sought direction, he sought the strength he needed to keep moving, all as he felt his leg give out beneath him, as if no longer under his command, before he went down into the muck. His breathing grew harder, laboured and quick, chapter master trying to pull himself up, pull himself free of the mud and the blood, the mask upon his face covered in filth. He heard voices now, over his vox, cries of alarm, and saw shapes coming towards him, his throat burning hotter and hotter with each passing second, it's pain almost unbearable.

    Weak, so weak....

    Diokletious would scream within the confines of his mind, unable to work his mouth and lungs, raging against this foul toxin that no doubt coursed through his veins. He felt his vision fluttering into darkness, fighting against the dying of the light, yet unable to fully escape it's pull. He couldn't end like this, no, he still had so much he had to do, affairs needing attention. His brothers, his brothers, he needed still needed to aid them, he still needed to give them the best he could.

    You failed them.

    Joining the XIIIth, adopting the Codex, abandoning their heritage, all decisions that had earned him the ire of some brothers. He knew, even now, a century later, that even some of his closest detested hiding their old nature, and he knew that in some ways, they detested him.

    Betrayer. You betrayed the very creed they held dear, in all they did, even when The Primarch himself failed.

    He thrashed against the thought, vision all but gone now, his head shaking about at the guilt welling up within him. It had never been about vanity, or ambition, or even the own anger he'd felt towards the old ways. He knew it was no secret that he'd never agreed with Legion culture, but that was not why he'd taken them so far from The Iron Within.

    I just....

    His vision cleared, light returning to his gaze, looking out infront of himself, into the muck, where something lay. The old icon, a leering skull of metal, glared out towards him, it's gaze a judgement at the end of it all. Akar's old token, he did not remember withdrawing it, yet, here it was, staring down upon him, an arbiter weighing the man in it's gaze. The pain in his neck burned with such a fury, as The Chapter Master simply halted his thinking, and stared back into the skull, as if waiting for an answer to a question unspoken.

    Then, he felt a smile come across his lips, as the pain in his throat began to fade.

    He pushed back, fighting against the darkness that threatened to overcome him, fighting the atrophy in his body, feeling a warmth passing through his hearts. Slowly, surely, he began to push himself up from the dirt, armour creaking, muscles stretching as if used for the first time. He rose, first onto his palms, then onto a knee, then, into a crouch. Scooping up the icon of Iron, still grinning, with a new drive, he rose up, and stood tall, looking down at the judging eyes in his palm. A clear change in his posture, The Chapter Master of The Dawnbringers looked about, towards the few warriors that had come to his aid when he fell, now looking silently at their leader. Slowly, purposefully, he affixed the Iron Icon to his plate, for all to see, before giving a soft chuckle, and waving them away, before opening a connection on his vox.

    "First Captain, I require your presence. Meet me at the sent co-ordinates, it is time we discussed a few things regarding our chapter and it's future."

    Thus, fresh from his near death, he would turn, and begin sauntering back towards the established command center, still softly laughing as he went.​
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Maximillian readied his volkite culvan, ready to enter battle with the knights of dawn and iron fist squad until he heard a voice over the vox. turning his head and seeing the coordinates it was back at base, This would defiantly change things, "Iron Fist Hold! change of plans Chapter master just ordered me back." Maximillian said already thinking on the fly he began adjusting plans deployment of Squad Valrak would not change but the engagement with iron fist would. "Squad Sun storm, I need your to support Iron fist with there attack on the seekers, Currently returning to command post orders from chapter master. make sure to give em hell." Maximillian said there was bravado in his voice but for the moment a slight hint of concern. The way Diokletious spoke to him, it is time we spoke a few things regarding there future?

    What the hell could that mean. was diokletious dying? Injured or harmed? The concern stayed with, if it was so important why didn't he say it over the Vox? If he was injured he was sure a report would go out of chapter master being in critical condition though, It wasen't the best of time either for discussion especially in the middle of a siege a defensive siege well bet that. Voxing Epimonos, and those that were near diokeltious last position he voxed them with a simple request.

    "Brothers, Did Diokeltious get badly injured out there? Anything that would require serious aid? or intervention between us for any serious matters?" Maximillian Voxed to the brothers that were near Diokletious where he was last battling. Making his way to the command center he steeled his heart for the worst.

    OOC Tides of war actions One attack one defence
    Sternguard squad valrak On operation clear he skies of the winged demonettes
    Sternguard squad Sun storm on a mission to help get rid of the seekers of slannesh
  6. The pain was still with him, but for now, it was dulled. Shambling forward, the chapter master would enter into a small fabricated bunker, dug into the earth hastily upon their drop on this world. The command center, now devoid of souls while all went on to fight ahead, would be silent, save for the hum of a single vox transmission amplifier, as Diokletious slumped down onto a single ammunition crate. He'd notice some of his wounds still hadn't clotted, bleeding freely, a trail having been formed all the way back to where he'd come. Yet, he'd oddly find himself untroubled by this, as he reached up with a hand, looking down at the talons upon it, as if inspecting the dirty weaponry.

    His head continued to pound, the effects of the narcotics clearly still running rampant in his system, as his mind had a strange shroud upon them. One resounding thought continued to pulsate with each pang of agony, one goal, that kept him from collapsing back down. He needed to set this in order, he needed to speak with his first captain, he wasn't sure how long he had left. Thus, in the darkness beneath the earth, alone, Diokletious would wait, the humming music of the world around him the only noise, the jumbled thoughts in his head his only company.​
  7. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    There was something deeply disturbing about the creature that just appeared. Arrauth knew what it was - a daemon, manifestation of Chaos. But there was a significant difference between knowing that daemons exist and seeing one in flesh. It looked unnatural, something that shouldn't exist in the real world, and yet its appearance perfectly matched the theme of the surrounding building. The rest of fight vanished from focus - Arrauth knew that this abomination had to die. He wasn't sure if his weapons were good enough to penetrate its deceptively frail body or if he was accurate enough to even hit it in the first place. All that the scout knew is that he won't be able to concentrate on anything until the daemon is destroyed, banished back to where it belongs.

    OOC: All-out attack on Fiend of Slaanesh.
  8. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Initiate did well as he gave little more than a wince and the grinding of his teeth from the pain as his face was grazed, his muscles bunching up as he tried to pull himself free, feeling the strain on his own body - he cared not for what were to happen next, so long as he was to get free and to be able to fight. Bits of shame scurried across his mind as he ran through prayers and happier memories in an attempt to distract himself from the otherworldy existance that was around them all; it didn't help. But he tried all the same.

    OOC: both actions to try and get dafuq free
  9. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan had seen the Cacophonist wave one arm in conducting his twisted orchestra and with the other seized controlled of their psyker brother. Nonetheless, he popped out from behind that massive drum he had ruined earlier and unleashed another burst of plasma fire, only to watch as the shots went anywhere but in the direction of his target with another shockwave pounding through the room. Out of the corner of his eye, the scout saw Captain Akar engaging the neverborn. Tiro managed to incinerate another portion of the enemies' organic weapon.

    Alas, it had not been enough. With another twist of his arm, the Cacophonist used Charon's power and pinned Garrick in place with stone spires. Then, Sergeant Kennemon shouted and Aridan reacted as his training pushed him. The plasma gun rose and aimed down at the enemy, and another volley of superheated gases shot at the enemy legionnaire. The shots managed to pepper the enemy along with their Sarge's fire, only for the enemy to retaliate with another sick blast to sound.

    Only this time there would be no shockwave, but rather transparent like charging knights, with some not so transparent attacks. The pack rode around the room, aiming to skewer or run down any loyalist in sight. For better or worse, Aridan had taken the time earlier to move away from the rest of his squad, in order to flank the enemy leader. This resulted, at least in this instance, in most of the attack moving in the other direction away from him, and only one of the rider he had to sidestep by taking cover behind the destroyed drum.

    Aridan turned to surveyed the area only to see Barron and Garrick take glancing blows, and Tiro taking a direct one. From the way the other scout dropped to his knees, he knew the damage was serious. Had it been any less, Tiro would already be lighting the enemy alight with his weapon. Opening a vox channel to the squad, not having enough time to connect a private channel, the scout spoke, "Barron, get to Tiro and do what you can to keep him in the fight." Just then, Charon moved to help Garrick, and the two began to work without much coordination to free the latter scout.

    Even as Aridan began covering fire for their injured brother, he spotted what he had missed earlier: Kourosh's fire led straight at his original target. The Cacophonist managed to shove his weapon against their Sergeant to the point where he wasn't sure whether Kennemon was impaled or not, and lightning shot at their squad leader. Cursing the vile traitor, the scout made a decision, one he hoped would not haunt him later. "Sarge, firing on primary target. Danger close." The obvious message was there, unspoken: get the hell out of there. With that, he lifted his weapon, aimed down the sights, and launch shots of superheated plasma at the enemy.

    Trust your brothers. Trust your Sergeant.

    OOC: Overwatch on Tiro. All out attack with plasma gun on the Cacophonist.

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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Maximilian marched in silence of the bunker and the darkened lights his heads up display showing Diokeltious status caused him to hasten his stance, The knights of dawn behind him with him. "Dio!" Max said seeing him in the darkness his helmet showed a grim status for him and the blood trail and blood still dripping out of his honor worstened it. Max sheathed his weapons as he went over to him Opening a Vox to a apothecary they would hear a his voice commanding and filled with concern.

    "Apothecary Teno I need your hands up at the command bunker ASAP!" Maximilian said as he approached Diokletious Concern painted on his face that was masked by his helmet though was evident by his movements and his voice.

    Heading to him he looked to to him Max looked to his brother. "You needed me Dio, I have a apothcary on the way," It already began dawning on him what Dio meant by discuss the chapters future, He was in trouble and likely dying, and meant he needed to short somethings out if or when he falls today, Something that put sorrow in his heart and a raging fire. Looking towards the chapter master he spoke. "You needed to speak to me regarding our chapters future Dio." Max said looking to his chapter master and friend his voice was filled with concern, and a mixture of sorrow.

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