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They Cometh From Iron

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    As the bike slowed down, forced to maneuver to dodge enemy fire, Arrauth was able to see the surrounding. Despite the planet only being in enemy's hands for a relatively short amount of time, the mansion around them was impressive enough to know that it wasn't built by mortal hands. Looking at those structures, it became more apparent what their enemy was trying to do here.

    With his bike coming into optimal distance, Arrauth aligns it with one of the enemy bikers, and pushes the twin triggers. He'll only be able to fire for a few seconds before the target will be out of sight, but the weapons he had were certainly powerful enough to make each second count.

    OOC: All-out attack on Biker 1.
  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Push Back
    An aurora of light came gliding across the landscape, another dazzling blade to sheer more of Saramanth's true surface away to reveal an impossible transformation beneath. Surging over the assortment of heretics and daemons, the lingering energies whip them up into hysterics and the volume of hoops and cries spikes. Mutants dredged up from dozens of worlds lost to heresy lope into the teeth of the defenders' guns, blind things that were not hindered by the visceral assault on both senses and flesh of the Dawn Break doctrine.

    "Tormos if you can't put a grenade out into the enemy line and dig that trench at the same time, then why in the hell are you an Astartes? Get the lead out before I shove your helmet and what little is in there through the back end of your power pants!" The line cuts through more than a few ears and grenades spring free of half-dug earthworks and into advancing mutant fodder. Assorted guard and PDF section off the gap between both forces with countless las-guns that scour the tainted horde from view in sprays of crimson energy. Behind the fallen come far graver threats in the form of a legion advance and their hell spawn allies.

    Bolts saw back and forth between loyalist and thrice-damned traitors while Slaanesh's maidens spring forwards with a desperate sense of building excitement. Marcus strides to meet the abominations, a wave of Vanguard units lead by Sergeant Marco leaping high in their wake. Former Apothecary crunches into the shoal of daemonettes, lithe figures breaking against his ironform. A twin clawed fiend lurches on his arm and clambers up, going to spear a talon into his visor. Daemon shrieks in twinned agony and pleasure as one of Marco's men cleaves her in twain with a power sword on a flyby. Nine other assault units land amidst plumes of upturned earth and set to their bloody work, carving into a dense knot of Daemonettes threatening to bring a unit of Tacticals from Gario's Half-Steel company into close combat.

    Yet more terrors wake from the depths of the enemy line. Traitor bodies part in a rippling wave to allow the advance of a hunting party: Seekers of Slaanesh lead by a quadruped fiend with two heads. One head screams shrilly, mouth stretched open and lidless, bleeding eyes staring out across the field while two slits for nostrils inhale the stink of war. Other head is deprived of such blessings, eyes and mouth sewn shut while an iron cage squeezes tight on its ovoid cranium. Its arms end in spidery fingers tipped with mucus. A tail threaded with flesh whips sits arced over its centaur-like form. With chariots and seekers sprinting at its side the band of hunters arrow towards the heart of Dawnbringer morale: Brother-Herald Ozymandias.

    His fingers work as a blur, ripping across strings with a righteous fury that direct roaring blasts of pressure into the enemy. An attack wing of Emperor's Children land speeders are approaching, the man behind the helmet raises his sonic weapon and splits the formation using the power of rock. More brothers flock to his side, Sternguard from the first, a gift from the good Captain no doubt. Their special munitions light up the night, in his mind they eclipse the baleful glow of Fulgrim's ritual. They had the music, they had the lights, and of course they had the party crashers coming too. Ozzy snorts and braces alongside Squad Atilliaus to meet daemons, a storm of red hot kraken shot and displaced air rushing to meet the sorry sods.

    Dark energy crawls across the land, yet another pulse from the palace. What will be soon be a familiar series of cries erupt with the wash of power from the Empyrean Sea finds itself a rival; from the heart of the Imperial forces springs a pillar of power. The combined efforts of the loyal Librarians summoning forth the power needed to stall, if not yet halt the ritual. From the climbing pillar of light emerge avatars of the conclave's will, appropriately dramatic in their appearance as the multitude of figures surge forth to different points scattered many miles apart around the circumference of Fulgrim's new world. To the distant North, opposite of the loyalist's beach head a twin headed Aquila with its right head blinded sinks its talons into the world breaking pulse and heaves its wings in great flaps to hold it back. Elsewhere a warrior the size of a Warhound and formed of brilliant sapphire light takes a great axe to pulse and wrestles against its force, stalling Fulgrim's Western expansion. Across the way and in the East another such warrior armed with a hammer braces the weapon in turn and digs in to a foothold within the Warp itself. Three figures hang high in the air, incorporeal gods that wrestle against the efforts a mad man turned mad daemon and his slavishly loyal sons. It alone is not enough, and soon a fourth figure emerges.

    Leaping from the pillar the last guardian emerges: a three headed hound with a hide of silver and azure flame drooling from its mouth. With a howl it takes its place at the North and shifts its weight back on hind legs, limbs shimmering in and out of reality around the comparatively puny combatants below. One final lurch and conjured beast drives all three heads against the wavering aurora and cements it firmly in place.

    Tides of War: Dawnbringers (89) VS. The Scions of Slaanesh (Infinite) – Imperial Minor Advantage
    Action Layout: Dawnbringers – 3 of Max’s choosing +1 A/ Scions – 4 Attacks
    Command Options: (2 picks)
    + Deploy Super Heavy – Maximillian may order the Gladius ad Solis (Sicarian Omega) to engage a specific target in the enemy line in an attempt to remove an enemy event. While deployed the Gladius ad Solis does not provide any other beneficial effects. 5 turn CD.
    +Deploy Sternguard Veterans – Sternguard teams may be deployed in an attempt to remove an enemy event, or create a random friendly event. 2 uses total.
    + Deploy Vanguard Veterans – Vanguard squads may be deployed to grant an extra attack action, counter certain enemy events. 2 uses total.
    +Deploy Hoplikons - Hoplikons use their storm shields to grant a bonus Tides of War defense roll, and one more minor buff/event based on what unit they are assigned to guard. 2 uses.
    + Deploy Auxillia – Maximillian may order several units of allied PDF forwards to reduce enemy actions by 1 on the following turn. Chances are the men will die horribly though and certain allies may look unkindly on careless expenditure of mortals. 2 turn CD.
    +Personal Touch - Maximillian descends into the fray granting the Dawnbringers an extra Tides of War action.

    (F) - The Guardians - The counter-ritual has been established and four guardians have emerged to prevent Fulgrim from terra-forming Saramanth further. So long as the conclave is not disrupted they will continue to hold back, and attempt to undo Fulgrim's efforts. If disrupted the counter-ritual will need to be reinforced and during this time the pulses will reign unopposed.
    (F) - Brother-Herald Ozymandias – Kerberos Company’s Brother-Herald stands at the forefront of the fight against the enemy, fighting their warped tunes and smiting heretics with the power of glorious Imperial Rock. Prevents the Tides of War from dropping more than one stage a turn. Boosted by Sternguard veterans Ozzy now provides +2 to any attacks made by the loyalist for 2 turns. Presence: Strong
    (F) – The Undying First - Free re-roll of the first failed Tides of War Defense roll each turn.
    (F) – Gladius ad Solis – The Sicarian Omega provides fire support all across the front lines while not assigned to a specific task. Grants 1 free attack a turn. Presence: Strong
    (E) – Patriarch of the Emperor’s Children – Even sealed away in his lofty palace, Fulgrim emboldens his sons to fight with unfaltering skill and devotion. Imperial Advantage may not go higher than Minor, and will automatically be pushed back to Neutral if the advantage lasts for more than one turn.
    (E) - Chaotic Energies - The passing of the ritual energies coming from the palace have emboldened the enemy granting them a bonus action next turn. This effect will remain in place every turn that The Guardians fail to push back the ritual pulses.
    (E) - The Deprived and the Depraved - A daemon of terrible portent is charging the lines. So horrific a beast shakes the hearts of even the Astartes that look upon it. All successful actions are re-rolled. Presence: Strong.
    (E) - The Wild Hunt - Elite Seekers of Slaanesh that are on the hunt for enemy champions and commanders. They will focus solely on countering Friendly events. Presence: Strong
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Maximillian took in the streams of data as he watched the battle that was going on beyond him, two new threats appear and it the ritual was in affect, As He saw the light show that was going on in the air he saw the last figure in particular that caused him to grin, Kerberos, Seth, Vulcan, and the aquilla of the imperium itself was fighting Fulgrim's foul sorcery, That was what Max saw. A part of him wanted to jump in and start bashing heads but he had to keep giving out the commands especially when thing were heating up. the Demons attacks needed to be counted and defenses raised in major areas.

    "Marco I have a new target got you and your squad @Vlayden Marcus see if you can lend a hand, and Banish those chariot riding thots before they can try to get there runs on our boys," Seeing the abomination running through there lines Max knew he would need the help of some bigger fire power to bring that beast down but first he had to reinforce it. "Vanguard squad Encio We need that beast thats lumbering in our lines taken out, Use of explosives authorized." Maximlian said as over his helmet came several images of the beast as big as a tank cross his helmet charging over a trench heading towards a tank.

    OOC one defense two attacks one on the big demon, One on the Thot riders
    Deploying Vanguard vetern squad Encio To take on the Deprived and depraved beast
    redeploying Vanguard squad Marco to take out the seekers
  4. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    No Time To Lose
    Bolts spank off both power armor and bike plating, an Emperor's Child warrior races straight towards Garrick with a chainsword raised up high. A stray melta-blast that leaves a tire cover-plate smoking and one of the traitor's legs on fire does nothing to dissuade him. Combined fire from a dozen bolters proves a little more effective, unseating the legionary and dumping him onto the ground. Pool's surface ripples and watery hands rush ashore, clasping onto the armor's hard edges and yanking it into the reservoir of liquid gold. Area lights up brilliantly as Tiro begins spraying fire and its murderous glow reflects off the mysterious pool.

    Flamer accomplishes little more than briefly blinding everyone, already crispy scouts ignoring the heat, and legionnaires shrugging it off by virtue of wearing armor thicker than the plating of some tanks. An autocannon is a significantly different story; one of the bikers crumples along with much of his bike, snapping at the center and tumbling off into the surrounding topiaries. To the left another garden hedge has been flattened, a Predator tank in Doom Eagles' colors sitting atop the leveled greenery.

    A krak missile descends from above and blasts even more finely trimmed leaves into the air, the Emperor's Children reacting with impeccable speed as havoc teams manning the manse's upper balconies open fire. Return fire from an out of sight Tactical Squad below forces their heads back down and just as quickly jump infantry from both sides erupt into the skies and soar towards each other. No time to enjoy the sights though!

    "Dawnbringers gun it for the mansion! Let the Doom Eagles do their job out here!" Akar discharges his combi-plasma gun into a nearby traitor, several centuries of experience and concentrated irritation ensuring the traitor goes riding off into the sunset sans a head and most his upper body. Kenemon directs his squad after the Captain, heads and chests pinned down against the bikes as they sail underneath hails of heavy bolter fire from the recently arrived Predator. A pair of Land Speeders join the fray, laying down further covering fire for the scouts, and Chaplain, barreling towards the mansion's side entrance. Let it never be said the Doom Eagles were not committed.

    Doors of glittering crystal explode as Aleksius leads them into the fray, his own vehicle best suited for the breaking into the structure seeing as he was too heavy for a scout bike. Remaining scouts raced in after him and company found itself enveloped by the grandiose structure. Elaborate spiral staircases sprung from the floor seemingly at random, sitting like abandoned tops across the main floor. Each one either climbed high or dove low into different layers of the mansion, apparently complete with a basement or three.

    "Tremble traitors! I was on TERRA, I helped pioneer the book on CAVING IN YOUR SKULLS!" Chaplain rides straight into a pair conspicuously placed statues of Fulgrim a head taller than any of them. Stonework topples onto the floor and into several scattering legionnaires. Entire ground floor has been thrown into an entirely different form of chaos now, units outside falling back indoors with Doom Eagles in hot pursuit. Traitors descend upon the twirling staircases and arrive through doors opening up to nowhere above them. Loud as Aleksius was, it was Charon's time to shine. Assailed from seemingly all directions by legion weaponry the scout turned his mind to sniffing out their target, command having been gleaned from a mere stern look on Akar's part.

    Turns out the sorcerer would not be terribly hard to find, they need only follow the music. One of the steps curved round and down below the earth, too narrow for bikes but broad enough one might get wedged. Unwilling to simply abandon valuable supplies Akar barks an order for several squads to screen their descent and draw enemy eyes elsewhere. Most of the scouts begin tearing around in bewildering patterns, relying on instinct as much as any form of skill to keep from getting shot. The jaws of the enemy closed in while Akar took squad Kenemon fell into the depths of the nightmarish wonderland.

    Very same noise that even now assailed their brothers in the void drummed steadily from below. Every step turned at just the wrong angle to make their footfalls perilous the whole way. Mercifully none of them faltered and the Master of the Recruits was not forced to boot anyone upside the head. Reaching the basement floor scouts and scout masters spread out into combat formation, weapons raised and eyes scanning the room: what a room it is too!

    Instruments, performers (or at least what might have been performers), and machinery have sprouted forth from whatever foundation made up the mad house. Pinwheels of flesh and bone pluck at stringed instruments, bladders of silk push air through hollowed tubes, great horns that twisted and bloomed open like aquatic flora, and percussion instruments built from the sinew of inhuman creatures hung from the ceiling with sticks of finely wrought metals resting alongside them. Everything had become jarringly silent upon their arrival, and some several hundred feet away on the other side of the room stood their target.

    The sorcerer stood there armored from the neck down, his face resembling melted wax that flowed around a mouth grill and two hollow black eyes sitting above it. From his power pack stretched several more melted faces mounted as decorations on what appeared to be further sonic weapons. A wide lectern was all that stood between both parties. Sorcerer leans his force staff against one edge of the lectern and stares them down.

    "Things will get loud now."​

    Squad Kenemon:
    Kenemon: 15 Tiro: 10 Garrick: 10 Kourosh: 10 Charon: 10 Aridan: 10 Arrauth: 10 Barron: 10 Akar: 22
    Conditions: Barron: Health Kit (6 Charges). Arrauth may set his Deadly Field's traps as usual, or attempt to sabotage the Orchestra creating a chance for one of the Cacophanist's orders to fail.
    Emperor’s Children:
    The Cacophanist: 30 The Orchestra: 80
    Conditions: Each turn that the Cacophanist is alive he will use a free action to conduct his 'orchestra'.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Charon hefted his heavy bolter, he could smell the enemy sorcerer and sense him, Like a turd in the shower room, already ones senses were assaulted by vile things but there was just this one thing that made itself distinct from the others. A part of Charon though that this sorcerer wanted to be found, The noise, the vanity and all the things of these traitors made it obvious that this was true, he could only wonder if they had a trap ready for them or were ready to challenge them.

    As they entered the room Charon hefted his heavy bolter up, his targeting google on one of his two eyes as he looked at the sorcerer and his odd contraption he had across the room. returning the stare down from the sorrcer sorcerer as Charon spoke. "It shall indeed get loud, but that honor will be from us!" Charon yelled one hand on chucked a frag grenade towards the sorcerer and then let it rip on the heavy bolter firing direly towards the sorcerer and his lectern. If he couldn't get this traitors he would at least try to injure him or if he was lucky maybe put a dent in his force staff.

    OOC Frag grenade at sorrcer Heavy bolter attack at the Cacophanist
  6. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Squeezing off a prolonged burst at the Emperor's Children warbikers, Kourosh never gets a chance to see the effectiveness of his attack as the fight swiftly descends into a chaotic furball. The order to bypass the enemy and leave mop-up to friendly forces goes out, and he complies without comment, closing up on formation and hugging the Captain's six as they enter the grounds of the enemy villa.

    Dismounting when the order is given, he draws his bolter and, along with the rest of his squad, descends the steps into the basement, seeking their penultimate foe. At the sight of the Sorcerer, he fans out with the rest of squad, seeking to take a flanking position before opening up with a long burst from his bolter.

    OOC: All-Out Attack on Sorcerer w/bolter.
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  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan charged through the wreckage of the enemy bikers along with his squad, paying little heed to the dead and much more to those damned in life. Riding over and around debris and bodies, he rushed into the Emperor's Children's cursed fortifications and into their dark defenses. Quickly seeing that they must continue on foot, the scout barely waited for his vehicle to stop before jumping off of it, rolling and using the momentum to follow his squad down to their target's location.

    As they entered the disgusting room of perverse musical instruments and their players, Aridan quickly scanned the area for targets, finding only one living being in sight. His brothers had already opened fire upon the sorcerer, and so he flanked around to the side, keeping his weapon ready before taking a position to catch the target in the crossfire. Plasma gun lit up, and soon spheres of ultra heated plasma shot at the enemy. Against such a weapon, any cover would melt just as easily as flesh.

    OOC: All out attack on the sorcerer. Fire support stance. Overwatch on Charon.
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  8. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The sight of the Orchestra almost had made Garrick recoil - almost. His firm training and strong mind had kept him from considering such a notion, instead hefting his melta gun and wrapping his cloak around himself now, darting away to the darkness; a set of prey-sense goggles and his cameoline cloak, it was his first choice to attack from out of sight.

    OOC: both actions to stealth
  9. The enemy wished to put on a little show, so the least Tiro could do was provide some pyrotechnics. Lumbering into the chamber, he'd eye the assembled forces arrayed against them, noting that for a supposedly high value target, there was pretty much no one guarding the sorcerer. Taking a long drag of his lho-stub, he'd give a casual shrug, before charging forward, looking to make an impact against the assembled choir. Tiro wasn't a medical man himself, he usually left that sort of thing to Barron and his training, yet, he was brutally aware of the moment when vocal cords would begun to coil and snap when applied with the high temperatures that a wash of blazing promethium would provide. And with the choir all gathered together, he could only marvel at the complete lack of awareness their traitorous foes seemed to have regarding their defense.

    "Let's see them hit some high notes."

    Would be his only comment, more to himself, as he lowered the maw of his flamer, and unleashed a torrent of the purging fires of Zeussar. Let them all burn, let them all scream, they wanted to sing, they would sing a song of damnation.
    OOC: All-Out Attack on Orchestra
  10. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    The source of noise was about as deranged as one might expect, but at least they had a clear target now. Looking through his scope, Arrauth tries hard to pick a target, but the "musicians" all looked like featureless masses of flesh and bone, making it hard to find a good spot to shoot at. Instead, the scout decided to focus on the figure at the other end of the room. At first, Arrauth thought that the figure was wearing a weird helmet, before he realized that it was supposed to be creature's face. Lining up a shot, Arrauth aims straight into enemy's mouth to try and silence him forever.

    OOC: All-out attack from Sniper Rifle on The Cacophanist

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