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They Cometh From Iron

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    Renovating Paradise
    Saramanth was a wasteland like terribly few others. Surface scoured of any and all life, the former civilized world that formed one of many nodes in Ultramar's supply chain was now a barren husk that made the desert world of Yuka-Rie look like a garden of Eden. Even the oceans had been boiled away, leaving trenches webbed across great tracts of wasteland that could swallow titans whole and leave an observer none the wiser. Saramanth had faced Exterminatus, if not in an official capacity; some unknown catastrophe had befallen the world during the Shadow Crusade, and neither Loyalist or Traitor knew who or what triggered it. Only the dead held Saramanth's secrets in their hearts.

    Now a fate worse than death awaited the ruined planet: situated a top her north most pole a terrible ritual lit both land and heavens. The turbulence caused by its initiation had been great, so powerful that the Warp itself boiled around approaching ships, several craft belonging to both the descendants of Guilliman and Fulgrim's own fleets stricken from the roster and marked as MIA before either side had mustered to full. Several Librariums and Covens suffered as well, the Dawnbringers losing a Lexicanum when the distress in the Warp first hit and his body shed its flesh in a blast of sheet lightning that left behind smoking meat that writhed on the charred skeleton. Charon would come to appreciate that the worst he suffered was a lapse in consciousness and several vivid nightmares. A small comfort as the scale of their coming engagement became a stark reality: a legion fractured by their father's law mustered against a legion fractured in its sanity.

    Ritual run off formed a flare visible from the void, and from it crawled mindless tendrils of nascent Warp storms (Warp depressions?). Between earth and sky fragments of bedrock and surface stone hung in mid-air, wisps of otherworldly energies dancing beneath and between the levitating fragments of Saramanth's corpse. Pulses of circular energy skimmed the new surface of Saramanth, the source of the floating stones as the effects of Fulgrim's ritual were literally skinning the planet of its top layer and revealing a thing of terrible awe beneath. The Dawnbringers, close and distant all at once, look on at the light show and what little they could glean from the view left many stomachs knotting in apprehension.

    Saramanth Briefing
    The Dawnbringer fleet, as it could properly be called now with the addition of Odiaus' Pride and its host from the Third and Fourth companies, clung close to their Doom Eagle allies, similarly empowered by the coming of formerly far flung reinforcements. A mess of screens installed in the strategium and hauled in by support servitors were alive with grainy feeds of over a dozen officers and support staff scattered across the fleet. Chapter Masters, Captains, Librarians, Chaplains in places, a whole assortment of sons of Guilliman faced each other and the adopted bastards of Perturabo. As Alexander had predicted the chain of command had stabilized thanks to the greater will and discipline of the Ultramarines and their descendants. Most every hand had a Codex near it, though few needed it for recital; it was a sign of tenacity and a rock to lean on in these dire hours.

    "Rare are the days I grieve to be wrong, unfortunately it seems our prognostications were off, we have underestimated Fulgrim." Postamus, recently promoted Chief Librarian of the Aurora Chapter, begins the latest round of situational updates. "Our foe does not merely intend to open a rift into the Warp. I can only describe what is happening on Saramanth as a rebirth. The Emperor's Children are turning Saramanth into a daemon world. Something arguably worse than another tear in reality, somewhere that can be fortified, that can tether the Neverborn to existence and empower them. It would be a portal and a fortress, a beachhead and the port of an empire, one Fulgrim wishes to steal from us."

    "Then let us set about toppling Fulgrim's ambitions." Lucretious Corvo, designated as Supreme Commander of the assembled descendants and Chapter Master of the Novamarines, spoke up. "The enemy fleet is fractious, whether communications are failing due to the turbulence of the ritual, or they cannot be bothered to present a unified front remains unknown. What we do know is there are already several key weak points in the picket, the flagship is crippled, and not one vessel among them looks fresh and free of damage. Their primary advantage apparent at this stage is whatever control they have over the Warp disturbances bleeding from Fulgrim's ritual. Speaking of... do our Forge and Librarius assets have any new reports on what we're facing on the ground exactly?" It was a question for any of the many faces gathered. Since the muster above Saramanth, both methods based in science and sorcery had been plumbing the many miles of warped terrain surrounding the ritual's locus point: Fulgrim and whatever fortifications he hid behind.

    "Three hours ago we delivered the first images of altered terrain." Memories and data streams both picked up on the phrase and all eyes fell to recordings of Saramanth's surface, summoned up by a Techmarine of the Ultramraines. Beyond the floating stones and earth being turned and torn by the pulsating magics lay an immaculate path of white stones that spilled out from a palace of marvelous silver. The view was a distant one, Warp spawned building a looming mountain decorated with curving spires, shimmering towers and flowing rivers of pristine waters. It was a picturesque place, one surrounded by vibrantly colored grasses that shifted between hues of pale yellows and deep purples like a savanna caught before the setting sun. Smaller structures had sprouted up in all directions, hamlets of stately bunkers and platforms for artillery and anti-air emplacements that formed uneven rings around Fulgrim's titanic estate.

    "This is Fulgrim's foothold on Saramanth. Until recently it was also his only focal point for the conversion of the planet. Approximately forty-three minutes ago, large detachments of Emperor's Children began to leave the transformed sectors in force. Since then they have established several bases across the planet. Each one is accompanied by a coven and at least one Sorcerer. I approximate they are extending their reach; whether this be out of arrogance, haste, or need is a mystery. It is fortuitous they have done so regardless." At last a Dawnbringer spoke, Alexander looking on steadily at a series of fresh tactical grids depicting color coded shapes of enemy formations. "Striking at these points while they are still being established are liable to cause a powerful backlash against the primary ritual and slow its progress. If not disrupt it altogether. In the event it does not entirely collapse Fulgrim's progress, we of the collected chapter Librariums have devised a counter-ritual. By all rights, collapsing the traitor's ritual should banish the changes to Saramanth's effected surface."

    A bold plan, and one that raised a hundred questions. Each one answered seems to simultaneously shut down and spawn two more queries, but the sons of Guilliman address them as they come and with a speed that might leave even other chapters jealous. No they were not perfect by any stretch, but those dedicated to the Avenging Son's teachings and molded from his geneseed were adaptable, and the situation lent an urgency to the proceedings that none could deny. Soon enough tactical feeds were flooded with the makings of a battle plan: one that left the Dawnbringers in the vanguard of the assault where they would form the core of defenses for the collected Librarians on Fulgrim's doorstep. Filling out the rest of the vanguard would be the Aurora Chapter and their fearsome armored phalanxes, the vengeful Ultramarines prepared to turn aside the traitors and exact a fearsome toll in blood for the loss of Roboute.

    On a more personally relevant level to our scouts: Akar would be leading the entirety of the active Tenth Company in an assassination against an enemy Sorcerer. The Doom Eagles agreed to commit a large portion of their present chapter to supporting the mission, indeed it would likely be an impossible task for the scouts alone when one considered the security involved and the lack of favorable terrain. Already those areas taken over to further the ritual were being peeled away to reveal the maddened dream world bleeding through the Warp. Similar strike teams were being organized to operate in sectors across the entire planet, what scouts were present tasked with hunting the enemy psykers and thrall covens while the Doom Eagles provided close support and provided a weighty distraction for the legion forces present. It was a task that fit the fatalistic marines well, their lives sold the moment they pledged themselves to the Emperor, they held no fear of death, only failure. A sentiment shared by all as the loyalist fleet fell into formation and began to advance, countless pin sized flames from numerous jets, thrusters, and drop pods raining from the flanks of the void craft.
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    Charon- Training time
    "Charon! Come it is time I taught you something knew along with the other apprentices," Charon heard the voice of his teacher Maxson and dropped his book quickly looking up to him to see him gathered with two others apprentices, Seemingly for a group exercise? he thought for a moment.

    Responding Charon and the other apprentices were all taken to a training room, The lights all in it were turned off as Librarian and the apprentices entered and the doors were closed locking "Hold all of you." Maxson said before entering the center of the room.

    "Apprentices, all of you will today learn a Important spell in preparations of a coming battle against the corrupted influences of chaos and the battle against the traitors of the emperor's children. I shall demonstrate this once before you are to do the same under stresses of our two 'Assistants'" Maxson said. unknown to both the any of the initiates two other librarians stood in the room silent as statues.

    Silence over took the room as the apprentices felt something another prescience, the feeling of being watched under the eyes of predators, thoughts of paranoia as if they were going to be shot at any moment filled there mind, hallucinations of other marines in the room and even sounds that many thought were there when there was none. Charon could feel something wrong in his guts as well his throat was dry as he heard another initiate look around. "Is this part of the demonstration?" he asked only to met by silence.

    "Good then you feel it, The paranoia, The sense of dread, The voices at the edge of your mind, and echoes of doom, and false hoods of destruction, This is what you will need to over come." Maxson said taking his staff he began to channel his own energies for his example. "Initiates I shall demonstrate what I have been taught by head librarian Alexander and I now teach to you, Channel the energy of your body and mind deep within your body, Well them in tight and steel your mind against the darkness that surrounds you, Deny its hold within your soul and body, Now begin of think of light." Maxson said. "You mean like the emperor's light?" a Initiate asked almost interrupting Maxson,

    "If that is the light you envision within your mind yes, It can be anything that produces a light, like the Dawn's light as it rises over Zeussar, The spark of wood rising into a flame, A ball of plasma lighting up the sky before exploding. A Flash bang rolling into a dark room, The light of a Star being born or its final breath before it enters the final stages of a supernova." Maxson said giving a examples before moving on.

    "Picture them in your mind Now Bring the energy in your mind and have it release from within you and have it expand out burning the darkness away and leaving only the purifying light!" Maxson said his voice strained as he had troubles speaking and performing this spell trying to focus on the images in his own mind and speaking. As he did the librarian would begin to glow first small like a spark then it would soon grow to a glow that dimmed the room the initiates be able to see Maxson now and a small area around them before suddenly a explosion of Radiant light would consume the room a fire and light filling a small area over coming the initiates for a moment but doing no harm to them.

    Charon and the other initiates would feel the paranoia that was once there gone the darkness surrounding them replaced with a radiant light and the paranoia replaced with a sense of warmth pride and a type of safety, "Now this is what you must perform now without me.

    I shall be watching." Maxson said as he looked to them before leaving the room once again, stepping out of the room and out of sight of the initiates before turning and entering a observatory unseen by the initiates where a soul smith watched on his hands crossed as he looked to Maxson. "Think your witch bloods will be able to follow without you there?" he asked looking to Maxson. "Indeed just as Alexander requested, continuing your own watch as we near the storm in case anything goes wrong Marius?" The soul smith nodded "with this added protection, your Initiates should be able to whether the storm and fight off any corruption the encounter hopefully correct?" Maxson nodded before watching once more.

    Charon and the two others now once more in the darkness each one once more in the darkness feeling the a paranoia and hallucinations made by the two hidden librarians in the room. Each initiate having there own hallucinations. Charon himself had his eyes close the whispers at the edge of his mind glowing close as he began welling up the energy he had deep within him.

    Picturing Zeussar in his mind he began to picture the Shining sun slowly rising one day when he was on watch so long ago while battling wendigos with his brothers on that island, a snap shot of something beautiful burning away the darkness, a image of his primarch and old tapestry of the emperor entered his mind Guiliman out of the darkness creating a signing empire to behold and the emperor creating the imperium of man both shining beacons in the darkness of the universe for humanity. putting his hands together he held them close as he began to imagine it now a star exploding outwards.

    Charon's eyes opening he felt himself jump up and the radiant light explode out of him casting away the darkness for a third time in the room. Charon landing once more on the ground on his knee and his hand out before him. trying to cushion him from his fall. his light did light up the room but not as like Maxson's something weaker do to a smaller reserve of energy and a still young mind being molded.

    Panting, Charon would here a voice once more in his mind this one familiar and the one he knew. "Good work Charon, So far it took you about 20 minutes, 1o more then Varius, and Eranon is still working on his. come on out but do not disturb Eranon, he is gathering his own energy like you did, likely has us blocked out." Maxson said a door opening and the light off the hallway dimly lit the room as he exited. before he a servitor approached him rolling on its treads before speaking in a mechanical voice

    "Initiate Charon, I am here to a message from. Sergeant Kenamon, Report to firing range with rest of squad for training exercises." The servitor said before once again moving off words towards another destination.

    Charon - Dreams of Illusion and grandeur

    Charon would be with the others this time his other squad mates lined up at the shooting range, Grabbing another heavy weapon this time he picked up the heavy bolter, Getting used to its weight and size before getting set up and sending down several rounds as he did he began to feel his stomach churn his nose bleed. As this began he jerked his heavy bolter before hand fell off the heavy weapon. several others scouts looked over before finally before Charon collapsed unconscious.

    Whispers and and voices from the other side scratched at this mine now all to clear. lights and shapes he had never scene forming a hall, and a voice sounding like a siren tried to lure him farther down. Trying to get his bearings he tried to ready himself for anything to come moving forward, As he did he would find himself turning his head in various directions, Trying to tracking figures and shapes just out of his sights,

    As he moved forward he would find the source of the singing a misty glave surrounded by crystals and colors with a Androgynous figure seemed to be singing almost beckoning and trying to draw Charon near, Charon could feel his guts churn and his senses almost be overwhelmed by the sight.

    "Just remember what Maxson said." Charon whispered to himself. Closing his eyes he would begin channeling his energy inside himself, only to stop to hear a giggling and a side from behind him. Opening his eyes he saw the figure in the glave seemingly closer there song growing louder, and from behind he heard the sound of wings beating in the air.

    Focus, just focus... Charon thought to himself as he closed his eyes once more. The sound of water parting as a figure moved through it and the sound of a bird of prey flying near. Imagines once more filled his mine as he began continue gathering his power continued. "What a cute little... pet to enter my glaive." Charon felt something poke at his stomach a Unnatural and feminine voice entered his ears close by, The sickening sense of something corrupted filled his nostrils, trying to force it out he continued focusing, The emperor, The dawn's on Zeussar, A ball of plasma in the dark. "Looks like I get to have you first." The voice said as the sharp pain in his stomach increased ten fold like a knife cutting into him.

    "Such flesh such potential to gro- The voice was cut off as Charon felt something Try to pick him up from his back and bring him upwards only to find another force pulling on him from below. "Such as worm to change and shape and not to be yours harlot!" another voice said the voice unnatural changing tones and any identification kept changing.

    Charon kept trying to focus as he felt himself being Pulled, The sound of flesh tearing filled is ears as he kept focusing his thoughts on the light feeling almost drown out by the image of himself being ripped in half,

    "No NO! You will ruin it you damned Parakeet!" the Femine voice yelled. The image of a star exploding and the sound of ripping flooded Charon's mind as he began to feel himself separate into two and the sound of his screams of pain would exit his mouth.

    Charon would open his eyes a apothecary, above him checking him and shining a light into his eyes, along with a Soul smith along the side lines Kenemon was at the side his face straight as it was always.

    Charon - Deployment time

    Charon after the two extra hours on the firing range and drills, Charon would here of there next mission gearing up for a destruction of Critical mission objectives destroy enemy targets, Gearing up he would grab a Krak and incindairy grenade, Putting on his Carapace armor and bolt pistol and attaching his combat knife to his side looking to the weapons he could see none of his brothers had gotten to the special gear yet. Picking up some prey sense goggles he readied himself for the mission.
  3. The countdown had begun, the drop was coming, and Tiro was ready.

    The past few hours, since arriving in the system, had been spent preparing for the inevitable conflict to come. The scout recalled the quick briefing of all they'd need to know, the enemy position, the numbers and expected numbers, their projected targets and objectives. Indeed, Tiro had committed it to memory, and been brought to the embarkation deck, so much different then their moments before the previous world. It was a lot quieter, a lot more grim, as men and astartes alike prepared to go down on a world that was no longer entirely of reality anymore. For his own part, Tiro was quiet, silently strapping gear into place, placing reserve fuel tanks in his belt pouches, and smoking a fat lho-stub. He had his flamer before him, having disassembled and reassembled the weapon enough times to know it would perform optimally. Alongside this, he'd scooped up two incendiary grenades, which he'd place at his hip, along with a cameoline cloak, a grin forming on his lips as he imagined some poor heretic bastard's surprise if he got the drop on him. He'd also been nearly brutalized by Sergeant Kenemon into taking an entrenching tool with him, even if he'd nearly sworn upon The Throne that it'd be a cold day in The Torch of Atlos before he'd find himself squatting in some trench.

    For the time being, the marine would keep to himself, performing last minute checks, and going over the battle plans once again. Even he knew a mission of great import when he saw it, and denying the slayer of The Primarch his goal would be a worthy task for any loyal son of The XIIIth Legion.​
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    Aridan rolled his shoulder, barely feeling the phantom pain from the bruises inflicted by his melee combat brother. He grinned at the memory; while Barron did defeat him in his spar decisively, he made the outcome uncertain for a while. Still, more training on that front, indeed every front, called to the scout. He looked out of the hallway viewport down at the planet below. Aridan wondered what the warp tainted planet used to look like. Maybe it was beautiful, a lush paradise world of unparallel splendour. Maybe it was a hive world, with billions perishing in an instant when the cataclysm occurred. Maybe a death world, with species that fortunately went extinct rather than risked spreading to the wider sector, or even galaxy.

    Now Fulgrim worked his foul magic upon the surface, trying to usurp the dead's rest in order to turn the world into his own twisted, perverse domain. Aridan gripped the handle of the plasma gun tighter; he had picked up his equipment not too long ago. Like many of his brothers, he went over the information front to back, and vice versa, over and over until it seared into his mind. Now, the scout allowed himself a moment of respite before the actual deployment. At the end of the hallway on the void craft, the hanger where they would assemble awaited.

    Looking down at the planet, standing on the edge of oblivion, Aridan couldn't help but wonder how Guilliman would have acted should he stood in command of the assault force now, or any of the primarchs. Corax would likely have his sons amongst the enemies by now, setting up for a quick and lethal strike, not unlike Captain Kremnar. The Khan would charge in with his own steed, the rest of his legion followed in his footstep in disciplined formation. Russ would do the same but with savagery rather than discipline. Dorn would strangle the world with a siege that even Fulgrim would find difficult to escape. The Lion would take Fulgrim's head and mount it upon the walls of his throne room.

    Or perhaps not, Aridan had little knowledge of the Lion, and his sons were rumored to be extremely secretive recently.

    Still, Aridan couldn't help but feel they were doing everything Guilliman would have done now, albeit without the attention to detail a primarch was capable of. He turned and began to walk towards the hanger. His mind remembering Charon's collapse during training earlier. The scout hoped that his brother was 100 percent; they could not afford to operate at any less against the traitors. Toting his weapon, he lamented that he still couldn't wield a full astartes axe properly, but his time would come, just as the Emperor's Children's time came for them now.

    Enough with the view, he would see the planet in much more detail soon enough.
  5. Diokletious stared down upon his face, the silence of his own personal arming chambers being his only companion, as around him, the ship hummed with a constant activity. The Chapter Master of the Dawnbringers had finished his meeting with his comrades of the XIIIth Legion, the sons of Ultramar, and he gone to prepare for war. Now, fully encased in his armour, he had dismissed his servants, the chapter serfs going off to aid others in preparations, as he took a few moments for himself. He was ahead of schedule, a minute or two his to spend, where projections had said he would still be getting ready. Yet, he'd always been faster then he looked, he'd think to himself with a grin. In the darkness of his chambers, he sat blind, letting the augments in his eyes lie inactive, as gauntleted hands ran over the smooth construct he wore as a visage near constantly since his ascension above his brothers. He wondered now, a century later, how many of them remembered the true face of the one that lay beneath it, how many could recall what had come before this scarred and burned countenance.

    Letting out a sigh, the man would rise up, setting aside the helmet for a moment, as he activated his visual sensors, and gazed about the room. Immediately he'd notice the countdown timer before he would need to leave his chambers, put on his face, and return to his command in this damned war. His gaze would turn from this, to look about his few meager possessions, books, some finished, his own Reqium of Iron among them, and even more only partially completed. A piece of calligraphic artwork hung from a wall, as the man wondered how long it had been since he'd actually sat down and had the time to indulge in such things, a forlorn smile crossing his lips. He was about to turn away, thinking to keep ahead of the timer, when his eyes caught on something, tucked away in a half closed drawer. A gleam of metal would welcome the Chapter Master, as he strode over towards the source of his curiosity, reaching into the darkness, to pull out a small hunk of metal, worn, older then even he. A medal, given to him long ago, showing off a iron skull of another age, another life, another crusade. He paused, turning the object around in his hand, wondering how long it had rested there, noting the dust upon it's surface, and wondering above all, what to do with it now. A moment of contemplation, thoughts of destruction, denial, and sorrow would cross his thoughts, before the marine let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. Slowly, surely, he'd place the item in a small pouch at his hip, the feeling being almost right, before an alert would sound over his vision.

    It would seem time had atlast caught up with Diokletious, as in one fluid motion, he'd return his face, The Chapter Master's face, to where it belonged. Turning from his chambers, the man strode forth, pushing melancholy, and nostalgia aside, a quick prayer to The God-Emperor to give him strength being uttered from his lips.

    It was time to return to work.


    "Brothers, come, and let an old warrior offer some wisdom before battle."

    A voice, soothing and strong, would sound out towards the assembled scouts, as into their midst, came The Chapter Master. Looking upon these youths, these men who would carry their future, Diokletious had sought to directly address those who would be facing, many for the first time, the true extent of The Ruinous Powers. Thus, addressing them all as brothers, as befitting their progress of training, Diokletious would look upon the heritage for the future, and wait.​
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    -Charon In front of sun
    Charon along with many other scouts were assembled each with there squad all had there eyes on chapter master, A glimpse of a possibly for many of them of the scouts one day one day to stand aside him in the dawn company or honor guard if they proved themselves and became the greatest of the chapter. Charon stood attentive almost scanning the chapter master, Someone that they should strive to be like them and the captain's of the other companies gathered and not currently there.

    As Charon heard Chapter master Diokeltious speak he listened waiting to take in the wisdom that he wanted to bestow on them Charon was ready to take in every word of there chapter master, As his eyes went from Diokeletius he looked to the other Captains, Captain Akar the Unreadable of his own company,First Captain Maximiallian of Kerberos company a brother to all the chapter and to many others outside it, Third captain Menelaus of the Torch bearers who carried many flames with him and his company lighting the way through the darkness, Fourth captain Gario of the Half steel company, only a half of company but still could do there duty even at a disadvantage a example to most of the chapter.

    Charon noticed that only one captain and company were missing, Kremnarr of the Iron reapers, A shadow to many of the recruits that was rarely seen and was talked about mainly by the other officers and other marines of the chapter. Charon had heard a rumor that Kremannar was off on a dangerous mission that the dawn bringers could only spare one company for against a xeno threat that need stomping out, Charon could only wonder what type of mission it was if they weren't fighting in avenging there primarch and fighting against Traitor marines, it had to be of great importance that even they send second captain instead of him coming to help avenge his primarch. Charon could only imagine the type discipline and respect kremanr held for the chapter master to not be here now fighting to avenge there primarch.

    Maximilian setting a good example for the Kids-
    Maximillian Stood as servitors and serfs began working on putting on his armor once more, The heavy set of terminator needing more assistance the most when putting on terminator or taking it off. Max smiled as the gear was put on, Engraved words of missions past and of old friends long gone and of a duty still to do The chest piece came on with a chink and the weight of the terminator armor began setting in to him, Max's body somewhat used to the weight of the armor when it was offline a few times going out before in his armor he waited as the machine spirits began coming online and activating the familiar feeling of muscle fibers strictly hugging his skin and body as it was powered on. The familiar feeling of his armor was welcoming, As it finished a familiar face in a similar pattern armor looked to him.

    "Its time brother we are gathering for a speech." Maximillian smiled, and picking up a helmet and putting it to his belt. Before leaving the armament room two other officer in his company were ready in there armor, Max nodded to them as they went out taking his place beside the other captains and there chapter master looking over the gathered brothers and young initiates and serfs that had gathered Max was gathered and ready to speak if needed to aid in a speech if it was needed. Hearing Diokletious speak he was silent and listen to what he had to say.
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    Barron's hands fidgeted nervously across the familiar machinations of his chainsword as he sat, scrunched in his seat. A preferable ritual than having to acknowledge the pouch that rested beneath its comforting weight, anyways.

    The task would've come to him sooner or later, of course. He had a hunch. But that didn't exactly mean that the importance of the role had been lost on the boy.

    But each, he supposed, had their duty.

    Barron had been mumbling to himself in a rather uncharacteristic fashion as the Chapter Master arrived in their midst, the prayer or other he had been mindlessly repeating fading into silent awe for the Marine that stood before them. He's heard the stories. Some sanctified, some tales. All inspiration and motivation.

    With a gulp, Barron tensed. Knuckles whitened against the steel of his blade and a breath held as the boy eagerly awaited.
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    Aridan stood at attention as their Chapter Master walked into the assembly. He had already taken in the sight of the three companies worth of astartes within the area, noting the absence of the 2nd. Indeed it had been many winters since that fateful day where he saw the not-statue of death, and yet he had only barely seen any members of the Second Company. Those that he had encountered took refuge in the shadows, whether from nearby structures or within the confines of their black and tattered cloaks. Always observing.

    Internally, Aridan had been glad to fight alongside the likes of Captain Kremnar and his Iron Reapers, rather than against. The fact that most of the veterans of that company could move silently, despite astartes weapon and power armour, disturbed him greatly. Unlike the likes of the Raven Guards, whom he could dismiss as observers and scouts, the Iron Reapers brought with them an air of deadly intent. Yet, the scout knew that Corax's sons could and were just as deadly, something about Captain Kremnar's unit made them radiate fear and unease, even to allies. Emperor knows what the mere rumour of them being around did to their mortal auxiliaries.

    Still, Aridan couldn't happen to wonder why Chapter Master Diokletious would not bring to bear such an asset against Fulgrim. He had heard of a threat closer to Zeussar, so perhaps Captain Kremnar went to deal with it? No matter, the scout thought as he gazed upon the visage of Captain Maximilian and his First Company terminators. He had seen the veterans of the chapter in battle first hand and, while he gave credit to the ferocity of the traitors' ranks, knew they had more than enough strength to crush the Emperor's Children below. Not to mention the esteemed Captains of the Third and Fourth Companies. No, missing the Second was a pity, but hardly a terrible hinderance.

    Now as the Chapter Master spoke, Aridan stood a bit straighter, allowing himself to absorb any and all advantage from such a warrior, experienced over centuries of combat and warring, not to mention defeating, foes he couldn't even dream of.
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    The Neophyte did little of interest for the deployment, grabbing a cameoline cloak and setting it in place atop his shoulders, along with grabbing a set of Prey-sense goggles; such things he had not used in the field before, and it did him a fair bit of enjoyment to see that he had the chance now; he knew of its capabilities, the thermal vision being something that certainly would be a great boon against most foes, even Astartes: the power packs themselves were a significant heat signature, not to mention all the other foes that one would face as a Space Marine. Ork, Cultist, Eldar or Necron. All under most circumstances had some heat signature.

    Though speaking of 'heat', the faintest of twitches came at Garrick's lips, something that others could almost have thought been a smile before they think it was a figment of their imagination. His arms lifted the large, blackened weapon with its metallic barrel, a moment of satisfaction coursing through him. A Primus MK II pattern melta gun, the weapon's very name "melta" being as blunt as could be - a tool of destruction that could annihilate even the armour of superheavies or Terminators with a direct hit, its sole problems in his eyes being its lack of range and limited shots for each canister.

    All the same, he looked over to the Chapter Master, almost ignoring him for a split second as he was to start his maintenance. It was upon seeing him more clearly that he had realized who it was, immediately stepping up with the weapon in hand and pressed against his chest. His back straight and his chin held high, he spoke even less than his usually quiet self, staring straight ahead as he awaited whatever instructions he was to be given - or as he had heard, wisdom.
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  10. Gazing through his lenses at the assembled men, those who would be granted among the most difficult of tasks, Diokletious would raise one of his hands, to set any of them jumping up to ease. He was not here for a drilling, nor inspection, he'd had enough faith in his sergeants that they would have their squads sorted properly for the coming mission. Instead, he'd begin to speak, each word imbued with a near tangible force of import.

    "All of you here have passed many trials to stand where you are now. From the rampant forests, to the peaks of Zeussar, the Shattered Fangs, and beyond, not one here does not stand without having proven their mettle a hundred times over. Know this, that your progress had been watched with interest by all the assembled officers here, for you are the future, and it is our honour to see you rise up to such a mantle.

    Some here now have not yet faced the traitor legions, yet I am sure that by now, you've heard the tales from those who have. The bastard filth of the fallen are a fierce foe, even in their delirium, but one we have overcome, for our purpose is righteous, and their will is weak. However, I come here today to speak to you on another, more insidious foe, that all will no doubt have to face before this campaign is won.

    You've seen the projections by now, you've heard the reports, that this world is tainted by the essence of the Warp itself, that hellish realm that seduced and corrupted those we once called kin. Though you have faced many foes, mighty and powerful, I cannot stress enough that this will be the most sinister of them all. We are Astartes, we know no fear, but upon this fell planet, there will be those among you who, upon contact with this breach in reality, will falter, if only for a moment."

    He let his words hand in the air for a time, scanning over the faces of those younger men, to see how they reacted. He saw some show anger, no doubt relishing a chance to prove their strength against such a thing, others remained passive, no doubt introspective on the warning given. Some indeed seemed uncaring whatsoever, their minds as weapons, not questioning the what or why, only knowing that they would serve. Thus, he would continue to speak.

    "This is to be expected.

    The Immaterium is the gateway to a realm of madness, intrinsically linked to all living beings my brothers, even we, those who walk as angels among our common man. I say this now, that no man may feel shame for any hesitation or reaction to the abominations you will see upon this day, the daemons of Chaos, their fell powers, that challenge the very rules and physics of our material universe. Indeed, I say without a doubt, that all here, scout to sergeant, captain to chapter master, have at one point looked into the abyss, and felt a chill at the sight.

    No doubt, our Soul Smith has taught you to hate, to feel anger and rage against such a thing, and indeed, that will serve you well brothers. I bring another blade to use against the neverborn and the foul powers they represent. They may not be mortal, but they bleed all the same. They may be foul and completely alien, but they will perish in the face of our might. They may be formed from a hellish realm beyond mankind's nightmares, but they can know fear. The Ruinous Powers, for all their strength, is still lesser to the indomitable will of mankind, for remember this, one man stood against The Warp, one man made it tremble, and it is with his might, that we go out today, and remind these dark manifestations, why they were right to fear our Imperium.

    A dark shroud has fallen upon Ultramar, but we shall bring the Sun up upon it. We shall carry the light and with it banish the darkness. We march, not just for Macragge, or The Prodigal Son, but for all of mankind here this day. So fight well brothers, show our allies the might I know lies within each of your, slay the heretic and the daemon, banish the Traitorous Cur, proving his false perfection.
    And remember, even the blackest night must give way to dawn."

    Diokletious turns, an alert coming upon his heads up display.
    The time for theatrics was finished.
    The War of Saramanth had begun.​

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