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They Cometh From Iron

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    As the enemies swarm around the interior of the hub, Aridan realised his mistake of trying to seal one exit of the centre, especially an outside one. Not having time to dwell on it though, he swerved around to target the massive group of mortals rushing through when a blast of the flamer in Tiro's hands roasted them alive. A slight smirk came to his face, before seeing a figure push through the burning promethium and smashing its weapon onto his brother's head.

    Having aimed that way already, Aridan levelled out his bolter at the target. Even having only one functioning arm, he managed to squeeze off more than a few shots at the figure, now obviously a servitor. Mass reactive rounds blasting off various parts of the corrupted combat servitor and forcing it back. Before the scout could finish it off though, a more pressing concern appeared: traitor assault marines. Sergeant Kenemon, spotting them as well, decided to pull out a second combat knife and go toe to toe with the chainsword (I think) wielding traitors.

    While Aridan wanted to prove himself with a full astartes kill, he also saw all of his brothers injured, some more than other. Himself not an exception, he decided that they needed to remove as many targets as possible to focus upon the assault marines, and thus joined his brother Alex as the shotgun went off in the remaining servitor's direction. Bolter barked with the muzzle flash as it spat round after round in semi-automatic fashion at the last standing servitor, even as the scout kept an eye and ear out for the telltale sign of a jump pack activating and chainsword revving up.

    OOC: Balanced attack on servitor, defense on self. If servitor's dead, targeting the wounded assault marine.
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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Cat and Mouse
    Though Arrauth's body housed the same boons of science as the power armored figure assailing him, he was grossly outweighed in both experience and equipment. Chainaxe whips above his head and scout tumbles back, bolt pistol nearly opening into his stomach at point blank range. Even in the full plate coveted by most of his squad and the rest of Fifth Company, traitor moved with a natural fluidity, the blessing of black carapace and numerous powerful servos. A boot cranes up and thunders down in the blink of an eye, landing a hairs breadth from Arrauth's recoiling leg. Chainaxe drops again, an overhead hack drawn just short enough the scout evades; right out the window.

    Dawnbringer teeters with half a foot on the window ledge, rest of him falling back into oblivion. Axe weighed into the floor the doubled over legionary lifts his bolt pistol. It would seem a perfect kill had been lined up, traitor had bullied him towards the window and measured out the angle of scout's fall and where to shoot; he has not accounted for Arrauth's history. With a familiarity bordering on habit Quarrian lets himself fall, flipping in flight and grabbing another ledge two stories down. Broken glass splinters beneath his fingers, leaving behind bloody prints when scout pulls himself into another ruined apartment living room. Would-be killer swears above, brutish jump packs activating with a roar as legionary continues his pursuit, Arrauth left with a little room to plan...

    OOC: Arrauth has an extra half-action this round.

    One Dakkaburger with a side of Dakkafries
    A hoarse roar erupts from Helekine's mouth, warrior wrenching himself around with audible effort to intercept another shot of plasma. Terminator's front is bathed in blue-white light that darkens the briefly darkens their surroundings. Dazed by the direct hit veteran stands in place, leaned toward his left leg and recovering slowly. Seizing the opportunity the pair with bolters let rip.

    A mass reactive whips past Barron's head, faster than he can actually see he only hears the near miss. Another shot clips his firing chair, third, fourth, fifth, and a sixth all punch holes in his Hydra; another angry red flash on his firing console warns that a second cannon can no longer fire. This is after a loaded shell detonates of course, scout already well aware of the damage done considering his view is now obscured by smoke and the shredded steel of aforementioned barrel. What guns remain continue to fire unobstructed with solid ammunition, heavy explosive not quite doing the trick.

    A las-cannon locking onto the AA gun explodes from its mounting, a heavy bolter sinking towards the ground with it a moment later. Chasing rounds from below only manage to graze the wings and their armaments. A few shots plotted by the Hydra's targeting array splash the hull, but lack the penetration to deal any serious damage. Aircraft's battle cannon erupts as if to mock Barron, an AP shell striking one of the support struts and splitting it in half, ripping through several sub-supports nearby and showering the ground with ruined metal scrap. Remaining las-cannon spears at an unseen target on the actual landing pad before traitor craft begins to wheel away. It stutters on its course as an explosion blossoms along left wing and then falls behind the vehicle. A lucky shot had struck a spare fuel tank hooked up to a bomb pylon.

    Whatever pride Barron might take in the shot gets its head stomped back down into his stomach as another fiery orb of plasma splashes the back of his chair, vaporizing the back rest and boiling his skin through smoking carapace armor. Nobody said scoutin' was easy.

    Team Wingclipper:
    Barron: 3 Brother Helekine: 16 Support Struts: 3/3/3 Hydra: 1
    Conditions: If Barron wishes to turn the Hydra on the three legionnaires he must spend a turn lowering the guns and re-orienting.

    Emperor's Children:
    Thunderhawk: 2 Legionnaires: 12 [PG]/12/9

    Tune In To Terror
    Alexander raises shotgun up aims at servitor's back. Unit had only been momentarily stunned by the damage inflicted and need to reorient, rather than slain as Tiro had mistaken. It starts a step and turns it into a fall, black plates and cybernetic guts stripped from a reinforced spine by the two blasts. Coated discs slip and servitor crumples back on itself, down for the count this time. A good thing too, execution allows Tiro to place his full attention on keeping information streaming to their lords in orbit. The traitor not currently occupied with Kenemon lofts a brow behind his helm and snerks, bolt pistol trains onto the back of scout's mangled head.

    Bolts aimed with trans-human precision snap against plated forearm, Charon clutching the smoking side arm responsible for striking a fully initiated legionary. In the span of four steps traitor closes with psyker, in half a second he is thrown back twice as many paces by the combined fire power of all three turrets. Smoke gushes away from the warrior's flight, carried as he is by a combination of stubs and cycling las-spears. Fire power winds down as final shots escape the trio of turrets, fleeing restored forms along with Charon's call to arms. Scouts are truly on their own now.

    "What are you? An Ultramarine or a Raven Guard?" Traitor grunts while using an arm to deflect another of Kenemon's feints.

    "Not quite." Sergeant uses a stab of one blade to punish the Emperor's Child for falling for his trap. Foe shifts torso enough that blade skids off ceramite rather than penetrating hip. Chainsword hacks at Kenemon's neck and Dawnbringer shifts with it, left foot rising with the leaning dodge to smash into traitor's knee pad. Kick connects soundly yet lacks the force needed to affect any sort of advantage. Veteran of Terra gives a disappointed grunt and rolls with the failure, attempting a brutal double shanking, traitor falls back several steps as blade tips lick dangerously close to gorget and an underarm joint. Questionable equipment match up aside, Kenemon was handling the confined space of the comms room far better. Didn't hurt he had numbers on his side either.

    Aridan mentally leaps at the opportunity presented to him, bolter already shouldered and pointing at the enemy astartes whom has been so kind as to give him a clear shot at last. Bolter fire rattles off the fallen angel's power plate, cracking and even penetrating it in some places. What shots breach manage minor wounds at best, yet every strike is one that chips away at their superior foe. Before traitor can even think of turning on the whelp, Kenemon is back in blade's reach.

    Squad Kenemon:
    Aridan: 3 Tiro: 2 Charon: 2 Alexander: 4 Kenemon: 12
    Conditions: Charon: Blessing of the Machine Spirit 5/7 CD. Two turns left until data transfer is complete, in order for the counter to continue going down one of the scouts needs to dedicate a half-action to managing the stream and ensuring information is being re-directed properly.

    Horde Tongue Biter:
    Assault Marines: 8/3
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Charon stood with his brother at his back his bolt pistol still raised the turrets giving the last of there energy to keep the traitor back, Though with that now gone he and only his brothers stood between him and Tiro, and it seems the traitor was taking a defiant look at him. looking with his bolt pistol he kept his aim trained on him. @Vlayden @WanderingJester @BruticusTheGoreHound "Brothers think we can take him?" He asked charon looking at the traitor a plan forming. Maybe his powers could cause a spike of to shoot up and possibly pin the marine maybe his pack.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Garrick of course took notice of the injured Astartes and the second one, a flash coming to his mind - he looked to his surroundings for a moment, taking out his combat knife and lunging forward, his cloak covering his shoulders and distorting his silhouette.

    Jumping into the air, one hand reached out for the legionnaire's helm and, once taking ahold of it, he'd tense his entire other arm and jam the weapon right into the throat, before using his body's momentum to swing the weapon out - hopefully, if this was all successful, effectively decapitating a legionnaire in one fell swoop.

    While still an initiate he still had a fairly decent set of reflexes, landing smoothly onto his back and raising his shotgun - a split second of awareness went by before he took action. While he'd hoped to have successfully killed the Legionnaire, he still brought the weapon up to bear, briefly aiming at the Emperor's Children traitor; had he been still alive, a single shell would be sent his way, the man's last sight being a distorted, crouching neophyte's silhouette and the barrel of a weapon, and then redness.

    Had he succeeded of course, his aim would go elsewhere, swiftly bringing the weapon upwards to the last enemy and then firing the shell in the last survivor's direction, aimed right at a weak point in the power armour's soft underplate in hopes of getting internal organs.​

    OOC: one attack on the low-health, and one shotgun blast to finish him off: if the first attack kills him, the second attack goes at the last surviving enemy
  5. Tiro didn't respond to Charon's words, nor did he seem to note the movements of the others around him. Seeing Kenemon fully engaged against his foe, Tiro focuses himself fully towards the important task at hand. Relaying the message back into orbit, the man keeps his flamer up, ready to defend himself if needed.
    OOC: Defense on Self, Comms Relay Transmission
  6. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member




    The pain tears it’s way up Barron’s back and for a second, the world glows white hot with agony. How does Tiro do it? Is the only question Barron manages to ask as his thoughts give way to a burst of static. As discipline and senses return, the scout finds himself doubled over the console, mouth moving fervently of its own accord. Rites. Litanies. Petitions and intercessions. Admissions of pain held at bay with Adoration for the God-Emperor.

    His mother raised him well.

    As the shock receded further, Barron’s eyes raised to meet the… uh, visor? Of his superior, his gaze filled with a rabid kind of determination. It hurt. Everything fucking hurt. Of course it was special kind of excruciating pain that only burns inflicted—but damn it, the light at the end of the tunnel was there. The promise of achievement was right there in front of him in the hobbled shape of a limping Thunderhawk, and by the God-Emperor, he was going to see this damned thing through. “I’ll get it done, sir,” Barron croaks at the Terminator with a strained grin in an attempt at reassurance. He was perfectly aware that death may now come at any moment for them—even if he had been a full fledged space marine, the duo was still outnumbered (damned arithmetic)—but the wise words of some worn time came rushing back at the scout as his trembling hands pecked away at the control panel once more. Fortune favours the bold… or was it the old?

    Didn’t matter. They had one of each

    OOC: All out attack on Thunderhawk
  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan watched as the servitor got blasted by Alex's shotgun, and sent to the ground for the last time. Turning his attention to the more dangerous of their targets, he shifted his still full bolter towards the traitor astartes. The scout spotted Sergeant Kenemon going toe to toe with an assault marine with nothing but a combat knife in each hand. Had anyone else attempted to do the same without power armour, he would've called them insane. Instead, Aridan lined up his weapon and focused on his target, only paying attention to the other assault marine so far as to make sure he didn't managed to get close enough to cut the scout's body into pieces.

    A sudden flash of light and sound did nothing to deter Aridan's concentration on the enemy. Suddenly as Sarge counter attack and putting his opponent on the back foot, he loosed a few bolter rounds at the legionnaires. Unfortunately, his relative inexperience combined with his target's vast experience cause most of the rounds that hit to be deflected off of the angles of the power armour, and those that did strike doing minimal damage. Still, the scout hoped to distract the enemy enough for Sergeant Kenemon to strike a more decisive blow, who remained on the offensive.

    Seeing that Sarge had the undivided attention of the Fulgrim's son, Aridan turned to see Alex charge a much rattled legionnaire with his combat knife and shotgun. Knowing the power and precision of their foe, he turned his weapon towards them. As soon as the scout gets a clear shot, he would fire another volley at the wounded enemy, hoping to capitalise on his brother's attack, should it succeed or fail. If the enemy falls, then he would go back to assisting their Sergeant in his fight.

    OOC: Balance attack on the more wounded Emperor's Child, defense on self. If the EC's dead, switch attack to the other one.
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  8. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    The unmistakable sound of the jump pack gives Arrauth the impression that his enemy is going to follow him through the window. With no time to think of any new tricks, Scout fashions another tripwire bomb from his last Krak grenade on the window. He then steps away and readies his Sniper Rifle, as there was now enough time to possibly line the shot. He wouldn't expect him to actually get into the trap however, which is why he was ready to dodge and run, as usual. The relief team had to hurry up, as he was unlikely to live much longer if that keeps up.

    OOC: Half-action to make another Krak tripwire on the window, half-action attack with Sniper Rifle assuming Arrauth can shoot, half-action Dodge.
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  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Taking up Arms Charon remained in a defense of Tiro taking up with his bolt pistol and combat blade over Tiro over watching as his brothers took on the Emperors children assault marine, Readying to fire on him if he attacked him and his brothers failed to dispatched him, Keeping a eye and looking near the marine Kenemon was fighitng in case he needed to aid him.

    OOC Balnaced defence on Tiro, Attack on emporers children if the others fail to dispatch the wounded one if they dont attack on the Emporers children marine kenemon is in a dual with.
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Down to the Wire
    Traitor descends from floor above, Arrauth watching the marine's weighty fall towards the ground. Purple and gold trim chugs past the window before familiar roar of a jump pack brought to life heralds a fresh ascent. Scout can make out the dot of an anomaly on the distant horizon before legionary consumes window entrance. Arced up and into the room, Emperor's Child tears through the trip wire and outpaces the reach of its small blast radius. Chainaxe heaves overhead and teeth come whirling towards Arrauth intent on splitting him in twain. Scout is momentarily deafened by combination of activated chain weapon, jump pack, grenade explosion, and the traitor's laughter. Spared disorientation as he is by his gene-forged form, it is none the less overwhelming. On instinct Dawnbringer throws himself aside and ends up propelled further than he expected by the heretic's crash landing. Smacking head first into a wall Arrauth bounces off, leaving behind a web of splintered wood and an indent about his size.

    Scout makes it back to his feet in time to find the traitor frozen in place, shuffling towards the cover of the hallway, now exposed as much of the apartment's entrance had been destroyed by the mere act of a fully armored astartes landing from high speed. Another pair of jump jets activating gives Quarian pause as well, until the grey and red of one of the Dawnbringers' own vanguard veterans arrives. Outside the window a friendly Thunderhawk weaves around the building, a side door slamming shut while aircraft is chased by hostile fire from intact AA guns below. Head snaps back to the fresh fight in progress, already the veteran has slashed chainaxe to pieces and in an act of desperation the traitor duels with the loyalist for control of the power weapon, both fighters locked hand to hand around the grip. Far from helpless it is Arrauth's turn to intervene.

    Hylonious of the Emperor's Children is having a bad day. First a bunch of snot nosed brats sneak past him and his brothers, then one of aforementioned brats tries to blow him up with not one, but two krak grenades. Now his favorite axe has been destroyed by an upstart of Guilliman with a bloody power sword; and now his armpit has just explode--

    "GAAAH!" Traitor cries out in pain, underarm spewing blood from torn blood vessels. Ribplate catches Arrauth's slug, but damage is already done and half of the legionnaire's strength gives and he is overpowered by the man from Kerberos Company. Wrenching sword free of foe's grip, veteran raises blade high then drives it into a slash down the IIIrd's torso, rising back swing takes double edged sword through traitor's neck and ends him soundly. Giving weapon a small shake power field is quieted then reactivated, burning the blood from its length. Veteran gives a slight dip of his head to Arrauth.

    "Nice shot. Get back to your brothers, won't be able to bail you out again." Twisting on a heel the Dawnbringer sprints off, shouldering aside a door across the hall and leaping out a window on the opposite side of the building.

    Purple Hawk Down
    Helkine re-positions himself as close to the Hydra as he can without blocking its ability to rotate. Assault cannon rattles off countless more empty shells that now form a growing heap of brass scattered all around their small section of scarred wall.

    "Fire young brother, fire for all you and that machine are worth!" Barron does just so, fate seeming to conspire in his favor. Targeting cogitator registers another aircraft inbound and it only takes a twist of the scout's head to identify it as one of their own Thunderhawks charting a course deeper into Espanza. Elsewhere on the walls surrounding the former Mechanicus held district, other anti-air guns begin tracking onto his allies. Presence of another predator in the skies left the wounded legion ship wary, a caution that left it all the more vulnerable to Barron's remaining cannons.

    Under pressure from bolts shooting past the towering Terminator, and aware that the plasma gun only needed another lucky shot to so much as skim himself or the turret, Barron programs another barrage into the Hydra and lets it rip. Shots pour into the sky and enemy pilot attempts to pull up out of their trajectory. Autocannons track the cockpit relentless, armor piercing shot stitching its way up underside of the fuselage until at last striking home on the wounded bird and punching fresh holes in the ruined frontal armor. Safe to say that when vehicle dips and begins diving towards the nearby hab-district, Barron and Helekine can consider their job done. Enemy seems to agree as all three of the tactical marines harassing them withdraw, no use sticking around when their primary objective had been failed and the biggest threat to their continued existence was no longer holding back to defend; didn't hurt that Barron and the intact Hydra would probably make a mess of them too.

    Helekine turns to Barron, extending his clenched power fist for a bump. Scout can feel his teeth rattling, eye vibrating from the build up of energy from an unseen source; one he does not know to be the teleporter unit installed in the Indomitus pattern armor.
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