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They Cometh From Iron

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member

    Barron was about to scramble off the ground and charge the remaining heavy gun servitor, but between both Garrick and Tiro it seemed like the situation was... handled, if anything. "THEY'RE ALL YOURS!" He shouts in response to Garrick, thankful for the thoughtful suggestions, but with a much better plan in mind. No, it would seem that Barron had bigger fish to fry. Hydra-sized fish.

    It takes a second for the scout to pull himself upright, krak in hand, but the grenade sails away the moment it's primed. Barron follows an instant later, hoping that his assault would at least distract the remaining gunner as he barreled towards the empty seat, looking to shove past any servitors that may stand in his way as he ran.

    OOC: Krak grenade attack on remaining hydra gunner, going to try and push past the remaining servitors and jump in the empty gunner's seat.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "You got it," Charon said as he felt the nudge of Garrick, looking over to the servitor he grabbed his combat blade and went into a charge whne he suddenly heard something that caught his ear the sounds of a thunder hawk trying to take of. "Oh no you dont you little shit heads. "

    Spotting barron charging the Hydra gun he decided to join his brother in the charge. "Barron lets see if we can take down those two hawks!" @RuinaImperii Charron said lighting sparing from his hands as he discharged some electricity and warp energy at the light servitor before loading a krak missle into his missle launcher and taking aim at the damaged thunder hawks on the landing plat form aiming vital parts to try and bring them down to help out first company

    OOC One attack on light servitor then attempting to take out a thunder hawk with a krak missle or do critical damage
  3. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Arrauth didn't manage to connect this shot, but the flak gunners were still killed so the immediate threat was neutralized. Next up on the list of priorities were a few remaining servitors, already heavily damaged. Before Arrauth could fire, though, he notices a group of around two dozen traitors rushing up the stairs to get to the gun emplacements in the attempt to stem off the enemy attack. Figuring that his brothers are attacking the servitors anyway, Arrauth decides to focus on the more fleshy targets. In this case, he doesn't need to carefully aim, as the tight group of lightly armored humans was one giant target, allowing him to fire shot after shot with only minor adjustments to aim. While none of the shots was guaranteed to result in a kill, just wounding those enemies would be enough to put them out of commission.

    OOC: Attacking the Blade Thrall Horde.
  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan popped out of cover and loosed a couple of bolter rounds at the heavy flamer servitor, even as the rest of his brothers unleashed their fury upon the heretics. The wall of mono-task servitors went down in a blaze, as did the heavy flamer servitor. Unfortunately, he happened to close the distance between himself and the remaining enemies too well, and caught their attention. The scout hissed through gritted teeth as a volley of precise las shots collided with his chest, burning through his armour and forcing him back into cover.

    Aridan nodded to Alexander's suggestion, and prepared himself to engage the servitor with a quick check of his bolter, when he noticed Tiro and Barron both ignored their 'suggestions' and charged different targets. Charon at least tried to follow orders, before following their two eager scout brothers forward. Noticing the plan fall apart, the scout with the bolter looked over to Alexander before giving him a sympathetic half smile and looked for a target that hadn't been selected yet.

    While Charon did managed to target one of the lighter servitors, the other one seemed more or less unharassed. Determined to pay the enemy back for his own damage, Aridan directed his next shots over, before retreating back under cover, being a bit more cautious about returning fire now. He checked the chamber of his weapon before popping out and sending a few more mass reactive rounds the servitor's way. Overhead, the scout swore he heard a couple of covering fire from Arrauth, but he couldn't be sure.

    OOC: Balanced attack on light servitor, defense on self.
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  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    The Big Boys
    In the span of time it takes Alexander to aim his next shot Tiro has slapped his hand away, disregarded his suggestion, and begun dousing the Servitor in flame. Heavy combat unit roars back with its own incendiary weapon and dueling streams of fiery fury erupt against one another in a cloud that expands across several meters of wall, searing every combatant nearby. Scouts ride firestorm out better than surviving Hydra gunner, man screaming as he roasts in the quad-gun's reclined seat. Frantic flailing causes his arm to smash the controls before he slumps out of the seat, trying to crawl into the sunken rockrete pit the two forces were dueling over. Foot catches against an arm rest and he spends the rest of the battle smoking where he lays. At least Barron has been saved a grenade.

    Flame nova splashes over front ranks of the coming thrall squads, lightly armored soldiers howling with delight as the opening pangs of pain set their nerves ablaze and spirits alight. Two heads jerk left and bodies drop back into line, Arrauth having lined up the pair as they roared in eerily perfect timing. A single shot had cored out their skulls and left them organic carpeting for their comrades pushing up behind. Group kicks up broken bone and spurts of blood as they surge over the slain and move into close combat. Barron is caught mid-field, having sprinted past the surviving Servitors and collided with vanguard of the horde. Chainsword sweeps out in an attempt to hack down the smaller humans before him, one surging straight into the blade and shrieking rapturously as body becomes a trap for the shredding teeth. Thrall's comrades swarm around him and a woman with a shaven head and both her ears clipped off swings a curved sword at the proto-marine's head. Somewhere in the growing crowd forming around Barron a hand reaches out and rips a slab of meat from his head, loosened up by the woman's scimitar.

    Quickly losing sight of their surrounded brother the warriors further back set their sights on swiftly mopping up the remaining pair of las-gun toting Servitors. Lightning sprouts from Charon's finger tips, arcs of Warp lightning gluing themselves to a Servitor and causing it to convulse while spouting off chains of nonsense binary. Las-guns become super charged and start raking the nearby ground with rapid-fire full strength shots. Before it can turn empowered weaponry on friend or foe Aridan puts a bolt into one of its dangerously glowing power packs and causes weapon to explode with force enough that it tears apart most of the Servitor's upper body. No sooner is kill confirmed does he retreat, backpedaling from the path of the other Servitor's twin rifles.

    Fledgeling Psyker takes to a knee and draws his missile launcher once more, feeding it a krak missile destined to strike the Thunderhawk. A throwing knife thunks soundly into his right hand, pinning it to the tube of his launcher. Several of the horde have set their sights upon him, drawn like moths to a flame having seen such a delicious offering to Slaanesh in arms reach. Alexander seats his feet firmly between brother and the foe, shotgun giving a warning bark that blows a man in half-plate with burnt runes of malign origin off his feet, and rips the face off another in flak armor wielding paired falcions. Delay proves fortuitous for the loyalists.

    Back on the platform Thunderhawk has taken off and hovers in place for a brief moment. Tightly packed explosions rip into the cockpit, a cyclone launcher mounted on an unseen veteran's shoulders arcing krak missiles right into their enemy's face. Charon looses his own shot and scores side of the vehicle's face, blasting open more plating and exposing the inner cabin. It does not ground the craft, but it'll certainly make any runs on the fighting First and their Scout support that much more dangerous. Silver linings were not just for the good guys though, and in this case the thralls below were to be reinforced by their fallen angels on high.

    A pair of Emperor's Children rear their ugly MK IV helmets over the platform's edge and look down upon the infiltrators attempting to capture one of their anti-air pits. Taking to a knee they raise bolters and take aim at their loyal nephews in the fray below, confident that their power armor will spare them any retaliation from the whelps; at least once they deal with the witch and his ordinance.

    "Squad Kenemon reestablishing contact with command. Kerberos Company has been deployed in enemy held sector. Squad currently engaging enemy wall emplacements to clear the way for further support. What does the rest of the war zone look like Captain?" Of course the Sergeant knew what they were up to, even without having been there for the call, he would of pursued the same objective himself.

    "My craft has gone down and contact with void command has gone quiet with it. Currently supporting Doom Eagle forces at the bridge, too many traitors here for a break out on my part. Enemy armored convoy is setting itself up in a nearby hab-district. Already ordered squad Turemos to pull back and hit the enemy in the rear. Kenemon, you and your squad accomplish your current objective then seek out a communications hub, capture it and reestablish lines with the Astra Drakon."

    "Loud and clear Captain. You heard him boys, lets clean off the wall and get your boots back in the mud!"

    Squad Kenemon:
    Aridan: 5 Tiro: 5 Barron: 5 Charon: 6 Alexander: 7
    Conditions: Arrauth has the same actions as last round, however attacks are now to be rolled for. Arrauth may only attack once a turn but it comes with a +3 bonus to hit. Barron has been intercepted attempting to reach the cannon and may not attempt to hop aboard until he has dealt 3 damage to the horde or someone specifically supporting him manages to do the damage.

    Thralls of the Third:
    Light Gun Servitors: 5 Blade Thrall Horde: 15 (80+) Legionnaires: 12/12
    Conditions: Blade Thralls have a Feel No Pain invulnerable save. Only the bolter, sniper rifle, Charon's powers, and the missile launcher may target the legionnaires due to between both parties.
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan saw Charon firing a blast of lightning at the servitor, and proceded to line up his shot. As the enemy's weapon unleashed its power all over the place, he squeezed the trigger to his own. The mass reactive round ripped through the air and smashed itself into the weapon, detonating it and blasting the servitor into oblivion. The scout knew the trajectory of the shot as soon as he fired though; he had already thrown himself behind cover once more. Good thing too: the other servitor had turned its guns upon him once more and the las shots burned his cover.

    Looking over to see Barron nearly swallowed up by the mob of the damned, Aridan had turned his attention over to them when some movement above caught his eyes. Looking up, he saw two traitor astartes lining up a shot at them. Tapping into his vox comms, he quickly alerted the rest of the squad. "Traitor astartes above us!" Turning his bolter in that direction, he squeezed the trigger at the figures on the platform. Even if it missed, hopefully, it would weaken their footing enough to cause them to fall below.

    Looking over at Charon, Aridan motioned at the Emperor's Children. "Charon, send a missile at them!" He directed the target for his brother as best he could before ducking back behind cover.


    OOC: Balanced attack on legionnaries with bolter, defense on self.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Charon grinned as he a hit in on the thunder hawk, with the member of first comapny cabins almost downed so they could send that bird down, Hearing his Adrian call out to him he looked over to the traitor marines and quickly took cover, Pulling the knife out of his hand currently stuck to the barrel he cursed at the mortal who did this to him and his missle launcher.

    Loading a Krak in a plan came to mind, to provide them some cover and to get that shot out at the traitor marines. "Brothers try to stay still for this next part I shall try to provide us some cover" Charon said to his brothers before popping out of cover aiming at the traitor marines "Hey traitors its time to ROCK! Charon shouted he fire his missle launcher at the traitor marines before he put his free hand up in a ball and raised it to the air. "AND ROLL!" Charon said as he began channeling his power into the earth into a attempt to raise the earth around him and his brothers to provide them all some cover from the traitor marines and provide a barricade for the advancing blade slave horde.

    OOC Krak missle launch at Traitor marines, Then Earthen rage to cause the earth around them to rise and cover team mates from oncoming bolt fire and cover between blade horde.
  8. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Garrick himself decided now to keep quiet, focusing more on the battle at hand as he backed away from the Horde, tossing a frag towards the Horde without much more than a glance; his attention was more towards the Legionnaires, something he was a bit more concerned about.

    If only I had some damned slugs.

    Still, he was comforted in knowing that Aridan saw the danger too and tried (emphasis on 'tried', he thought) to get Charon to help on that. Instead, he turned his focus towards his right, now bringing the shotgun up towards the last remaining servitor and giving a single pull of the trigger, the recoil giving a comforting feeling to Garrick.

    OOC: Fragging the Horde, Shotgunning the Servitor
  9. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member

    Even as the crowd swarmed around him, The scout felt no panic. No, the feeling that had filled Barron now was pride, a sense of macabre anticipation for the task at hand. This was his moment, His chance to prove himself and strike back at the enemies of the great Imperium with his own hands. Oh, yes. The crowd was melding into some kind of indistinguishable mass around him, a malevolent wave that stood between himself, and the emptied hydra guns. It appeared he had his work cut out for him.

    The chainsword raised up with a roar, Barron's expression frozen in stoicism despite the blood that now gushed from his open wound. Steel met flesh and bone, and the cacophony around him increased momentarily in pitch and volume. "SORRY TO CUT THE FUN SHO-" oh sweet emperor it would be immensely helpful if he didn't just get fragged by his own squadmate

    Barron's slashes slowed for a moment as the scout instinctively shielded himself away from the blast. It would've been hard to even judge the location grenade landed at with the swelling tide of thralls surrounding him, but the sudden stinging pain still somehow found Barron easily enough. Frak grenades, as any soldier worth his salt ought to know, was a bit of a double-edged blade, and it would appear that Barron would have to remind one of his comrades about that fact after the battle.

    OOC: Attack on thrall crowd with chainsword, defense on self.
  10. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Before he could continue his slaughter of mortal traitors, he spotted new and much more significant threat - a pair of Legionnaires ready fire at this squad. Luckily, a stationary Space Marine in full battle armor provided an easy target, so after quick aim Arrauth fires one of them at the head, hoping to disrupt his aim before he could fire. More than anything, however, Arrauth wanted to see how effective his shots can be against a full Power Armor and whether Marines can spot him after that shot. Deciding to respect his opponents, Arrauth quickly changes position after the shot, since even at that range return fire could be dangerous.

    OOC: Attacking the Legionnaires.

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