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They Cometh From Iron

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    It wasn't long that the silent Scout knelt forward in front of the Scouts, not even bothering to speak - merely nudging at Aridan and gesturing at the heavy gun servitors, doing the same with Charon as well, in hopes that they both would kill the more dangerous foes.
    Another glance was given to Tiro, who he then gestured towards the nearer servitors, a little nod of confidence towards his weapon; his goal was a bit obvious at that point.

    Lastly, he looked towards Balt and gave him a gesture to the rest of the servitors, the lasgun equipped ones; as much as it may have been an obvious choice given what was left, he didn't wish to leave them hanging just yet.

    From there, Garrick now pulled out a grenade with his free hand, jogging forward and throwing the frag forward with as much of his arm power as he could muster, in hopes of blasting the Hydra Gunners. Soon afterwards the shotgun was pulled up and he aimed within a second, shooting a handful of shells in rapid succession at the Servitors. His aim was mostly to deal with that which had the Heavy Bolter, knowing that it could properly harm the First Company as he was taught; it was a weapon that could destroy vehicles such as chimeras and sentinels after all, and even a Terminator could find themselves pushed back.

    He hoped to not let that happen.

    OOC: Frag at the Hydra Gunners, one shotgun attack at the Heavy Bolter servitor
    @BruticusTheGoreHound @WanderingJester @Vulpas @RuinaImperii
  2. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    It became apparent that the rest of his squad were successful, as the arrival of the First Company couldn't go unnoticed. The streets were filled with mortal traitors with some Astartes mixed in, making it hard for Arrauth to pick any valuable targets. Switching his aim to the walls, he notices his fellow Scouts trying to take out the flak guns to ensure clear skies. Their path was blocked by some servitors, which weren't posing that much of a threat. What was more potentially threatening, was flak gun operators slowly rotating their guns to face at their backs - high-caliber shots capable of taking down aircraft would make a short work of light-armored Scouts. Luckily, stationary gun operators also made for fine targets for someone with a precision rifle. After lining up a shot, Arrauth fires at the gun closest to himself, trying to remove the gunner in a single shot.

    OOC: Attacking the flak gun operator.
  3. Tiro didn't notice the arrival of the 1st Company.

    Tiro didn't notice the shots firing from the now under attack traitors.

    Tiro didn't even notice his comrade to his side, trying to gesture some message towards him.

    Tiro was to busy having some fun.

    With a booming laugh to signal his approach, the colossal man stormed forward, closing the gap between himself and the meager forces that guarded the AA guns. Each step sending a small tremor from his weight, he bulled into close quarters with the frontmost servitors, raising up his flamer, as he called out, with an almost savage glee.


    Fire gushed out, it's warmth being felt not only by those before him, but by Tiro himself, who let it's heat wash over him. Spraying the torrent about, he sought to engulf all before him in it's cleansing flames. Now this, he'd think to himself, was a fight worth having.
    OOC: All-Out Attack with Flamer upon closest servitors.
  4. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member

    "Brother," The chainsword in Barron's hand ceased its rumbling for an instant as called out after Tiro, more so out of principle than anything else,"Chill out." A dash and this scout was off as well, having already selected his target long before his comrade's attempt at coordination. Barron's attack would follow Aridan's momentarily as the boy abandoned his well-drilled footwork in favour of blunt force and sheer speed in the face of such clumsy foes, his blade crashing down on the unfortunate meatbag with a yell.

    OOC: All out attack on Heavy Bolter Servitor with chainsword
  5. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Aridan doubled over as the air got knocked out of him by the passing terminator, and to think, the power fist was deactivated. Still, the scout coughed as he saluted his thanks to their passing older brothers, before scurrying off to rejoin his brothers. Within minutes, the entire interior of the traitor's fortifications erupted into fighting. Between the Hoplikons and the Vindicator tank, the masses of mortal troops with the Emperor's Children didn't stand a chance. The fighting turned into a meat grinder for them as they served as literal shields for their more valuable astartes allies.

    However, Aridan had already rejoined his brothers and mounted an assault upon the flak guns captured by the enemies. Taken by surprise, the guns still faced outwards and had to take some time to rotate. Unfortunately, they had plenty of escorts to cover for them as they do so. Feeling the nudge from Alexander, he looked over to see the heavily armed servitors nearby. Watching the grenade fly from his brother's hands towards the guns, and then the attacks on various targets by his comrades, the scout turned his bolter at the other heavy weapons servitor.

    Discipline icing his veins, Aridan took several shots, before ducking behind some cover, moving around it, and then firing again. He aimed directly at the flamer and, more specifically, its fuel tank. He hoped to detonate the promethium within in order to have the explosion cover more than his target, and Emperor willing clear the way a bit more for them to take care of those flak gunners before they get a chance to turn those anti-air weapons upon the ground-bound loyalists.

    OOC: All out bolter attack on servitor with the heavy flamer.
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  6. @RuinaImperii

    "We already have to many 'cool' guys in this party, brother."

    Tiro would chuckles, his body shifting around as he best tried to spread his deadly payload.

    "This Hothead wants to crank up the heat."​
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Charon nodded to Garrick as he took the nudge, Grabbing up his missle launcher he knew hat time it was to open the way for his brothers seeing his brothers already going for the heavy flame and heavy bolter servitors he decided to help clear the way for them to get at the gunner by taking out the monotask servitor group with its las guns pointing at them having a frag shell loaded he aimed away from his close combat breathern baron and Tiro and hope to have the blast skirt away from them. "Danger close protocol." Charon said to his brothers. his finger on the trigger as he fired his shot caculated as he did before grabbing up his bolt pistol to begin firing once more into the fray of servitors.

    OOC ALL OUT ATTACK on monotask servitors
  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Their First Big Battle
    Flakk cannon crew holler further down the wall and begin wheeling the emplacements around, they were gonna need all those auto-cannons and extra hands if they had any hope of addressing the Dawnbringers attacking their territory. Arrauth attempts to draw a bead on one, rifle bobbing in his grip as he is forced to shuffle around in pursuit of twisting gunner's chair. Finger tenses on trigger then relaxes, opportunity lost as targeted gunner is now obscured by long barrels and their platform. Both cannon units clatter into place and boots go storming across the walls as two squads of traitor warriors pour towards the Scouts. Through telescopic sights Arrauth can see blood shot eyes, great swords, flak armor, flensing knives, hooks, body gloves, and many more variants of weapons and clothing on the horde's men and women.

    Alexander leaps into the fray, light rippling around him as cloak flows off an arm and twists out behind him. Frag grenade sails from his grip and bounces off the nearest aligned cannon, ensuing blast shreds the gunner in his seat leaving steaming bag of mutilated flesh to slump over the controls like a bloody sack of potatoes. Scout is not through yet though, shotgun kicks in double handed grip and heavy bolter Servitor twists away from its approach, metal grafts and weapon sparking up while an atrophied limb flies off into the background of the combat. Servitor rights itself with another shudder, heavy bolter growls then barks sending a spray of half a dozen fist sized bolts straight towards him. Alexander flattens himself into an alcove, one of irregular barricades that tops the wall saving his hide.

    Flame roars past the cloaked Scout, Tiro stepping past him after having side stepped the fusillade. Flamer held steady he marches himself and cloud of fire towards their foe, bathing the reprogrammed task thralls with burning promethium. A missile streaks dangerously close to Tiro and vanishes into the flame, detonating a split second later. Two ignited Servitors cartwheel off the wall, third is left a charred husk of super heated plates stuck through by shrapnel and ashes. Tiro himself receives a few shards himself, but carapace plating catches them and spares him any wounds. Appropriately enough the Servitor toting along heavy flamer jerks toward him. Everyone is forced to hit the deck, for enemy weapon releases a dragons breath of flame that makes Tiro's spray look like a spicy burp. Flamer unit starts to dip its nozzle, splashing burning agony over the pyro-scout's back.

    Aridan, freed at last of his burden in the beacon, is able to commit himself to the fray in full. Bolter spits back at the heavy flamer, blasting a chunk of pale skin and shoulder meat beneath off of the Servitor, shaking its aim off his half baked brother. Las-beams fired in tightly wound arcs begin pelting him, armor starting to smoke and impacts forcing Aridan back several steps as both of the lighter armed gun Servitors focus on him. Underneath the cutting beams of crimson energy Barron crawls toward his target, in motion ever since heavy flamer had targeted them. Rising up chainsword slashes into the sturdily constructed Servitor, teeth chewing into its armored stomach. Dead eyes lock with Barron's, lobotomized mech-slave saying nothing and betraying no suffering as weapon begins rising towards its chest and ultimately erupts out through its face. A solid kick dumps slain Servitor to the base of the inner wall.

    Out in the central road combat was picking up, a steady stream of thralls were entering through the open gates, summoned by the sounds of combat. Kerberos Company made short work of anyone that got within striking distance, sycophants of the Emperor's Children little more than nuisances disrupting the fire they exchanged with actual threats. Landing pad had become a fire base, at least twenty traitor legionnaires firing down at the Bastard of Terra and the Tactical Terminators advancing up the way. Thunderhawk was preparing for lift off, jets running hot and landing gear retracting. Squad of traitors guarding the gates had their focus squarely locked on the Hoplikons guarding the rear armor of Vindicator and backs of their brothers equipped for ranged combat. Still no sign, good or ill, of Kenemon in the whole mess.

    Squad Kenemon:
    Aridan: 5 Tiro: 6 Barron: 8 Charon: 8 Alexander: 8
    Conditions: Arrauth has the same actions as last round, however attacks are now to be rolled for. Arrauth may only attack once a turn but it comes with a +3 bonus to hit.

    Thralls of the Third:
    Hydra Gunners: 2 Light Gun Servitors: 6/6 Heavy Gun Servitor:6[HF] Blade Thrall Horde: 20 (80+)
    Conditions: Arrauth has lost line of sight on both cannon crews. Blade Thralls have a Feel No Pain invulnerable save. One of the cannons is now vacant, whether it is functional or not remains to be seen.
  9. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Once more Garrick backed up and nudged at Tiro, hopefully enough to help direct his fire towards the Thrall Horde; he knew that if anything, the flamer itself would have been the best bet against such foes in their arsenal, and he had little reason to believe otherwise. Even the hedonism of these scum would not best Promethium.

    Of course, he knew the servitors were a bit more dangerous, and as such he gestured towards the Heavy Gun servitor with Aridan, little more than a nod being given - the two others, Charon and Barron, both being directed towards the Light Gun servitors; in his mind, hopefully, the four of them focus-firing on what enemies they had would lead to a quick end to this conflict.

    The shotgun in his hands had its pump pulled back to let out its empty shell, now being brought back up to take aim at the last heavy gun servitor - he hadn't even bothered to exhale before firing the shell, following another two after it and then kneeling down to load in the shells.
    He hadn't even needed to check, already knowing that at best he had one shell left in the weapon if any at all. As such, he simply decided to load back up instead of risking an empty click in the thought that he might have had a round left.

    OOC: single attack on the Heavy Gun servitor, one defense
    @RuinaImperii @Vulpas @BruticusTheGoreHound @WanderingJester @DeranVendar
  10. In the fires of war, Tiro felt most at home, with the heat of battle boiling his blood into action. The man would shield his head from the explosion of his comrade's missile, laughing as a rain of shrapnel came bouncing off his plate, leaving the enemy crisp and ruined. However, as the enemy's own fire unit came forward, that would be when the man's eyes would light up in true excitement. The torrent of warped fire came gushing out from the servitor, it's flames tinged with corruption of that which Tiro had come to love, the man taking a dive forward to avoid being completely engulfed in it's fire. Escaping complete ignition, the man nonetheless felt the excruciating sensation of blazing flesh, skin melting beneath the wash of enemy promethium. Letting loose a grunt of pain, Tiro's smile flashes again, only now coupled with a killer's intent as he sets himself up to match his holy fire against the hellfire of the damned.

    Thus, as Garrick came over to nudge his brother against another target, he'd find himself struck swiftly, as Tiro turned, his visage now looking completely annoyed, his hand smacking Garrick's own away.

    "Don't do that!"

    Without another word, Tiro would turn, popping a iho-stick into his mouth, quickly lighting it up with his pilot light, and would march forward. Looking for another fight worth having, he'd lock his gaze upon the other Heavy Flamer servitor, seeing something worth burning. Charging forward, he'd look to simply draw it's attention, throwing himself fully into the fray. With passions rising once more, Tiro let loose with a torrent, seeking to fully engulf his chosen foe.
    OOC: All-Out Attack on Heavy Servitor

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