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The Wolf Giant

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  1. Shiozaki Shiozaki Steam Early Access

    ((This is going to not so much be a public RP, but a series of Solo Roleplays (So please refrain from posting, or at least keep it minimalistic if possible.) , with a twist. Let me explain my idea and how this Roleplay will work. I give an Intro about how my Game Character arrived onto Arkhona. From this point on. There will be entries made, based upon each and every match I play in game. If I play 5 matches in a day, I will write at least 5 different chapters or entries into this post. To keep this as a series, I will change things up a bit. I will use only one class, with only one build. The reason for this is to keep it vaguely canonical in a sense. (Keep in mind I am fairly lacking in most WH40k fluff and lore. But I am willing to learn each day.) And instead of me being killed in game, I will simply have my character, (Depending on a RNG generator I will randomly use) have my character have a random effect applied. (Knocked out, Carried back to the Landing zone, Left for dead... etc etc.) When I DO decide to end the series, I will have it with the final blow and the death of the character. With him finally joining his pack. I might plan to do no more than twenty chapters to this entry. If it is liked enough then I may continue it with either a new faction, from their point of view, or even continue the story with Shiozaki. If it is not liked, then I will just use this as a testbed. so without further ado...))

    This shall be a tale, A tale about a Fenrisian warrior. A space wolf. A battle brother, whom lost his company during what was planned to be a simple Drop pod standard insertion, turned into a bloodbath. This space wolf, with the name Shiozaki. yes, not a very Fenrisian name. But he was given that name due to how he was found. His armor covered in blood of both Ork, and Eldar. The entire valley in which he landed. Laid the bodies of his fellow Space wolves. The bodies of many Orks. Dozens of Eldar. And a few Traitors. The lone Fenrisian Warrior sat upon a rock, with a dying Eldar knelt in front of him. That Lone Eldar Farseer, lifted a hand as it scratched a foreign set of words in the chest plate of the bloodied Fenrisian. Shi'o-Zaki, a word of unknown origin or meaning. The Lone Fenrisian soon adopted the name as his own. A new start, a new beginning, a renewal of his time. The Wolftime was coming, or perhaps, It was already here.

    Shiozaki stood to his feet as a chapter of Ultramarines march towards him. A decorated Captain steps forwards and greets the Fenrisian. "Halt, Space Wolf, You have done your service for the Emperor, and for mankind, you may find rest and solitude-" The Ultramarine Captain was suddenly cut from his words as the Fenrisian shoved past the Captain. The Fellow Ultramarines part to each side as the Fenrisian walked away, not a word being spoken. Shiozaki had now become a Lone Wolf. And now, he wanders in search of battle, a Skirmish, a war. That shall finaly reunite him with his former pack.
  2. Shiozaki Shiozaki Steam Early Access

    Entry 001: The Space Wolf Frequency

    Shiozaki wandered for hours upon the bronze desert flats of the surface of Arkhona. His first sight of anything living and breathing was a group of Word Bearers. In a hail of mutterings of insanity, they charge him. The sound of bolter fire could be heard to Shiozaki's left. Two Dark Angels, and a Ultramarine burst over the top of the ridge of sand. Their bolt fire guns down two member of the Word Bearers, sending them toppling over. From the same ridge, a Rhino slowly peaks the crest. Shiozaki gave a soft growl. And then Raised his own Storm Bolter and charged the Word Bearers. Pulling the trigger and holding it down. His bolter fire hitting various places of the Chaos Marines armor. Driven by the rising emotion of avenging his pack. Shiozaki had no fear of being gunned down, or dying. To him, that would be a welcome blessing. A sense of guilt drove him to fight, that same sense of guilt, created by losing his own battle brothers. It drove him onwards, when nothing else could. His vox-caster erupting with a furious display of the most distorted barbaric howl anyone has ever heard. The very sound of it cause the Word Bearers to give pause for a brief moment, and in that state of confusion. Shiozaki closed the distance. Slamming the barrel of his Storm Bolter into the vox grill of the nearest traitor. Unloading the last few bolts into the traitors skull. With his specialized Thrice-blessed Knife. Shiozaki drew a long arching swing, horizontally from his back. Catching the midriff of a decorated, albeit foolish, Word Bearer. Spilling the marines bowels to the war sandy ground. The last few Traitors turned, and began to surrender. A Krak grenade landed next to Shiozaki. Exploding and sending him flying to the side. The Rhino, as well as the Dark Angels and remaining Ultramarines charged down. Nearing Shiozaki's position. The other side of the sandy ridge, revealed dozens and dozens of Chaos traitors. Word Bearers, Alpha Legion, even the Black Legion. Narrowly able to retrieve the body of Shiozaki. The Ultramarines create a near defensive line around the Rhino. Letting the remaining Dark Angels carry Shiozaki into the Rhino. One decorated member of the Ultramarines turn and gave a direct order for the Rhino to retreat. The Ultramarines did not budge. As the Rhone churned and backed off. The swarm of traitors surround the Ultramarines. And soon, nothing but smoke and dead bodies could be seen. And a few Marines in Ultrmarine armor could be seen, slowly backing off. Steadily killing the Traitors in tow.

    As the Day progressed. Shiozaki was taken to the staging area. Many others stood vigilant and ready for the coming fight. The Defense of a simple group of ruins. The insane howls and cries of the damned could be heard, chanting at the very edge of the ruins. Chaos was there. And they wanted this place for their chaos god-worshipping. Shiozaki came to, from the sudden pain cause by an Apothecaries gauntlet jabbing the side of his ribs, through the weak stomach section of his armor. A voice rang out through an Imperial Fist's vox-caster. "Stop praying to the ground and stand up, wolf! You have prey to kill!" Another voice, a fellow Fenrisian spoke. "Indeed brother, This place stink of rotting prey, care to join me in a little fun?" Shiozaki could not speak, his vox-caster now damaged far to badly. Only able to give a static ridden growl or agreement. Without any further notice. A sound of a cold-blooded scream could be heard. Some Psyker Sorcerer among the traitor ranks was casting the first volley. Orbs of pure chaos flew through the air, slamming into walls, and fellow Marines. Shiozaki glanced down, noticing his weapons had been badly damaged by the Krak Grenade. All but his Thrice-blessed knife. Which was being handed to him by the fellow Fenrisian. "Here brother! Take your fang and sink it deep into their bodies. Let this place run red with their blood!" Shiozaki grabs for the Knife, and held it. Fang. That was what he would call his knife. With a howl of rage. Shiozaki burst into a sprint, following his battle brothers down the ramparts. Down to meet the enemy. Soon, in view were the entire gathering of traitors. Each one meeting a Space Marine and fighting to the death. Loose formations soon gave way to pure chaotic groups of intermittent fighting. With each grunt, with each howl, the frequency on the damaged Vox-caster upon Shiozaki's helm changed. Into a distorted, near rage filled hold containing all the fury and anger of Fenris itself. One after the other. Battle brothers were fell. Chaos Space marines fell. And soon. After the clash. The remaining survivors regroup. The traitors upon a small hillside. The loyalists on the inner walls. The last bastion.

    One member of the Dark Angels chapter stood, giving a speak. Spouting inspirational pleas to the remaining men. "Brothers! Look out to those saddened souls, those brought to chaos by their Primarchs and their Magistrae... It is our duty for the Emperor, and as Adeptus Astartes, to free them of their bond, and give them repentance! Brothers, do you remember Istvaan III, our owm brothers turned against the Emperor... Istvaan V... Again our own turned against us... Do not let those dark days happen any longer!" The Dark Angel turned and spoke now as he faced the traitors. "Do not let them forget that we, The Adeptus Astartes, we Space Marines, will purge the universe of both Xenos, and heretic scum!" The Dark Angel gave the final motion of his sword, for the last charge to commence. Both sides charge, and clash. The last few remaining loyalist form a near perfect Omega formation. Mimicing the Ultramarine logo. The Traitors did not catch on what was going on. They relied solely on their berserk rage and their numbers. But soon, caught in such a tactic. They faced fire from bolter, Lascannon, and grenade from nearly every angle. The battle was quick, and decisive. The last of the traitors fell to the ground. Silent was the battlefield as but a few surviving loyalist stood, battered and bloody, but victorious. Shiozaki stood around a few traitors he had slain himself. His gaze down at the marking on their armor. One such Alpha Legionnaire had the markings of Fenris on the underside of his chestplate. A former battle brother turned traitor. Shiozaki leaned down to rip the chest plate from the dead blighted warrior. Tossing it to the side, speaking intermittently through the broken vox-caster. "Filt-scum... Not-deserve-such a-protection..." Perhaps Shiozaki had discounted the warrior and cursed him for clinging onto such a sign of loyalty. As Shiozaki glanced up. Through the smoke and through the dead, he walked. The remaining loyalist had lost sight of Shiozaki. As the last few battle brothers gathered. And took count of the dead, and missing. Shiozaki was tallied as one that was missing in action. Only here-say and first hand accounts could be made of his presence. Shiozaki was still alive, and still wandering this world, this hell. Searching for his deceased pack, and his salvation which would reunite him, with them.

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