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The Whole Names Thing...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vintage, Jul 10, 2014.


Is this "naming" restriction a good idea?

  1. Name restrictions was a good choice

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  2. Yeah, not a good idea....

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  1. intense intents Capital_G Active Member

    is this reductio ad absurdum?

  2. People can complain all they want about that name, but it is goddamn glorious!
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  3. intense intents Capital_G Active Member

    that's easy enough to say, but if gw writes a book about EC, and the lead characters name is roboute guilliman, that causes issues.
    more than that, it's nonsense. astartes aren't named after their primarch, and another chapter's astartes would not be named that, and an ork would never be named that, and an eldar would never be named that.
  4. intense intents Capital_G Active Member

    1. no, those are things that you've inferred on bad evidence.

    2. because i already did.

    step up your game if you're here to troll.
  5. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

  6. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    This game isn't the first to restrict names, why is it causing outrage?

    SWTOR, for example, also bans the use of historical figures, characters from the SW lore, leet speak names, brand names and more. That's all that this game has said it's doing, too.

  7. If GW wants to write a book they can come up with their own names and then just tell everyone who their real in-game names are. Like having a character list in the beginning with the character's name, book name, and guild. Simple and clean.
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  8. That becomes a personal problem, they picked their name poorly as I do doubt that GW will publish a repeat name. If they pick a lore name, then despite a minuscule chance that GW will make your exploits be a continuation of one of their characters, you're forfeiting any creative rights to your game character, as it's their character and you'd just be borrowing its likeness.

    As such, a personal problem. I didn't say I thought choosing a lore name was a good idea, I just disagree with them compiling a database of obscure lore names, and near misspellings.

  9. The problem is Star Wars names can be incredibly strange, and in nay language you want it to be. Names in 40k all have a source in real life that they are derived from.
  10. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    1. you mean what you outright said, "We're here for the IP not the video game".
    2. And?
    I do wish people would stop flinging the word 'troll' around when they encounter someone with a differing opinion in a debate. It's beyond pathetic, I mean really, how am I trolling? Am I throwing around insult, misleading people with false information? Spamming the thread with offtopic stuff No.

    Seriously, it might as well be the next Godwin's law.
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