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"The War on Arkhona" A book from the Black Knight library

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  1. Chapter One: Welcome to Arkhona!

    The world is Arkhona, a treeless, lifeless, dusty ball with very little other then well, rocks, dust, and door-less window free Imperial structures. For some time this rather bland planet with at least 20 different shades of dirt and not much else in the detail department has been subjected to the woes of the “ETERNAL Q̶u̶e̶s̶a̶d̶e̶ CRUSADE”. The “ETERNAL CRUSADE” is the name given to the war that has swallowed the planet, well some of the planet. Err... actually it's more like 5 or 6 small teeny tiny spots on the planet that are only big enough for no more than 40-60 warriors to fight against each other. And believe you me, they have been fighting in those same spots for a LONG TIME (seriously we need new spots to fight in). Sometimes warriors of the different factions will fight for no obvious reason to escape from other teeny tiny places on the planet while in small teams of 5 warriors, these brave souls are fools and seldom escape alive and never with anything to show for the half hour they wasted trying to escape from said teeny tiny place. It is a well known fact that Tyranids have claimed all of the teeniest tiniest places on this planet as home, this despite the fortress-ish planet's lack of any biomass (you know the stuff tyranids consume to make more nids, the whole reason Tyranids come to a planet?) ((Come on guys you are killing me here)). There are four separate factions that have all of the equipment to fight a prolonged conflict in a tiny area repeatedly. They include the Emperor's mighty space marines. For a time the Emperor's forces arrayed here had known why they were fighting, as briefly it was written about by some actual legitimate writers with legitimate stories before the whole background fluff thing was scrapped in favor of...

    “Wait why are we fighting here again,” exclaimed Apothecary IvotedforTrump of the Imperial Fists.

    “Just shut up and Call the Rhino F%$^#@*,” replied the voice of the kind brother sergeant GirlSpaceMarine of the Ultramarines.

    Apothecary IvotedforTrump pushed a button at what appeared to be an undefended console near where he had suddenly appeared ready for battle a moment earlier, and just as suddenly he found himself in a rhino and heading straight into sergeant GirlSpaceMarine. Already his skills were being put to the test, but it was too late for sergeant GirlSpaceMarine, the sergeant made a sickening squishy sound as the Imperial Fist tried to maneuver the metal box out of the way and failed. IvotedforTrump quickly appeared outside of the rhino to see if his sergeant was okay. The Ultramarine veteran was crawling around on the ground on all fours. Luckily IvotedforTrump was an apothecary, skilled in the art of healing himself, and sometimes other space marines as well. As soon as the Imperial Fist apothecary approached sergeant GirlSpaceMarine he began to administer self aid repeatedly in the hopes that making himself better would eventually help his struggling sergeant. Alas, GirlSpaceMarine bled out before Apothecary IvotedforTrump could lend him aid. The apothecary crouched and stood up several times over the fallen sergeant in an effort to extract the dead marine's progenoid glands when another space marine of the Imperial Fists chapter, brother Ilikecookiesyumyum suddenly appeared outside the rhino and interrupted apothecary IvotedforTrump.

    “Hey IvotedforTrump,” said Ilikecookiesyumyum.

    “I’m happy for you brother Ilikecookiesyumyum,” said IvotedforTrump, who was determined to repeat his crouching and standing over the corpse of his fallen sergeant.

    “Man fuck cookies,” Ilikecookiesyumyum replied tersely.

    Dust swirled around the treads of another rhino as it came to a stop next to the two bewildered Imperial Fists who had by now completed the ritual over GirlSpaceMarine and had extracted his progenoids. A voice inside the rhino was speaking to the two yellow marines, but it was difficult to make out what was being said as somewhere nearby a random invisible space marine was shouting “They have tasted my blood” from nowhere and everywhere all at once as another invisible space marine fired his heavy bolter repeatedly about 3 inches from the Imperial Fist's ears.
    "I thought the Raven Guard were not taking part in this campaign brother," Ilovecookiesyumyum said bewildered.
    "I don't know," Ivotedfortrump shrugged.
    From inside the rhino came a deep manly voice that was heard over the war cries of the invisible Raven Guard warriors,“Get into the rhino assholes."

    The Imperial Fists realized that this was their chance to rejoin the battle and quickly disappeared inside the rhino.

    Two minutes later the marines quickly “appeared” out of their red unmarked rhino vehicle. Most who “appeared” outside of it thought that it could be a Blood Angels Rhino, but without any chapter or company markings it was hard to tell.

    “Brothers, errr, how did we actually get out of this rhino,” questioned brother Eldarplayerssuck69.

    “Pretend that you walked out from the door or the ramp brother,” called out brother smallpeepeekiller of the noble Space Wolves chapter, “That’s what I do.”

    “Oh… but the doors don’t actually seem to work,” replied Eldarplayerssuck69 slightly confused,

    “How does one get back in,” he continued.

    “You walk up to the damned thing and disappear into it of course,” chided Brother FU DisDat.

    DisDat was the leader of a powerful warparty of space marines on Arkhona called “For the Ultramarines”, or FU for short, so he was of course privy to all sorts of information, the rest of the squad were assured by his presence and accepted his explanation as if it were written in the Codex Astartes itself. Many tales had been told of the victories that FU space marines had won. Their battle chant was “FU in victory, FU in death”. There were rumors of a copycat warparty FU2 skulking about claiming to be FU, but for now these rumors were dismissed as hearsay and conjecture.

    The battle was off to a wonderful start. The objective was simple, win the match by capturing and holding three generic buildings with no doors that were completely open to the Arkhona atmosphere despite housing really sensitive adeptus mechanicus equipment that you would think would be destroyed or damaged by exposure to conditions like those that existed on the planet. A quick look at the equipment revealed that it seemed to serve no specific purpose other than looking mechanicus like and being completely capture-able by one of the four factions on the planet now.

    Brother Khorne420blizted was the next to pretend to walk down the ramp of the rhino transport. He was a Blood Angel, and a bad one at that.

    “Yo homies where is everybody,” Khorne420blizted was clearly wary of staying in the open like this for too long and he hefted his double power fists in a slow shrug to emphasize this.

    “JPA” vanguard veteran WD Justicus Aurelius was last out of the pretend rhino ramp, and he appeared next to Khorne420blizted. “I do not know brother, but be on your guard,” Aurelius voxed.

    “HUE HUE whaaaat,” giggled Khorne420blizted, “what did you just say man?”

    Battle brother Khorne420blizted was having a hard time understanding WD Justicus because Aurelius belonged to the Watchicus Deathicus war party of the Arkhona Vanguards, they were one of the oldest most privileged war parties on Arkhona. They were also role players… Role playing a chapter that literally is Deathwatch from the GW lore… except they aren’t deathwatch, even though their name is like latin for watch & death or something. BUT, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO with the Ordo Xenos and they are a totally separate chapter that is in NO WAY related to Ordo Xenos Deathwatch, except they are literally a bunch of different space marine chapters brought together under one chapter’s banner for the express purpose of… fighting xenos... in black armor… I know, it is confusing, but trust me, THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL, JUST SHORT ON ORIGINALITY. Suffice to say that it would take a lot for WD Justicus and Khorne420blizted to get along. But now that they were battle brothers fighting in the same squad, they would have to learn from each other quickly.

    As the two space marines looked at each other the ground to shake around them and the air grew thick with whatever it is Eldar/Altmeri Dominion/Aeldari/Space Elves use that passes for bullets amongst their "misbegotten kind".

  2. Justicus Aurelius died moments after exiting the rhino, another victim of patch 1.3 the "tactical escalation of unbalancing bolter porn edition" content hotfix for Eternal Crusade.

    "Nooo not again," were veteran Aurelius's last words as he vanished into a red mist of his own blood that cost him 5 dollars to see.

    Khorne420blitzed pooped his power armored pants and thanked the salt gods he was not a support class or JPA. He then took a puff of his thrice blessed combat bong and charged head long into the last point his team had already captured, sure that was where most of the fighting really was. Eldar shiruken fire peppered the ground around him, but no one paid to much attention to the guy running away from the fight.


    "What is he smoking," Eldar player and brony Iloverainbowdashand40k asked the other space elf weirdos watching Khorne run full speed the wrong way as the other weirdos gathered around him to mock the space marine assault from inside the fortified open air building that felt vaguely warhammerish.

    "I don't know but I want some," Ashshouldnothavebeenamoderator replied.

    "Guy's lets moon them!" shouted Ted. Everyone liked Ted.

    "Good idea, a sound tactic Ted," Diemonkeigh, leader of the biggest Eldar guild in the game (13 members and growing... down from 14 ((Phil quit))) said decisively.

    "Everyone knows we are the best players in the game, lets show them how awesome and smooth our bottoms are!" Diemonkeigh continued.

    The Eldar took up positions inside of the pointless plasteel square building with some brass skulls thrown around here and there with a big computer terminal that had the letter "B" over it in monkeigh.


    Veteran Seargeant Disdat, brother Ilovecookiesyumyum, and apothecary Ivotedfortrump found themselves taking cover behind the same generic open air Imperial structure that seemed to dominate planet d̶u̶s̶t̶b̶a̶l̶l̶ Arkhona. The Eldar could be heard inside laughing their small health bars off at the cowering marines.

    Brother Disdat pointed his toilet bowl covered pauldron and arm toward the Eldar, who were sticking their bare butts out of the windowless structure and waving them back and forth.

    "Brother fists, we must assault these vile xenos," exclaimed Disdat.

    IvotedforTrump shrugged, "I just don't know, I took a lot of stuff to heal everybody in my loadout, but I don't have any armor... and my health is like 20... Those Eldar butts look like they mean business."

    Ilikecookiesyumyum stood to his full and towering height after accidentally pressing the crouch button on his keyboard, "I'm with IvotedforTrump disdat, those...," were his last words as his poorly textured banana clad frame collapsed to the ground.

    Before Disdat could react to the death of his brother a rhino sailed through the air to assault the Eldar position.

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    May one contribute to your stories? :D @Vaanes
  4. By all means, Salorne the god of salty water demands it! Salt for the salt god! Nerfs for the next patch!
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    "Farseer PointyEarsSquig68, how much time until the webway gate opens? Khaine's call inside me rises in its intensity like a hellish furnace of a raging star, demanding blood of the mon'keigh spilled in rivers!" howling banshee Fuckeldar! addressed the noble farseer PointyEarsSquig68 with irritation in her voice by typing her message with CapsLock through a psychic terminal.

    "Stop fucking roleplaying, retard," the wise farseer replied, getting already tired of the aspect warrior's presence within his Alpha squad. Perhaps he might consult with other farseers later on to banish this warrior from their glorious warhost. But banshee Fuckeldar! did have a point - the webway portal wouldnt open until the opposing forces were more or less equally numbered, no matter how hard eldar wayseers tried to open it prematurely. Was it a result of Chaos's shenanigans or the mon'keigh's detestable corpse-Emperor's magics? No one knew the answer - the portal has opened after 60 seconds-long delay, but if some aspect warriors or soldiers from lesser races decided to abandon their warrior-kin then the gate's psychic count was always reset anew - it was irritating, but such were the rules of the Webway none of the Eldar could change - the Old Ones could, but they were gone long ago....

    "Merge squads, you noobs," came a terse and harsh command from the exarch Iloveboobs, of the Fire Dragon aspect shrine. The psychic count hit zero at last and the mighty eldar warhost finally deployed on the desolate Arkhona's ground through the webway. Somehow, to banshee Fuckeldar! their translocation through the webway to real space seemed strange - suddenly the eldar just teleported on the ground at the same time, some of them rubbing shoulders with their comrades. To her further surprise all of them, including herself, were chanting battle cries and mottos of their shrines, perhaps to increase morale, the banshee thought.

    "Cap C first," came a command from Davidthenakedelf, leader of the Bravo squad. What was the purpose of these captures, banshee Fuckeldar! thought while she was approaching a Wave Serpent coming out of nowhere through a strangely looking station. Why she was supposed to give her life to capture some points which had no strategic value to the Eldar? Were eldar lives truly so worthless to spend them on capturing points named A, B, C and D for no obvious reasons?

    The Wave Serpent skidded on the air from a station, hovering smoothly on anti-grav engines - a Dire Avenger was crushed beneath transport's bulk - he wasnt quick enough to get out of its way, but no aspect warrior wept for a fallen brother - not yet, their war-masks protected eldar fragile psyches from grief.

    "You fucking idiot," was the last curse brother xxxPippy-Peppy583xxx whispered before reappearing amongst his fellow warriors 15 seconds later, reborn in flesh and blood! A miracle - since the Fall no eldar was able to reincarnate in a new physical body, his or her soul doomed to inhabit a spirit stone or suffer a much worse fate.....interpreting this sign as a good omen banshee Fuckeldar! sprinted gracefully towards point A, ignoring a Wave Serpent which accelerated towards point C, having crushed several more aspect warriors beneath its bulk.

    To the banshee's surprise she was running strangely and awkwardly - with her powerblade swinging in front of her face so she could feel heat of its activated power field caressing her banshee mask. It was extremely dangerous to run this way but the banshee couldnt change her pose for some reasons and so she simply ran, occasionally crying battle hymns and swinging her powerblade for reassurance of fellow warriors. The mon-keigh left no guard near A point and banshee Fuckeldar! informed her exarch of this fact. She approached a strange terminal, not quite knowing what to do next - destroy it, destabilise or something else?

    A Dire Avenger halted before the terminal, picking a small bluish oval object out of his body (he had no satchel or bag around his waist) and hovering it above a glittering terminal. The object was vibrating as if something inside was trying to escape - suddenly the Dire Avenger let it fall from his grasp and it plunged into the terminal, causing sinister and vibrant recoloring of the holo-field over the terminal. Hod did her brother know on how to treat machine spirits of Adeptus Mechanicus? Was he a disguised imperial agent?

    Shit, it's hard to write as funny as you do :D, I guess I'll leave it to you, didnt want to delete all this stuff I've typed
  6. Captain Disdat of the Ultramarines and Apothecary IvotedforTrump of the Imperial Fists watched helplessly as the rhino sailed over their heads. The Eldar continued their display of xenos butt waving superiority that threatened to overwhelm the two remaining space marines and send them to an early grave, unaware of the light blue airborne rhino about to assail their position.

    "This will not be an honorable death in battle," grumbled Captain Disdat.

    IvotedforTrump was to distracted by the novelty of a flying rhino to pay much attention to Disdat, he used his picter to quickly get a shot of the rhino in flight as it began it's downward arc on to the fortified Eldar asshole position.


    "Guys I swear all I pressed was W, I pressed W and I might have tried to run one of those damn eldar over, but when I hit him he launched us into the air! I have no control over where we are going, I... I think we are going to crash into that building," cried brother Howling Asspain.

    "You mean the one filled with Eldar in front of us," replied Sergeant Ragnar Milkdrinker, rather annoyed.

    "Who let him drive," shouted Sven Selfhelp, the most expensively armored of the eight Space Wolves in the rhino.

    The others remained silent in the rhino, having all thought it would be a good idea to get in the rhino with Howling Asspain.

    The Space Wolves rhino landed mere inches away from the smoothest of the Eldar bottoms waving in the breeze. The Space Wolves dismounted at the command of Sergeant Milkdrinker.


    Disdat took the touchdown of the rhino as his cue to leave cover and go charging into the enemy position. His chain sword sang and his bolt pistol barked death, or at least a percentage of death based on a complicated formula involving damage and toughness as it relates to penetration on an enemy with a hitbox the size of an Imperial Fist's codpiece (which is to say it is an especially tiny hitbox hue hue).

    The Ultramarine captain was amongst the Eldar in no time, he quickly squared up against his first opponent, welcoming the opportunity for one on one combat. Disdat lunged, a HEAVY ATTACK aimed at the Eldar farseer, who had literally been caught with it's pants down, looked like it would end his puny foe. But the half naked Eldar ROLLED away and DBASHED Disdat, his smooth ass glinting in the setting sun. Disdat would not let this tricky xenos get the best of him, he began to spam FAST ATTACK, his chainsword flying furiously through the air, taking him closer and closer to the doomed farseer. DBASH! CLANG! WEAPON BROKEN! Disdat switched to his combat knife to continue the melee brawl, he was about to get the best of the eldar farseer when IvotedforTrump shot him in the back.


    IvotedforTrump stood stunned, his aim was awful, and now even if he stole the kill from Disdat as was his original plan (for honor!) he would get no points for it! He would just have to heal himself around the Ultramarines captain and hope for the best, that maybe one of his self heals would reach the wounded captain. IvotedforTrump finished the Eldar Farseer and began to furiously heal himself around Disdat as Disdat crawled around seeking to lead his would be saviour into the surrounding Eldar crossfire in a calcualted effort to exact revenge upon the Imperial Fist. Ivotedfortrump followed the crawling marine and the two came upon a stack of boxes with a crouching Dark Angel looking quizzically at them while raising and lowering his bolter.

    "Hi, my name is Lion the Johnson, and I am a free to play player, how do I aim at these elves? I don't know which button to press, the game doesn't have any instructions," Said the Johnson.

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  7. The squad of Space Wolves howled, howling was fun.

    "Thank the all father we can howl," said Sergeant Milfdrinker.
    "Yes, I mean you have to have priorities, and those priorities should be howling, and somewhere below that balance."

    Out of nowhere and everywhere the sound of a quad gun manned by an invisible Raven Guard space marine rained invisible fire mere meters from the newly disembarked Space Wolf squad. The space wolves were glad for the support, even if the Raven Guard seemed to just be making lots of noise.

    "Has anyone ever seen the Raven Guard here on Arkhona Sergeant," asked a random noob guildie.
    "No, but trust me, they are here. It would seem all they do is make lots of noise by firing their gun right next to you while staying invisible, but they are most certainly here. Now let the big wolves talk," Millkdrinker growled.

    The last space wolf to appear outside the rhino, poor brother Grim Toothpaste, instantly fell into the lava that surrounded the open air mechanicus compound on which the squad's rhino had just landed. The building, which looked vaguely 40k from certain angles, was a maze of open rooms without windows. The howling continued as the Space Wolves marked their fallen brother's wordless gravity induced passing.

    "Who builds things on top of lava," asked Selfhelp.

    "The Mechanicus, that's who," replied his sergeant matter of factly.

    The remaining sons of Russ, including Sven Selfhelp, whose armor looked all of the 40 dollars he spent on it, charged into the fray to join the lone Ultramarine clashing with a half naked farseer. Clearly the Ultramarine was important, his armor was adorned with many toilet bowl lids, indicating his high ranking status in his chapter. The other space elves were all trying to put their pants back on, Milkdrinker did not care, he would slay Eldar with their pants on or off.


    Warmaster Nathan Au Revoir stood before the console, the destroyer of dreams was clad in armor of the darkest and tightest gold. He clenched his buttcheeks hard and smiled as he watched battles from all over Arkhona unfold on pict screens around him. Evil dripped from the ceiling of his lair in a region of Arkhona called Canayduh. On one screen hundreds of orks were being killed with rocks thrown by small Imperial children. On another screen PVE was dying. On a third screen a space marine was falling into some lava.

    The war was going just as planned, everyone was playing for free, his lead game designer had thrown any semblance of balance out the window before leaving for good, and the guy that had been putting new cosmetic items into the game store and game was now the new lead game designer AND cosmetic item/store guy. Things could not be going better, all that was left to do was to wait for the money to come rolling in.
  8. Maensith Subordinate


    The Warmaster was the ultimate champion of Money Undivided, blessed by the hideous and terrible powers of the economy. Book of Profit spoke of this day, the Warmaster thought triumphantly, and nothing could prevent Income Bearers, Warmaster's own Legion, from claiming victory.

    "The psychic torment of countless souls proceeds well, my lord," a hoarse and rumbling voice addressed the Warmaster from behind - Income Bearers' First Chaplain Ash'Eru was grinning widely with his legendary banhammer - Nerdbreaker - slung across his shoulder pad. The First Chaplain was a figure of unimaginable power and he was responsible for maintenance of due spiritual and moral climate amongst the Warmaster's cultists worshipping Eternal Crusade.

    The Warmaster nodded with satisfaction without looking at the Chaplain. The Steam system of Segmentum Obscurus has already been successfully plunged into chaos - hundreds of negative reviews saturated the Warp with dark energies of pain, suffering and whining of those customers who were disappointed in the game. The poor souls' cries of rage, agony and anguish were bringing terrible warp storms into being and the Dark Gods were pleased.

    "What of our cultists' devotion, Ash'Eru?" the Warmaster asked. The First Chaplain was fully prepared for this question for he knew what troubled his master.

    "In whole our followers do well, my lord, but there have been several threads of complaining about balance, mainly from the Eldar - they demand buffs to their survivability and increased damage to their weapons."

    Xeno scum, thought the Warmaster. "Continue," he added aloud.

    "Cultists feel disturbed by a great influx of new followers who cant worship Eternal Crusade properly - they lack playing skills, coordination and tactics, not to mention total absence of strategic thinking. There have been several insurgents, Warmaster, but they were successfully banned and distanced from our Legion."

    "Hmmm, that's interesting...what of the RTS's dynamics, Chaplain? How much do our followers spend on buying cosmetics?"

    "The Eldar players complain of unjustifiably and unfairly high prices for a tiny number of cosmetics they already have, but that doesnt matter, they arent our main player base - the space marines continue to make regular purchases."

    That was good, very good - until the inflow of money was positive everything was under control, the Warmaster thought - he would never let some foul xenos to ruin his plans....

  9. Maensith Subordinate

    The space marines fortified their positions against the perfidious Eldar in the Fort Ronan - a lonely fortress, a bastion of the imperial might, one of many on Arkhona. The damned xenos pressed hard, shoving the imperial walls and barricades with their dead slender bodies wave after wave, as if they had limitless numbers of their aspect warriors.

    Apothecary EmperorlovesMacha of the Space Wolves wondered how long it would take for the accursed xenos to drive the space marines back. The apothecary has seen no drop-pods raining from the skies like some avenging meteors, plunging into the atmosphere to unleash the Emperor's fury, no imperial cruisers bringing reinforcements, no teleportarium deployments - he just knew that his brothers appeared out of nowhere inside the fortress, ready for battle, equipped and eager to spill blood - he didnt know how EXACTLY the new warriors got inside the besieged fortress with all entrances blocked by the Eldar but he didnt question this issue - the Emperor certainly knew how to assist His servants and that was all the apothecary wanted to know.

    EmperorlovesMacha deployed another healing grenade nearby his brothers manning heavy bolters - the AoE of this new equipment granted to him by the Emperor was ridiculously big and apothecary's brothers affected by grenade's emanating gazes were somehow always healed from any injury inflicted upon them thus allowing the apothecary to tend another businesses. He spotted a single small breach on a far side of the wall, already detecting many xenos pouring through it inside the fortress.

    That was disturbing and very bad, the apothecary thought. He remembered the other two imperial fortresses on Arkhona he had previously fought on - Agnathio and Harkus - recollecting their structure. For a reason that was beyond apothecary's comprehension all fortreses either had small breaches in their walls or another roundabout ways to get inside, like sewers or even special entrances. EmperorlovesMacha wasnt an expert in architecture and especially in military fortifications deployment like the Imperial Fists or the Iron Warriors were but he knew that such structural vulnerabilities gave the attackers obvious advantages - he briefly wondered who were the idiots who designed these fortresses, whether a result of Administratum's or Mechanicus's complacency or incompetence, but a punishment was certainly deserved for everyone responsible.

    "EmperorlovesMacha, they come, brother, point A has been taken, go inside," brother ChampionofTzeentch called him. A strange name for a loyalist space marine, the apothecary thought, retreating deeper into the fortress and preparing for incoming rush of vile xenos scum....


    Revered howling banshee ElvesarentOP ran forward and howled in triumph. Technically she wasnt an exarch and neither she was an ordinary howling banshee, so this strange prefix Revered made her somehow proud. Every Aspect had their Revered warriors although no one knew for sure what that meant. There were no autarchs and exarchs implemented by the developers and so, somehow, the eldar warhost operated on their own - it was strange to fight without guidance, but it gave freedom of tactical choice.

    The revered howling banshee glanced at her shiny golden power sword with pride while she was dancing around a kneeling space marine, cutting his throat with a wet paperish sound of wraithbone hitting ceramite and flesh - she had to spend 500 000 requisition points to get it, though none of Aspect Warriors ever bought weapons to fight with. It was so shiny, so golden, so beautiful....just a recolored ordinary power sword with no special parameters to justify its strange price but still so nice....

    "Flank them, clear the balconies, waste their spawn tickets," ElvesarentOP's squadmate shouted. The revered howling banshee wasnt particularly educated on mon'keigh military fortifications' structures yet it was very strange for her - all imperial fortresses on Arkhona were, in fact, big vaulted chambers with giant windows for Swooping Hawks to get inside and without any heavy bulkheads to close the doors or gates - they were always open. Moreover, there were no combat servitors, no traps, no long and complex corridors sprawling inside the fortress to get the attackers confused - nothing that made imperial structures on other planets so difficult for the Eldar to fight in - there were just balconies placed above the glittering Mechanicus's terminal waiting to be captured.

    Soon the fight turned into mindless carnage - actually as it always did on fortress maps. A plan was simple - to spill inside the fortress with endless numbers of warriors to spend mon'keighs' ammunition empty, sacrificing hundreds upon hundreds of Aspect Warriors just to capture this cursed terminal for no obvious reason. Swooping Hawks soared high upwards, flying through the window frames and plunging deep into the ranks of heavy bolter spammers. Striking Scorpions melted into shadows and crawled silently upstairs, the Dark Reapers just fired their heavy cannons, indiscriminately butchering allies and foes alike....

    The glass cannon Banshees were more careful and tried to flank the space marines as best they could. The banshee ElvesarentOP silently thanked Jain Zar and the dead eldar gods for tiny hitboxes her slender body had while she was gracefully and dexterily sprinting through space marines' ranks, her golden 500 000 requisition points power sword singing a terrible and beautiful song of death each time it tasted blood of mon'keigh.

    A piercing shriek of pain escaped the banshee's lips as she was "fisted" (attacked by a powerfist) and she dropped, strenghtless, on all four only to bleed quickly. "Oh no my veteran spawn point is wasted!" she cried in frustration. A space marine didnt hesitate and quickly came atop her, crouching and standing from her sprawled body several times before finally saturating his perverse lust and moving on.....
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    @Maensith - "Apothecary of the Space Wolves"? You just destroyed my willing suspension of disbelief :mad:
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