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The true cause of most of the negative reviews

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Goldo, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. tanksin tanksin Recruit

    even with the streams that stated the changes etc the game released with less than what was and by the game is on par if not a little worse than the space marinegame the pvp section anyways, thats not to say its not fun at times because i have sunk a decent chunk of hours into it but the game isnt what people really wanted and it was released in an unfinished state. bethesda gets away with that every game though lol
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  2. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    The livestream before the launch one would tell you everything that's going to be in the game so that's only an hour that someone would need to commit.

    If that's too much time then the person could just ask a simple question on steam.

    If they are genuinely misled by the infographic and the game doesn't have anything like what they expected well they can just get a refund on steam - you can work out what's in the game after les than 2 hours playtime.

    E - apart from the overpricing, how is the RTC shop shady?
  3. Ærthe Aerthes First Blood!

    The silence of the dev team don't help...
  4. I'd love another Game Design thread!
  5. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    So the week before last, when they were doing their livestream, they went over everything that was going to be in the game and when it was going to be added if it's not in already, along with the full plan for post-launch? Because they don't normally do that in every episode.
  6. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    A lot of you are very misinformed though. There's a lot of complaints about how the Shrines are only helmet recolors, but one person who I asked about it said that those are placeholders and the completed Shrines will be much more than just a helmet recolor.
  7. Well it could be true or false. I wouldn't buy it untill it's final if I were you. So that's "spreading" nothing...
  8. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    ...That's my point. Coming here for answers is pointless when half of the time you guys don't even know what the correct answer is and are too busy raging over things to give an honest appraisal of the situation.
  9. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm fairly confident that a lot of the customization options (pricing, ect.) are temporary.

    No word on it for sure yet unfortunately, but to those saying it's "shady" you bought the game and recieved a budget of RTP you can spend in any way you wish. You can be impatient and buy items that will allow you to better function in the first 3-5 games, or ignore those items and buy them with the Req. you will recieve buy playing the game.

    But you do have... 40k? RTPs you can get visual customization with? I'd recommend you to wait and NOT buy any visual customization yet. The store was implemented less than a month ago. Many options were added the day before, or even at launch. @NoahWard is working tirelessly to deliever the warehouse of items in both the chests and cash shop. I'd suspect that things are still subject to change and if you buy an item that eventually gets a price reduction you'll likely be compensated.

    They've done this in the past and refund RTP all the time. (though they said there will be no further mass refunds of RTP si be very conservative about what you buy!!)
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  10. They come with stats that differ from the basic weapon their "skin" is based on.
    And they do offer better stats until you unlock a better weapon, thus rendering them P2W until you unlock something that makes them useless.
    Its still a shady as hell and unacceptable practice, it should never have been done that way and they should've been ONLY skins.
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