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The Tide Of Filth is recruiting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nurglitch, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Nurglitch Nurglitch First Blood!


    The Tides Of Filth

    Blessed children of Papa Nurgle heed the call of the great unclean and gather with us as we sweep the battlegrounds in filth and pestilence,
    spread the word of all that is corrupt and spew forth the tidings of disease and rot across the planet for we are the Tide Of Filth.

    Basic Requirements

    Black Legion only
    English Only
    Discord for grouping

    A little info about our Legion for all who want to follow the tide. We are a PvP/PvE/light roleplay Nurgle guild that are recruiting so that all the Death Guard heretics have a way to group up.
    All that we ask is that you follow orders when in a match and respect the other members and anyone with a higher seniority.

    Basic Info
    1. You dont need a microphone but if your looking to lead a squad then it will be necessary.
    2. We are an English speaking only Legion.
    3. The Legion is EU but we also play US times aswell.
    4. At the moment we are on Discord but will be looking to change to TS eventually.

    (post as a response)

    Steam Name (please provide link to steam):

    Location/Time Zone:

    Preferred role:

    Once i have seen you want to join i will send you a friend request on steam so keep an eye out for that.​
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  2. Mattjc129 Mattjc New Member

    Greetings brother!! I have been playing for only a little while as a Word Bearer, but have no problems with making a new Black Legion character. I have been a Nurgle fan ever since I started playing the table top back in the day.

    Eastern Standard Time. maryland United States

    Preferred Role: Sorcerer/healer, though I do have some experience with playing as a Heretic.
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  3. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    This is a message to ask for your aid in starting an event this Friday server wide! EC needs our help as a community to survive but we need to do our part! If you would join us Friday please leave a comment in the Rally Cry that has been posted by Katzu! Apologies if these messages start to appear a lot but the word needs to get out!
  4. Morriorghan morriorghan Steam Early Access

    Hi, saw you only recruit Black Legions, so i just made one to follow a Nurgle's warband, my favorite chaos god since ages.
    My Steam community page :
    I m playing on European Time zone, i m from france.
    I mainly play tactical, but i can play sorcerer or ground assault or havoc if need be
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  5. Swiftly Beyond Swifthaven Steam Early Access

    Steam Name: Swiftrider
    Character Name: Virumancer
    Time Zone: US East Coast
    Preferred Role: Totally flexible, tend to support and am a good follower, particularly if it involves spreading some pestilence throughout the land...

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