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The Templars of Caliban is recuriting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Voronsky, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Kurobara kurobara New Member

    Hey guys, sorry thought I had already posted here, pretty sure ive ran a couple of games with some of you in the past. Look forward to hunting the fallen with you all soon.
    Steam Name:Kurobara

    Location/Time Zone:UK/GMT

    Do you use a Microphone: yes

    Preferred role: Jump/Ground assault
    Apothecary (I don't mind swapping to whatever the situation calls for)
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  2. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Greetings Brother! I do recall the name from a battle on Fortress Harkus! I sent a steam invite, hope to speak to you soon.
  3. Imophel xAFTRBURNERx Arkhona Vanguard

    Welcome fellow brothers into the fold. We fight for the LION, we fight for redemption.
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  4. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Original post with updated as we hsve grown and defined ourselves a bit better. Don't forget brothers 9:30 pm est! Crusade!
  5. ChewerOfGum ChewerOfGum Subordinate


    Steam Name: Wiggles/Wiggins

    Location/Time Zone: South Africa/GMT +2

    Do you use a Microphone: Yes.

    Preferred Role: Apothecary, Tactical Marine.
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  6. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Greetings Brother! I will send you a steam request and I have sent a message response!
  7. ChewerOfGum ChewerOfGum Subordinate

    Excellent, many thanks!
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  8. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Everyone at Today's event did good work! I'm amazed brothers keep it up!
  9. Opiu18 Opiu18 Recruit

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  10. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Greetings Brother! I have sent a steam request!

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