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The Templars of Caliban is recuriting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Voronsky, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Reichmar Recruit

    Steam Name:

    Location/Time Zone: EST

    Mic?: Yes.

    Preferred role: None yet. Just started last week. I've been playing Tactical and Apothecary the most, but preferences could shift as I get more accustomed to the game.

    I'll vouch for him ! He is a Arkhona Veteran DA Brother ! It's good to see you among us Brother !
  3. valiar Valiar Preacher

    Steam Name: Sergeant Tyrael

    Location/Time Zone: Australian Eastern Time Zone UTC+10:00

    Do you use a Microphone: if need be, sure, usually not.

    Preferred role: Tactical w/ bolter or AV, both Assaults if necessary
  4. Steam Name: Tiddles (

    Location/Time Zone: Mountain time zone

    Do you use a Microphone: Yep

    Preferred role: Tactical? More like Tacticool. Devistator is also wonderful.
  5. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Welcome to the ToC!

    I believe a Chaplain has been assigned to you shortly!

    Sent invites and welcome to the guild!!
  6. gabby11111 Recruit

  7. Grey63 Recruit

  8. Hyperius Hyperius Preacher

    The Hammer of Arkhona will stand by the Templars of Caliban, and together we will purge the Enemies of Mankind!

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  9. Nizar Recruit

    Hello, I sent out an in-game request to join but it seems that it was rejected even though the application to join was accepted here. Possibly because I use a couple of different names and the one in-game is not as the one on this profile. I resent the in-game request to join.
    Anyway, my info is as following.
    Steam name:
    In-game name: Nirel
    Location/Time zone: Vilnius/EEST

    Yes Brother !

    There is nothing better like brotherhood between two chapters and purging together heretic sums and others enemies of the Empire !!!

    For the Lion !!!
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