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The Templars of Caliban is recuriting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Voronsky, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Greymane Berrin Steam Early Access

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  2. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Steam invite sent!
  3. Grey63 Recruit

    Welcome to the ToC brother!
  4. Brother_Salsi Salsi New Member

    Greetings Brothers, here is the form for the Adeptus Administratum .
    I hope to Purge Heresy with you soon .

    Steam Name
    : Salsi ( )

    Location/Time Zone:
    West Europe .

    Do you use a Microphone: Yes

    Preferred role: Tactical Marine
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  5. Knobshine Knobshine Drill Abbott

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  6. Steam Name : Spanish Banana ( STEAM_0:1:38804903 )

    Location/Time Zone: CEST (Central European Summer Time)
    UTC/GMT +2 hours

    Do you use a Microphone: Yes

    Preferred role:
    Tactical Marine/ Apothecary
    (But I can also play the other classes if needed except jetpack)
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  7. TIA HenriXD HenrXD Steam Early Access

  8. Nak Nakomy New Member

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  9. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

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  10. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Sent you all invites!

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