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The Templars of Caliban is recuriting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Voronsky, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. SugarDaddy CaptainWill Subordinate

    Thank you brother! May we show our enemies no mercy!
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  2. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Updated the original post, with some new interest and feedback from my fellow brothers!
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  3. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Steam Name (please provide link to steam):

    Location/Time Zone: EST, USA, VA

    Do you use a Microphone: Yes a headset

    Preferred role(in order of preference):
    Jump pack assault
    Ground assault
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  4. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Greetings Brother Snardbuckett, a Steam invite was sent! A group invite will follow along with TS information.
  5. Imophel xAFTRBURNERx Arkhona Vanguard

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  6. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Greetings Brother xAFTERBURNERx ! Sent a friend request!
  7. oh i ran with some of your guys a couple nights ago, was wondering what the ToC was but it just hit me :D
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  8. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Yeah that is true! We did, unfortunately a loss is what we got in the end. But on the 23rd, we shall have our vengeance against all Xenos and Heresy! They will repent for their alternative is death.
  9. Leon Voronsky Confessor

    Brothers and any interested! We are doing events (Practice crusades) for now, Saturday @ 9 - 9:15 pm EST
  10. Omid Recruit

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