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The Tarellian Race

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Google, Nov 21, 2013.


Should the Tarellians be represented in-game?

  1. Yes. They are interesting and it would be cool if they were added.

  2. No. Focus on other races. The Tarellians are not important.

  3. Maybe, but only if they are done right.

  4. I'm not sure.

  1. Google Google Well-Known Member

    Interesting point, yet I don't see why the Tarellians should not be represented when the other four stated races should. However, I actually didn't think about the other three (Non-Kroot) races before and it would be very cool to see them in the game. Thanks for the imput. :)
  2. Details Details The Spriteful

    I love me some lizardmen (my wfb army IS lizardmen!)
    but tarellians are not that relevant or common in 40k and most of their roles are already covered by tau and kroots
    it's like making hordo chronus Inquisitors playable instead of hordo xenos
    it'd be too particular and there's not enough canon fluff about them, thumbs down for me
  3. Google Google Well-Known Member

    Ok, cool. Maybe I should have made the thread say "Should the races allied with the Tau beyond the kroot be represented in the game?" Otherwise, I can see that it wouldn't work out. Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone.
  4. Details Details The Spriteful

    tau allies are too many to represent them all and most of them don't have enough background to provide solid infirmations about appearance or technology
    and not all of them are used as ground troops
    these are the races mentioned by lexicanum for example
    The Nicassar are a highly psychic race and were the first alien species assimilated into the Tau Empire.
    The Demiurg are a mining species that has allied itself with the Tau.
    The Galg are green, scaled, frog-like creatures that often form into mercenary bands which often fight for the Tau.
    The Tarellian are dog-like aliens who often work as mercenaries for the Tau.
    The Greet are an invertebrate species from the Ocean World of Isla'su
    The Ji'atrix are ethereal aliens skilled in void-faring.
    The Morralian are auxiliaries that employ Deathsworn to the Tau.
    The Ranghon are a race which has bowed before the Empire.
    The Hrenian are auxiliaries that employ Light Infantry to the Tau.
    The Anthrazods are a sturdy but dim-witted race used by the Tau for asteroid mining.
    The Brachyura are a small race unparalleled in the construction of Earth Caste Plasma Generators.
    The Nagi are small but highly intelligent worms known for their mind control abilities.
    The Poctroon were the first race to join the empire, but were wiped out by disease.
    The Formosians joined the empire in 896.M40

    kroots and tau are enough to offer various experiences on the battlefield
    even gue'vesa wouldn't be "good"
  5. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    The Tau have not even been announced as a playable race. Is this not a bit premature?
  6. Details Details The Spriteful

    Tau has always been known as a premature race in the end
    if you know what I mean
  7. They seem to be nearly unheard of among the majority of fans, I wouldn't bother wasting resources on them until maybe an expansion.
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  8. Google Google Well-Known Member

    I agree. I guess I just jumped the gun wanting to know what the future brings with the lesser races before it should even be discussed. For that I apologize. :(
  9. No need to apologize bro!

    The devs love hearing from us so rest assured your opinion will be considered!
  10. I would like some minor Xeno races mentioned, there are more threats than just the main Eldar, Orks, Tau, Necrons etc

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