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The Tale Of 'vixen' ((one-off Story))

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Krol, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((Just thought I'd give everyone a bit of background into one of my characters, 'Vixen', as she's gotten a lot of attentionin my RP thread and other posts I've made.))

    Chapter 1: That girl has problems.

    Mon'ka'shui - 3rd Sphere settlement

    It was a calm day, deep under the violet sky of Mon'ka'shui. Far from the main settlement, a small 'family' of Tau, Earth Caste, were busying themselves with their daily routine. Several of the Earth Caste performed routine maintenance upon various drones, skimmer tanks, building units, weapons, all of the basics that a thriving settlement needs. This small outpost consisted of a few buildings. Various life-support units, medical buildings, but most promimantly, a large Hanger containing a mass of vehicles.

    Next to this hanger, a home like building stood, and within, the complaining of a small child could be heard to those outside of it.

    "But moooooooooooooooooooooooom, I wanna go play with the drones!!!" The child said, frowning from her seat in a corner. "It wasn't even that big of an explosion! It was just a pulse grenade!" The child said, crossing her arms with a huff.

    "And you think that matters? You put two Fio'ui into the medical facility! They'll have a loss of productivity for three full rotations!" The Older female Tau, obviously the child's mother, began to chastise her daughter from the small kitchen unit, preparing an evening meal. "You were reckless, and not even authorized to perform maintenance on that Carbine. You almost killed those two!!!"

    "But I got it working, didn't I? Not even Papa could get it to function!" The child said, frowning.

    "We'll see what he has to say after he gets back here. But I don't want to hear a peep from you!"


    "Oi! Krol'jas! Wut're we doin' on dis tiny li'l planet, anyways?!?!" Thrakka bellowed, chewing on his tell-tale cigar. He sat next to Krol'jas in the front compartment of the Trukk they happened to be driving.

    "We's gettin' stuff fe'r da Waaaaagh! Dur!" Krol'jas shouted back, cuffing his friend on the ear. "Wut else could we be doin'?!?!" Krol'jas burped, reaching down to a large canvas bag labelled 'CHIPS', taking the large, oddly colored crunchy delectables and stuffing them into his mouth. He crunched on them, barrelling through the various critters on the road as they approached the settlement. "We'll be dere' soon ya git, den you'z can quit gripin' and get ta' blastin'."


    "Well, at least you won't be put into rehabilitation, Kora." The girls father said, glaring down at his daughter. "But your first promotion will have to wait until five cycles after it was set in. They can't have a reckless officer in their midst. The Greater Good can't abide by it."

    The girl looked down, frowning. Tears welling up in her eyes. "I don't even want to be a building officer! I wanted to be from the fire caste! I want to have fun! You'll never understand!" She shouted, crying as she got up and stormed out of the house, her father starting to give chase. He was stopped by his wife, shaking her head.

    "Just let her go calm down. This still isn't the worst thing she's ever done."

    "But I can't just let her be like this. The Fio'o might even demote me if we can't get her in line."

    "I know, but, with the abnormality... She just can't be brought into the Empire by simply being with us. The Ethereals said that she can't physically accept their words..."
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  2. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((I'll be adding to this in the days to come. Feel free to comment or suggest where the story should go. This story is by no mean finished in anyway, and I only have a few ideas for the character in general.))
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ((Just wanted to say I love those kind of threads which in basic are story only and give feedback on a character, etc. Looking forwards to read more out of curiosity!))
  4. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((One post every day, Work and all, y'know?

    I hate my job -.-

    And I hate taking forever to get into the Army. Friggin' paperwork is taking FOREVER))
  5. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    Chapter 2: Hell hath no fury...

    Krol'jas shifted gears again, trying to give his Trukk more speed, although, unbeknownst to him, the buggy was already at max speed. The engine revved up, making more noise. "You 'fink da' boss would'a dropped us off a bit closah..." He mumbled, staring at the road. The convoy of Ork vehicles grumbled and groaned, their engines pushed to the max as they approached the small outpost.

    "Least we'z get ta' blow somefin' up at da' end a dis' trek..." Thrakka said, raching down the large sack of 'chips', only to have his hand smacked away by Krol'jas.

    "MY CHIPS!!! You'z didn' bring a ridin' snack, so you'z don't get none!" Krol'jas shouted, swerving slightly as the outpost came into sight. "Oi! Dere' it is! START DA' HONKIN'!!!" Krol'jas yelled, hitting the big red button in the center of his steering wheel.


    Kora looked up from her corner, a loud honking noise echoing into the room she sat in. She stood up, moving to a window to investigate. "What's going o-" She started to say, being cut off by a massive explosion and the sound of gun fire. She looked over towards the hanger, where fires started to bellow. "Wha... What's going on?!?!" She shouted, neither of her parents being close enough to hear her. She looked back to the window with just enough time to see a horribly aimed rokkit flying straight for her home. She moved away from the window, but in the ensuing explosion, she was thrown away, into a wall, unconciousness pulling her into a lull of sleep.


    "FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!" Kora's father shouted, having been at the hanger when the attack came in. The remaining engineers and workers rallied near the vehicles, all of which were unusable due to repairs. He fired the pulse rifle that was handed to him by the three Fire Warriors that were posted to the settlement. His wife had a small pulse pistol, firing back at their attackers, the instinct for survival driving them to attack with a fury not seen in the Earth Caste.

    "Requesting reinforcements. Greenskin's have assaulted Engineering outpost 000-372! We're heavily outnumbered!!!" One of the Engineers was shouting through a communications panel.

    "Where's Kora? Where is she?!?!" Kora's mother shouted to her husband, panic starting to grip her.

    "She's back at ho-" Kora's father was silenced as a Trukk bashed straight through their feeble barricade. It screeched to a halt as Thrakka emerged, lighting up as many of the survivors as he could, shouting 'DakkaDakkaDakkaDakka!!!" all the while. Krol'jas, on the other hand, seemed quiet, especially quiet for an Ork.

    "Bah! Dese' gitz ain't no fun! Dey'z don't even know how ta' figh' propah!!!" Krol'jas said, cleaving through one of the Fire Warriors, his axe slicing straight through the pulse rifle that was brought up to block the strike. "Thrakka! Take care o' dese lot! I'z gonna start lootin'..." Krol'jas said, something sounding like a sigh eminating from his lips.

    On his way out of the hanger, a male Tau stood in his way, a wrench in his hand. Krol'jas sighed, cleaving the Tau in two with seemingly minimal effort. "Borin'... *Sigh*"


    Kroa groaned, holding her head as she sat up from the wall, bits of wreckage and various small fires spread around her. "What... What happened...?" She said, looking around. She didn't seem to notice, however, as Krol'jas entered the home, sifting through various bits of technology and household items, tossing them about. "Nuffin' 'ere, anyways... Awwww, Zog'it..." Krol'jas said with a sigh.

    "Papa...?" Kora said, her vision still blurry. She saw the silhouette of the massive Ork, but had no idea what it was.

    "Wut'z dis, den'?" Krol'jas said, looking over towards the source of the sound. He started to approach, his steps making the ground vibrate slightly. "Looks like a l'il blue grot, it does..."
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  6. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    I'z gunna start addin ta dis 'ere story. Wotz i get sum chewy bitz first.
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  7. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    Thrakka grinned with orkish glee as he unloaded PEACHEZ extended clip of spechul orkified ammunition into the outpost buildings while standing on top of the wartrukk. "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!! COME OUT OF YER 'UTZ YA PUNY GREYSKINZ!!! COME OUT EN FIGHT!" Thrakka shouted as he slaughtered Tau fire warriors attempting to flee the hail of huge bullets. Before long Thrakka had made three drive by's around the inside streets of the outpost. He had put so many holes into every building that most of them were crumbling. "Uh..boss? won't it be 'ard ta loot dem hutz if all da shiny bitz 'ave 'olez in dem?" A grot said to Thrakka which was hanging off the side of the wartrukk shoota in hand. Without even looking in the gretchins direction Thrakka backhanded the grot 10 feet through the air into the closest house. "Quit yer yappin ya git and start lootin!!" Thrakka hopped off the top of the Wartrukk and began to walk towards the large hanger in the center of town. Thrakka knew thats where the best loot could be pillaged and was saving it for last. As Thrakka started to approach the hanger, the sound of ork boys and gretchins looting and carrying on could be heard all around him. "Hmm...dis 'ere Tau door is right pathetic! Look 'ow eazy PEACHES shot throoo it!" Thrakka stuck his large finger into one of the bullet holes to inspect how far it penetrated. As that moment Thrakka's face changed to that of confusion. He looked around behind him and then scratched his head. "where da zog is Krol'jas? Da pimply grot is gunna miss da best part!" Thrakka said dissapointed.
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  8. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    Chapter 3: Please... Please stop crying.

    "What's... What's going on...?" Kora started to say, tears welling up in her eyes. She held her hands to her face, loud sobs coming from the small child. Krol'jas tilted his head, horribly confused by the crying child.

    "Wha... Why'z you cryin', li'l grot? You get to close do one'a th' 'splosions?" Krol'jas said, approaching a bit closer. He leaned down, his massive frame surrounding the little Tau girl. "Don't know why a l'il lucky blue grot like you iz out an' abou' in dis' place, neitha'." Krol'jas nearly whispered, the crying girl seeming to hit a soft spot for the large Ork. "Come on... Stop cryin', l'il one, you'z be big some day, you'z will." Krol'jas muttered, a large hand gently patting her on the head. "You'z a lucky one, you iz. You'z all blue, an' you'z even got hair..."


    Krol'jas, at least a much, much younger Krol'jas, joyfully played around in the squig pen with several gretchin, rolling around with the squigs and grots, playing and tossing about.

    The young Ork held up one of the grots, only freshly popped from the ground. "You'z me best mate, chunky, 'cept fer' Thrakka, a'course!" Krol'jas shouted, tossing the small gretchin up into the air with a squeal of happiness. As the grot hit it's peak mid-air, a massive bang eminated. The gretchin exploded in a mass of gore, splattering Krol'jas and the grots in blood.

    "DAT'Z ENOUGH O' DAT, YA GIT! GET OVAH 'ERE AN' GET TA' KRUMPIN' ON DESE' PRISONAHS!!!" A Nob shouted, grumbling. "Stoopid git..."

    Krol'jas seemed to cry.


    "Come on now... You'z can come wit' me, an' we'z can 'ave a fun time, we'z can!" Krol'jas said, a tear starting to form in his eye.

    Kora began to look up, tears still running down her cheeks. Slowly, unsure at first, she held out her arms to the big Ork, who promptly grabbed her and hefted her onto his shoulder. "Now, you'z let me know if'n anyone else tries ta' mess wit' ya, an' I'll krump'em. Alrigh' dere', L'il one?" Krol'jas said, the small girl reaching down to hug his neck. "O-o-okay..." She said with a sniffle. Krol'jas grinned, turning to leave the home as a great number of Gretchin began to loot the home in earnest.

    "Thrakka's not gonna believe wut I'z found. You'z me lucky grot, y'know dat'? You'z gonna need a name, you iz! How's 'bout... Vixen! I'z heard dat once! I'z like it!"

    "Okay..." She said, burying her face into his choulder, hiding her eyes from the carnage.

    "Now now, you'z need ta' see everythin', dat'z how you'z gonna get ta be a big Ork some day!"
  9. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    Thrakka stood in front of the large closed steel door at the large bunker thinking hard which hurt his head.

    "Howz da zog am I gunna get in der...."

    At that moment the sound of large footsteps came from behind Thrakka and was approaching at a lazy speed.
    Thrakka turned one orky eye over his shoulder and saw Krol'jas approaching with what looked like a blue grot on his shoulder.

    "Oy! Krol'jas! Get ova 'ere! Da best bitz are behind dis 'ere gate. Use yer choppa and cut it open so weez cud get to da best bitz!"

    But Thrakka's words seemed to fall on deaf ears as Krol'jas seemed more interested in talking to the strange blue grot he was carrying around. Annoyed at the lack of attention to his words, Thrakka walked towards Krol'jas and plucked the tiny tau female off his shoulder and put his mug within inches of the face of the tau and blew a hefty ammount of cigar smoke in her face

    " Wotz dis you'z carryin around wich ya? Lookz like one of dem grayskinz but grot size heh heh ha"

    "DATZ MINE!" Krol'jas bellowed as he struck Thrakka in the gut with his fist. The tau girl flew out of Thrakka's hands but a group of gretchins that were dutifully followed their boss sprinted and together caught the tau female before she hit the ground. "DON'T YA BE TOUCHIN DAT UN! AND DATZ NOT A GREYSKIN DATS ME NEW LUKY BLUE GROT!"

    Thrakka winced in pain for a moment but the blow moved Thrakka only at few inches on his heels. He then slowly raised his head to look at Krol'jas with a toothy grin on his face puffin his cigar.

    "Hea hahaha 'AVE YER GROT! But lad! You'z need to werk on yer stompin! Dat blow was puny dat was! But nuff wit da scrapin..Weez need to open dis 'ere door."

    Krol'jas frowned at Thrakka's earlier comment but seemed to forget about it as soon as Thrakka mentioned the possible loot behind the large warehouse door. He then stepped up to the large steel door and stared at it for a good minute.

    "OY! Grotz! Get to da trukk and tell da mek boyz to get me my powa claw! And take Vixen witcha! Show 'er 'ow ta fetch fings fer da boss! Krol'jas shouted"

    At that moment Krol'jas stepped close to Vixen and knelt down to her as she was still wimpering to herself. "Oy....Vixen (The large ork wispered) Follow yer grot ladz deyz gunna show ya how ta be one of da Big Fangz okay? You'z gunna be da biggets strongest grot eva you'z see! Youz gunna do great!"

    Vixen looked up at the large eyes of the ork and seemed to feel better at his words. She stood up and wiped her face and nodded smiling slightly. One of the grots grabbed her hand and began tugging on it "Come on Vixan! Weez gotta get da bosses powa claw!"

    Thrakka watched as Vixen and the other grots ran off to the truck and took a rather large drag of his squig cigar. Suddenly...strange sounds started coming from inside the warehouse which immediately caught the attention of the the two nobs that were standing in front of the gate.

    "Wat da zog is dat noise Krol'jas?"
  10. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    "Hmmmmmm..." Krol'jas grumbled, putting his ear up to the door. "Sounds like... I 'fink it sounds like one'a dem' Greyskinz mek 'fings..." Krol'jas said, looking over from his part of the door. "Soundz like it'z gettin' clo-" Krol'jas said, until the door slammed off of it's hinges, throwing the massive chunk of door and the Nob flying far away.

    The other half of the door slammed open, a massive battlesuit emerging. "This prototype might be able to last..." The suit's pilot said to himself, scanning the area. The suit's viewscreens showed the burning and looted outpost, Taut being cut down all over the place. The pilot raised his hands, the suit mimicking the movement. Two long blades emerging from the suit's hands. "XV-103 Swiftblade prototype online. Engaging in close combat!" The pilot yelled through the suit's intercom system.

    "Awwwwww, why's me guts ovah 'dere?!?!" Krol'jas shouted, looking from his spot on the ground over to a small pile of intestines. "Oh, wait, dat's one'a da' boyz' gutz, dat iz..." Krol'jas said with a smirk, lifting the heavy chunk of door up and over his head as he stood up. "OI! YOU!!! CATCH!!!" Krol'jas yelled, throwing the mass of hardened steel over at the emergent suit.

    Vixen witnessed from nearby, surrounded by several gretchin. She hefted up the power klaw she was sent to retrieve, but shook her head. "The prototype! It's too heavily armored for this weapon to do anything!" She said, her knowledge of the project coming out of her mouth.

    Krol'jas let out a shout as he charged forwards, crossing blades with the massive suit, his strength barely enough to hold the suit back. "Oi! Thrakka! Do somefin'!!!" Krol'jas yelled, his power axes hooking into the suit's blades.

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