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The story of an independent Word Bearer

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Overseer_Of_Moros, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. For thousands of years the lost Overseer of Moros III has reigned over his world. But in the horrified mind of the possessed Chaos Lord Arachnos the heresy was but a century ago, hot in his mind like a blistering brand. He had split from the original word bearers, preferring to roll with the weaker subordinate humans lost in the Eye of Terror rather than conspiring among astartes. In the end, this chaos lord felt a stable ruling, always able to squash weak human rebellions and bolster loyalty with iron-handed severity rather than face an eminent death at the hands of disorganized chaos legions. A tyrant by all nature Arachnos had pirated an armada to himself and plundered worlds in his wake. Soon however, the tide would change and half of his empire will fall, including almost all of Lost Heads fleet and a serious blow to his "economy". Cursed by Khorne the champions domain had been reduced almost to ashes in weeks and so he petitioned his original word bearer brothers for help, promising a huge payment and allegiance to the word bearer chain of command.

    Tzeentch answered his plight in a vision, and told him that Khorne's curse could be lifted if he joined the war on Arkhona and made petitions to the Iron Warriors and Orks for the war effort. The damned chaos lord, knowing the malice and relentless wrath of khorne's hounds made haste to Tzeentch's command. In a small fleet of pirated human vessels he and 7,000 elite cultist militants to Arkohna, anticipating the fall of the loyalists and aliens fighting there.

    Setting foot upon Arkhona Arachnos immediately confronted the followers of khorne, namely a daemonic astartes overlord named Gaakgakula whose black wings extended 150 feet. By some miracle of Tzeentch the khornite was overwhelmed by third party forces and slain, his body spawning nurglings as it rotted in the sun.

    The warp whispered and it told Arachnos the slaying of the Lord Gaakgakula bought him time. Inscribing his mind with maddened visions the powers of chaos beckoned to a chaotic warzone where an ancient xenos relic was buried...

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