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The Space Marines And The Greater Good

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Anvael, May 18, 2014.


This is...

  1. HERESY! Burn the artist who drew this picture, burn everyone who saw it!

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  2. Interesting, but only to a certain point [insert explanation and alternative ideas].

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  3. A suitable gift for the Greater Good, we shall thanks the Imperium for this in an "appropriate way".

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  1. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    If there are chapters like the Iron warriors and other loosely tied chapters to chaos i could see a chapter or two joining the tau
  2. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    Please don't give Matt Ward any new ideas = the UltraMarines future
  3. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    I mean an alliance between Tau and Chaos is possible, but a Chaos Marine chapter merging with Tau is really unlikely since Chaos Marines and Space Marines alike utterly hate xenos. They barely work with them, let alone join them.
  4. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    'Just find out that the wearer of the power armor in the drawing isn't supposed to be an astartes but a mere human - in this case a gue'vesa - using a 'Phobos Pattern'.
  5. Well that's just damn ridiculous. Please don't get me wrong, the tau do have small Battlesuits of that size and the design is great but they probably wouldn't trust Gue'vesa with them any time soon. They would also most likely ensure it resembled Tau equipment as best as they could, not attempt to replicate aspects of astartes designs.
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  6. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    im not saying the chaos chapters join but im just saying that there are chapters out there that dont really belong to either side more of a i fight against the imperium or chaos but i care little for who i ally with to do it
  7. Recent Tau fluff seems to indicate that Astartes are generally a no-go for conversion. Their psycho-indoctrination prevents them from doing such things. Astartes generally only do three thines:
    1) Stay loyal
    2) Go renegade, but this is more due to internal prosecution and other shenanigans. They feel they can do more good for the Emperor and humanity outside of the IoM's organization.
    3) Go full Chaos, but this is generally related to corruption and/or disillusionment
    I don't think you'll find a such thing as a neutral or xenos-accepting Astartes.

    Heresy. You of all people should know everyone wants to be Ultramarines when they grow up.
  8. Khorlial Member

    I quite like the Idea of Space marines joining the Tau for the "true greater good" not the T'aus greater good but actually to be allies that trade and work well together. The Imperium would be a lot better off with Tau and Eldar as allies not temporary either but true allies.

    But I could never see that happening it would be in all their best interest but:" Why win with Xenos, when we can lose without" That's sorta the Imperiums motto lol.

    And as for chaos space marines they really have no reason to join any xeno alliance as I think they might even hate xeno more than a normal SM.

    I could see a space marine chapter joining Tau if the chapter master and librarians chaplains etc. all agree to go on a crusade with them in the name of the empire using the Tau as reinforcements for something which they know they could not do alone e.g. stop a massive waagh/hive fleet. After the fighting is done however they would go their seperate ways.

    PS: The days of the imperium are over once Tau start making geneticaly enhanced supersoldiers but CHAOS will always be present HAHA!
  9. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    As I said believing in the Emperor is still allow in the Tau empire.

    Now, because the Emperor currently can't speak his mind out about what would be better for humanity and considering that the humans living inside the tau sphere have a better quality of life than the average imperial citizen, what does prevent a renegade chapter to see an alternative in the Greater Good?
    I mean, yes their is the psycho-indoctrination which push them to hate the xenos in a first place; but if a group of marines has eventually come to the conclusion that the Imperium is not the way to go, couldn't we ourselves conclude from this that the psycho-indoctrination has already failed most of its part and envisage that the said astartes might reconsider their hatred towards some xenos species who are being relatively kind with those they've sworn to protect from the very beginning?

  10. That happened once. There was a series of books called the Soul Drinkers saga about a chapter of space marines who were tricked and manipulated by Chaos into turning from the Imperium. Despite this, they saw Chaos for what it was and rejected an offer to serve Tzeentch while at the same time seeing the Imperium as a corrupt state which no longer deserved their loyalty. They did not instantly run to join the Tau Empire however, and instead worked as renegades fighting for humanity itself in place of Imperial authorities. There's more to it than that but those are the parts important to this discussion. The point was that despite being fully aware of the Greater Good, they did not join it for obvious reasons.

    Again, please remember it is not just the psycho-indoctrination that is stopping them from accepting the Greater Good. It's ten thousand years of fighting every single last kind of nightmare race in the galaxy, from the Orks to things vastly worse. Every seemingly peaceful race they have encountered or has been willing to speak to them they have either had to fight in the name of human survival and unity, or they have been tricked and betrayed. Again, the eldar, the one race they have been known to occasionally ally with besides the tau, repeatedly fight, manipulate and kill off humans at the drop of a hat. Even if the suggestions from the various tau codices are to be believed and the Tau Empire is a genuinely good place to live in, they would still see it as humans submitting to xenos authority and have every reason not to trust them.

    Even then, it's ignoring the very reason they were created - To ensure a galaxy where humanity commanded its own fate. Submitting to Aun caste rule would be failure in their eyes.

    Bah, that's a rumour spread by Alphairus in ultimate gambit of trolling the Ultramarines into being everyone's enemy. So far it seems to be working wonders.
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