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The signs are upon us! War is come!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Katzu_HSM, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    @Talron keep deluding yourself if you think that organizing a few guild events once every M is going to keep the game alive. Look at the numbers man. If there was even 1000 players in game, I would say the game is dead. But I guess if you want to consider your little official unofficial GvG day as 'keeping the game alive' then that's what you are going to do. Even if everyone around doesn't think so.
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  2. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    But he's right, there weren't actually any more players than the peak of any other day of the week, and there were fewer than the past 4 Fridays. Players are still leaving the game. I admire the intentions but .. it's not doing anything and there's evidence for that. I'm not pointing and laughing, I don't want EC to die either, I'm saying maybe don't put too much effort into this.

    14th July peak: 468 (Event day)
    7th July peak: 485
    30th June: 574
    23rd June: 588
    16th June: 769

    2 randomly selected days, this Monday (10th) and Thursday (13th):

    10th July: 528
    13th July: 477
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  3. -WCA-Vola Talron Confessor

    @KillSlim You are right Ill not deny that the main thing is the pointless toxic nature. If you want the game to survive just play from time to time and help it out or dont play it and leave it at that. Thank you for the numbers btw but the goal wasnt to get the numbers up exactly. It was mainly focused on getting the community to join together to help remove the toxic attitude that drove so many away and to that end we achieved what we wanted even if it was just for a short time.
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  4. Also, you can't judge mid-to-long term viability of a project based on the results of one event that went from conception to implementation in under 48 hours. As Talron said, the point here was exposure and attitude shift, which we have received word from several sources (guild and not) who really liked the results of this effort. Ultimately the developers have work to do, but in the meantime nothing stops us from amusing ourselves in the game they've given us to play it.

    You may dislike or have given up hope for this game, but we haven't and are trying to maintain initiative in this rough time. I don't see the draw in logging in to the forums day-after-day in a dogged quest to be the biggest or "most right" mouth screaming that the game is dead. Like, there's no award for it and nobody's gonna sit there waiting for you to post just so they can say "Ah! He has the same opinion I do! I'm so glad he posted this! My life now has meaning!"

    I see even less point in logging in to post negativity on a post written by people trying to do something positive in the game. If you don't care just move on and leave those of us trying to do something be to try it. If you DO care, then log in; the worst thing that happens is you're proven right and can KNOW FOR SURE, and bE ticks another log-in for EC this month, which is actually a win-win for both sides.
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  5. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    I reinstalled EC around a week or 2 ago following Nathan's post here, and I have started playing now and then. I have a lot of other games to play and a shitload of unpainted minis that are begging me to finish them on my painting desk, on top of some community responsibilities in another game, but I can afford 1 or 2 hours some days if I'm doing nothing.

    Also, I thought the intention was to get the numbers up, unless this is incorrect?

    As I said in my last post I think this is admirable for taking the initiative to organize an event like this regularly without the assistance from any in game guild functionality. I know full well how it feels to organize an event where there are no in game tools to help, you need to scramble around and talk to a lot of individual people on different platforms and often convince them to participate.

    I posted those CCU stats in a response to the claim that the event boosted player numbers, which it clearly did not, which was ultimately the goal of this event unless I misread this part?

    You need to calm that knee-jerk reaction you've developed lately. Anyone posting nothing short of worship for this initiative seems to be dubbed as some downer who's intentions are to bring down anything positive. Someone claimed the event worked, I posted evidence showing the contrary. If across multiple events the server pop is boosted, I'll continue to post any stats which will prove whether it's successful or not.

    If you're wondering why I'm still here, which is something you seem to ask a lot of people who are posting nasty horrible bitter salty things, and not fluffy sweet pink sugary positive things, it's mainly to try and keep track of developer posts and chime in on some player feedback, and reply to any developer-targeted suggestions. Plus I still talk to people who I've known for 3 years now (Thanks to EC) on the forums and via PM's.

    I can talk on the EC forums whether I play the game or not, whether I participate in your event or not, whether I'm posting something positive or not, thanks very much. Your condescending attitude is not helping your crusade of positive attitudes. The assumption that everyone who posts something less than overwhelming joyfulness is actually some shit/salt-poster who's hellbent on causing drama or sabotaging the efforts of others is a little insulting.
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  6. Sidenote: you just described my entire weekend; were you following me?!?

    Okay but surely you see the difference between "Admirable effort, guys" and "Admirable effort, even if it won't do anything. Dead game is dead." For those who don't see it, one says "hey you guys are busting your ass to actually try something" and the other says "You're gullible and in denial, flailing to save a sinking ship, but hey good try."

    I don't want everyone to be in some happy hippy dreamworld; its not realistic. And you are correct that we didn't state our goals clearly enough. As I've said, we had two days, and we weren't even sure it would work. What I know is our feedback suggests that the matches people fought FELT different; more competitive and interesting, with less rage and salt. Maybe that's anecdotal, but for that day I saw more of those than I saw of anything else. EC as a game didn't fundamentally change, but the base approached it differently and we're hearing they had more fun on the whole. I'm sure the next time we do this, if pitched properly. we could get more. Also make it more than Friday - I don't know about other people, but I couldn't hop in until the day was damn near over and even then my family was pulling me away from the game with uncommon frequency. I barely got play time in, but what time I did was enjoyable.
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  7. -WCA-Vola Talron Confessor

    I sense an argument that will go no where but circles coming our way so @KillSlim I apologies about the miscommunication during our event and any form of knee jerk reaction you may have seen. And @Katzu_HSM it isn't worth arguing on these forums if we want to clear the toxic air that lurks here. We need to all simply be open minded and willing to help the community.

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