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The Siegebearers (Iron Warriors Guild)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Rougespartan181, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Zaxie Zaxie Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Coderth
    Steam Name:
    Introduction: I'm Imfernal/Immy/Zaxie/any other multitude of game names that I go by. Though I'm not a super dedicated member to the game, I am on at least once or twice a week for a few hours. Though largely an Eldar player, I enjoy playing everything and spend a decent amount of time on Chaos. Although, LSM as a whole could fall into the Eye of Terror for all I care in this game.

    As Chaos I find myself playing Traitor, Sorcerer and Havoc classes the most, though will often fill for whatever is needed. Generally pushed into the anti-vehicle roles as it seems not many players go that route when trying to fill for the better of the team and have gotten pretty good at it.
    Expectation: Cooperative, organized matches mixed in with a fun, relaxed time. I love the idea of an only Iron Warriors guild and hope to be able to do a little RP with it as a games fun can only go so far when you just shoot people time and time again.
  2. Senguie Senguie Arkhona Vanguard

    I send you a friend request if you accept that, hit me up and i send a link to our discord.
  3. Mortius Recruit

    Name: Mortonis
    Steam Name: The_Destroyer44
    Introduction: My name is Destroyer, I am a friend to a couple of the current members. I've been interested in Warhammer for a long time, and even though I'm not super deep into the lore, I enjoy it quite a bit. Chaos is pretty awesome, too.
    Expectation: The only thing I expect from this guild is the opportunity to wage war in the name of the Chaos gods, and have a good time doing it.
  4. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    Hi Mortanis, add myself "[IVSB] Zeroth" on steam, but if you can't or I'm not available add "[IVSB] Traxius Rhuul" or "Wolfman112" and we'll get u set up as an aspirant in our Discord channel. We always need more slaves for the Gods, more bodies to throw at the wasting Imperium so it can finally crumble.
  5. G-Man ArgusPrime Steam Early Access

    Name: Torkar Ironborn
    Steam Name:
    Introduction: Name's G-Man, a young lad from Denmark who prides himself on being a casual gamer, yet always striving to do his best. I'm a long time Warhammer fan and recently began playing Eternal Crusade, and I'm fairly steeped in the lore of the Warhammer universe (even the forbidden things).
    Expectation: Being able to play with a group of casual, but organised people that can get together both to crush the xenos and the Loyalist scum, as well as trying out some PvE now and then.
  6. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    Hi Torkar, add myself "[IVSB] Zeroth" on steam, but if you can't or I'm not available add "[IVSB] Traxius Rhuul" or "Wolfman112" and we'll get u set up as an aspirant in our Discord channel. We always need more rusted warriors to slap some sense into those xenos and corpse worshipers. Help us shape the galaxy in the image of the Dark Gods.
  7. Application Template:
    Steam Name: cptmoroni
    Introduction: I'm a huge 40k fan and can't get enough of playing this game.
    Expectation: I'm tired of playing solo and am looking for a decent group players to have fun burning up the galaxy with.
  8. ChaosLord276 Recruit

    Name: Alexander Blackheart
    Steam Name: Paladin276
    Introduction: IRON WITHIN! IRON WITHOUT! \o. Hullo! I'm Paladin, or Monty, or whatever you wanna call me truthfully. Prior Navy, and played Iron Warriors when I first started in Table Top back in 3rd Edition(Gods I miss Basilisks...) sadly my internet stinks (for now) but I do my best with what I can.
    Expectation: To play with a bunch of like minded folks, to serve the Siegemaster Perturabo, and of course... ya know... kill Xenos and Loyalist dogs.
  9. Knobshine Knobshine Subordinate

    Name: Knobshine
    Steam Name: Knobshine
    Introduction: Greeting brothers. Please allow me to collect skulls with your chapter for the only throne that matters.
    Expectation: I expect to be able to join like minded skull hording brothers who realize that that amount of skulls gathered while actively working as a cohesive single unit vastly outnumbers the amount you'd otherwise collect on your own.
  10. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    This is a message to ask for your aid in starting an event this Friday server wide! EC needs our help as a community to survive but we need to do our part! If you would join us Friday please leave a comment in the Rally Cry that has been posted by Katzu! Apologies if these messages start to appear a lot but the word needs to get out!

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