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The Siegebearers (Iron Warriors Guild)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Rougespartan181, Oct 24, 2015.

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    For too long we have stagnated on Medrengard. Content with polishing our armour and building our fortresses and hating the enemy from afar. I am content no longer! In my eyes burn the fires of hate, the fires of ambition, ambition to see the Imperium destroyed, to see our enemies lie broken amidst the rubble of their shattered defenses. We will teach them to fear the Masters of Siege, we are the Iron Warriors! All who oppose us shall be crushed beneath our Iron Will. We will show the galaxy the strength of the Siegebearers!

    We are Iron Warriors!
    From Iron cometh Strength!
    Iron Within! Iron Without!
    We are the Siegebearers!

    This guild will be focused on maintaining well-meshed and cohesive squads working together to crush everything not-Chaos. I am and will remain dedicated to ensuring that this guild will maintain its activity and life, whether we get 10 members or 100.
    This guild is PC only.
    Some sort of voice communication abilities and a Steam account is required.

    Steam group page: The Siegebearers
    We're focusing on trying to keep this guild focused on specific objectives and attempting to hold scheduled, regular events that will be organized by members of the Command Unit. Both me and my right-hand man Pinkie are experienced with organized gaming. We hope to grow this Warband into something truly worthy of note. So lets get this siege thundering.

    As the exact specification for an in-game Voice Communication System is lacking, we will be using Discord for communication. It will be necessary to install this program to participate in guild activities.

    On the subject of age, this game will likely be rated for mature audiences. I've met people who are 15 years old but act like they're 30, and I've met people who are 20 but act like they're 10. I don't care how old you are, so long as you can act mature enough to work with your fellow members and follow orders with discipline.​
    Application Template:
    (Your in-game name.)
    Steam Name: (Your Steam account name.)
    Introduction: (Introduce yourself.)
    Expectation: (What do you expect from this Guild?)

    Squad placement and assignments will be determined over the course of Eternal Crusade's development.

    Warband Ranks
    Leader of the Warband
    Master-of-Arms: Second in command of the Warband
    Lieutenant: Commander of a Warband Company
    Captain: Commander of a Warband Section
    Sergeant: Commander of a Squad
    Corporal: Second in command of a squad
    Veteran Legionnaire: Veteran member of the Warband
    Legionnaire: Squad assigned member of the Warband
    Aspirant: Unassigned member of the Warband

    ----- Current Roster-----

    Command Unit
    Warsmith Zhorand Kovarh (Rougespartan1)
    Master-of-Arms Malek Forgefane (Pinkie)
    Captain Traxius Rhuul (Crashius)

    First Squad: The Iron Guard
    First Sergeant Ferrum Bellator (Chaotic Shadow)
    Corporal Soltarn (Soltarn)
    Veteran Legionnaire Deejious (Deejay)
    Legionnaire Gnor Fategrinder (Diamondwing)
    Legionnaire 1stHeretic (Deca)
    Legionnaire Sicarus (Tiamat7)
    Legionnaire FibonacciE350 (FibonacciE350)
    Legionnaire Zeroth (Zeroth)
    Legionnaire Stavros Megalos (AlbuKOSP)

    Second Squad: Breaker Squad Hez'thon
    Second Sergeant Savanok (Wolfman112)
    Corporal Barbaros (TEUTknight)
    Veteran Legionnaire Hoplite (Hoplite)
    Legionnaire Isarn Kentarch (Havel the Rock)
    Legionnaire Horyn (Notenboom)
    Legionnaire Viva Miriya (Viva Mirya)
    Legionnaire Kazakh (Snippy)
    Legionnaire Slurpeeking (Slurpeeking)
    Legionnaire Bebop (Bebop)
    Legionnaire Tibs Ironblood
    Legionnaire Data (Databro)

    Third Squad: The Stahlregen
    Third Sergeant Malchior (Senguie)
    Corporal Iron Wolfy (Wolfofprey)
    Veteran Legionnaire Paravox (Paravox)
    Veteran Legionnaire Kabarron (The Machinist)
    Legionnaire Ferrous-Manus (Hammer2904)
    Legionnaire Jyco (Jyco)

    Legionnaire Zulfron (coldtown)
    Legionnaire Xar'Sazuul (Razorback)
    Legionnaire Alexander-the-insane (THE NEON TETRA)

    Fourth Squad (To Be Named)
    Legionnaire Drachross Arcenia (virtualFear!~)
    Legionnaire Wolken (Thunderfury2575)
    Legionnaire Shadewar (Shadewar)
    Legionnaire Nictus Chi (Nictus Chi)
    Legionnaire Tarik Abaddon (Maximum Fluff)
    Legionnaire Magnehan Alvos (BronzyCoder)
    Legionnaire Aralek Thanix (Doomlin)
    Legionnaire Horyn (Mvd Notenboom)
    Legionnaire FlintIronstag420 (FlintIronstag420)
    Legionnaire SigurdrSnakeInTheEye (VerdeVerde)
    Legionnaire Ulverash (Ulverus)
    Legionnaire Delinom (Mahael)

    To Be Placed
    Aspirant Savatoth (Pundii)
    Aspirant GreenBubbl (GreenBubbl)
    Aspirant Drachnaer (Soup)
    Aspirant Falcus Rex (im Westen was Neues)
    Aspirant Fafnir Kassogore (Majoris Fafnir)
    Aspirant Eliphas (Duke4Dead)
    Aspirant Harkon (Joe)
    Aspirant Maltheuss/Kharbaal (Ultraman_Jim)
    Aspirant Asmodeus (Synapze777)
    Aspirant Praxxis (Epyon94/AmonKoth)
    Aspirant MechaRommel (Captain Comrade)
    Aspirant Player (Player)
    Aspirant The Slaughterman (Garbage Truck)
    Aspirant Vaurature (Vaurature)
    Aspirant xmlviking5 (xmlviking5)
    Aspirant Azkaban (cace2611)
    Aspirant Enduramus (EndGame101)
    Aspirant Khornne (Khornne)
    Aspirant Tresani (Tresani)
    Aspirant Codex (CodexJaeger)
    Aspirant Battleforged (Battleforged Daenithos)
    Aspirant Darkstargoater (Mountaingoat)
    Aspirant Warsmith-Agnar (PanzerJägerKommandantWeiss)
    Aspirant TraitorBilly (BillyBucket)
    Aspirant Iron-Heart (MM)
    Aspirant AnalUmami (orderdrake)
    Aspirant Dantioch (Bavius)
    Aspirant Commander Chicken (Cmdrchicken)
    Aspirant Cyrax Ironfist (konan79)
    Aspirant Sargos (ransargos)
    Aspirant Jon The Wild (JonTheWild)
    Aspirant Copenhagen (brendanh94)
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  2. Pinkie Pinkie Curator

    Hello my name is Malek Forgefane and I hate everything that isn't us.

    We'll have a few people from other communities joining as well, so keep an eye out for them.
  3. Pundii Pundii New Member

    Savatoth ready to smash some walls down.
    Rouge is gay.
  4. Name: Magnehan Alvos
    Steam Name: BronzyCoder
    Introduction: Hello, I'm Bronzy (as you could tell) and I've been a fan of 40k, particularly the Space Marines/Chaos/Tau for a while now. I'm not very interesting, unfortunately.
    Expectation: Squad Tactics, messing around and general fun on the game, which I'm sure is what's being aimed for.
  5. Hey look, Bronzy is being semi-professional.
  6. Name: Kabarron
    Steam Name: Psycho Memester / The Machinist
    Introduction: Hi, I'm Psycho Memester or The Machinist, I use either of those usernames. I'm in this guild because Pinkie told me about it and I like Chaos. I'm here to kill things.
    Expectation: Tacticool action, fun and a few laughs here and there. I don't really expect anything, I'm just here to chill with friends.
  7. Better. Thank you.
  8. Pinkie Pinkie Curator

  9. Hey. No summoning here, we have enough to deal with as it is.
  10. Pundii Pundii New Member

    Name: Savatoth
    Steam Name: Я педик
    Introduction: Howdy, i'm Pundii, a guy that does things on the internet, mostly playing video games. Big fan of Chaos and 40k so hey this sounds like fun, plus i'm friends with the peeps in charge.
    Expectation: Good shootsy tactical action, fun times overall and a good community.

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