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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this is the place to recommend new RPs, but here's one for anyone with the skill of GMing:

    A Command and Conquer RP.

    Nod vs GDI and all that.
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  2. In 0400 hours I will be deploying in my final operation. As of now, I will cease to be a member of the community and am fully withdrawing as I do not expect to return from what will be my last battle.

    Ave Imperator - The Emperor Protects
    Ut Morte Tyranni
    As a final parting gift, a short memoir of what will be for the unnamed few that will die far from home, their names unlisted and deeds unknown. To protect the innocent and ignorant so that others may continue on. Though we go to walk into the valley of the shadow of death. We will fear no evil for we have willingly embraced our deaths. Shed no tear and no ill will for our sacrifices are not in vain, and on the final day should we meet again, will our deeds be known and our names no longer forgotten. With rifle in hand and our orders known, our dogtags hanging from a riflebutt driven in the sand and our helmets held aloft as our final bastion. There is no greater death as a soldier than to give our final breath to pay for all the misdeeds we have done.

    In service to the United States Marine Corps, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. To the Fatherland for which my martial pride stems. To the Korea that will hopefully be united.

    That is all friends, I go now to my last battle.
  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    We once had a C&C RP.Never lifted off with any degree of enthusiasm really, mostly due to low interest.However I find the idea very interesting.We can do something along the lines of...lets see...Second Tiberium War, Mutant Federation is still a thing, Anton Slavik is still alive, and PC group got stranded into a middle of Italian Red Zone.

    Now, the players from all four factions need to band together, put their differences aside and try to survive in this post-apocalyptia on steroids!

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  4. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    ~The Cypher~
    Data-vault section
    Year of our Omnissiah: 00095017 M3 ;
    Week #12;

    Whats new this week?

    Wata/Watasurus prepares to launch his medival RP set within low-fantasy setting.Check the OOC thread for more details or start pleading him to open up a slot for your special little snowflake of a character on his Discord channel, dedicated to the said game.

    Maleth`s Shadowrun RP is ready for lift-of!Join while there are still slots available. Check it out here! (Discord link)

    OgrynLord/SneakyFeet/Urghak has his Warhammer Fantasy RP well underway on his Discord channel.Raise your sails on the Tides of the Old World, customize your ship, pick your crew from highly diverse ranks and choose your harbor from far away Nippon all the way to the wastes of ancient city of Zhar`Nagrund of the Chaos Dwarves!

    Shadhunter thinks I don't have all the information...but I do!Hah!The prying eyes of the Mechanicus are never far away, and my eyes saw that Shadhunter is brewing a very powerful concnocction.An Eldar RP!More-so...Eldar RP with his own personal stamp.An Eldar Strikeforce v2!
    For those that don't know what I am talking about and are too lazy to check in The Repository, here is a link to his previous game for ya:
    Shadhunter`s Eldar Strikeforce (in the days of yore, this was a very popular and active game);

    An abnormality has been spotted.While most of the RP games currently active, were losing their IC activity as sampled, Colapse`Scions of the Dark City tripled in activity!
    That's awesome!

    Currently ongoing RP games within the EC Manifold and its EC Discord auxillary node:
    dx144`s Mass Effect RP: IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    dx144`s delivered as promised last week, and here it is.Sink into the vibrant Mass Effect universe and pick one of multitude of interesting races and myriad classes.

    Activity levels: Active! (previous status - Active!);
    Acceptance of new players: Open!
    Akerath`s Old Hatreds : IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    From one of the oldest members of our little narrative community comes this classical Chaos RP that most of us needed and wanted.Join the newely formed warband, Vindicators, and descend upon the weak, the proud and the foolish.

    Activity levels: Active! (previous status - Active!);
    Tags: Chaos RP;
    Acceptance of new players: A well populated game, but there is always room for more in the warband!
    Colapse`s Scions of the Dark City: IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    From the digital pen of the maker of, Lord of the Maelstrom, Road of Blood and Perfect Warriors, comes another RP that refreshes upon the ancient and venerable 40K formula.Pick one of the dark children of Commoragh or one of its myriad slaves, as you loot,pillage and spread general misery - all in your Archon`s name!

    Activity levels: Very Active! (last week - Active)
    Tags: Xeno (Dark Eldar RP);
    Acceptance of new players: Open!
    Maleth`s Plight of the Ternaic Crusade: IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    From the creator of To Rule The Streets and Ordo Hereticus:

    Be one of the handpicked individuals, singled out by virtue and a heroic feat to be on a vanguard of a new Imperial Crusade, as the expedition enters a massive Telfora System.A whole new region filled with unseen wonders, strange new worlds and blackest infamy.Fight not only for the Emperor, but for the resources too before the Crusade grinds to a halt.

    Activity levels: Dying game! (last week: Stagnation!)
    Tags:Imperial RP; Colony (micro)RP;
    Acceptance of new players: Make sacrifices and debase yourself before the GM, in vain hopes of acceptance. (Open!)
    This RP has a real-time chatroom where once can ask everything it wants about this RP, its myriad enviroments and crafting system - here on its own Discord channel.
    TuskatheDaemonKilla`s The Brave and the Baleful: OOC thread; IC thread; GM profile;
    A refreshing superhero - RP brought to you by the creator of Mordheim and first Adeptus Mechanicus RP.
    Set into not-so-far future of star-lit transhumanism, start as a citizen of the City of Novus and pick one of diverse and interesting abilities as you work your way to become a freelancer, superhero or a mega-villain of tomorrow!

    Activity levels: Somewhat Active (last week status: Active);
    Tags: Earth RP; Other(not-40K);
    Acceptance of new players: Only by PMing the GM.Read OOC thread first.
    Jorimel`s To Sail Amid The Seas of Fate: OOC thread; IC thread; Char.sheet thread; GM profile;
    One of the most long-lived RPs on this Forum and its still very much alive and vibrant, all under the incredibly artful and creative Jorimel.An RP focused on playing an Eldar character to the fullest, so pick one of the wild Corsairs, survivalist Exodites or reserved and dreaming Craftworlders and embark on a long journey across the stars, as the Crone weaves your story and your very own epic quest!

    Compatible with new players that want to learn more about the Eldar race, as well as grizzled veterans.Dark Eldar characters are not allowed due to narrative dissonance.

    Activity levels: Active!; (last week: In stasis);
    Tags:Xenos (Eldar);
    Acceptance of new players:Open - but there is a queue, until your character can be intergrated within the story.

    If you are new and your head hurt from all the 'stuff' you`ve seen above, due to lack of understanding or you being generally new to narrative roleplay - then you need a tutorial!

    Pay your respects or perhaps find inspiration from the lost, at The Repository. (list of all the ended EC RP games)
    Last week`s Cypher`s RP digest can be found - here!

    The Cypher will be updated on a weekly basis.So every Friday you guys can expect your weekly RP digress. ;)
    If you, dear reader need any more help then this, then I advise you to ask around the Tavern, or join our active, real time chat - RP Tavern Discord.

    Two games have been prepared, sanctified and sealed in the Repository. (bossaroo`s Norse RP and DaKaptin`s Fallout RP);
    May they rest in peace.
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  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Four factions?

    Only ones I can think of would be Nod, GDI and Mutants. No other group was powerful at that time really...

    I mean there would be the odd group non affiliated and they're all weak in scope.

    Unless you're running with the Tiberian Insurrection alternate future after Dawn where Nod won the war.

    Wait... Do you mean the most incredible AI known to man, Cabal?

    Other than that I'd be kinda interested, depending what the premise is.

    It could be an Ion Storm took out all transport units or whatever was there ending up with us all stranded there, communications are interrupting all possible hope of reinforcements or extraction needing the few survivors there having to work together to deal with Viscorids, Fiends and mutant creatures. I would argue Floaters but they didn't come around until Cabal turned rogue.

    I'd say for Nod certain units/characters would be off limits for the most part, especially Black Hand and Cyborgs because Black Hand are the most fanatical of the Brotherhood and Cyborgs are programmed to kill the enemies of the Brotherhood and arguably follow strict orders from the Brotherhood.

    GDI, I don't think they have extreme fanatics who'd kill Nod on sight or Mutants for that matter. So really it would be more likely to make a GDI/Mutant group or a Nod only group unless the Nod units are more militia and not as fanatical.

    Would you like to know more?
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  6. i would love to see a 40k mordheim tried out again.
    really want to try an rp where i can play redemtionist for more than one mission before either everyone kill me, or the rp dies down for varius reasons
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  7. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Second Tiberium War? I absolutely loved Tiberian Sun! :D
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  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard
  9. i know that one.
    but i was talking about the rp that Tuska has run for short time.

    In the last necrumda RP, everyone became so scared of my char that they all teamed up on him.

    Though before that he started a cascade event that saw the death of four chars, though he only really coused the death of one.
  10. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    The fourth I had in mind was CABAL.So we might as well include a shorted-out cyborg that wrested his consciousness from the AI.

    I am guessing that would include Firestorm too and thus your floaters!

    Only Tiberian Sun? :/
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