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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Apr 1, 2015.

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    ~The Cypher~
    Data-vault section
    Anno Domini 0017017M3;
    Week #9;

    Constantly updated from Zeth`s own cogitator banks I bring you the list of currently active roleplays, wrought through the majesty and artistic prowess of its current GMs:

    Bossaroo`s Fame Will Never Die (Norse RP): IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    Immerse yourself in this Earth-like low-fantasy world as one of the infamous Vikingr Norsemen.Arm and armor yourself as you pillage and trade your way across the planet to fame and for Allfather!
    And who knows, maybe you`ll be worthy one day, to gaze upon the holy doors of the golden Valhalla.

    Activity levels: Active (last week - WIP);
    Tags: Other (Earth RP);
    Acceptance of new players: Open - new characters admitted by PMing them to the GM.
    Colapse`s Scions of the Dark City: IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    From the digital pen of the maker of, Lord of the Maelstrom, Road of Blood and Perfect Warriors, comes another RP that refreshes upon the ancient and venerable 40K formula.Pick one of the dark children of Commoragh or one of its myriad slaves, as you loot,pillage and spread general misery - all in your Archon`s name!

    Activity levels:Active (last week - WIP;)
    Tags: Xeno (Dark Eldar RP);
    Acceptance of new players: Open!
    Maensith`s United in Blood: IC thread; OOC thread; Char.sheet thread; GM profile;
    The Rhana Dandra, The Last Battle with Chaos, is almost upon the galaxy and turbulent times require unprecedented measures from the galaxy's denizens to have a slightest chance for survival.Chief Farseers of Craftworld Ultwhe send a plea for help to the mighty Eldar Phoenix Lords and their call is heeded by Jain Zar, First Pupil of Asurmen. Realizing that the Eldar alone cant possibly cope with the task, Farseers instruct Storm of Silence to find allies amongst mon-keigh, dark kin and even the Eldar's ancient foes - Necrons - for a temporary alliance against the common foe.
    Will Jain Zar be able to bring together such undesirable forces under her command and persuade them to work in conjunction?

    Activity levels: Stagnant (last week status - Barely Active);
    Tags: Universalist RP; Faction RP;
    Acceptance of new players: Open to all at any given point!;
    Maleth`s Plight of the Ternaic Crusade: IC thread; OOC thread; GM profile;
    From the creator of To Rule The Streets and Ordo Hereticus:

    Be one of the handpicked individuals, singled out by virtue and a heroic feat to be on a vanguard of a new Imperial Crusade, as the expedition enters a massive Telfora System.A whole new region filled with unseen wonders, strange new worlds and blackest infamy.Fight not only for the Emperor, but for the resources too before the Crusade grinds to a halt.

    Activity levels: Very Active! (last week: Very Active!);
    Tags:Imperial RP; Colony (micro)RP;
    Acceptance of new players: Make sacrifices and debase yourself before the GM, in vain hopes of acceptance. (Open!)
    This RP has a real-time chatroom where once can ask everything it wants about this RP, its myriad enviroments and crafting system - here on its own Discord channel.
    DeranVendar`s Will of the Word Bearers: OOC thread; IC thread; GM profile;
    Be one of the Damned as your Patron God abandons you in your failure.Under the guidance of Word Bearers fight to reclaim the favor of Ruinous Powers and take what was once yours!

    Activity levels: Dead game ; (last week - Stagnant)
    Tags: Chaos RP;
    Acceptance of new players: Unknown.Please consult the GM!
    TuskatheDaemonKilla`s The Brave and the Baleful: OOC thread; IC thread; GM profile;
    A refreshing superhero - RP brought to you by the creator of Mordheim and first Adeptus Mechanicus RP.
    Set into not-so-far future of star-lit transhumanism, start as a citizen of the City of Novus and pick one of diverse and interesting abilities as you work your way to become a freelancer, superhero or a mega-villain of tomorrow!

    Activity levels: Active (last week status: Active);
    Tags: Earth RP; Other(not-40K);
    Acceptance of new players: Only by PMing the GM.Read OOC thread first.
    Jorimel`s To Sail Amid The Seas of Fate: OOC thread; IC thread; Char.sheet thread; GM profile;
    One of the most long-lived RPs on this Forum and its still very much alive and vibrant, all under the incredibly artful and creative Jorimel.An RP focused on playing an Eldar character to the fullest, so pick one of the wild Corsairs, survivalist Exodites or reserved and dreaming Craftworlders and embark on a long journey across the stars, as the Crone weaves your story and your very own epic quest!

    Compatible with new players that want to learn more about the Eldar race, as well as grizzled veterans.Dark Eldar characters are not allowed due to narrative dissonance.

    Activity levels:In stasis; (last week: In stasis);
    Tags:Xenos (Eldar);
    Acceptance of new players:Open - but there is a queue, until your character can be intergrated within the story.
    DaKaptin`s Illinois Wasteland: OOC thread; IC thread; GM profile;
    A rare RP made by a first-time GM and yet a veteran roleplayer, comes this gem found in the radioactive wastelands of Fallout universe.Those that find the appeal of post-apocalyptic setting alluring, yet want to try something outside the 40K, this is their chance!
    Set after the events of Fallout 3 yet before Fallout: New Vegas, immerse yourself into this survival story as you try to rebuild Midwestern Commonwealth.

    As the Geiger counter fizzles, and the scorching sun glares with its merciless incandescent gaze, have a Nuka Cola - and put it on my bill!

    Activity level: Somewhat Active; (last week: Stagnant);
    Tags:Survival RP,Other (Fallout);
    Acceptance of new players: Open to all exceptional and vibrant enough characters;

    If you are new and your head hurt from all the 'stuff' you`ve seen above, due to lack of understanding or you being generally new to narrative roleplay - then you need a tutorial!

    Pay your respects or perhaps find inspiration from the lost, at The Repository. (list of all the dead EC RP games)
    Last week`s Cypher`s RP digest can be found - here.

    The Cypher will be updated on a weekly basis.So every Friday you guys can expect your weekly RP digress. ;)
    If you, dear reader need any more help then this, then I advise you to ask around the Tavern, or join our active, real time chat - RP Tavern Discord.

    One game have been prepared, sanctified and sealed in the Repository.
    May it rest in peace.
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Many might expect a wall of text, a speech or other sort of epically woven tale. Alas I say it as it is: I'm not coming back.

    I could make a whole list of reasons or give my apologies or otherwise attempt to consolidate those who are going to miss me. But why would that be needed if I had some of my lifes greatest joys here? Hit me up on Skype, username is in my profile.

    For those who wanted to play in my deathwatch further - I'm sure you will have plenty of fun with the rest here.

    For gms who bot my chars or put them in a corner - thank you but you can let go of them now.

    I might not have cracked the 40k posts as I hoped I might one day. But thats not important, since I made a plenty of friends here. And at least one I had the chance to meet even IRL.

    So you lot have a good time and should this forum ever die and you need another place to roleplay at and such - hit me up, I gladly would make you your own website/forum - a proper one from ground up. I'm still a webmaster after all :)

    I love you guys (and gals)
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  4. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Another great player as well as GM leaves the round drinking roleplay table. You will be missed sir it was a pleasure being apart of your games.
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  5. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Heyyyyyy guys! Well after a long moving out and working like crazy(I still kinda am) I got my internet hooked up today.

    Sorry for all the trouble I caused due to my randomly disappearing (for like the second time too), but this one was all of a sudden. My bad for no warnings. With my current job, I'll still be busy so I'll prob just be only in one RP at a time here. I'll still be around tho!
  6. I have been wanting to start a rp thread but I am not sure what people would want to play. I was going to post a new thread but I decided it may be better just to ask here. I am pretty flexible with anything and I don't have many other commitments right now. Anyone want to play?
  7. You're better off asking in the discord channel, more people are active there
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  8. Thanks for the advice! :)

    It won't open though.
  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Things I'd be personally interested... Don't know if you'd have a group join but whatever...

    MOAR Fallout RP
    Mass Effect RP

    All I can really think of at the moment...
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