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The Road Of Blood [casual Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 5, 2015.

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    <Evacuation> Feron, Edd, Vulpin, Ancalagon, Talon, Fenix

    With the help of couple of Salamanders, what was remaining of the Team and their gear was picked up and helped reach the lower floors. On their way, they saw many dead Space Marines, both Traitor and Loyalist, as well as auxiliary forces who gave their lives in the defense of the Imperium. Boarding the Thunderhawks which came for extraction, they left the Station riding alongside Seth himself and his honor guard, the twitchy Flesh Tearers restrained themselves from provoking the Team again. The extraction process lasted around 10 minutes as every loyal soldier left the Station, which exploded couple of moments after. But the explosion itself was a bit different, as the Warp Portal collapsed into itself and swallowed the Station alongside everything in it into the Immaterium, leaving only a desolate piece of void where the building was just few minutes ago.

    Once they reached the hangar bay of Flesh Tearers flagship "Victus", they saw that they were being awaited by a familiar trio - Jannika, Carlarth and Rocky. Wounded were immediately approached by medical staff and Chief Apothecary, who ordered Fenix to be taken to the Apothecarion where he will properly assess her situation. Master Seth on the other hand, gave the Team time to recover before the debriefing would be conducted...

    "Feron!" once Jannika saw the Salamander Commander she immediately ran towards him and hugged him, standing there and enjoying the moment, without saying a word...

    OOC giving you time to write some aftermath post if you wish. I'll probably do an epilogue and everything besides it later in the evening :)
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    If it wasn't for his own torn up set of terminator armor Feron might of registered the impact of Jannika crashing into him, none the less her gesture wasn't lost on him and he gave a tired smile, setting a hand on her shoulder. "We stopped them, not everyone made it but we stopped them. "
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    <Ser Roland>

    Screaming in agony he was pulled into the warp, however, Veritas protective powers finally wore out and through the transgression, Purgatory and Amraphel's blade seemed to overcharge with warp-powers and detonated, blowing his hands entirely off and within the transgression, throwing him off course within the twisted and unstable immaterium.

    He didn't even notice when his waist and below was ripped off, or if it was through the warps influence. It mattered little, pain was completely gone as his own dose of his mixed chemicals had killed the sensation and forced him to breathe, to live, to see.

    Yet, there was... Nothing. No sound, not even a backdrop. But it was not pitch black darkness either, nor white... It was awkward and no definition could pop to his mind to explain his surrounding. For once, he was uncertain what would happen. Drifting in the warp like this, wondering where the beasts of the chaos gods were to devour him. Perhaps they were scared. He brought himself to chuckle in his mind, as his own mouth produced no sound.

    Then, the scenery changed. Like he was about to fall unconscious it all twisted and rotated quick all around him. Vortexes of various colors, red, blue, green, purple, in all combinations, shades and shapes. Mixing and combining, slowly building something in front of him. It made him nauseous and closing his eyes just made it worse as he noticed. Then! A pull towards the masses center.

    He crushed on the surface, but it felt like he landed softly. His mind was confused, more so once he was sat up and starred into... He was not sure? The void? Was judgment upon him?

    "No." A gentle voice replied his very own thoughts. "It is ironic... Your life... Having escaped your death... Back on Salinas. Just because your chapter was short on Recruits... And then... A second time, when you were sent on your death oath... And you welcomed that by abandoning your Chapterhood... Now now, not a very nice way to reward your chapter, now is it? ... They trained you... Educated you... Gave you means to fight war for your... How is he known now... God-Emperor? ... Only a ten thousand years or so it is since he was called that way... Far too recent for my taste... I get off-topic again! ... Just let me tell you... You are the last of your kind, similar to how your spirit-friend, Veritas... Was... Just a few days ago, the entire fleet of your chapter got called to Arkhona, on order of Marneus Augustus Calgar, or well.... Someone who appeared to be him, let us just say that... You should have died... I start truly to wonder why I keep you alive! ... Alas alas alas, it was fun watching you so far... I shall continue doing so... Especially since you are an extra-ordinaire little warrior... You aided the Eldar of Ulthwe when your Inquisitor demanded it... But far more interesting, you aided the Tau when you actually could have chosen to die with your false honor... And far more interesting... You are one of the few Astartes that actually are human... Jealousy on the little Salamander because the woman you thought was a rival all this time, cares about him and not you... Your little gesture of contacting the Minotaurs... Or attempt of such... Pathetic, even selfish to a degree... Your intentions are right, you just execute them flawed... Like that little dance with Be'lakor, what were you thinking by all means? ... Apologies, apologies... I don't want to tell you how to live your life... But your time for making history is still to come... Perhaps. A very last chance to redeem yourself in whomever you care about. All has a meaning, purpose and reason. Just which? Do I just like to see you in agony? Do I enjoy to see you suffer? I don't even know! Perhaps it's the glimpse of hope to achieve so great and short before reaching such goal - fail dramatically. You came to save your allies and not even a tear is shed for you. Having lived and died in the shadow of Marmaroth. And everyone else will live with the glory. You did not defeat Be'lakor. Feron pushed him back. Veritas power allowed you to cling on him. And even now, you are not further fighting him. When will you finally step up to the game, Roland?"

    The voice changed it's demeanour and voice during the 'conversation' answering and reacting to each of the man's thoughts. And upon realization that his chapter was dead, the images were send straight into his mind, causing him to scream in terror of the pictures. The laughter of Fulgrim echoing as he finally got his victory over the Sons of Guilliman who pushed Daemon Forces back from Edo when the Ronins were at the brink of total destruction. And then again, that picture was imprinted upon Roland. The face of Fulgrim and his pleasure, watching the entire fleet of the Sons of Guilliman chapter be torn apart from all sides, no hope, not even capable of making a slightest counter-strike as they were simply massacred down like sheeps by a herd of wolves.

    The stumps were holding against his head and he was still screaming once the images were gone, however. One blink later, he found himself standing, his legs apparently restored, even his hands. Just his armor was stripped and he was dressed in simple blue and white checkered robes. "The Road of Blood never ends. But it is in your hands to decide if and for how long you walk it, until you fall, and never get up. Will you continue the marathon? Or choose to be judged by your own God? I may have won your life in a gamble... But your soul is not mine, Roland, Last of the Sons of Guilliman." Without a word spoken, he walked toward the only path that made sense for him...

    OOC: Just wanted closure before the RP is over for good. It was an enjoyable ride and a true homage to the original Deathwatch. Colapse did everything right and it was reflected in all of us through the joy we shared and experienced. May the RP Sub-Forum continue to go strong.
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    Vulpin Looked To Carlarth as he Brought her The hilt Pillair of Heaven remnant of Temptatus Force blade. "Its what we could recover from Tempatus, Feron has some of his Ashes as well. "We did our best and were able to stop the daemon that caused this Sen't him back to the warp with the aid of everyone and stopped his plan." Vulpin said to her as he then took out dart. "Fenix is going to be patched up in a bit gonna give you back to her soon as she gets up." he said looking to the skull probe oddly.

    His familiar came out of the shadows returning to Vulpin. "good to see you also." he said as his Grinx came to him. "Feron I was able to Recover Draconian's force blade what shall you have done with it?" he asked as he Gave the Salamander the Force blade. It was a long day and likely it would be longer over the next course of time. He would have to get healed Back together for not even he knows where his travels will take him next.
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    "I know" as she spoke she did not seam upset "he knew how he was going to die finaly able to rest after killing the lord of shadows" as she spoke she took the hilt of heavens piller and laughed "next time i will lead the charge in his stead"
  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    "So you are calling me a liar on my own ship?" Gabriel Seth growled as he towered over the human in front of him, forcing the man to sweat more than it was usual.
    "No my Lord," Inquisitor Seguin shook his head in denial, "I am merely stating the facts. Those are the evidence my servants gathered from various reliable sources. Marmaroth and his Team were there during your battle against the daemonic forces on Watch Station XV-424, but now they are gone. Please understand, we simply wish to interrogate them to understand what really happened. There are lots of questions still unanswered and it is imperative we find them. Also, I understand why you are trying to protect them. That Watch Commander hails from your Chapter and we all know the troubles you were going through and still are when it comes to working with the rest of the Imperium, so you must see..."

    Lord Seth growled and grabbed the Inquisitor by his collar, rising him up in the air like some small child. "So you are calling me a liar and even attempting to threaten me?" Flesh Tearer tossed the Inquisitor across the room, him falling over some table before getting picked up by couple of nearby Space Marines. "Get him out of my sight so he doesn't make me break my promise I gave to Dante." His warriors obeyed and Inquisitor Seguin was promptly "escorted" back to his shuttle and out of "Victus", while Seth was left alone for a moment, lost in thought.

    He did as he promised. Like you would guess, the Inquisition wasn't really thrilled with the explanation provided about how the entire Team was found dead and their bodies were never recovered. First they tried to threaten him openly, then sent this "peace" envoy, but Seth was accustomed to deal with those dogs in appropriate manner, so they left empty-handed and furious, much to his satisfaction.

    Of course, he and his men knew what really happened. After the battle was done, everyone who survived went through extensive medical and spiritual care, to make sure they were indeed loyal to the Throne. Fenix, who suffered most out of them was eventually healed by the council of Librarians, because her illness wasn't biological, although Balthiel claimed that she would take some time to recover fully but noted that a positive thing occurred because once awake, she asked for some money the Inquisition owned her on which the Epistolary simply laughed and reminded her where she was exactly at this moment.

    The rest of the Salamanders left suddenly as they arrived, but Seth wasn't really interested in them nor in their actual origins, and it seemed that they understood it and took it as a sign. Feron on the other hand, he went through a bit more - he was given a ship which transported him and the remains of his Brothers back to Nocturne. The others were, like promised, dropped off at the closest Imperial planet. The last thing he heard of them was that Jannika, Carlarth and Vulpin were asking around to find their own ship to command while Edd and Rocky were finally given the freedom they much deserved. As for animals, little drake found his way and left with the Salamanders while the bird Talon was sent to another Ronin who served in the Ordo Xenos as a Deathwatch Keeper to look after the little one.

    Nodding in satisfaction, Gabriel Seth left the room and headed straight for the chapel, to offer a final prayer for his lost brothers...

    <Red Sands>

    Blond man, his armor covered with a long cloak that hid his markings and a wolf pelt around his shoulders, while a black axe hang on his belt, looked over the horizon and saw a giant desert of dunes in various shapes and forms, between which a movement of some small animal could be seen. Besides him stood a black-haired giant with a pale face and black eyes. "He is somewhere beyond those dunes," the giant spoke, pointing somewhere in the distance, "And I think we can find him without much issue. The other one was like you know, snatched right in front of us and as far as I know, he is beyond our reach now."

    Marmaroth sighed as he cleared the sand from his weapons. "I understand. But after we find him, what then?" The giant did same thing like the Chaplain, clearing the sand and making his lighting claws shine with unnatural sheen. "The winds howl of a world called Arkhona, how the final battle will be fought there and whatnot. A simple lie to mislead those who are stupid enough to fall for it. While that conflict brews and all eyes in the galaxy are upon it, the real battle will be fought in the shadows away from it. It will be a perfect distraction for everyone to achieve their goals unmolested and I think we shall seize that opportunity for ourselves as well."

    "I can't wait."

    OOC please, if you wish feel free to write your epilogues for your own characters, how it ended up for them, what will they do etc :)
  7. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    Carlarth lead janika and vulpin to a shipyard that seamed diserted "welcome to hotep last shipyard of the watchmen" as she spoke the power came on as servitors woke up and a single ship was docked in the center "i think it needs a name what do you two think"
  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC: Kind of torn whether I should write something up for Talon. Kind of like writing an epilogue for only one of the Weasley Twins. *Sigh* I'll try to do a short one.

    The chamber was quaint, though by no means spartan. On one side of the room was a tapestry of calligraphy from Edo, next to it a rack of melee weapons, all were bladed. Some of the weapons, like the several swords and the Naginata that was stood up, had power fields installed into them, while others simply brought great meaning to the owner of the room. At the opposite wall, several banners from different Astartes chapter hung, including the decimated Sons of Guilliman. Each had a single lit candle in front of it with two sticks of incense burning on both sides of every memorial.

    An entire set of keeper power armour, the best the watch fortress could provide, was on display at one of the corners, while on the opposite corner a sparring pole was planted into the ground, with multiple steel limbs clothed with wood stuck out. Though the suit on display was a completely functional replica, it was not the set that the Space Marine that resided in the room used for his duties. In the center of the room a single figure sat on his knees in front of a low table. Several cups were on the platform in front of him, along with a kennel full of hot water. The astartes had his eyes closed, but his hands seemed to know exactly what was where on the table, picking up the kennel and filling a cup that contained a mixture of leaves.

    The aroma from the cup swarmed into the air, allowing the Space Marine to breath in the sweet and refreshing scent. He then took a small strainer and used it to separate the leaves from the tea itself, separating it into three cups. Placing one in front of himself, he moved the other two in front of the two fowls that perched on top of a custom platform by the table. One of the Venti bowed in thanks, before bending down and taking a sip of it. The other, with a slight discoloration in its newly feathered wings, didn't seem to notice the offer, looking forlorn into the far wall and alternating its stare from the wall to the table in front of it, not really seeing either. The first Ventus nudged it slightly, as if prompting it to drink a bit from the tea before it. The Ronin at the table opened his eyes and said the first word since his prayers in the morning.

    "It's ok Kaze, leave him be." Kaze, the first Ventus, gave the Astartes a concerned look, one only a mother could. "The fragrance itself will do if he doesn't want to drink. He just lost a brother, he'll need some time to say the least." And I just lost a son.

    The Deathwatch Keeper had received the news of his late student, along with the injured Ventus, a few weeks ago. Since then Kaze had fret her offspring with the intensity that can only a mother of 10 can when only one of her children is within wing's reach. Talon hasn't made a single peep since he had arrived though, and the Ventus barely eats, drinks or sleep. Still this did not deter Kaze's persistence in taking care of her son, constantly trying to encourage him to eat and rest more, but it would seem that the damage extended beyond the physical for Talon.

    The Ronin took a look at the data-slate also rest on the table, and stood up. Since receiving the first news of Satoshi's death, he had taken the time to properly honor his late student, placing vigil and the proper burial rites out as well as praying with the fortress chaplain. Such was the ultimate fate of all Ronins, to ask for a death in battle was better than none. However Satoshi, as joyous as it may be at the Emperor's side where he dwells now, was taken too early. He was young and full of life, and while he may not conform to many of the tradition ways of the Ronins, such innovators and reformist was needed to both preserve the ways of the Blade as well as usher in the future of their chapter. Satoshi, with another century or so, would have easily made the ranks of the 47 in Edo, had he ever chose to come back. Now he was lost to the denizens of the warp, just another youth whose potential never got to fully flourish.

    The news went from bad to worse, as the Slaaneshi Lord that was supposedly slain by an old friend from the Flesh Tearers had clawed its way back to reality. The fiend that killed Satoshi now leads a band of the Prince of Pleasure's followers in the siege of yet another imperial world, and threaten to turn it into a daemon pleasure world that would threaten the entire sector, maybe even opening another front for Abaddon. The Deathwatch Keeper had just received permission from the Watch Captain to be a goodwill emissary to the imperial forces tasked with throwing off the invasion, officially. Unofficially, he would be more than just and adviser form Ordo Xenos and the Ronins. He finished his tea, and stood up, and went to the weapon's rack.

    "Talon, you will return to Edo, while Kaze and I departs from this fortress." Talon didn't respond, or even acknowledged that he had heard in anyway.

    He pulled the top sword off, his own. Razegone had not changed that much in appearance over the years, but it's still lethal to the last millimeter, especially in the hands of the much more experienced Deathwatch Keeper now. The sword that was Haromi sat below it, and the Ronin reached for it after placing Razegone to his side. He unsheathed it, observing the newly recrafted sword from the hilt to the tip of the blade. He had kept the original physical characteristic, as to honor Satoshi and his mother, but everything, from the materials to the process it was forged to its anointing by the Chaplains and infusion of power from the Librarians, made this power katana, if it could even be called a power katana anymore, unique.

    With a combination of blessings from the various combination of Adeptus Mechanicus, the chaplains of both the Ronins and the Inquisition, as well as the personal infusion of power from the Librarians of his chapter and the Inquisition, Kankaku no Kira was perhaps the most processed weapon under the design of the Edo Pattern Power Katana ever built. Under the watchful eyes of the Inquisition during every step of the process so that it will not be bound or corrupted by any daemon during its forging, the sword matched the exact specification that the Deathwatch Keeper asked for. He had personally tested it for balance, weight, maneuverability, and a thousand different specifications that comes with the demands of an expert swordsman.

    What was special about the Kankaku no Kira was its effect upon the servants of Slaanish. Along with a representative of Ordo Malleus who was a close friend of the Ronin, the Deathwatch Keeper tested the sword against daemonettes and even Seekers of Slaanesh, with all results being the same: once Kankaku no Kira cuts into a daemon, it severs its connection with Slaanesh. Worse for it was it completely numbs the area where the wound is inflicted, robbing the daemon of any pain or pleasure from its bites. After executing a daemon, to the astonishment of a particular psyker Inquisitor, the very presence of the daemon, who had and should be sent to the warp, was just nulled. It was as though the Prince of Pleasure casted its servant aside when it could no longer serve with its worship of sensations allowing it to fall prey to either the three other gods or some other denizen of the warp. The Ronin spoke up at Talon once more.

    "The Venti in Edo need a leader, they are currently divided and war against each other. In the process they cannot flourish their numbers and they are slowly being picked off by natural predators and poachers. The Ronins there haven't officially adopted them under their protection, and thus they need unity and strength of a leader. Something that Satoshi would've jumped at." Talon finally looked at the Ronin for the first time; it was the first time anyone had said Satoshi's name in front of the Ventus since his death.

    The Deathwatch Keeper nodded. With the Kankaku no Kira strapped to his back, and Razegone at his side, the Ronin looked back at the melancholy Ventus. This was not about mere revenge, though the Ronin would not lie and say he does not wish to avenge Satoshi, but this was more about duty and honor. Duty in stopping the fiend before he causes any irreversible damage, and honor to not only slay, but to disgrace the Slaanish Lord in front of the Imperium, the Emperor and even his own patron. He would make contact with the recently resurfaced Sons of Guilliman with Kaze and begin his hunt.

    Shin Zhu is going to war.


    The discolored wings of the Ventus flapped as he landed by the nest with the results of his hunt. He had earned quite a few scars during the years of his return, all along his body. One particular cuts across his face, somehow missing his eyes but definitely disfiguring. He had to fight many other Ventus leaders in single combat during their unification on Edo, as even the smallest groups were fiercely independent, and while he always came out on top, he often also didn't come out unscathed. His mate didn't seem to mind though, and she nipped on his feathers affectionately as he smoothed out the feathers on the back of her head. While they showed appreciations for each other, some impatient chirpings forced them to turn their attention down between them. There four nestlings cried out for food incessantly, though they've long learned to respect their father, lest they suffered his slow built anger.

    Talon happily dropped the little rabbit like creature he was carrying into the nest, into which all four nestlings quickly dug into. His mate patently separated two of them, as they had begun fighting over who got the choicest meat first. A catch of this size would barely fill up a full grown Ventus, but it was more than enough for the combined stomachs of the babies. Talon gave another nip on the mother of his children to be reward with another in return and he flew to the top of the massive tree they call home. There he watched as thousands of Venti soar through the air over Hanta Tori forest, either the young challenging each other for the right to call a certain young Ventus his mate or the older hunting with the Ronin trainees and Astartes. Several stopped and greeted their leader, the unified, undisputed and respected one that not only stopped the quarreling, but taught them of the power of their species when unified.

    As the sun began to set, Talon screeched into their land as hundreds echoed back his cry.
  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Feron Terosis had arrived only several minutes from Nocturne's orbit when the transport was intercepted and sequestered by a number of armed Imperial craft. Feron's presence eliciting a personal detachment of garrisoned Salamanders to arrive for escort duties. Under close scrutiny and heavy watch the bearer of Skull-Splitter was returned to Nocturne's surface and chapter keep to be stripped of battered Tactical Dreadnought plate, weaponry and relics of his journey upon the Path of Blood. After that they took any secrets that might be welled up within his head with elements of both the Librarium and Reclusiam drilling into mind, spirit and body for any wells of taint or corruption.

    Several months later Feron stood within the Pyreum of Mt.Deathfire garbed in ceremonial robe, a pair of beautifully carved black stone bowels in each hand. Stepping forth Draconion's ashes and Temvero's bones were dumped forth into boiling magma cauldron, submitting them to the Circle of Fire so that they may become one with Nocturne itself. With that final duty to them both fulfilled Feron now looked to himself and what lay ahead. With that he submitted himself to the Burning Walk, self imposed exile into the Pyre Desert until death took him or a new path was revealed from the ashes of the old.

    For but a week did the ancient vanish into those unforgiving sands, so many before him had never returned yet such was not Feron's destiny. Every page of his life had been made an open book to his minders and the Master of the Chapter, this had been but another trial that would lead him down a path of thousands more. By years end he would return to Mt. Deathfire, submitting himself to hunt a fearsome Fire Drake, creatures of legend and a final goal before returning to the chapter at large.

    Dipping a hand into a bowel filled with the ashes of a felled drake Sergeant Quintor moved amongst his fellow members of the first. Each clad in venerable Terminator armor their left pauldrons were each painted with a piece of Nocturnean script in ashen grey. Brothers Trok, Bektun, Revonor and Feron stood side by side for the duration of their pre-combat ritual, thunder hammers and storm shields drawn they would be acting as the anvil for a beleaguered Imperial regiment below them on a planet overran by Tyranids. Skull-Splitter was nowhere to be seen on Feron's person having been placed within the Chapter's armory so that it might be drawn upon for engagements that would best be suited to its qualities. A fairly standard Thunder Hammer rested in right hand while his Storm shield anchored his left arm, latter a true labor of love and just barely finished before being shipped out as a proper Fire Drake. Depicted firmly upon its face ready to meet any and all blows was a rendition of multiple Astartes and just behind them a crowd of people, all uniform in their detail as it was still a work in progress, while rimming the back edge was the name of every person Feron had met and served with on Marmaroth's quest in tiny acid etched script. Branded into the band that bound it to his arm was the name 'Remembrancer'.

    War was upon them as in a flash the teleportarium took them from the stale confines of a battle barge and into a sloped trench, several scouts scattering away having set the homing beacon for them, their work was now elsewhere. To their front a trio of carnifex were tearing across a desolate field loaded with corpses of fallen Tyranids and broken up by craters from devastating blankets of artillery. With a clunk a krak grenade was loaded up into shoulder mounted launcher and Feron grinned. "Childs play my friends. " Shield up and locked to his comrade's they formed an unbreakable line that lumbered forward to meet the siege beast. In the grim darkness of the Forty Second millennium there may be only war, but there were still plenty of people worth fighting for.
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    - Rocky and Edd (before epilogue)
    With the miraculous victory over the Demon Prince Be'lakor, Edd's system's began to shut down. The strain on his physical body had reached its limit. Edd didn't feel pain, he didn't feel anything. Senses dulled by damage and targeted pressure. Luckily most of Edd's 'hindering' memories returned, if fragmented. Words, faces, and even sounds were unfamiliar to Edd.
    His Hud bionic eye showed all this to Edd. A image of his brain with black spots and broken synapses. None of that mattered to Edd, all he felt was peace. The enemy was gone or dying, He was alive, and he would return to fight again. What more could a man want? What were a few memories to that?
    As they dashed through the crumbling station, Edd carrying the limp form of Fenix the bounty hunter @PorOborosCain , he wore a happy grin. Not everyone had made it back, but at least a handful survived. All had stared into the Abyss and didn't blink.
    'Hope ya saw dat Emprah, and dat ya keep lookin' out fer us. I'm tired... when we get back, fink a nap's en order.' Edd thought as he boarded the escape Thunderhawk. "Did ya see dat Marmaroth? We killed dem good n sent em all runnin' scared. I hope we can keep fightin' loik dis... Hope da Emprah got our comrades ta a safe place."
    Returning to the Fleshtearer flagship, Rocky greeted the returning warriors. Subtly wiping away a tear, many faces no longer among the returning, but still relieved to see them. He walked with a crutch, his leg still bandaged and broken. It seemed the ship medical serfs gave on on trying to keep him in bed.
    "Welcome back mates, glade you kept your heads in there. Our hosts found it in their hearts to update us on the situation as it progressed. Loosing contact with the spear tip is an ill omen. Edd, what's wrong? You look dazed?" Rocky said with concern. Edd did indeed have a strange face, his smile seemed hollow and his eyes blinked slowly. "I'm good Rocky, just tired. I wanna lie down. Gonna go ta medical n get some rest. Fenix needs ta rest too." With that Edd left with the other injured. Leaving Rocky with a concerned expression. 'What happened to you in their buddy?'

    OOC: Wrote the epilogue, but gonna wait until a response. Edd and Rocky aren't done fighting!

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