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The Road Of Blood [casual Rp]

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    Dramatis Personae

    (in alphabetic order)

    232611-Ares "Six", Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster - KIA

    Agent 48, "Jaws" - Imperial Assassin, member of the Eversor Temple - returned to Imperium

    Amraphel, Advisor to Marmaroth - KIA

    Brother Angelous, Blood Ravens Techmarine - KIA

    Braccio, Sergeant of the 597th Valhallan Regiment - KIA

    Brother Dorallius, Excoriators Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Draconion He'tar, Salamanders Librarian, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Gaius, Howling Griffons Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Hugen, Crimson Fists Chaplain, seconded to Deathwatch_- KIA

    Brother Icelos, Sons of Corax Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Kajar, Storm Lords Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Feron, Salamanders Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch

    Brother Satoshi Himura, Ronins Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Sitri, Lords of Destruction Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Brother Steinar, Space Wolves Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - MIA

    Brother Temvero, Salamanders Chapter, 5th Company - KIA

    Brother Volorox, Marines Malevolent Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch - KIA

    Carlarth, The Silent One, human psyker, Tempestus's apprentice

    Coatl, Heretek Explorator - KIA

    Edd, Ogryn Bone'ead

    Fenix Grosvenor, "Bloodhound", Bounty Hunter

    Gaylord Beerle, High Throne Agent-Pariah - KIA

    Hera, Machine Spirit of "Angelfall", destroyed alongside the ship

    Ixtab Stygies, Skitari Vanguard Alpha - KIA

    Jannika Oswald, Captain hailing from Minotaurs Chapter, liaison to Marmaroth

    Lysander Cariaso, Adeptus Arbites Investigator - returned to the Imperium

    Kira Dirge, Sharpshooter of the 123rd Charissa Regiment- KIA

    Manner Aspin, Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus - Excommunicate traitoris, killed on Sombor

    Marmaroth, "The Reborn", "The Exiled", Lord of Deathwatch

    Melgator Zeth, Skitarius Ranger, Tech Guard of the Cult Mechanicum - KIA

    Otto Strauss, Lord Commissar, Leader of the 32th Ruvornian Storm Legion- KIA

    Pavel Van Morten, Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus - KIA

    Philitites, Special advisor of Marmaroth - Excommunicate traitoris, killed on Sombor

    Rocky, Ratling

    Sirius Jules, Former Apothecary of the Sons of Guilliman Chapter - KIA

    Sir Sigismund, Knight - KIA

    Sister Jean, Adeptus Sororitas of the Order of the Argent Shroud - KIA

    Sister Renate Walburga Brandt, Canoness of the Order of the Crimson Watchers - KIA

    Tavec Soriano, "Businessman" - KIA

    Tempestus the Wise, Librarian Dreadnought, Blood Watchman Chapter, Lord of Deathwatch - KIA

    Vulpin Lumen, Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus


    Mission #1 Briefing:

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    Mission #3 Briefing:

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    Mission #6 Chars:

    Mission #6 Briefing:


    It was always busy above the skies of Vanaheim. Even during more peaceful times, Lords of the famed Forge World prided themselves on one of the best maintenance rates in the entire Segmentum. This fact was usually disputed in the higher ranks of the Mechanicus, it could especially be heard coming out of vox emitters of Masters who oversaw nearby "rival" Forge Worlds. The main argument was that the usage of Gorgon vehicle, the pride of Vanaheim's tech adepts, was still rarely seen outside more contested combat zones. Of course, Chief Magos in charge of reproducing this super-heavy troop transport fiercely fought such statements, calling them "envious and inflammatory". As always, truth was somewhere in the middle.

    However, despite the ever-embattled bureaucracy, the rest of the servants of the Omnissiah did their job exemplary. The planet was ringed with great number of docks, where a myriad of servitors worked day and night to repair and refit ships of the Imperial Guard that used this planet as a pit-stop on their way towards the battlefields of Cadia.

    Every now and then, another visitor from the wider Imperium came to Vanaheim's docks, using the exclusive right bestowed upon him by the Emperor Himself, to rest and recharge. Despite his best effort to hide his presence, every Imperial Admiral who still held values he learned in the Scholla high on his list (and knew a thing or two about sailing, actually earning the place in command by virtue rather than family ties), would be able to notice such intruder. But of course, he would never mention it anywhere else besides during the game of cards with his fellow officers or lying in bed with "promising" ensign, just fresh out of the academy.

    Who could blame him though, when the intruder was a vessel rarely seen amongst stocky behemoths that made most of the Imperial Fleet. In contrast with their ugly, square look, this ship was a piece of art. It was long and sleek, giving an image of a shark in the middle of school of fat fish just waiting to be caught by this void predator. It was heavily armed and armored, and yet it didn't show it strength openly, instead keeping it low and menacing. Clearly, the ship was built in a bygone era, in time when Gods walked the earth and Imperium was still far away from the state of slow death it was currently in.

    However, all of the curiosity that an Imperial Admiral might have had when inspecting this vessel increased tenfold, adding quite amount of fear into the equation, was when he tried to hail it. The only thing the ship responded with was encrypted blur of code, matching the signature carried by one of the most feared organizations in the Domain of Man. His Holy Inquisition. And in High Gothic it only had one name. "Angelfall".

    All of this didn't mean people were denied embarking upon it. Many cargo ships went back and forth, refitting and resupplying it. However, any soul without necessary clearance was unable to set foot past the hangar, where the ship's crew, all dressed in grey uniforms picked up the supplies and ferried it deep into the bowels of the ship. They were usually overseen by a gaunt figure, wearing black coat and a distinctive hat, marking him as one of the members of the Commissariat. To others who didn't know him, he looked as if he just came out of a holo-vid: scarred face, one bionic eye glowing with angry red and an oversized metal fist on the place where his right hand should be. To everyone else, this was quite an ordinary day. They were of course, very wrong.

    The Commissar stood firm by the hangar's exit, flanked by a pair of unnamed Stormtroopers who's faces were hidden behind their masks. The trio kept their silence, letting minor taskmasters dealing with the cargo crew while concentrating on a more important task, which was acting as a welcoming committee to a group of newcomers. The ways of his Lord were mysterious as always, but the veteran soldier knew best than to question the orders of his superior. Grunting, he just stood there and watched the landing pad as couple of new transports arrived, bringing new faces on board of "Angelfall".

    Every one of those people got the instruction to report here only couple of days prior arrival in the system. Their ships, old homes and former brethren left behind to make way for this calling. The person who summoned them was still mysterious, but the orders were orders. Finally here, they began leaving their transports and setting foot upon the cold surface of this vessel for the first time.

    First thing that was on the Commissar's list was a stasis coffin and he scratched that one from his list as the crew carried it inside of the ship. As he looked up, he saw the rest of the newcomers - Deathwatch Astartes, few Imperial Guardsmen and a couple of different human warriors, all of their names and ranks written on a dataslate he held in his free hand. Since there was only one exit of the hangar, he patiently awaited them to come his way so a proper introduction might commence.

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    a masive figure as tall as a spacemarine walked up to the comisar, his body coverd in a grey robe alowing nothing of his body except the battle skared face of his to be seen but even that was shadowed by the hood "i am here to see him tell him his advisor has arived" with that he waited for a few moments to see if he would get a reply
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    The Commissar gave a curt nod to the towering figure, but to his worth he didn't shy away from him. "Welcome to "Angelfall" my Lord. The Commander will see you all shorty after we make the warp jump. Until then, make yourself comfortable," as on order, one of the Stormtroopers handed the newcomer a dataslate. "This has the location of your quarters and the list of your gear we already transported there," the Commissar continued and finished with a customary phrase. "The Emperor protects," he said as he waited for more of them to show up.
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    Being a giant of a man, even among the Angels of Death, this Sky Warrior of Russ towered among most of his brethren. Standing almost three meter tall, 9 feet to be precise. Full clad in Modified Power Armor to fit his body, weighing only little beneath a ton. Yet one would be wrong to assume this man was not swift.

    Despite the extreme muscle mass causing majority of his weight - besides the Power Armour itself of course. He was also quick, for Human standards anyway. He might be not as silent as the Raven Guard, not as swift as the White Scars, nor have a bloodlust like the children of Sanguinius. But he had a Chainsword and the unbending will to kill in order to survive. As Blood Claw, used to have his feet carry him quick on the front lines to smash Orks, Eldar and Heretics alike, destroying the foes of the Emperor and Russ.

    After having given his name to the Commissar he walked in silence into the womb of the ship. Sniffing the Blood Angel Successor, the man who is the cause for Steinar being here. Eventually finding a trail, he made his way toward the origin.
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    Sigismund wasn't in the best of moods. The various guardsmen and servants had mispronounced his name, it's not a soft S for Emperor's sake. His horse, Blanche, was still back in the transport and the hay was below average quality, probably because it was hauled from half a sector away. And the food was all different, hardly the venisons, stews and such of his homeworld.

    "Sir, may I ask where my mount can run? It has been a very long trip, and he gets clumsy when restless." Well, clumsy, the massive beastie tended to kick and bite things actually. Kicks generally dismembered most normal humans and orks, it would be fun to see what happened to the metal walls of it's stall.
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    the figure in the grey robes moved to his quarters and two servitors moved up to him "simon, garry get my armour ready" as he finished the two servitors started to fasten the modified armour to him "be ready to move out when we are done, as soon as the mision is started help the ships crew with maintenence we will be staying for a while"
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    During his walk, Steinar encountered many Inquisitorial serfs going about their business. Interestingly enough, after the initial surprise of this newest addition to the fold, they offered curt nods and left the man to his quest. On the other hand, the Space Marine could easily sense (in his case sniff) couple of figures following him from afar. Whoever was in charge ran the ship in iron-handed discipline, letting no strangers walking around as they pleased, no matter their origin or purpose.

    Eventually, Space Wolf found himself in front of a golden cased double-doors with various scripts written in High Gothic, where a squad of Stormtroopers stood guard. It looked as if they were on their duty for some time, but they didn't look surprised in seeing him. Apparently, the word has spread.

    One of them approached Steinar, a Sergeant in rank. "Can I be of an assistance, Lord Astartes? Are you lost?"

    For a millisecond it looked as if the Commissar smiled, but when he spoke any sense of humor was long gone. "Sir Sigismund, I presume? So it is you who made our Quartermaster shout curses when he heard a horse is coming on-board. I must say, it's been a while since I saw Rough Riders in action. Good memories. Here," one of the Stormtroopers gave the newcomer a dataslate, "Here's the location of your quarters, the stables for your beast and location of the "track". It's down there in the training pits, a part of it was modified to serve as your playground. My Lord is not too keen on giving such honors, so treat it with respect," he warned.


    OOC one other thing, @Vulpas mate, I've sent the coffin with you to your quarters, but if you wish you can come out of it and socialize a bit before the mission starts. It might be kinda boring for you to spend intermissions all alone in your casket, so I'm fine with your guy chilling around, even if it might break the lore a bit :)
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  8. Yet another spacemarine entered, but this one was different, not in size or colours, but simply in the way his armor looked, it was pocmarked and inscribed all over, the suit actually looked more broken than functional, but the servos dident whine and no sparks flew from it, he looked to the commisar who seemed to be sending people to their rooms, "I am Dorallius of the Excoriators." He said, not adding more, well knowing that the commisar would know what to say.
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    "I seek the man, whom called me here!" He roared, hitting his right (huge) fist against his chest as if trying to intimidate the Stormtroopers - or test them. "Where is that Child of Sanguinius who has fought along Thain and Aldrim?!" Steinar demanded, his voice almost punching the stormtroopers like solid rock, so deep and strong it was.

    His medium-length, light brown hair growing wild in all directions from his head, while the beard being the complete opposite as it was neatly knotted in one long piece, adorned with runes in three steady intervals. They seemed to work as clips for the beard itself. One was the symbol of Fenris itself. One was the symbol of the Blood Claw. And the last was blank, yet to be engraved with a heroic deed.
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    "Welcome my Lord," Commissar said, liking this one already. The Marine went straight to business, not dilly-dallying around. Although for a moment he cursed inwardly, hating that he had to act as a receptionist to the newcomers when his true purpose lied elsewhere. Quickly enough, years of psycho-indoctrination kicked in and prevented any outbursts.

    As another dataslate was handed over to the Excoriator (OOC if anything, I'll finally learn how to spell this Chapter's name lol), he spoke, "Location for your quarters and the rest of your gear. You can also find places of interest there, such as training pits or chapel. Be at disposal for once we make the warp jump, you will be briefed about our next deployment. The Emperor protects."

    Couple of guards widened their eyes, but the Sergeant eased them with a quick glance. This was not the first time they saw a warrior from Fenris, although it was the first time they saw someone big and loud as this one.

    "Lord Marmaroth is currently indisposed. He is in his Sanctum, praying for guidance from his Father," the nameless Sergeant responded sharply, not about to slack in front of one of the Chosen of the Emperor. "This is what our orders are, my Lord," he noted as he pointed at the golden portal. "Behind those doors is the personal armory of our Commander and his Sanctum further down the path. We are allowed to letting you in, escorted of course, but not past the relics," he simply said.

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