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The Rising ( Green ) Tide

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif was busy in thought, contemplating just what the zog he'd seen before. He then noticed the yoofs running ta foight, and Droknif being the boss, he'd also have to participate, or he'd loose his kredabilty, so with a WAAAGH! far louder than the other gits, he charged at the 'umies, hoping to grab one of their dakkas and smash their faces with their own flash.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "WAAAAGHHHH!" cooka charged holding the severed arm in his one hand and with it tried to attack a Juave, the juave, ducked and rolled from cookas attack and attempted to put several rounds in the ork, only to miss and hit the severed arm "OY I AM GONNA TENDERIZE YEAH BEFORE MAKING GOOD EATS OUT OF YA!" cooka said as he continued his assault at the jauve.
  3. Running up to one of the smaller umies while screaming Runtkicka did his favorite act and kicked the smaller creature between the legs to send them upward and positioned his shiv's pointy end in the right place. This resulted in the non ork thing getting their head impaled by the pointy bit as they were sent upward. Unsurprisingly this made them quite dead and Runtkick grabbed the corpse and quickly threw it at another git before charging them. It would also be advised to remember through out all of this he is still screaming "WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" as is the proper thing to do in an accidental surprise attack.
  4. The yoof charged toward one of the runtier humies and hoisted him into the air by their head with one of his hands. With the momentum of his charge he slammed the humie git into the ground head first."You'z in da way OV ME SCRAP PILE!" he shouted rather annoyed at the barely breathing body of the stupid humie that got in his way. He then proceeded to stomp on their face repeatedly, again, and again, and again. The yoof continued to stomp on them till their wasn't a face of left on the git. Looking over to see who else needed krumpin he spotted one of the humies with a gun and a saw. "Oi! You'z giv me dat! I'z gunna need it fer later!" he shouted, as he readied his shiv in an attempt to stab it into their skull.
  5. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif rushed forward, hitting at the 'umie's flash, succeeding at knocking it out of his hands, but not at grabbing it afterwards, as the 'umie grabbed his hands. While they were 'avin a good skrap, Droknif got close to the gunk, feeling the spores on his legs closest to it singe off, he grabbed for the 'umies leg, trying to pull it out from under him, and throw him into it.
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Cooka smashed and he thrashed as he kept trying to tenderize the Jauve into good eats only to find the food much more playful then he thought it would be, Though with how willey it would be he knew it would make the meat better with it getting all worked up and foightin, It would make a good eats. "This here ya gits is gonna be some goods fresh meet with how the flavors beeing worked into it by the foight. we gonna krump this git good then throw him onto a fire to get a good roast from him." Cooka said seemingly talking to no one and everyone the disturbed ganger getting several stabs into Cookas arms but only causing minor damage to the ork as he continued to wack at the Jauve.
  7. Runtkicka grumbled as this next git was more slippery than he had expected, ducking beneath the corpse of the previous git and then dodging his blows as he charged towards him. The ork grew more and more frustrated at the smaller umie managed to escape his grasp several times. "Get back here you git! I'z supposed ta stomp ya!" The ork yelled as he began swinging his fists wildly as well as trying to stab at the umie with his shiv.
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  8. The yoof was not having a lucky break with humie, as his swipe barely knicked the git, and they responded in kind by shooting at him. While it did hurt, refusing to be out done by a runty humie kept the yoof up and in the gits face. "Again, shoot me again you'z runt!" He shouted angrily as he proceeded to try stabbing them in their short arm so he might be able to use it for himself. "You'z dont'z deezerv Dakka!"

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