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The Rising ( Green ) Tide

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    ”Oi, you grots, get dis wun som skrap, I wants a snazzy piez o’ flash and dis git seems to got the wotz its to get me wun” ”And fer de rest of y-” Droknif froze on the spot, seeing everything around him slowly melting down until there was only floor and blackness in front of him. Then a great beacon, ways away lit up, and upon that, two roight propa silhouettes. Then he heard two whispers in his head ”Foight ya git” ”Iz got a betta plan, make dem ’splode” Then everything became green before his eyes and he heard a billion WAAAGH!s screamed in unison.
    After blinking, everything returned to normal and he saw Cooka waiting for an answer. ”Fer de rest of ya” he started again ”hunt me dat fing das eatin de grots, I’s ’ungry and I don’ see no propa squigs roun’ ’ere”
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  2. As Krudda awoke from his ork induced anesthesia he saw the the ork he had allmost pummeled was standing there yelling, that one must have won the fight over all, too bad, but Krudda knew it was stupid to try and mess with the ork that beat them all. Then the boss made his order, though Krudda had no idea what squig eating thing he was yelling about, so for now he simply got up and tried to stay out of the immediate gaze of the current ork boss, he had found one of those bone/toof thingies like the rest of the orks he could see, though, he still went on scrap hunting, nothing orky about a shiv.
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  3. After staring angrily at the wall for a few minutes Runtkicka heard the angry bellowing of the boss. Instinct told him he should get moving and do as they say given it was established the boss is tougher than him. As such he shook off the squig dung bit before he moved out from his little space. He quickly found the large group of yoofs moving down to where they thought whatever was eating the grots. Whatever it was it needed to be krumped, eating grots is ork business not other unorky things.
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  4. After rummaging around for a bit, Krudda found nothing more of value than a length of chain, still better than nothing, he imidiatly wrapped it around his hand once and tried a few swings, a small part of him wanted to go over and smack the ork that had beaten him with it, though truthfully he was a bit scared of the yelling git, you dont become last git standing for nothing.
    Instead he joined up with the other orks who seemed to be going somewhere, safety in numbers, and maybe better stuff that way.
  5. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    The Orky mob of yoofs rushed together through the underhive an unwilling mob of grots shepereded on by the hammer of orky feet and shouts though the elderly grot was noticable absent from travelling mob. There would be a few sickly umie mutants to clobber along into a red paste along the way and not much else to krump along the way. The gang of orks and orkoids actually managed to make it to the scrap yard before too much time had past and not lost any grots or bitz on the way to the place. The "Scrap yard" was more evidently a titanic peice of mining equipment largely submerged in a bubbling substance that gave every git present a bad feeling about it, one of the grots soiled itself saying something about something moving underneath the gunk. The mining equipment was not entirely deserted. Graffiti of umie words and symbols of broken winged beasties covered the wreckage, along with the sound of buzzing, scraping , the Mekboy would feel a call yo the sound in his veins while the rest would know of the presence of other gots on their scrap heap. Clambering over a half submerged digging claw like a ridge to spy a a dozen small umies working the saws and drills while 4 humies with some flash and dakka watched over the whole lot but they were facing away from the orks , most right on the edge of the gunk.
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Cooka shuffled on behind the mining equitation with the others as he spotted the humies he felt his stomach grumble, Hes was hungry and itching for a fight, They had nothing to eat since getting up and only one good tussle seeing another one right in front of them, with not only some flash, but also some meats on them and potential, fight made him hungry and want to charge in. Though there was the boss he might wants to has em do it some weirds way. looking up to the boss he looked to him. "Boss looks like we gotz some gitz over there with some flash and meat ons em and maybe a goods fight, Can wez krump and eatz em?" Cooka said hold his one armed he mades it into a salute into a boss as he held it up at his head ready to make a charge and enter a good brawl. @CupcaknHell
  7. Runtkicka looked at the umies and then the rest of the orks and then at the umies again and then at the boss and then at the umies again. He coughed and looked down at the bone shiv in his hand the gears turning in his green head. "Waaagh!?" He said looking at the boss as if to ask for permission. But then he looked back at the umies and figured why the zog does he need to wait for the boss. "WAAAGH!" He screamed as he then began running towards the non ork things his mind was telling him were called Umies.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Ooohh! Lots of shini-!" Slink got interrupted. "Oh, we'z waaghing now?" He grabbed both of his squigs under his arms and got ready to kill, sprinting after Runtkicka. As soon as he got close enough, he tossed his less favourite squig at one of the humies and his more favourite squig right at the same one. His new nasty grot blasta got to work right after.
  9. Rotgiz Rotgiz New Member

    While the rest of the WAAGH! was happening, an unknown tellyporta brings in Makka, wif a Choppa in hand, disoriented and slightly injured. After he gets his senses again, he notices the uvva Boyz, and decides to join the party.
  10. As Krudda also stood there looking to the boss for directions, as if they for some reason was needed, another ork did what he thought to do. "WAAAAAGH" Krudda yelled as he joined the other ork storming ahead, swinging his new chain overhead to get readdy to beat not orks down there.
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