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The Rising ( Green ) Tide

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Teddy was feeling a little groggy, having just woken up from his daze, seeing only blurred green outlines and hearing a distinct ringing in his ears. grunting he swung blindly at the closed green blob in his vision. hoping that getting into a good proper scrap would clear him up right quick.
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Cooka yelled his fists meeting the other orks wailing into him as blow came to blow as fist came to fist, Cooka would be one of the last orks standing, Looking over to the other remaing ork currently shiving another ork he decided to Challenge him. He may have been at a disadvantage but that might make it all the more funner,

    @CupcaknHell "OY YOU! lets have a a brawl!" Cooka said announcing himself before coming over with fist rage him eying that shiv otaht Drokniff had.
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  3. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif looked at Cooka and burst into laughter. ”Dis puny git is tryin’ ta be da boss? Da’s reel funny ya git, I’ve krumped more dan yu, and I’s got da shiv. Wy don’t ya hav a refink, oh weit, is caus I’ll krump ya first!” He then immediately charged Cooka with the shiv aimed for his head ”WAAAAAAGH!”
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  4. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    With one fel swoop, Droknif brought down his shiv, missing Cooka’s face, instead hitting where his arm was attached to the body, cutting it off a bit. When Droknif saw this he chopped again, removing the arm completely. After looking around himself, he noticed that there’s no yoofs left, and so he proclaimed himself ”Big Boss Droknif” and let out the biggest WAAAGH! In his short life.
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  5. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    The WAAAGH that bellowed forth from Da New Boss echoed about the Arena , into the underhive. The sound seemed to awaken something in the arena , snotlings stumbling forward to poke the unconcious Orks on the ground. a handful of Squigs racing out to lap up the blood from the ground and devour some of wayward snotlings. Grots began to climb put of the stands in ... surprisingly few mumbers. The Grots who clambered onto the shifty sand arena floor carried in weapons made made of bone and their ribs and bones showed throight taught pale green skin. The downed yoofs began to rouse and whilst they took pleasure in seeing grots so weak and feeble they knew there was something innately wrong with all of this. A Grot whose skin was pocked and covered in darker green spots thwapped the squig he rode upon up towards the boss . slowly sliding off the squig the Grot's tiny bones cracking from age and movement as he kneeled infront of drofnik . "All hail da Boss !" Coughing as he stood back up and climbed onto his squig he waved to the boss to follow him about his own new domain. Meanwhile the other yoofs would be able to pry their own bone shivs from unwilling squealing grots. The Weird-Boss would be told of the 3 biggest problems hindering his WAAAGH.
    They were far from the first yoofs to emerge and he was for from the first boss, "erry once in a while boss, dese umies come in ere wiff proppa dakka an' proppa kit an dey clears out all da boys. If ya dont get dis mob proppa set up in toime den well... youz cleva enuff ta get it"
    Following the small grot onwards he lead the Ork to the pile of gunz , which was a small empty crater
    "We aint been able ta find a zoggin fing boss , we aint got no meks neither but if wun a does gits yoo krumped iz deres a roight an Proppa scrap 'eap in dis side a da Hive ta fix up some kit"
    Lastly the grot led the boss to the grot gathering
    "Dis iz all da grots weez got, no grotz means no food an' da like fer ya boyz now i wouldnt bova da boss wiff dis but derez a problem , weez gettin munched on ! Derez sumfin unda da camp ere in da tunnels datz eatin us all up , da squigs too ! Itz ded ard too, ate da last a our fightin squigs"
    Leadin the bos back to the Rest of the newly armed yoofs he thwapped his squig and hurried off cackling leaving the other grots to the whims and mercies of the new buncha Orkz and whatever the new boss decided to be their next fight
  6. The Yoof who was stabbed into unconsciousness by the new boss picked himself up and upon seeing another grot near him he proceeded to give the small creature a good kick sending it flying. Highly amused by this the wheels in his head began turning as he finally realized he should have a name now that the fight for boss was over. He looked at the grots for a second and then at his foot, Runtkicka. Yeah Runtkicka is good, now what was he doing? The newly self dubbed Runtkicka looked around, well he kicked a runt so that was fun. But there was something he was going to do before he ended up getting stabbed repeatedly.... Oh right he was going to find some kind of weapon, with that thought Runtkicka went to go look for something that suited his purposes.
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "yus.... IS bosz..." Cooka said bleeding out while on the ground before grabbing his severed arm before gathering himself before getting back up, the boss one rioght and fair and as was is he was boss ow no arguing to it, As such Cooka began to look around hearing of the runts complain about something, about humies and no food. something he did not like hearing there was any food. and that there was nothin besides his arm to beat things with.

    Looking around Cooka began to look for a few things, Either something to make into duds like a squig, or a squig big enough he could ride, or a good old chain and choppa.
  8. The yoof that was knocked unconscious was roused up by all of the ruckus going on. Apparentally there was a new boss, he wasn't exactly sure when he missed that part. Besides there was only one bit of news that stuck in his head. "Oi, wiff grot sed dere wuz a proppa bit of scrap?!" the yoof howled, looking to get his hands on some good bitz, maybe there's something good in that heap just waiting to be found, and fixed up to be nice and Orky like.

    "No waitz, I'z gotz a bettah ideeya...YOU'Z BRINGZ TA SCRAP TA ME YE GROTZ!" he said, grabbing one of Gretchin around him and yelling into their face. It seemed to be the only way to get any thoughts in their head. The yoof was to preoccupied with the thoughts of thundering warmachines, proppa Killy bitz, loud booms and Dakka. Lots and lots of Dakka.

    "I'z need dat scrap ta get ta wurk on sum proppa Killy fingz ovah ere, boss"
  9. Almost immediately after starting his second search Runtkicka found himself slipping on something warm and moist and then proceeding to land in more of the substance. Looking up from his most recent failure he quickly realized what he was laying in when he saw a small squig empty its bowels a few feet away from him. Getting up with his dignity gone Runtkicka proceed to wander off to a dark corner and stare at a wall with and angry look on his face. Not doing anything, not smashing the wall or even nearby grots, just staring at the wall with an angry look as he slowly sat down so he could stare more comfortably.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Cooka smiled greedly as he found a rusy chain, Perfec." he said as he picked up the chain then dropped his arm, Looking down to his arm he then tried to pick it up,then had to drop the chain. The ork stood there for a minute thinking, before grabbing his arm and slowly tying the chain to him before picking up his arm once.

    Looking over he saw runtkicka fail kick a runt only to fall in squig dung causing him to laugh. "ahahhaha" he laughed bellowing before hearing the grot speak about something munchin on the grots. "So wats ya saying is soemthings under as that we can fouight and if we kills it we might gets some more food?" cooka asked looking over ot the odd grot a plan coming into his mind before looking to the boss. "Boss think wez can go foight the thing under us and give its a good krumpin?" @CupcaknHell he said asking the boss ready for a fight once more.

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