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The Rising ( Green ) Tide

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. The ork's cunning surprise punch to the other ork's head went off perfectly, even if the other ork managed to turn around and take a swing at him he managed to expertly move out of the way a bit and deliver another blow. Of course before he could celebrate being such an obvious superior to this orks the cheeky git punched him in his jaw. He growled as a bit of blood trickled from his mouth but also saw potential. "Oi, I'z beat da zog out of ya, fight fer me or Iz beat ya more!" @GobMaw_HellSmasha
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  2. His eyes snapped open as Grob awoke. Using its full strength the Ork forced his arms upwards, through the dense earth and tore himself out of the hole.

    Crouching, Grobs head twitched from side to side before letting out a low grunt; satisfied that he was alone, Grob leaned into the darkest corner of the room - carefully planning his next move.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Cooka was charging when he had reached teddy and a metal rod had had been shoved t hourly though his chest, Trying to reach at Teddy he would attempt to swipe at him with his squig or even his fist finding himself unable to as the rod held him back. "OY YOU GIT I AM GONNA SHOVE THIS ROD SO FAR UP YOUR SQUIG DROPPA ITS GOING TO BE COMING OUT YES HEAD!" Unable to get at him he decided he would get rid of the metal rod in his chest then beat teddy with it. @The_Raven
  4. The opening of the fight had not exactly gone as Krudda expected, instead of breaking a rock on the thick skull of the other ork, he saw himself quickly bashed in the face, with the other ork then evading his confused swing with the rock. Though Krudda was still and ork, and not one to back down as he just kept up the assault for now, even if his jaw hurt from the blow the other ork delivered.
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  5. Teddy looked to this new opponent before dropping into a slouch and swinging the metal bar low, into the kneecaps of Cooka "Teddy's gonna be relievfing youse ov yer teef now" the brutish, broad ork snarled.
  6. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    So just as the young yoof was taking in how...terribly boring his surroundings were, some cheeky git decides to sucker punch him in head when he wasn't ready. This ruled him up more then anything, and might have been the reason why he wasn't exactly precise with his swings as he retaliated quite wildly and out control. "Oi! Ya zoggin lil runt!" the yoof roared toward his challenger, "'ow bout ye stop fightin loik a snivelin' grot, an fights me loik a reel ORK!"

    With his own fair share of insults hurled the other Orks way, the yoof charged at them so he can better beat the ever livin zog out of dis runt.
  7. The other ork responded to this challenge and charge by the other yoof by preparing the leg he used to kick the grot earlier. He waited for just the right moment and then kicked with all his force directed into the charging yoof’s face. After succeeding at his favorite pass time, which is kicking things that he established are beneath him, he moved to grab the other ork by the tusks and headbutt him into the ground which seemed to be the most logical solution. “Zog you, Youz Da Runt E’er!” He yelled briefly before attempting to smash the other yoof back down into the ground with his face.
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  8. The yoof had the brilliant idea of trying to punch the other Ork with his face, unfortunately instead of the fist he was going for, he punched the gits feet with his face instead. His entire attack essentially crumbling to nothing as he had to rethink his Kunnin strategy. As it turns out, punching someone's limb with your face didn't hurt the other git as much as it hurts you. But it seemed to be such a brilliant plan too, one that should have worked...

    To try to salvage the crummy situation he found himself in he decided to do what any other Ork would. If charging didn't work, it was time to charge at them even faster! And so the yoof went for another headlong rush yet again.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Cooka finally got himself off the steel rod and jumped upwards as he saw the rod going for his legs coming back down he attempted to stomp on it as he went in for the attack squid in one hand and fist in the other he was fianlly able to get a hit on the git with the squig, The creature terrified bit at teddy as Cooka was able to get a fist in. "I aint done yet you git. Cooka said as teddy got attempted got the rod from his beneath his legs and and almost hit him in the groin with his rod.

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