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The Rising ( Green ) Tide

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Many years ago in the gritty underhive of Sericose magna there had been shouts and screaming and glory in this place. A massive colosseum built by the great house Morthom. From the residents of the great spire to lowly underhivers gathered in the massive ring of rockcrete and steel. What had brought so many of the people to such a wretched place ? The main spectacle. A cage was lowered and out of it stepped the creme of the crop, from warriors of towering size hefting massive stub weapons to lithe figures with blades like wind and from the other entrance in wall opened up, the bars raised and all was silent for a moment

    " WAAAAAAAAAGH" the booming shouts of a over a dozen greenskins filled the arena and even the surrounding areas of the underhive, the thundering warcry mixed with the sound of feet rushing forward as the Ork boyz rushed forward as the warriors opened fire on the unarmed Xenos. The crowd cheered as they watched the first few tumble to the dusty dirt floor of the arena. Cries of terror rung out as the greenskins got back up. The warriors were the best the underhive could offer but they were no space marines, the Orkz fell upon them with a brutality only found in xenos. The smaller warriors ripped limb from limb by the laughing orkz while the bigger ones had their bones broken, their organs ruptured by the sheer force of the blows. There was panic , guards from house Morthom , gangers and the like opened fire on the greenskins once they had felled the last of the warriors and begun to escape the arena . Thick hide was rent apart by mass of fire, the warcry of the xenos was drowned out by gunfire. As the last one of the orkz lay bleeding out into the dusty dirt floor of the arena after having ripped a guard's stomach open with its Tusks it muttered in its dying breath "Orkz neva lose weez always come back fer anuva go"

    Made ya fink dis ere story was about da umies fer a moment didn' ya ? Nah dis ere story iz about da ladz dat came afta dat daft lot.

    Years after Morthom had deserted the proud colosseum to ruin after the disaster with imported greenskins and an inquisitorial acolyte who met an accident. The mushroom spocked ground would shake and rumble and begin to cave into pockets and Orkz once again emerged into the underhive of Sericose Magna

    ( OOC : players may write their emergence and their reaction to the arena, other orkz , the small squigz and any grotz in the area
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @GobMaw_HellSmasha @Kalle @Wata @Grall_Stonefist @The_Raven )
  2. A hand popped out of the ground of the arena, a big greenskinned hand frantically waving about. In all of the movement it hit something, and latched onto it. And then a second hand emerged, and then an arm, till finally the fresh yoof saw the world around him for the first time. As it turns out, the thing the newly born Ork's hand latched onto was a Gretchin that was currently tending the area, and the little grot was finding itself being strangled by the green skin. As the Ork continued to absentmindedly choke the life out of the grot in it's hand it took a look about of it's surroundings.

    It seemed quiet-aside from the gurgling sounds the Gretchin was giving off- and the lack of noise annoyed it more then anything. It yearned for the noise of metal working, it felt the need to build something loud and Killy, the roars of an engine from a beast of machinery barreling toward anything that would put up a fight. That is what he wanted to be hearing right now, There was a wee bit of a problem though.

    There was barely anything around him to begin with.

    "Zoggin 'ell dis iz boorin" the Ork boy muttered as he threw the gasping Gretchin over his shoulder nonchalantly.
  3. The casually thrown grot would not find salvation as another hand popped out if the ground and actually pulled it under. A few moments later another Yoof pulled itself out of the ground with the grot firmly in his hand. He looked at it for a moment before dropping and kicking the small creature in a single motion. The grot soared in the air a good distance before smacking against a wall of stone somewhere in the stands. The yoof smiled at this is his maw of large sharp teeth. He rather enjoyed that feeling, kicking something that was smaller than him. It was natural for an ork to enjoy such a thing but he enjoyed it even more.

    But his attention was quickly drawn from from this feeling of joy when he noticed something roughly the same size of him near his vicinity. Signals went off in his simple and new mind and he started running and raised his fist to quickly try and beat the other ork's skull in with his firsts. Of course he wasn't silent while he did this. "WAAAGH!" Was his first word as he charged the nearest ork to begin asserting his dominance by beating the zog out of him.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Slink and his best mate, which was a squig, had been near the grot that got grabbed by a new ork sprouting out of the ground. He had startled hard enough that he pounced backwards on his head. Slink scampered quickly up, grabbed his favorite squig with two hands and running away with it held above his head.
    "Dey are 'ere! Aaah! Stab em before they get me!"
  5. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif was utterly confused, he heard the screaming of his brother Orks, but when he tried digging, it didn't work, he couldn't get out and assert his dominance! When he started flailing with all his limbs, he felt the ground near his legs give way, and he understood what happened. "I's downsidup" he finked ta hisself. The thought of this distressed hin to no end. In his distressed state something within him activated, he shot out of the ground with a small but spectacular explosion, with about a half metre-radius and he then landed on top of some other Ork trying to climb out. "First krumpin!" He screamed, hoping somebody would hear him, and accept him as boss.
  6. the thump through the ground signalling an explosion close by was the first sensory thing to enter Kruddas mind, not that he really had a mind for understanding all that, but what he knew was that he was awake, and something was going on, instinctively digging upwards, breaking through the ground and up into the dark ruins of the once great Colosseum.
    As he got up he saw on ork standing on top the hands of another ork trying to break through the dirt, as well as one charging the last ork that had broken through the dirt.
    They where all roughly the same size, with instinctively told him that now was very important to fight and prove who was biggest and best.
    Krudda picked up a large rock close to him, and lifted it over his head as he charged ork standing on top of another ork trying to escape the dirt, "WAAAAAAAGH"
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  7. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif felt the changes in "Da Orky Feeld" as another competitor entered the fighting, (he heard the WAAAGH! too, but that's beside the point) and charged the ork with the rock in his hand, lightning spewing out of his eyes (not literally) in his uncontrolled fury, grabbing a rock of his own on the way.
  8. Off to the side of the arena, in the relatively quiet bit of the brawl a cluster of shooms burst outwards as a thick jaw'd head smashed out of the ground in a cloud of dust. The ork, enraged at the fact that there was a fight going on that didn't involve him, hurriedly dug himself free of the floor and began to take a look at his surroundings before spotting a sturdy looking piece of jagged metal, poking out of something that would have originally been some sort of concession stall.
    The ork (who'd be later known as teddy, grabbed the scrap weapon greedily and pulled it free, weighing it in his hand he found it to be... heavy and sharp... perfect. Then with a billowing shout of
    He charged off into the melee, swinging with reckless abandon.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The ground moved and thrashed as something began moving under it sounds of angered grunts and aggressive yells began to sound as something began to stir first a fist then a hand came free a nearby squig went to investigate the hand as it went then bite done on it causing the hand to thrash as soon a ork pulled itself free, the squig being a stubborn one didn't release its grip until the Cooka grabbed it by both hands and forced it off and held it.

    Looking over and hearing a commotion he gritted his teeth as he saw a good old fight going on without him "OI YOU GITS LEAVING ME OUT OF ALL THE FUN? THATS A KRUMPIN!" the Cooka yelled as it went with squig in hand into the fray aiming to punch on of the other orks or hit em with a squig.
  10. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Droknif threw the rock he held on Kruddas hand, making him drop his rock, and then ran forward and clocked him right on his big green jaw. As he saw a hit coming towards him, he ducked under it.

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