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The real reason behind Performance Issue.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Duximus, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. simpligon I think and it’s free
  2. Wasted_Almond Member

    Modern hardware and engines can run pretty elaborate static 3D meshes without much of a performance hit, the performance costs start really ramping up once you animate the mesh.

    And really, if the structures were the main cause for the performance issues they would have been fixed ages ago. Optimizing meshes may be time consuming, but not technically hard, so they could've put some poor intern on the job or something.

    For reference, and these are tactical games, so keep in mind they generally have less detail on objects.
    - In XCOM 2, the advent train engine alone has 57 669 tris total, very slabsided & utilitarian design and this is just ONE segment of a longer train. A full train could be over 200 000 tris along with the clutter that would spawn on it. This train is just a small part of a bigger map. So you could end up with a polycount of 350 000+ on screen easily. Plus characters, 6 x 21 000 = 126 000 or more depending on cosmetic items, on top of that, the aliens which fluctuate polywise, but are more numerous as characters.

    - Divinity 2 fishing boats at reapers coast docks, 33 119 tris and there are three on screen so that's almost 100 000 tris + all the misc characters and terrain/buildings etc. Which amounts to way more. I know a lot less bout this game and it's assets so just the boats.

    TLDR; Not everything needs to be potato quality these days, and while EC could/should probably lose some polys in their assets, it would not affect the grand scheme of things that much. UE4 is an engine with a shitton of issues, that is most likely their problem along with low engineering time budgets.
  3. Horus Firskon Subordinate

    And all these huge spaces are out of the map with a huge ocean.
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  4. quickmafth

    We're in 2018, triangles doesn't matter anymore. Anytime you want to speedup your performance, you should look at shadows, light and reflections. Textures mostly irrelevant and just need some of those sweet GBs your GPU has lying around. You can check a lot of comparison testing on nvidia, where they compare perfomance hits for different graphical settings for every major game
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  5. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    It's certainly doable but the priority on workshop is guaranteed to be on cosmetics. So even if we uploaded a low poly satellite dish the odds of it getting swapped thus improving the frame rate/server load within the first year is slim.
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  6. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    Mind if I ask what system you're running EC on? If you've already said it could you please direct me to where that is. You're definitely right about those assets having ludicrously high poly counts but I'm curious to how that affects your systems performance.
    I can comfortably run this game at 1080p on ultra without dropping below 60fps, and my system is an Asus gtx970 4gb and an i5-6600k. Most of the problems that you've stated I haven't really come across in my time and the system I'm on is roughly 3-5 years outdated by now.
  7. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    You don't necessarily have to sacrifice High Poly model for texture quality. Depending on the asset texture can create the illusion detail I.e. Cracks in the cement are just thin black lines that at a first glance fine details.
  8. I'm the same Ivik, and guess what, I run an AMD motherboard, chipset and Radeon GPU. So sorry Devs, but whoever told you AMD has an issue with UE4 were wrong, you should never listen to the guy down the pub.
  9. Go to config. Turn graphics res down to 70.00000 and it's solved.
  10. It also sounds like the kind of things that would allow to make maps bigger. Like, you know, one step closer to the maps this game was supposed to be.

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