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The problems with the LSM playerbase

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, May 11, 2017.

  1. I've seen some shit too, like a smurf apoth randomly magdumping into a wounded teammate, as if he got offended that one about to treat him was getting all the credit and thought "nah fuck you banana you aren't getting these space dollars".

    He was then "nudged" off the cliff "on accident" in the next firefight. Not by me of course, but it was funny all the same. Could be worse I suppose, in my previous decade of service to the UNSC I saw far more shit than any one man should and it's not nearly that bad here.
  2. Belakor666 Steam Early Access

    The level of auttism on this faction is over 9k

    I will be back to Chaos asap i get my wins
  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Fixed that for you
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  4. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    When did healing crystals start healing MoK guys?
  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Since the start
  6. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    I've spent a fair bit of time playing Sorcerer and wanted to take crystals for exactly that purpose...

    Is it just Sorcerers using healing crystals who can't heal MoK guys?
  7. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Played 7 games today, I regret everything, srly, when half the team does whatever they want, ignoring orders, ignoring pleas, just fucking go and throw the match by destroying both gates (EVERYTIME) immediately, by throwing grenades when you're decapping on purpose, by moving the rhinos away when they're needed, etc. Srly, fuck half LSM faction.
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  8. Afaik everybody can heal a khornate with a healing crystal
  9. But the khornate himself

    About LSM players...just have one match today so far and even when winning there had been Eldar OP nerf them comments.
    But half the game I have been shot in the back by my brothers(not guild mate was playing solo) when they could have shot the SS flanking me but instead they try to shoot my target as melee player.
    All the march they let Eldar take nice position in our cap point, those we should have under control with avenger on balcony etc... it was so much better to open our back for not guarding our points and get kills in inbetween territory. AV what is it? Once more have the strange feeling to hunt tanks alone, against Eldar it is a bit tricky.

    So what I can see is xp calling is stronger than winning. But what those Brothers don't seems to understand us those Eldar you try to hunt in the wild, they have to come on points to uncap, they will come, fortify, have support and wait for them, in the end you will have the kills but we will also keep the point.
    So for LSM only xp rewards should be the same for all at the end of the match with big reward for win and low reward for lost games, like 7000/1000 or 10k/0. Then playing as a team will have a meaning, and playing with a brain instead of testosterone will become the rule.
    I am not myself the best player, high average maybe but I am here since first wave and this have to stop. I have bad games, sometimes I do mistakes, do stupid things, shit happens. The point isn't about being perfect but some works have to be done even if they are low xp.For the sake of this game. For the honour of the Astartes.
    Sorry to be salty but come on Brothers the "heroes of the space marines" syndrome must stop.
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  10. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    I feel you so much... I got shot so much times in melee by teammates that it almost become normal for me. As a tactical now, even though I consider to have a good shot, I do NOT shoot an enemy engaged in melee if the shot is not clear and at risk, I only shoot if I'm sure to hit and most of the time more because I see that the brother engaged is losing. But I will not lie and said that I never downed a teammate like that, it happened, I'm not perfect and I always try to save him after that. At least it can be okay with a tactical with a clear shot, but when it's a devastator unloading fully in the melee instead of shooting his bullets one by one ? That's just getting ridiculous.
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