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The problems with the LSM playerbase

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Forj, May 11, 2017.

  1. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    Good point. Still frustrates me to have foolish/easy/retarded opponents though.
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  2. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    I've been switching classes a lot, trying to find one I like. Straight melee fighting classes like Assault annoy me to death because of how messed up melee is right now, but I love taking on the challenging roles so I almost always gravitate toward melee. Maybe I'm a sucker for punishment. Anyway, I discovered that if I use the Apothecary and focus on being a healer/support character... AND I use my chainsword/bolt pistol I don't get as pissed off when I get killed because I know my primary role is healing, not melee and I don't feel so screwed over.

    Now, lately the PUGs I've been in have won again and again and again. I have not lost a LSM match for a while, whereas when I play with Chaos, Ork, Eldar I seem to run into all the LSM players that were there before and NONE of them really knew how to play objectives. Its one of those cases where I wonder if the overpopulation in LSM pushed all the bad players to other races and now LSM has a surplus of incredibly intelligent players now... or maybe I just was really lucky yesterday.

    Either way, I hope it never stops and LSM continues to bring the fist of the Emperor to Arkhona.
  3. Drops Drops Steam Early Access

    This seems to be indeed the case. I've been playing alot of Orks and Eldar in the last few days and influx of new players is very noticeable. It's quite logical if you think of it. Players who completed their campaign or just given up completely due to queue times, would certainly try other races in the mean time. Will this grant a permanent boost to non-LSM population? I somehow doubt it...:rolleyes:

    We'll see on monday...:rolleyes:
  4. Gavir Gavir Steam Early Access

    I really hope the weekend influx of people can push the Emperor's Finest to victory in this campaign, I just want the LSM not to become the one faction to lose the campaign.
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  5. with only 3 days left, unless a miracle happens LSM wont win. to much time waiting in ques then the 50/50 chance of winning or losing not to mention the pugs are getting abit better in terms of awareness but alot of the time run around like CoD still
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  6. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    The win ratio has declined, and the queues feel like they're getting longer. I tried playing Eldar to get shorter queues for myself, and contribute to more games for LSM, but I'm not sure that my win rate made that any better than helping LSM win fewer games.
  7. its unfortunate, i would not mind having the shoulder pauldron as i do like the look of it but oh well
  8. I
    don't know what it is, but it seems like LSM are always the extremes. Either they are super coordinated and dismantle every resistance (Mostly when a big guild shows up again, and as LSM have the most of them, likely to happen) or the worst teamplay experiance ever, with people not knowing about the Meta and Game Mechanics.

    After my 10 won matches on LSM, i've gone back to CSM and it was incredible. Even with a Dead-silent chat (Apart from the usual "Rhino A") you still have people who understand the objective and know what their class is supposed to do.
    Like on Maggon, everybody knows it's important to clear the high-ground first to control the Capture Point.

    Also, when someon realizes i keep the Warp-Regeneration on him, they become agressive as they should, extend more then without it and start to push effectivly. They clear the way for our Havocs and defend them until they can brace up and provide Cover-Fire for our Traitors to push further. I've seen a lot of MoN standing in front of a downed ally while he get's ressurected, at least as long as he can without dying, to provide those vital first second that one needs to rise up from downed and roll away.

    Objectives get PING-ed and Marked for Extra XP, at the start of the game we have light discussion about where to go (Ususally "plan?" followed by "Go A/B/C i spawn rhino" or "All at C, be ready to redeploy"

    I mostly play support, and when i do so on Chaos side, People actually protect their Support class, taking the hits that i easily can heal away from them.
    When i got a healing Crystal on my, and a deadly wounded Khornate, i shoot him once and he automatically understand what i want, even when it comes from a Havoc. When i do the same as an Apothecary, the other one guns me down and accuses me of teamkilling and calls me faggit.

    Also, People seem to be more friendly on Chaos side. Of course we sometimes get dicks too, but most of the time people press V 2 1 "Thank you" after getting rescued or healed, or stocking up on Ammo.

    I could go on, but i guess you realize what i mean. This is not only Chaos of course, but also Eldar & Orks. Understanding of Mechanics may be more important, then beeing a good shot, and this understanding is lacking with LSM.
    My opinion is that this comes from all the newbies flooding LSM at first, until they understand the game, then going other Factions.

    And here it comes... what we told them like forever, what we begged for... give incentive to less populated factions, so they also get a better share of newbies, or see LSM beeing Guild-only faction, at least when you expect serious opponents...
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  9. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    The exchange for Tactical to Apoth are AV for giving a 30% Damage reduction buff and a healing beacon Vs the ability to cap, and perform AV. If your going to defend a point, is there any reason to choose tactical? They can do everything a Bolter Bro can do. Does the 30% Damage reduction buff actually make up for the worse armor? You Stick Apoths in high places and if you can't kill the grenade, or if there's a couple covering the approach your not taking them from that spot without Mortar fire.
  10. Trecks Trecks Steam Early Access

    Had a game couple of hours ago, played as wolf priest we were attacking. Ran up to A and saw 3 tacticals just sitting there not capping. Wrote; Guys cap A :). No response. So I decided to shot 1 of them in the foot and then on the point. Well long story short, He unleashed a rain of bolter bullets in my face.
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