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The Predations of Chaos - WHFB RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Casavay, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Zacharia looked to the other cloaked figure offering nothing but his stare for a moment before taking a seat on whatever was available. He would wait for their group to head offhand away from sight before he went out on his own. A group like that would attract attention and he would rather avoid fighting dozens of norscans. He opened his note book once again as he waited so he could brush up on the savages' language. Spying wouldn't do any good if he couldn't understand or speak to the mutated barbarians.
  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member


    From his vantage point, Daenas could not make out much that was not immediately apparent anyway; points of red light seemed convenient to declare assumed patrols of Norscans. In the dark, from the distance, it was difficult to spot anyone not moving with lights, even for his superior senses. The worst of it, however, was probably that this hill was the most natural, Ghur-infused spot in this entire carcass of a city - only brick and dead wood covered the land from here on out, until they would finally leave Dietershafen. What could certainly provide some respite, however, would be the murders that inevitably touched down and feasted on the dead.

    @Wata @bossaroo @Maleth

    Schuster listened, and remained behind as the trio left with the stated intent of scouting. "Then I will stay here, with the rest of you, 'til you return or the sun threatens with its rise." Those with skill in the art of reading voices could easily see he did not expect them to return - either because they would die, or desert. Joachim Schuster, in this sentence, revealed much of his shatteredness if one were inclined to pay attention.

    Moving down slightly apart from the beaten path, the odd group easily conquered what was left of Kartenhaus' beloved fence and found themselves in a labyrinthine section of the city - closely packed-together houses with broken windows, and the many murder alleys that made an Imperial city. Even before they truly entered the place, they could hear - and smell the presence of barbarians; stepping onto the pavement, it only proved the obvious. A gang of three men, pale like snow and all three of them with braided hair and beards, two dressed in mail shirts and the third half-naked, revealing his lashing scars and rippling muscle, but also tattoos of beasts and symbols clearly Chaotic. They all were armed with axes of varying sizes, but seemed busy with an agitated dispute - screaming at each other angrily in a tongue none of the present could understand, illuminated by torchlight. The darkness and side streets would make it easy to bypass them, but even the superior senses of the elves could not detect any nearby foes.


    Zacharia descended into the city of ash, seperate from the rest of the survivors. Too savvy to take the main path down the mayor's hill, the Inquisitor's way took him through what seemed to be the remains of a small, but quite heavily invested within, garden. Replete with once-well-crafted stone structures of small walls and broken statuery, it lacked the extravagant exotica other, even small-time, rulers of the Empire would introduce into their estates: instead, Kartenhaus seemed to have stayed true to Nordland's flowers and trees, from what was left to recognise.

    Passing the broken, neighbourly fence with ease, the shadow hunter would find himself into what had all the markings of a former commercial quarter - at least, judging from the smashed market stands and those few signs that were still adhered to the stores they belonged to, if they were still legible. The rubble, the cul-de-sacs, and the gaps between the ramshackle buildings provided ample space to navigate unseen, though with the onset of dark, Sauer's immediate surroundings were eerily quiet. In the distance, not so far away as to not be threatening, but far enough to reassure a man, the Dark Tongue could be heard, drawled in a dialect of Norscan, shouting and laughing. Lowly, beneath these proud voices, a faint clattering could be heard from a nearby once-storefront.

    The tall man found himself in cover, with the hill and fence in his back, overlooking a circular clearing of civilisation that once seemed to be a free space for a market. Like most everywhere else, the bricken ground was covered in blood and flesh, and by now, black-feathered scavengers had descended to feast on what remained. The stench of burnt flesh mixed with that of rot. And in their middle, atop a spear that had been thrust down with such force it was firmly stuck on the ground, impaling the remains of an armoured man, perched - of all things - a pale eagle, one that had not seemed to have taken note of this man, and was content to overlook his crow subjects.
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    Trinity sat quietly through all the bickering of individuals in the wine cellar begun and shortly ended with a scouting party leaving. Shortly after she got up looked at the Captain and said to him. "We need to go cleanse the Temple of Sigmar here could you tell me how to get there Captain?"
  4. Zacharia looked at the eagle surrounded by gore and the smaller crows feasting on the dead. The entire scene screamed of a trap and he wasn't a fool. He stuck to his cover and found a decent sized piece of debris. A rather rudimentary test but a sensible one. He threw the debris into the clearing just to see what would happen.
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    Not sensing that anything else could be a threat near by, Ashima remained low, crouched down to avoid making herself a big or indeed obvious target for the three men, and therefore also sticking to whatever cover that was able to hide her. She then quietly said to her two companions ( @Wata , @bossaroo ) "So, shall we go around these three or do we want to put them to the death?"
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    Daenas clenched his jaw, his grip tightened momentarily around the spear he was holding.
    "We should find a way out of this city first. Shouldn't go looking for a fight without the others."
    Youngfang turned to look at the pale elf and human with him.
    "We are trying to find a way out, right? Just...scouting the way, then report back."
    He blinked a few times, really hoping to avoid Chaos in all forms. The bright emerald colored eyes expressing nervous tension and fearful anger. Like a wolf torn away from his pack, tense and unsure whether to attack or flee.
    @Maleth @bossaroo
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    "Where shall we wait?" The high elf asked as she looked to the others - though aside from this she didn't do much. Resting her greatsword in a reverse-grip, the tip resting against the ground.
    She was more interested in watching the surroundings, one hand coming up from under the cloak to pull her hood open just a bit; enough to at least help hear her surroundings better. Even if she heard little more than background noise, she may at least notice some small sound of something 'unnatural' (whether it's a rodent skipping over a log and scraping its claws on the bark, or some barbarian attempting to sneak around), whatever it may be.
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    The Stretsli looked as if he were to burst into rage as he came up at the rear the elf daring to suggest they leave the Marauders alive " yes so we leave them to block our path and harass group later on yes fantastic plan you чертов дурак !" He said though his furious hushed tones would not carry far with the loud sound pf the Marauders bickering and shouting at each other "i say we let the fight break out , then we kill the winners and carry on . No fight no problem we take their heads off regardless " he said through grit teeth repressing training and natural hate of the bastards
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "I know a few ways to even out the odds, but yes, we should be leaving rather than trying to murder everyone.... Likewise, it might not be an idea to leave them around as a problem for anyone else that's alive, or us later on." Ashima replied in hushed tones feeling that while yes, it was a point to keep scouting ahead, on the other hand they couldn't exactly risk the Warriors becoming a major issue down the line when everyone was getting out of the city.

    So the Elf decided to perhaps force the issue of removing the opposition by summoning forth the wind of Shyish, and focusing whatever she could gather into Spirit Leach. She then stretched out her hand to and set her spell loose upon one of the armoured warriors, hoping to leave the one to be affected by her spell rather dead.
  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Tossed by the powerful man, the rock flew in an arc, rapidly approaching the plaza. It collided with one of the crows with righteous force, smashing its skull just as it pecked at the guts of a citizen. The bird died immediately.

    Startled by the sound of the impact, some of the crows, though only a small number compared to how large this unkindness was, took to the skies - the danger Zacharia posed was apparently too large for them to remain feasting. And besides, they already had full bellies. Meanwhile, the Crow King remained on its throne, though taken by surprise, looking over at where the rock had originated from with an offended stare.

    Meanwhile, the clattering had ceased, too - mayhaps its source was just as startled as the birds?

    Further away, Dark Tongue shoutings could be heard, threatening an unknown Sorcerer and motivating "worthless sacks of walrus blubber" to "get off their arses".

    @Wata @Maleth @bossaroo
    It was easy for the mage to channel Shyish in this place of endings and death, and those sensitive to the winds of magic would sense the gusts changing at her whim. There was little overt fanfare to Ashima's spell; one of the hauberk raiders suddenly stopped talking, his words caught in his throat as he clutched his chest, staring down at himself before finally collapsing lifelessly, yet unharmed.

    The two remaining men noticed; his fellow armour-bearer dropping to one knee and investigating the corpse with harsh shouts and loud questions, prodding and hitting him in confusion - the topless one, meanwhile, his long-hafted axe at the ready, turning around in confusion like a cornered predator, roaring into the night at the top of his lungs. It was not entirely clear from the tone if they were words of threatening, or alarm, but he started marching off into the opposite direction from the group.

    The Captain, looking down at his city wistfully, pointed out the large, proud structure in the distance. "You would have to go the way your friends went. Through Heimstrasse, just follow it, and you'll get to our temple district. From there on, you can't miss it." He turned towards the priestess. "If I were you, I'd wait until these come back... Or at least, not go alone, Priestess."

    Kartenhaus slowly emerged from the cellar, shivering in her ruined dress both from the cold and from the despair. "I'd come."

    There was an odd, sudden spark of determination in her eyes, though judging from Schuster's expression, he was having none of it. The man did not speak yet, however.

    Watching - listening - from the top of the hill, the Asur could feel the carrion breeze on her skin, and hear the shouting, and the last sounds of destruction, carried through the black of night. Beyond the low voices of her companions still at the estate, and the everpresent background of the Sea of Claws' waves washing over shores now violated by longboats, there where three particular aural incidences that stood out.

    The first was a sudden explosion of wing strokes, accompanied by an unkindness rising from the westward part of the city.

    The second was a close-by shouting that sounded dangerously close to noises humans would make if they detected things.

    The third was... well...

    From harbourwards, a detonation could be heard as an explosion shook one of the larger dragon boats, tearing it apart and launching splinters of wood through the nightly air.

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