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The Predations of Chaos - WHFB RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Casavay, Apr 19, 2017.

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    The Kislevite stood and smiled as the Elf gave her speech and he moved towards the door after the guard captain spoke and he stood silent not wanting to waste words as they departed but he stopped on the steps when he heard the sound of a blade swinging through air and the crash of wood with the spilling of liquid. He rounded quickly but was only barely relieved when he view yhe dwarf smash open the wine barrel.

    "Do not waste your time with smashing barrels . To leave it for our foes is less important than our lives dawi and if you still hate the fact of it fire will do a better job and fire will go unnoticed in a burned city no ?" After he spoke he took the torch they had been using, not much use if they required stealth , and handed it to the dwarf before slinging his handgun on his back and took his bardische off his back and walked outside.

    He then took stock of the group three men well two men and a dwarf you yearn for death , three elves all appeared to be warriors though one looked to unexpierenced , a wizard , a warrior preistess of sigmar and a man who seemed disturbingly unconcerned with the whole situation. That man disturbed him but he kept his mind off of it as he looked around the building
  2. Zacharia sighed at the Pale Elf making a speech and holstered one of his pistols as he didn't listen and figured actually going outside to survey the surrounding area after the initial raid would be a good idea. The grey wizard was capable of looking after himself and was trustworthy so there was no need for him to hang around here idly. As such he went passed the door and up to the surface, he had no intent to try and leave the city immediately simply wandering blindly in hostile territory would prove too dangerous. As such he was going to go out alone and look around the surroundings he might not seem like the most inconspicuous person but among the northmen his height was normal. Perhaps he could infiltrate them if the opportunity presented itself and find out exactly what the true purpose of this raid was. If he could find the purpose he could find a way to prevent them from fulfilling it.
  3. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Tsesh was not amused when the pale elf dared to assume leadership over him. If anyone, he was the general, and his was his army! But before Tsesh managed to get a word in, chaos unfolded, which resulted in half the party leaving the room before they had properly spoken about their strategy. With a sigh he turned towards the still remaining warriors.

    "I guess it is too much to expect this band of ours to act orderly. We should not let them claim too much distance on us: It will take every one of us to effectively strike at our foes. Captain, you will be our guide. Take your charge with you, and make sure to not kill yourself. Your knowledge of this city is worth far too much to us. Dwarf, seeing as you seem to feel indebted to our captain here, make sure that he survives this." The rage of a warrior was to be used, not stopped.
    "As for the rest of you, you know better than me what you can or can't do. I shall keep your back, while you keep mine. Now let us stride forward." Tsesh moved halfway to the door, when he stopped, remembering something.
    "Actually, you." Tsesh pointed towards Hugo. "Come right with me. I truly have the desire to know how exactly you will fight. And don't worry, even if you don't want to tell me, I will find out when we see combat, so it would only hurt us to not share our abilities."
  4. "Oi the captain has mentioned a will to attain his honor, and i support that Khemrian," Kendrak answered with a fair share of sourness in his voice, before he dipped his head into the stream of wine and took a few gulps.
    "And what help does fire add to wine anyway? its like trying to ignite water see?" By now he was just streaming thoughts and stuck the torch into the stream of wine, to witch it just almost got fully snuffed before he pulled it out again.
    "Are yah all as thick as that Elgi who thinks she can lead?" as he then turned back to Schuster, "Now you say you want an honorable death in combat, where do you wish to go?"
  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Daenas rubbed his eyes frustrated to all the arguing and this Tsesh figure giving him orders. Didn't take long for the dwarf to start being obnoxious either.
    Then there was the High Elf showing the usual arrogance and disdain at him. Youngfang only stared daggers at her and the dwarf, pretty much everyone asserting control over him. Brashness of young pride showing. Last people he wanted to be surrounded by in a Chaos invasion, yet here he was.

    As people went for the door so did Daenas, quickly darting up to his feet and moving out of the oppressive cellar. He just wanted to be anywhere but inside this cellar right now.
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    Standing up after realising the girl was clearly a lost cause right now, Hugo looked over at the commander and frowned. "Don't listen to the Dawi. Going out just to get killed in the name of 'duty' stands to achieve nothing. Worse than nothing, even as the heathen gods these savages follow would become just that little more powerful from it. Your 'duty' right now is to get this young lady out of this awful place, if anyone is going to be able to talk some sense into here when we escape, it's you. I don't care if you don't like it and quite frankly if the Dawi doesn't like it then he can go and die in whatever foolhardy way he sees fit. Either way you are coming with us Sir, even if I have to beat the idea into you myself!" Unlike earlier it was clear Hugo was rather annoyed at this foolish notion of getting oneself killed essentially for the sake of it. Iif not by the annoyed expression one could barely make out on his face then by the fact the very cellar itself seemed to darken around him. Clearly Ulgu was stronger here than even he thought it was...

    However in his little rant... speech... thing he didn't close his ears to the world around him. Something the Dwarf called the strange man that didn't seem to know much about anything. Khmerian? Yes, that was it. An interesting development to be sure and a rather unconventional ally considering most of those present would have immediately tried to cut him down if they heard that but luckily those most of those people had since left and given the situation Hugo wasn't about to argue that detail. His fight was against Chaos, not the dead. In regards to him wanting to know what he can actually do in a fight... well the darkened area around him ought to give some clue if the obvious attire of a Grey Wizard did not.
  7. Kendrak was annoyed with the wizards tone, speaking down to him like some stupid Grobi "Oi wizard, i DO NOT, appreciate that tone, you will learn to speak with some respect of your superiors, witch kin, or i will turn you into a eunuch halfling, that is not a threat, its a promise you hear me," Kendrak said as he took a step towards the grey wizard, magical or not, he would not be spoken down to by some mansling witch-kin with a superiority complex.
    "Sigmar was is a warrior god isn't he, and so was the god he followed as far i remember, what dishonor will captain Schultz suffer from suffering a honorable warriors death, facing the odds, striking down the sniveling followers of chaos, standin up for the Umgi like any mansling of worth would, his duty is to defend this city or die. Running away is for cowarts and Grobs"
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  8. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    This was devolving into something Tsesh didn't want to see. He somehow had to stop the dawi, but preferably without having to kill him.
    "Of course, we would not want to deny the captain a honourable death, but I just want to remind him that his duty is not yet fulfilled. Only when his charge is out of this city, in safety, he shall be allowed to seek death, else he would load even more dishonour upon himself. Is that to your satisfaction? I trust someone as honourable as a dwarf will see the importance of duty."
  9. Kendrak snered for a bit, though begrudinglt nodding his head a bit, he dident care alot for a pansy human, but indeed it was the captains charge, "Aye, no oath must ever go unfulfilled." he said, before looking back to Hugo, "But i demand you apologize for talking down upon my oath, my task and my grudges, and let it be settled there," he said pointing an axe at the grey wizard.
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    Joachim was already on his feet, even while the group voiced their mistrusts and disagreements at each other. Blade in hand, he approached the door, though the man made no motion to open it yet. "I am loathe to beg, but please, strangers, please do not fight down here. Please remain... polite, at least, until you leave this accursed place." He sighed, looking at the puddle of spilt wine. "That one was ol' Theo Kartenhaus' favourite, you know", he commented.

    Sighing, he followed after Ashima, talking to the elf as he walked up the uneven, rough stone stairway behind her.

    "I cannot ask the same of your companions, but if you would do that... It's not worth anything, but... If you would really do this, I would be grateful. I could die in peace, knowing someone would lend their aid to the rest of this land."

    Above them, a wooden trapdoor disguised as a patch of grass seperated the safety of the cellar from the foggy blackness that was Dietershafen's night. The embers had long went out, and with nobody to ignite the streetlamps, every torch broadcasted the presence of what could only be fools, or foes. And there were many torches about, visible from the elevated hill upon which the estate stood. A courtyard that was seperated from the rest of town by a once happy little white-painted fence of posts - now in splinters and ash - harboured a large villa in an Imperial imitation of the Tilean style, once very much en vogue when one of the most previous of mayors had built it. Its beauty, however, was understandably tarnished, with the summer yellow walls covered in blood, offal, and corpses of servantfolk and guards; glyphic graffiti of the Dark Tongue speaking of how-knew-which atrocities. Where once were windows and doors now only remained shards, ruin, and large holes. The lovingly cobbled road inviting one up to the mansion, the colourful gardens, the statues of statesmen of import; all broken, defaced, destroyed, burned and razed to the ground as if by a wrathful God. And yet, despite the destruction and hints at activity in the city below, an eerie quiet surrounded this seaside hill. But this was no respite: no matter in which direction one would leave, they would have to cross the town, while the growling faces of the dragon-boats overlooked the harbour.

    With the Sea of Claws to the north, and Nordland's vast expanses to the south, east, and west, it seemed that from here, the raiders could have gone anywhere.

    Meanwhile, the girl in the cellar got up to her feet uneasily, and looked at the opened door. "This is how it ends, isn't it?", she asked aloud, but no one.

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