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The Predations of Chaos - WHFB RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Casavay, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    If Tsesh was still able to, he probably would have scowled over the pale elves reply.
    "As long as you can guarantee me that you are able to swing these weapons too, and not only carry them."
    As he looked at the pale elf one more time, he felt as if there was something in the back of his head, something important... Only to be abruptly interrupted.

    (@Grall_Stonefist )
    He had notice that the dwarf was waking up, which made him rather nervous. He knew a bit about the small men in the mountains, and had heard that they could see through any illusions. His ring had done a good job concealing his undead nature before his surroundings, but the dwarf could ruin it all. That was the reason Tsesh had thought about leaving the small bearded man to die, but in his current situation the strenght of the mountain people was far too much of an asset. He just had to hope the dwarf would hold back his tongue, at least until they had solved this problem. From the looks of it, this one seemed to be part of the strange slayer-cult. Maybe he could use the dwarfes bloodlust to their advantage.

    "The city has been invaded by raiders, as you may remember, and we brought you here to this group to break through the enemies lines. Calm down, there will be enough barbarians to slay this night." One one side he hoped the dwarf would not see the pointed ears in this group, on the other he would like it if the dwarf would not focus too much on his own person, for obvious reasons. But in the end, someone had to stop the dwarf from starting a massacre. That would not be helpful.
  2. As he was spoken too by the khemrian, a slight peace of confusion was sowed in his mind, what was that thing even doing here, but then again, elves and men, where present, and once he looked a bit more that one was not just an elf, but an elf of the worst kind, the dark ones.
    "Ofcause i remember, i aint some feeble elf who cant take a blow to the head," this group was wierd, so he had yet to lower his axes, but if he had been saved, he was sadly in blooddept to atleast one person present, even as a slayer he could not ignore that, though if it was an elf it would surely cancel itself out for now.
    "Breaking through the lines is easy, those Unarmoured humans might be strong but their attempt to fight like a slayer is just a feeble attempt to attain glory they dont deserve. We should focus on the big guys, better glory to hunt there, get to the leader and fight him, thats what we should do if anything." He then smelled the air, even with the stink of elves, there was clearly something else present, human wine, they had to be in some sort of wine celler for what it was worth.
  3. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member


    "Aye, I can fight as well as I need to given the circumstances." Hugo said, fixing his gaze on this strange looking figure in an attempt to gauge him. What kind of person today honestly doesn't recognise one of the infamous Grey Wizards in this day age? Strange... strange indeed.
    @Maleth @Casavay

    Once he was done with what proved to be a rather futile attempt at working out where this strange man could have come from Hugo turned his attention to this... Elf. A dark elf? No, that wouldn't make much sense even with the outfit she was wearing. Must just be a weirdly pale example of one of the other kinds. Either way it didn't really matter right at that moment. He had much more pressing matters at hand like explaining why they shouldn't just roam the streets. "Aye, they won't expect a show of force and they still won't care. The kind of 'men' out there aren't going to be intimidated by us in the slightest. Out on the streets we could potentially be obstructed at every turn in a place those savages can bring their numbers to bear. In the sewers they can't and I somehow doubt the majority of them are going to decide to get some sewer raiding in while the city is still ripe for the sacking. If we find a blockage we can't get past we brace the streets... that is if we can get into the sewers at all from in here." Hugo was trying to sound assertive and all matter of fact when he spoke but unfortunately all that came out was a fairly generic wise old man voice. Maybe authoritative but not really in the way he was hoping for.
  4. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Ulanov turned back to the group keeping an ear and his rilfe on the door before he spoke, they were discussing strategy and he didnt feel like dying to some fools plan "We venture into sewers and we wade balls deep into crap" he said laughing lightly before continuing " half our group wears heavy armor and a few of us use powder, Useless down there and i fear less numbers, The Dwarf is right the unarmored ones Norscan and Kurgan die easy its the knights armored ones you should fear." His thick accented reichspiel adding into the slightly chaotic debate made more of a nuisance to hear by the crying girl.

    "The streets are our best bet but to walk through them freely is a fools fate. Buildings are there for a reason no ? Use them to hide ourselves, avoid numbers greater than we can handle." He said though he itched for a fight he had to get back to Kislev , had to get back to his home and he couldnt do that as a dead man. "Ah one more fact , where the hell do the sewers lead anyways ? If its a river we lose half our group or half our equipment" he then turned back to the door taking another deep breath of the air judging for the stench of marauders or the sickly sweet smell of chaos
  5. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Hugo looked at the Kislevite, his eyes narrowing. "Or, or we just leave the sewers before reaching that point because we're not a bunch of brain dead dolts whose first thoughts are to just launch ourselves into a river. That, and I am a Wizard in case you didn't notice. A river would prove a minor obstruction at best." He rubbed his brow and just sighed when he finished. As far as he could tell right now they were most definitely doomed.
  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Still, I doubt we're going to be able to enter the sewers from a wine cellar." Ashima said, holstering her pistol as she headed towards the cellar's exit, assuming a prominent position (but still away from lights, holy people and pretty much everything that could reveal/harm/kill/discomfort her). Perhaps now was the time to turn on the charm.

    The Elf cleared her throat as she addressed everyone else: ( @Wata , @Vlayden , @BlackNecron , @Grall_Stonefist , @bossaroo , @Casavay , @Valonox , @TuskatheDaemonKilla ) "Anyways, I'm done talking about how we're going to get out of the city. If you'd all like to come with me and take some risks to get out of here alive and potentially get yourself in a position to avenge the people of Dietershafen afterwards? Then come with me!"

    She paused, and then said "But if you're happy to spend whatever short time is left of your life in here, cowering away from whatever lurks outside until they inevitably find this place and decide to finish their rampage upon the city with whoever's unfortunate enough to have decided to stay down here: Then be my guest, hope that you die quickly rather than get taken alive."

    The creature of the night then made another move towards the exit and said "So who's with me? And who's ready to kiss their arse goodbye to whatever foul fate Chaos Warriors can give them?" She then paused her movement, waiting to see who wanted to take her up on the 'offer' given she was hoping that the speech was something at least half-way decent enough to motivate everyone else into actually moving (without resorting to the use of necromancy).
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Schuster took off his hat, revealing his balding (but still valiantly remaining) head of black hair, and wiped sweat off his brow. "At least you all seem to hold up well...", he had began, though stopped talking as the fire-headed dwarf awakened. By now, the captain was far too tired to overtly flinch at the sudden burst of dawi rage, but he had been blindsided by it, and could not help but stare at the tattooed warrior before regaining his composure.

    "...I suppose it's a startling environ to wake up in", he admitted with a weary chuckle. "The last of my men and I found you lying in the streets, down but breathing. We brought you here, lest the raiders do unspeakable things to you, master dwarf." Those who had been rescued earlier would know that his men did not last much longer after Kendrak had been recovered. His darkening eyes reflected the thought. Meanwhile, his speech grew quieter as he watched the seeds of mistrust within the group. "Please, I understand there's probably little love between you lot, but on the Dietershafen Watch's honour, work together 'til your souls are saved from this raid. This darkling elf is right, besides the courtyard front of the estate, there's no way out of here, and your best bet is to move quickly now." His bushy eyebrows moved like caterpillars as Schuster took on a pleading expression. "I don't ask you to save Dietershafen... it's too late, it was my job, and I failed. Just... get out alive, and if you can, please warn the rest of Nordland."

    Meanwhile, the ingenue's sobbing began to subside, though she showed little reaction to the Grey Wizard's words; the blonde lift her head to stare at the walls with red eyes and a puffy face, looking right past him. She whispered, in the thickest Nordland dialect imaginable, "No... I'm so sorry...". Her Reikspiel was almost comedically suffused with the unintelligible, impenetrable drawl of the northerners as she spoke up. "There's no other exit. It is dearinnend. I shouldn't have given the Captain the key. Now you'll all just die. Sorry! Ne ekskus!"

    "Considering that the sewers lead to the Sea of Claws", Joachim continued, ignoring the elected-noble's outburst, "I don't think it wise to enter them." Reluctantly, he grabbed his sword and took a good look at it. "I will accompany you outside. It's my duty to die here, and I've shirked it for too long now." He said something harsh to the girl in the same odd pidgin that was interspersed in her own speech, and nodded towards the other warriors in the room as she flinched. "Do you have a plan beyond just leaving, praying for Sigmar's grace? Whatever you ask, I'll try to help."
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Ashima nodded with the Guard Captain's words about working together despite the misgivings even if she was perhaps troubled by the fatalism of Schuster. So she said to him "Well, I feel you'll do more good with us rather than dying within the town as if you ask me, duty is better carried out in spirit rather than done to the letter. And well, your charge can come with us, considering that leaving her here would tantamount to murdering her."

    The Elf paused, and then said "As for a plan, pretty much warn the other places, perhaps attempt to rally them to start pushing back the raiders should they become invaders. Something along those lines, and well you'd certainly be a boon to accomplishing such a goal."

    With that said, Ashima gave him a parting smile before leaving for whatever was above ground (of course, checking to make sure that the sun wasn't shining, and throwing on clothing to protect herself from the sun if that was the case) hoping that the rest would follow her (even if it meant waiting for them to make their minds up).
  9. Kendrak was taken aback, as the human told of his bravery, and the sacrifice, now he atleast knew whom he owed the blood depth. "I will accompany till your death captain, i owe you a blood depth slayer or not, i will shed my Dawi blood to make sure you too can forfill your oath and die with honour" ignoring the elf trying to steal what remained of the mans honour, for he deserved a slayer death, even if he was Umgi.
    "Now lets not let all this wine fall into raider hands, even if its umgak" the slayer exclaimed the sitaition had been solved for now, though he would have to keep a sharp eye out for those elves.
    He them promptly hacked his axe into one of the barrels, letting the wine flow out of its large casket.
  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    When Selendis made her way into the cellar she took in an unnoticable sigh; most of her armour was beneath a large, heavy cloak whilst her helmet was clipped against her belt underneath that. The only sign of her stature was in the Greatsword she carried, and what armour that was shown.

    Her greatsword was carried against her shoulder for a moment once they had taken refuge within the Cellar, before lowering it into a reverse-grip and holding it below her waist. Her masked face - hidden under a hood and scarf - turned to the girl of which she walked over and knelt down as well beside her. Unlike Hugo she did not say anything, but at the very least she remained there to keep her company if she so desired it.

    The high elf's gaze went to the rest of the group now as she silently assessed each one; most weren't of any interest aside from.... Ashima. The 'Dark Elf'. Or so she seemed to be at least; Selendis' gaze on her was quite noticable by anyone to be a heated one, as she judged the woman.

    She didn't speak just yet though, seeing how the woman didn't... act like one of the Druchii in the traditional manner. While Selendis wouldn't follow her outside, she would very well stay with the group as she brought the greatsword back upon her shoulderplate, ready to be used once more.

    What did I leave Ulthuan for, again? This??

    Her clear distaste for the other elf admittedly left her not quite paying attention to others within the group, too much. Barely more than passing glances, and noticing any large movements that might end up being an attack or something extreme.

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