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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by TheLightGamer, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Ash23Neuro ash23neuro Steam Early Access

    What about lifesteal on melee weapons? Does it make any sense to use it? Necrotic Chainsword with posion looks good.
  2. You can stack Life Steal especially on Chaos because you can get a lot more of it, just make sure you have good ping
  3. Ash23Neuro ash23neuro Steam Early Access

    As I understand MoK gives 30% LS and weapon mod gives another 10%. Having big HP pool seems to be good idea.
  4. Yeah it'll just be a all in style build I guess, you'll be going all or nothing, you'd have to pick your timing well, I did have a Lifesteal build but I didn't follow it through since I was going Nurgle Traitor
  5. Ash23Neuro ash23neuro Steam Early Access

    Yeah. I'm MoN Assault atm (no heal and revival is realy hardcore but it's Khonre so what to expect). Is 160 toughness good idea for survivability (demon forge armor + mark) or more armor and hp is better?
  6. Well everyone said that Toughness is not as good now with one of the updates but I find myself way tankier than most Tactical classes when I play my Traitor, so I think maybe some more testing is needed so run with what you like, I stack armour on my Apoths because I can restore my HP so that's my reasoning, just try it all out and see what works for you
  7. Before 1.3, I felt like all marks the Marks for TA where viable. It really only depended on what your playstyle was. Khorne was a little risky before they upped the amount of Lifesteal but I used it whenever Axe was good. Slaanesh was pretty viable and seemed to be the meta before with its increased run/sprint speed. Tzeentch was even ok if you played hit and run. The quick armor Regen was nice if you pillar humped. Nurgle was... well, Nurgle is just Nurgle. Tanky AF, but bring extra stamina because you sure as hell aren't going to regen stamina mid-fight.
    Post patch, Khorne seems to be coming up in popularity with it's increased LS despite still not having a downed state. Slaanesh is still pretty decent with its run speed. Tzeentch... Not on your life. Nurgle seems to be the defacto FotM with the addition of Blight grenades, poison resist and bonus toughness.
  8. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    If you are the DADW guy that called me a cheater in the end of the game and told me "It's all recorded cheater", then yes it's me, I think it was a Zedek map?

    I'm not any sort of cheater, probably what you experienced at that time was a lag issue if you are sure you were landing headshots, and though I understand it can be frustrating on your side, there is no need to charge me for nothing.
  9. ooh ohh lag, I'm onto you small purple unicorn
  10. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    I could have used just the same shit "purple unicorn" argument to your "Hey I headshot you the whole game with Stalker Bolter and you take 0 dmg", maybe a very simple answer to your problem is "potato aim" ?

    Show me your "recorded cheat footage" so we have a proof for the accusations you're doing here. Even simplier, leave me out of this childish charging, send your video of the year to the devs with a ticket about me and see nothing is happening because I'm not a cheater ;)
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