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The Possessed shown on todays livestream

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Djemo-SRB, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    That's the idea.

    Well What's my opinoon on this guy? ugh.....

    Well image-wise, he looks great! You can tell the devs put all their hard work there.

    but everything else? eeehh

    A slightly faster powerfist with a aura........You want people to PAY for this?

    You need to give the elites a GAMEPLAY reason to be used. Not just a new image. What I was looking for in this one was a dual claw berserker type. The dual wield being something that could draw players in. I also would have made the elites color-changeable.

    It also doesn't help that people can get pretty much the same thing via tech tree. The motive to buy an elite is becoming smaller and smaller since players can get the same thing for free. Pretty soon the only reason to buy these guys will be for image alone and that's not fun.

    This guy needs a lot of work done on him before players even see him on their screens.
  2. I was fully prepared to immediately purchase the Possessed Marine. Then they revealed that Heroes would just be reskins of veteran classes without any unique gameplay and I thought "Well as long as it look cool I'm still in." And then they showed what the Possessed Marine would look like.

    I hate to harp on the team but aside from a few minor parts like the helmet, skins and arms they are just put together other pieces already in the game on a model and then retextured some of it. The texture looks more messy and cool of daemonic and overall it just makes me sigh in disappointment.
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  3. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    I am both unsurprised and disappointed by this. The kommando had a semi unique gimmick of cloak instead of cap. This is a pile of hitpoints strapped to an AV weapon. Also cosmetically (for those that care) if a non RTC was avail, nothing stops "Stock appearance man" like me from taking whatever wargear they make up (Mark of possession) and strapping it to a better weapon and rmbing around.
  4. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    I don't see the problem, here. They're giving us a reason not to drop 25 dollars.

    The special ability will almost certainly be available in the advancement tree, and you can just tack that on to a normal Traitor Assault.
  5. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    With power fist as it is and the meta gear towards firearms and swing speeds the possessed marines are even more useless than their TT counterparts. No new mechanics, no wings, no or special dual wielding claws or a decent melee option. Just a glued on ugly power fist and a uglier look. News flash devs... 'Obliterators' haves Power Fists glued to their arms! (Or if you want the melee variants, 'Mutilators')
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  6. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    You mean Obliterators? Or is it translated differently in your language? (because if English isn't your first, you're fantastic with it regardless, better than many actual English speakers).

    Be nice if the devs actually made Marks somewhat *good* too. The mechanic of paying LP for something that nerfs you in some way and for marginal benefit is pretty stupid imo. I do it because I'm a fluffy player (even on TT; I can't bring myself to bring proper deathstars, as it's neither fun to play or play against) and this way I get to live vicariously as that Slaanesh Chaos Space marine I've always wanted too.
  7. Brosephelon Recruit

    So after watching the live stream I wanted to compare what I could get a current Vet TA to be like compared to the showed Possessed.

    What we know of the possessed.
    300 health, 300 armor, 150 toughness.
    Slaanesh speed, no gun.
    Not sure about armor regen speed, stamina regen speed, or how much stamina they have.

    What I was able to get with a current Vet TA.
    226 health, 350 armor, 150 toughness.
    Powerfist + Bolt Pistol
    No speed boost, nurgle stamina penalty, no extra stamina.

    So the Possessed is effectively trading in its bolt pistol for 24 health and Slaanesh speed.

    Visually the Possessed looks to have a Deathlock Cestus so master crafted stats on the power fist. Presumably it doesn't have the nurgle stamina penalties, possibly doesn't have the Slaanesh armor penalties.
    Overall I'm finding it really difficult to find a reason why I'd want to take a power fist only class with no shield, no pistol, no jet pack... literally just run fast while being nurgle style durable.

    I don't even think power fists are bad, I have lots of fun with my stormboy power klaw build. Though thats a non-vet build so I can run it a lot and if it dies no worries I just spawn another one. Lets also be realistic here a melee build, especially a power fist melee build is going to die A LOT even if you inflated his durability. The fact he doesn't have a gun is also a huge issue. Most power fist/klaw fights in my experience come down to two things clanging until you break their weapon or getting a single hit in then gunning them down... with option two taken away this really REALLY hurts the general playstyle of using a power fist in combat.

    The twitch stream also said that there were no real plans for a free advancement option for a "super mark" that was a hybrid of Nurgle and Slaanesh to get a free option. While I don't consider this a big loss by any means, the overall results and presentation just seems insanely lacking. I can't think of any situation I would want a Possessed over a Vet TA because atleast they still have a pistol even if they don't have the speed or durability... Hell I'm not even sure why I would want a power fist vet as often the power fist play style is VERY suicidal by nature in terms of punching gates, punching tanks, and getting into melee fights its probably just going to get shot from behind and die during.

    Overall this is just becoming more of a let down than I would have considered possible before the reveal.
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  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that's part of the point to avoid p2w hassle they made it possible for free players to get effecting same effect without having to buy
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  9. There's no way to win using powerfist against anyone remotely competent if you don't have a gun. I actually don't understand how the vet class is expected to kill anything aside from sneak attacks with a power attack.
  10. Moria LordFranko Preacher

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