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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Banshee, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    Hello community, my name is Sophia,

    I thought I should write a bit here. I've been an avid 40k fan ever since I first laid eyes on a model when I was little, though I didn't get a chance to own an army until I moved out of my home country - where there's no wargaming at all. My first army was Tau, but soon I left the Tau'va for the Craftworld life - those ice berry wines and domes with purple waterfalls sure were alluring!

    I had always loved plays without even knowing... I drew my own comic book when little, then began writing stories and poems - but then I stumbled upon roleplay. My life has never been the same since I realized I could live a book, influence it along with my friends.
    First was Guild Wars, then Star Wars, and then I found a Rogue Trader group in my former gaming store and I saw that two of my biggest passions could intertwine... Eldar RP!

    First of my characters was a Craftworld Eldar - Aida the Poet, who had walked Paths based on my experience in life: poems, drawings, dancing and singing - but then I saw that I could mix them in a single Aspect. Aida the Banshee was born, painting with red traces upon the skin of her enemies, dancing the dance of death and singing the song that calls upon the furies.

    I've split from the Rogue Traders and began a simple forum RP with my best friend, where he and I alone tell our stories of pointy-eared persons and the likes. Today I was researching something for our RP when I stumbled across the Eternal Crusade and... Here I am! Anxious to meet other people from my fandom and perhaps expand my RP to new horizons.

    Thank you for having me!
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  2. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Bonjour! Welcome to the forums :)
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  3. Techro Active Member

    Welcome to the forums creation! have fun while we sleep... can't guarantee the same for when we wake. :p

    There is tons of RP going on here in the forums so you might just fit right in. My favorite are all the orkz.
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  4. Baygle Baygle Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, it seem's we have a new pointy ear thingy now ;)
    There is a subforum for RP, I believe I've read some bits about the Pen&Paper ones there too, so you'll probably find something over there.
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  5. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    Way ahead of you, Space Mouserine. Already posted my RP plot. ;)
  6. Baygle Baygle Well-Known Member

    That's Mr. Chaos Hamster to you! ò.ó *g*

  7. Hello Poet , i'm Balthazar Welcome to the forum , where there is only posting ,

    What race are you
  8. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    Awwww will you look at that? It's so cuuuute! (Said in an annoying high-pitch).
  9. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    Isn't it obvious already? Did you read anything of what I said? xD
    I am a child of the Stars themselves, I am Eldar.
  10. I Think i know a certain RP For you to join

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